— Flu's and Don'ts of Flu Season or Any Season

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Those who trust the media, government, and medical "professions" please stop reading and go to any mainstream news network, the official government health sites, or "fantasy.com"... those who want to read some alternative ideas, using your own mind to make an informed decision to take your health and your life into your own hands and take personal responsibility, then by all means read on and consider the ideas that I myself have implemented for 40 years... and if you want to implement them, by all means that is your right but it is your decision and your responsibility.

Furthermore, if at any point you are offended by anything that you read, by all means, STOP READING and go immediately and read something from your favorite website, put on a happy song, chant over and over, "the government is my friend and only has my best interests at heart," and forget that you ever visited this site.


There is a wealth of research that shows that vaccines are ineffective and always have been.  Recent reports show that vaccines are 90% ineffective (even if you get vaccinated 2 or 3 times a season) and the odds are better to stay clear of quacks and other high-risk "professionals" and implement common sense that our ancestors implemented for thousands of years before the medical establishment, like Dr. Frankenstein's monster, took over about 70 years ago making money off toxic pharmaceuticals made from petroleum. 

A healthy immune system and avoiding those who are sick or who could be sick is important (vaccines WEAKEN the immune system), especially for young children, elderly, pregnant women, or anyone whose immune system is compromised (do to previous  or long-term illness, injury, stress, environmental contaminants, etc.).  In nursing homes across the nation, many feeble elderly die around flu season after having been vaccinated with compromised immune systems; and they are just written off as, "they were old and sick and it was just their time to go".  The vaccination stories of children having their lives ruined shortly after being vaccinated with the toxic cocktail that the drug companies pay doctors bonuses of thousands of dollars to push on their patients, such stories can be found all over the internet.

Soaking up some good sunshine (15-20 min. at a time, once or twice a day) on as much of the exposed skin as decency or privacy allows is good if you are healthy or sick, is very good for those who are sick or healthy. 

It's also worth trying an onion (not the sweet type) cut in half and put in a bowl with the cut side up to absorb toxins; some claim that this has been used for 100 years and the onion absorbs toxins in the air.  Whether or not it is true or effective, it is cheap enough to just do it.  I would not wear a necklace made of garlic cloves unless I was really really desperate, but an onion in a bowl has to have some poetic corrolary such as, "an apple a day keeps the doctor away".  The sulfur compounds in garlic and onion (in onion, a sulfuric acid, which is what makes you cry when cutting them) are powerful natural germ fighters.  A garlic clove may not do much on a necklace, you need to slice into the peeled clove and get contact with the juices; a thin slice of fresh garlic clove or fresh minced can be put on a wound or an infected area; it may burn a little; digging out a splinter doesn't feel good either.

An ozone air machine or a UV light (don't look at the light or have it within sight as it will damage your eyes, any UV light needs to be with some type of housing*) and a fan, and even a potted pennyroyal plant will all improve air quality; as will an essential oil diffuser with various essential oils, or even putting a few drops of essential oil on a piece of tissue and putting on the back of a fan (the moving air will hold the tissue on the back of the fan as long as the fan is on); or in the intake area of an air conditioner in warmer weather; or air conditioner on fan mode.

[* like inside a piece of PVC pipe or out of sight, or some type of box can be placed over it or a special box made with a place for the fan to blow into an opening on one side and another opening on the other side... of course, it would need to be made properly to prevent any chance of fire.  Also UV light produces powerful ozone, and it will dry rot the fabric of a couch, carpet, drapes, even take the finish off panelling or wood floor or furniture if it is direct, concentrated UV light used in one spot for too long.]

Prayer to God of course is essential (IF you are truly converted through faith in Christ Jesus and you have repented of what God declares to be sin and if you are walking in obedience to what God commanded; otherwise, He does not hear your prayers) and a positive mindset are very important.  Getting adequate, quality sleep if possible, is also important.  But just as important, if not more so, is obeying God's dietary laws and eating not only lawful / clean meats but also healthy food, not processed, artificial-ingredient- and sugar-laced foods.  Of paramount importance is taking vitamins, minerals, and supplements (and things that will fight against the flu or any other bug,* since our soils are depleted and we are bombarded with toxins from every angle.

[* In order of their powerfulness: Grapefruit-seed extract (GSE) liquid, the pills are nowhere near as strong (better than nothing, but 4x the label dose may be required; the label says 1 tablet is equal to 12-13 drops; my experience is that the tablet is maybe equal to about 3 drops)--the drops can even be used to sterilize water.  15 drops of GSE in 4-8 oz of water is a good dose; Nutribiotic is a good brand for the liquid; work your way up from a drop or two if you have never taken it before.  It is bitter and soapy, put the water in the glass first, then the drops, then gently swirl to prevent foaming up; drink down, add a little more water, swirl, etc., and do that a few times to get it all out of the glass and to wash the bitter taste out of your mouth.  I have even taken the drops straight under my tongue and then drank water, swished in my mouth; it is an option, but will screw up your taste buds for many hours.  Repeating the drops in water can be done often throughout the day and night.  It is powerful.  I have had a cracked tooth that for a decade or more often gets infected and causes pain up to my ear; the GSE and the below ALWAYS kill the infection.  I do need to have the tooth pulled eventually, but I like to keep the teeth I have and don't go to doctors or dentists unless a last resort.  Dental fillings expand and crack teeth over time.  This also happened to another lower molar and that one I had removed 15 years ago.  Oregano Oil capsules / Olive Leaf Extract (OLE) capsules (those two are a close toss up for 2nd place), Garlic Oil capsules, and Echinacea; also Zinc; and also MSM powder (MSM to be taken separately, 1/2 hour on either side of any medication / supplement).  Vitamin C is also important, as well as other anti-oxidants, A, D, E.  Priobiotics, acidophilus, fresh cultured lacto-fermented vegs, etc. are also very important for the healthy flora (which synthetic antibiotics will destroy) that fight the bad bacteria.  NOW brand Oregano oil capsules are good and strong, and their OLE capsules are also good.  I assume their Garlic gel caps are good also, but Vitacost has several different types of Garlic gel caps that are good and strong.]

Staying as far away as possible from populated areas (I realize this is not possible for many people, then they will have to more rigorously implement other things in this post)—especially ones filled with undesireable people (each person will have to decide for himself what "undesireable" means)... and washing ones hands numerous times in public at any place that offers free hand sanitizer wipes or gel (but also realize that germs eventually build up resistence to synthetic antibacterials, such as these hand sanitizers and anti-bacterial soaps, so you can even make your own with GSE, essential oils, and Tea Tree Oil and rubbing alcohol or vodka); and not touching ones face without hands being sanitized; sanitize hands after paying a cashier and receiving change, touching shopping carts, doors, etc. 

Even when I was 15 years old and knew nothing, when I saw street people or other undesireables who did not look clean walking along the sidewalk in Philadelphia or Ft. Lauderdale, I would take a deep breath just before they came close, speed up my walk, and hold my breath for as long as I could until after I was well past where they had been exhaling. I am not a germophobe.  It is just common sense--especially when there are thousands of people walking around who are sick, filthy, and have no concept of personal hygene. I don't fear door knobs any more than snakes; but when I see a snake I don't go pick it up.  In 1920 this was not really an issue.  This is not 1920.

Practices like not breathing around undesireable people, people hacking and coughing and sneesing is a simple precaution that is easy to implement if one does not want to get sick.  This of course is nearly impossible since our nation is now overflooded; a scuba tank and face mask would be needed.  Of course, anyone can carry disease, but certain people from certain places and immoral people who live vile lifestyles do bring a lot of diseases into society and it is becoming an epidemic, more and more, with AIDS, Hepatitis C (which can be transmitted through the air), tuberculosis, etc., and newer exotic strains of flu.  And this does not even take into account a conspiratorial gov't and mad scientists who actually create disease in the laboratory and experimenting on the population (which is good for business for those who get paid to study / experiment to find "cures" or "controls" for disease and then sell their expensive medicines to hundreds of millions of people for repeat business); which is nothing new and all anyone has to do is a little research and see how this has been being done for over 50 years.  See also Murder By Injection (Mullins) and The Stecker Memorandum (inquire for availability and price of either).

It would also help to take an essential oil and put a dab under your nose.  Workers in morgues and nursing homes do this, especially with a strong smelling essential oil, to help cover the stench of feces or decomp, but all essential oils are antibacterial/antiviral, and they will help keep the sinuses disinfected.

Of course, some essential oils burn a little more than others do (men with moustaches don't have to worry as much about the essential oil burning the lip a little), so your sensitive skin and nose may tingle a little, and your eyes even water; of course, you can dilute with a little vodka, rubbing alcohol, or a carrier oil; but even the vapours of alcohol will make the eyes sting and water for a few minutes.

Peppermint, oregano, thyme, rosemary, tee tree,* lavender, bay laurel--any would be better than nothing.  Cinnamon/cassia would be a bit hot so I would avoid that.

[* Some reports claim that merely leaving the cap off a bottle of tea tree oil or other essential oils kills bacteria on the counter top around the bottle.  If you put a dab of any essential oil on the bridge of your nose by your eyes, or on your cheek under your eye, your eyes will sting and water; they are powerful and that power is anti-germ.  You can make your own disinfectant spray with these, as well as your own hand sanitizer.]

Wearing a surgeon's mask over face and nose would be even better if you don't mind being looked at (people in japan and china do it quite often due to all the pollution) and put the essential oil on the mask; the oils may stain the mask, so the mask should be soaked and then washed after each use.

A nurse in the next town who has known my family and me for decades, called about 6 years ago crying that the hospital was going to fire her if she did not get a flu shot. I wrote a 10 page document and emailed it to her and she printed it and took it in; some co-workers read it and said, "wow, is this guy a lawyer?"  She gave it to the board and they read it and said, "Okay, you don't have to have the flu shot, but you have to wear a surgeon's mask during flu season when around patients.  She told me that was great since that would protect her.  What did the board think? that the vaccinated patients might catch her health?  Anti-intellectual, brainwashed drones!

An astronaut suit would be even better; having a time machine and going back to about 1850 would be nice.

Dr. Lorraine Day, trauma surgeon in California who used to be drenched in blood after operations, once she learned the truth about AIDS actually wore something like an astronaut suit when operating in the ER.  She wrote AIDS: What the Government Isn't Telling You. or something like that. 

Digestive enzymes - I like Country Life Betaine HCL with Pepsin (also has a little calcium, and also papain and bromelain) digest protein.
Viruses are protein.
If you get an intestinal flu, if you want to get over it quickly, the best way is to do a saltwater cleanse.
2 teaspoons unrefined salt (not iodized) 1 quart warm water.
Mix until dissolved. 
Drink it straight down as fast as you can. 
I pinch my nose with my thumb and finger, drink it fast, and just think over and over, "this is warm chicken soup broth" (this is not voodoo, but mental imagery which helps).  Do it quick and like I say and you should be able to get it down without gagging too much.
You will feel a little bloated after drinking that much water that quickly; stay near the bathroom.  It will clean out your entire GI tract, including the majority of virus; and without food in your GI tract, those that aren't flushed out will have nothing to feed off and they cannot reproduce very well. 
Then take the digestive enzymes (up to 6 at a time if you want to, once you work your way up slowly from 1, and if you burp acid, just drink more water)... every few hours... or take 1 or 2 every hour.  The virus will not be able to reproduce well without anything in your GI tract and the enzymes will digest the virus.

You can also do the saltwater flush using Epsom salts, and normally the recipe is right on the container.  Epsom salts are also bitter, so that makes it a little harder to get down; but the bitter minerals in epsom salts are good for you too and most all are deficient in them. 

Of course if you have any health problem or are on any medication in which salt of any kind may present a problem, then you need to be wise and find something else, possibly like the below.

Another method would be to drink a quart of warm water and take 2 or 3 normal magnesium supplements (NOT magtein/magnesium L-Threonate, which is THE BEST magnesium supplement for general mineralization of the body's most-important, hard to assimilate mineral, but but not for this application because it is nonlaxative), something like Swanson's triple Magnesium complex, which is 400mg each.  2 or 3 of those, and a quart of warm water, should do the trick.   Stay close to the bathroom, and if you have a starter's track like they use in the Olympics for the sprint, that would be good to have so you can jump and sprint when nature calls, because you won't have too much time after the starter's pistol goes off...

You do need to fast for a day or two on this routine until you are over the flu... and taking the GSE, Oregano oil, OLE, garlic, zinc, echinacea, etc. will help even more and you can take them all with the enzymes.

Take the MSM 1/2 side on either side of any supplements, even as with psyllium powder, as both will absorb some of the vitamins instead of your body absorbing them and it will just waste a little of the vitamin/mineral.

Pysllium capsules also help to firm up the stool if you are having that trouble; and MSM is also mildly constipating, so that will also help in that regard; standard dose of MSM should be 1/2 teaspoon for every 50 lbs. of body weight; ideally 2x a day; not too close to bedtime as it is a blood oxygenator and can keep you up.  The psyllium capsules are not only easier to take than swallowing the cup of thick goo, but if you are having trouble with loose bowel, you can take the capsules with a small amount of water, and they will help absorb the excess in the stool.  Of course, if you may have intestinal blockage and are not used to taking large amounts of psyllium, you may need to start slow.

[Most every person on the American diet will have years of encrusted fecal matter coating the intestines like the lateral drain pipes of your kitchen sink.  This can easily be removed by fasting for 3 or 4 days, and taking 2 heaping Tablespoons of psyllium husk powder, or maybe 20 capsules (of course, working your way up slowly if you are not used to taking fiber)--with several glasses of water; 3-5 times a day.  You can drink liquids like juice or broth if you have trouble fasting on just water.  The old dark fecal matter will be rubbery.  I even did this for one of my outdoor cats who had eaten dry food for 16 years and then had a bowel obstruction after an injury; I started slowly and put a little psyllium powder in milk with a little wet food, and increased the psyllium and it took about 3 weeks of rubbery poop that hung from her backside like sausages, until they fell off or I got a papertowel and pulled it off... and now she is like a new cat.]
Psyllium is also important in between all the above nutrients (GSE, OLE, etc.), which will help clean up the dead virus and toxins and keep the bowel moving to eliminate them.

MSM capsules/tablets are not good (only the loose powder), because the binders or free flowing agents almost make the MSM inert (the MSM merely absorbs those binders/free flowing agents, not the toxins you want it to absorb; it's like putting out a mousetrap with a dead mouse in you; you want catch the live mice).

If you work around other people, a small portable ozone machine air filter or even an essential oil diffuser, or even the onion half in a bowl would certainly be worth using.  Nothing is a guarantee, but the more preventative the better.