—The Fruit of Homoperverts in the Military and the Delusion that They Can Be “Christians”

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Homoperverts or any other violators of the Morality that God established CANNOT be Christians.

Being a Christian, is not like having a favorite flavor of ice cream, but being willing to try a new flavor.

Being a Christian is not a “choice” that any human makes—it is a choice that God in Christ made before the foundation of the world—and that determination results in regeneration and that person then being indwelled by the Holy Spirit who will lead that person in the knowledge, understanding, and conformity / obedience to the Truth of God’s Word.  THAT is what makes a Christian.  By that definition, the vast majority of government 501-C3 Pseudo-Spiritual Country Club members are not Christians.  They will be denounced by Christ on the Day of Judgment.  A person does not decide to be born as another man’s son.  A man chooses to sire a son, and that is how his children come to be.  That explanation of the “birds and the bees” has both spiritual as well as physical application.  That is how Christians come to be—whom God determined to call from His people and His people alone.  Christ Himself said, “You have not chosen Me, but I have chosen you”.  Sheep don’t choose their shepherd.

If you follow what the antichrist world has declared to be “politically correct” and their ever-plunging notion of “morality”—you are not a Christian and you deny Christ, no matter what your bumper sticker says; no matter if you go to church or even teach a Sunday school class; no matter if you have a tattoo that says, “I love Jesus” or wear a t-shirt or hat that says “W.W.J.D.?”—when you have no clue what Jesus would do and He would not do what you do.  A person truly confesses Christ by living in obedience to what God commanded, while trusting in Christ for his salvation, realizing that Christ bore the penalty for the sins of His elect, while trusting the Holy Spirit to regenerate and daily sanctify the believer into conformnity to obedience to all that God commanded.  Those who claim to be Christians and yet who violate what God commanded and side with the world and the Apostate Church in is immoral and ever-growing Anti-christian agenda, its multi-culturalism, gender-perversion, mental-confusion, inter-faith abominations DENY CHRIST.  Christ would not “change” what He taught and lived and commanded were He walking in the U.S. or Europe today.  Morality never changes.  We are not to “re-interpret” the Bible according to modern sinful notions—we are to conform our sinful lives to what God commanded and intended at the time that He wrote and gave His Word.

Because homoperverts think that they can be Christians, this low-dominance young man was assaulted and the rest of the military thought that he was lying because the predator claimed to be a Christian.  Sadly, in a Christendom that has rejected Christ, you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t.  Had he beat the crap out of this predator-pervert and broke both his arms in 10 places each so that he could never sexually assault another man ever again, he would have been charged with some “hate” crime (though being sexually assaulted by a homopervert, for some reason, does not seem to be a hate crime on the part of the homopervert commiting the sexual assault).  To pursue a refined course of action through the courts only resulted in embarrassment and disgrace—and more disgraceful insults by other Marines that even he deludedly explains as “bonding”.  If that is bonding I prefer to be UNBONDED!  Who wants to “bond” with psychopaths and perverts?

Perverts don’t need to go back into the closet.  They need to be given the opportunity to start their own nation and all of them be deported and let’s see how well they survive.  They cannot reproduce.  What does that say...? —even if your deluded epistemology is Empiricism and not Divine Revelation understood by Propositionalism / Biblical Rationalism...?  They have no right in Christendom.  Criminals have no right in Christendom.  Criminals forfeit all their rights when they make a choice to become a criminal and damage someone else (and all sin is first, foremost, and ultimately against God Himself).  They have a right to a fair trial—but they do NOT have an equal right to exist as criminals who consider their crime normal behaviour.

It is also sad that this young officer, who seems intelligent and brave, has nothing more honorable to say about himself than he is an avid hockey fan and Disney expert!  When Christendom is being invaded and destroyed, he is an expert in nonproductive amusement that only enriches immoral people.  May he wake up and find out what life is about while life still exists!