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CA Democrat Jason Dominguez’s Freudian Slip About Your Freedom

Ammoland Inc. - August 10, 2018


“Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our political opponents have guns. Why should we let them have ideas?” — Joe Stalin

My comments:

This hispanic city councilman defended the city’s criminalization of the use of plastic straws!  “We have to regulate every aspect of people’s lives”, he said.

When he realized that his comments were not ignored or swallowed hook, line, and sinker, he backtracked by claiming that he merely use a “string of words in a rhetorical fashion”.  Aliens cannot be trusted.  It is unconstitutional for aliens to be politicians or in any position of authority or power.  If they don’t want to pick fruit and vegetables, go home.

Hispanics, aliens or otherwise, are not our people and cannot preserve our way of life, but only destroy.  They do not and cannot share our faith.  The majority follow a pagan superstitious Catholicism (which they hybridize even more with their own pagan supertitious notions) which they either believe neurotically (as Africans believe in ghosts and voodoo) or they don’t even believe it at all, although they go through the ritual.  However, the damage is that they continually pervert the Christian faith to which they are outsiders (including Hispanic mainstream “conservative” so-called “Protestants” who were put on a pedestal for the past several decades and became millionaires, and they are now in the forefront of the anti-white hate revolution in the very nation that gave them such a good life); even as they pervert our government, culture, and every aspect of Christendom.  That is the law of entropy in motion with a life devoid of the spirit of God.  Anything contaminated that joins with something that is pure will always result in a product that is contaminated (such is the dominance of corruption).

REMEMBER THE ALAMO!  Why are there not new mini-series and movies being made about the ALAMO and “Never forgive! Never forget!” and such sentiment being burnished into every school book, novel, sitcom, newspaper, magazine article, etc?  Why are there not Alamo museums in all 50 states through which school children are herded like dumb cattle each year?

Over 150 years ago Baron Alexander von Humboldt (scientist, explorer) predicted, “The United States will absorb Mexico and crumble to pieces”.  However, since he did not live in the Age of Irresponsibility (through which we have recently passed) followed by the current Age of Anti-intellectual Godless Insanity and Treason (in conjunction with high-speed modern travel and a corrupt government that pays for the aliens to “flee” here as “refugees”), he did not realize that it was not merely a matter of absorbing Mexico—but the entire Third (nonwhite) World and he did not realize that it was not the U.S. alone—but all of Christendom that would be forced to absorb the Third-World.  He also did not realize that the Third World’s population explosion itself is a result of our violation of God’s Law, in our rebellion against God (by allowing our enemies to become our leaders to misdirect us) in helping in any way those who are not our people, those who are His enemies.  We violated God’s Law and “did good unto those who hate Him” and violated His Law and “sought their peace and prosperity” and so their natural birth and death rate has been artificially tampered with.  Liberal humanists who hate God will consider such a statement an outrage.  First of all, God forbids our helping aliens in any way; He forbids our joining them in any way; He commands “NO other gods!”  Secondly, it is not the responsibility (and it is insanity and violates all the laws of nature) of a healthy body to absorb disease so the disease has a nice place to live; even as it is self-destructive to breed disease elsewhere so it will always exist to eventually invade us.  God declared that to Him the alien nations of the world (which He created, and which He owns, but which are not His people and not His children and never will be) are as a mere drop of water in a bucket, or the fine dust of the balances (to be blown off without a thought).  God even said that He would give the lives of the heathen as a ransom in exchange for the lives of His people.  However, Christ NEVER told the sheep to lay down their lives for the dogs, swine, wolves, or serpents.  Tares are never converted into wheat.  Men don’t gather figs of thistles or grapes from thorn briars.

In keeping with God’s Law of the Harvest (you reap what you sow), we sow rebellion and reap Judgment.  To show their appreciation for helping them, letting them live among us, entertaining the myth they are equals and the same as us, unconstitutionally granting them equal rights, right to vote, right to be elected to office, etc.—they hate us openly, commit crimes against us wholesale, and want to kill us (or for us to just die off) and take our nations from us!  They are not coming because they love Jesus or want to learn of our God.  They are coming like vultures following a dying animal!  They are coming for a blood feast!  They are the flood that the Dragon / Serpent spews out of his mouth—as JUDGMENT against us; and NOWHERE in Revelation (despite the antichrist teaching of popular Bible teachers who are false prophets) NOWHERE does Scripture inform us that the flood is being vomited out for us to “embrace and evangelize”—but to destroy us because Satan hates us and wants to eradicate God’s seed from off the earth in Satan’s all-out war against God.  It is happening because of Judgment in our turning from God and obedience.

Humboldt did not not realize the meaning of the prophecy in the Book of Daniel of the feet made of iron mingled with clay (which represents INTEGRATION—an incredibly powerful empire DESTROYED by SENSELESSLY absorbing something so STUPIDLY WEAK—the Third World, aliens, savages); neither did he understand the prophecy of Revelation of the flood that the Dragon spews out of his mouth to destroy God’s people (the Third World).  What had been called “hell-hole” or more crudely, “shit hole” nations, or more refinedly, but accurately as “The Third World” has now been euphemized as “developing nations".  BUT they are NOT “developing” nations.  That concept infers that they are developing on their own.

[Even those deluded by the evolutionistic model ignore reality in that such peoples “stalled out” MILLIONS of years ago and never developed and even died a developmental crib death and though actually braindead are kept on life-support.]

They are only “being developed (by white nations) nations” because of the MORONIC and TREASONOUS TRILLIONS of dollars that the nations of Christendom have been giving them, in one form or another, over the past several centuries (first through Colonialism which literally raised them out of the dirt); and ever since then, out of “welfare”—which is all the evidence that you need that they are not “equals”, but inferior: if others have to pay for their “development” (or stagnation) and others have to even develop them.

[Humboldt was an incredible man.  His prophecy becomes more profoundly realized when you realize the depth of his genius.  I have stocked this excellent book for decades: Humboldt’s Cosmos: Alexander von Humboldt and the Latin American Journey That Changed the Way We See The World, Helferich, 358pp., leading scientific mind of 18th century, risked life travelling 6,000 miles through treacherous, uncharted central & South America lands to study Amazon and Andes; redrew map of Central and South America; brought back 60,000 plant species, multitude of exotic animals, made discoveries, inventions, set new records. excellent, highly recommended. Out of Print; good used Hb. and pb. available; pb., 15.00 + P&H; Hb. 20.00 + P&H.]

The Hispanic politician in the article ought to have his Freudian slip remedied by a good ole fashion slip knot with 13 coils in it.  Rope is cheap.  That is the penalty for Treason.  Treason is easy to prove if a criminal trial is ever held.  His own words and voting record would prove it.  He should never have been elected in the first place.  He should never have been allowed to cross the border in the first place.

What price can you put on a mega-city like Los Angeles or Miami or Philadelphia—and hundreds of others? all STOLEN OUTRIGHT BY ALIENS.  HOW MANY TRILLIONS of dollars are these cities worth?  Consider all the infrastructure and development, natural resources, parks, real estate, houses, businesses, (and people who do not get out soon lose generations of accumulated wealth that they have to sell for a fraction of the value or abandon entirely)... not to mention the historical value of a city like Philadelphia.

Other politicians are passing laws to outlaw Big Gulps in convenient stores or soda machines in schools (yet pump the children up with hundreds of vaccines, as well as soy, pork, and a plethora of GMO, chemical laden poisons in the food supply; you need a chemistry degree to read the labels of processed food any more—and you need a lawyer to explain all the deceit in calling food “natural” and “organic” when it is not).  

This continual endless regulation is communist totalitarianism, desensitization, dehumanization—the stealing of all our wealth, our nation, and our utter enslavement.  I thought some Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was passed outlawing slavery?  What is it called when you have to give someone else your money, and when you have to work for that person half the year and jump through all their hoops or they will arrest you?  It is called slavery (Federal, State, and local).

The passing of all these endless laws (over 300,000 Federal “laws” alone) is “busy work” on steroids with a twist.  They have to do something to justify their unnecessary existence, so they argue, “study”, and vote on things that they have NO BUSINESS voting for, and things which desensitize Americans into thinking that these corrupt treasonous and alien bastards actually have authority to vote on such things and tell us how we are to live—but they do NOT.  

By Law, politicians cannot change the Constitution.  By Law the U.S. Constitution is to be interpreted according to the Common Law.  The U.S. adopted the Common Law of England and Christianity is part of the Common Law.  The Common Law declares “Individual liberties are antecedent to all government”.  Individuals, here, refers not to invading aliens, but OUR PEOPLE—the LEGITIMATE posterity of the Founders and the white, European Christians whom those Founders represented.

Politicians ARE SUPPOSED TO BE OUR SERVANTS.  We are NOT their slaves.  If they think that they are the master and we are their servants that is an indicator that they are guilty of High Treason.  If ever they vote to change the Constitution and abrogate (limit, restrict) our rights and saddle us with regulation, fines, fees, taxes—that is a sign that they are guilty of High Treason.  If they import aliens and give them equal rights that is High Treason.  If they give our tax money away to anyone but the lawful citizens, they are guilty of treason.  If they spend money that the U.S. does not have, they have committed an individual act, not an official act, and acting ex officio they incur private debt (which debt is shared by all to whom they gave that money, aliens, foreign nations, businesses, farmers, people on welfare, and the entire politicians’ families who benefitted from the politicians salaries, perks, retirement, health care, etc.).  But these treasonous politicians are NOT trying to implement the old European feudalism (as the author of the article link above claimed).  THAT would be A BLESSING and a step in the RIGHT DIRECTION, compared to what they are trying to implement.  They are trying to implement the next Bolshevik Revolution (which murdered 66 to 180 million European Christians.

[See these titles that I reprint:

- The Human Cost of Communism in China, Prepared at Request of Sen. T. Dodd for Subcom. to Investigate Admin. of Internal Security Act and other Internal Security Laws of Committee on Judiciary US Senate, 1971, 44pp., 4.00 + P&H.

- The Human Cost of Soviet Communism, Prepared at Request of Sen. Dodd for Subcom. to Investigate Administration of Internal Security Act & other Internal Security Laws of Comm. on Judiciary US Senate, 1971, 40pp., 4.00 + P&H.

- The Secret Holocaust, Mullins, 34pp., 4.00 + P&H.]

PSEUDO-Government needs to IMPLODE.  The main reason (or is that treason?) that 95% of government even exists is because of all the trolls on welfare who could not exist without their plethora of continual handouts... (and such people should not be allowed to vote and no one with a government job should be allowed to vote—it is a clear conflict of interests to vote for the candidate who will give you the most money from the pocket of your hard-working neighbors).  If 95% of the government shut down the only people who would notice it would be government employees, aliens, and others on welfare.  The rest of the U.S. would continue on EVEN BETTER without the corrupt, treasonous, immoral, renegade public servants with a god-complex.

All special interest groups / lobbyists should be OUTLAWED.  It is BRIBERY and TREASON, clear and simple.  Those with more money, those more powerful groups... HOW do they gain the ear of a politician?  Furthermore, they have no right to sway politicians, whose sworn duty and purpose for being elected was to serve the PEOPLE, the lawful people, not aliens here among us; not aliens who want to move here; not the State of Israeli or any other nation; not big business or special interest groups.

One former rancher described government and those dependent upon it as piglets sucking on the government teats.  However, what happens when there are 10,000 piglets and only 10 teats?  I believe that is where euthanasia comes in and it is white Christians who are at the top of the list to go first.

But since the Latino has such a nice smile on his face and he evades his Freudian Slip with a Hillarian nonsensical double-speak the treason is okay.

He should not be a politician in the U.S., but he should be wearing a little paper hat and daily be asking, “Would you like a side order of frijoles with your taco, sir?” —back in Mexico!