—The Members of the Media are not the Only Guilty Parties in the “Government” Conspiracy — so are All Those in the Department of “Education” [Propaganda]

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Someone emailed and told me:

Robert, I was listening to a retired geophysicist on you tube, Eddie Page, and he said that when you teach at a university or work for the government such as NOAA, you have to sign a confidentiality agreement.  You are not allowed to talk publicly or to the press about anything unless the university, FEMA, and Homeland security give their permission.  (We are not talking rocket science here.)

You can see how they control the message about the earth’s formation, climate change, etc.

In connection with that, I watched several videos by independent researchers who have proven, through radioactive tracers, that coal forms, not in millions of years, but in thousands.

Also, they have shown that granite has certain radioactive tracers that only exist for a couple of seconds.

Granite was not formed through the cooling of lava over millions of years, but was actually formed in a second.

If not, those tracers would not be found in granite.

They have published their results in about a half dozen scientific journals, and they have been totally ignored.

No one has attempted to refute their findings.  It would appear that when God created the earth, He created natural rock formations at the same time.  Why am I not surprised?

You can see why those who get their paychecks from any governmental organization are required to keep quiet or face, at minimum, losing their hundred thousand a year job.  In some circles that is called a bribe.


My reply:

It is also collusion and conspiracy and fraud and racketeering.  Why is this not surprising.  The First Plank of the Communist Manifesto* is that the STATE "educates" (indoctrinates with propaganda) the children.  The majority of "Christian" "Churches" are also complicit in this Treason, for the majority of them are merely extensions of the the Government (being trained in government institutions) and also being corporations who owe their existence and loyalty to the government who gives them life, and who is their real head—and that is why the cowardly "pastors" (more like pig-farmers, replacing the sheep with swine, after they have served their role as sheep shearers and butchers) refuse to speak about against EVIL (because they are PART of it).

[* See my reprinting of this historic work, with my added, illustrated historical introduction and other added material, 132pp. total, pb., 12.50 + P&H.]

These persons should speak out ANYWAY.  The contract is not and cannot be binding (as I will explain below) and those who wrote and demanded that the contract be signed should be tried and convicted of conspiracy, fraud, graft, racketeering, and treason (deceiving the entire nation and embezzling BILLIONS of dollars in fake science and then using that fake science to destroy the minds of the people, pervert education, the churches, destroy peoples' faith in the Bible, and then import aliens to further swamp us financially and illegally give them the vote so that we can never regain sovereignty of our nation is certainly treason).

[God send a pestilence!  That is the only thing that will give us a little breathing room before Christ returns to uproot the wicked entirely.  Note, praying for a pestilence is NOT a substitute for doing what is right.  Obeying and being faithful is ALWAYS a prerequisite, or God does not hear such a Christian’s prayers.  Though I don’t recommend hitchhiking, responsibility and praying can be compared to someone walking along the road in the direction that he needs to go WHILE holding his thumb out—not setting up his pup tent and taking a nap with a sign of a thumb displayed outside. As Oliver Cromwell declared, “Trust in God and keep your [gun-] powder dry”.]

“A contract without consideration, or upon a false consideration, (which fails) or upon unlawful consideration, cannot have any effect.” (Codex Justinianus 3,3,4; Chitty on Contracts (11th Am. Ed.) 25, note; Noy’s  Maxims 24; 2 Blackstone’s  Commentaries on the Law 445; 1 Joseph Story on “Contracts” s. 525)

“A contract founded on a base consideration, or against good morals, is null and cannot be enforced by action.” ( Hobart’s English King’s Bench Reports 167; Broom’s Legal Maxims 730,732; Joseph Story on “Agency” s. 195; Digest of Justinian 2,14,27,4;  Codex Justinianus 2,3,6; Bank of U.S. vs. Owens , 2 Peters 539; 2 James Kent’s Commentaries on American Law 466)

“From an illegal contract an action does not arise.” (Broom’s  Legal Maxims 742)

“Things invalid from the beginning cannot be made valid by subsequent act.” (Trayner,  Latin Legal Maxims and Phrases , 482)

“False in one thing false in everything.  Where a party is clearly shown to have embezzled one article of property, it is a ground of presumption [reasonable suspicion, probable cause] that he may have embezzled others also.” (The Boston, 1 Sumn. 328, 356, Fed. Cas. No. 1,673; The Santissima Trinidad, 7 Wheat. 339; White vs. Disher, 67 Cal. 402, 7 Pac. 826)

“He who is once a criminal is presumed to be always criminal in the same kind or way.” (Coke’s English King’s Bench Reports, tempore Charles I, 317; Best on Evidence, 345)

“He does not appear to have retained his consent, who has changed anything at the command of a party threatening.” (Broom’s  Legal Maxims 278; Bacon’s Maxims reg. 22)

[—and an act that is obtained by threat, force, duress, or coersion is not of a person’s will and therefore is not his act.]

“An agreement induced by fraud cannot stand.” (Digest of Justinian 2, 4, 7, s. 9)

“Those things which are impossible to be given, or which are not in the nature of things, are regarded as no part of an agreement.” (Digest of Justinian 50, 17, 135)

“Out of fraud no action arises; A right of action cannot arise out of fraud.” (Phelps vs. Decker, 10 Mass. 276; Broom, Legal Maxims 349)

“What otherwise is good and just, if it be sought by force and fraud becomes bad and unjust.” (3 Coke, English King’s Bench Reports, 78)

“It is a fraud to conceal a fraud.” (1 Story, Equity Jurisprudence s. 389, 390)

[These are just some of the quotes from my The Liberty Document, and my series, America, Christianity, Liberty & Truth.]

It is only the INNOCENT who are presumed innocent until proven guilty; those who have established their corruption are considered guilty unless they can prove their innocence.

Those who would pervert our form of government—OUR PEOPLE—from being OUR PEOPLE; who would alter our Christian Constitutional Republic into a spurious, illegitimate “Democracy”, which is merely a stepping stone to socialism; those who would subvert our CHRISTIAN society into a multicultural, pluralistic, interfaith BABYLON (confusion) is an ENEMY of the REPUBLIC, an ENEMY OF GOD, and is guilty of HIGHEST TREASON!

[Update: See:

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CONTRARY to the usurper, our former Anti-President* who claimed that the U.S. Constitution is “a living and breathing document” that “changes with the times”, it is not!  That was AN UTTER LIE.  He also said that the U.S. is not a Christian nation. Well, it may not be with the importation of the entire Third World—but it is BY LAW from its very foundations:

[* This declaration itself was HIGH TREASON.  However, the imposter Obama cannot be a traitor because OUTSIDERS, ALIENS, noncitizens cannot be “traitors” in the true sense of the word.  Betrayal comes from within our people.  However, though he was not guilty of treason—every member of Congress was who did not demand his REMOVAL and trial and sentencing for the crimes of which he was guilty: Impersonating the President of the United States, impersonating a U.S. politician, impersonating a U.S. citizen, Fraud, and Grand Larceny and Espionage and various acts of War against the people of the U.S.  He most certainly was and is a conspirator and an enemy and a seditionist; and he is technically guilty of a “special form” of treason (feigning friendship / feigning being a lawful citizen) and being a traitor if he ever claimed to be or swore loyalty to the U.S.  Though he is not lawfully a citizen, he pretended to be, and therefore, that incurs the penalty of treason because he was operating under the assumption that he was a loyal citizen, though an alien of the worst stripe.]

The U.S. Constitution IS NOT a living, breathing, changing document.  IT IS CONSTANT / STATIC.  Attempting to change it is a Federal Crime, Treason, and Sedition—of which nearly every single U.S. Politician and Jurist is guilty.

The Constitution must be interpreted in light of the Common Law. (U.S. v. Wong Kim)

“The Christian Religion is part of the Common Law.” (Lofft’s English King’s Bench Reports, 327)

[I guess the Imposter who was also impersonating being a “Constitutional Scholar” stepped in it royally.  Too bad for us that all the U.S. Representatives and Supreme Court are either as ignorant of the Constitution as he is—or are co-conspirators and full well know their Highest Treason!]

“The U.S. adopted the Common Law of England.” (Taylor v. Port; State v. Simon)

Congress cannot by legislation alter the Constitition. (Eisner v. McComber)

“On every question of construction of the Constitution let us carry ourselves back to the time when the Constitution was adopted, recollect the spirit manifested in the debates, and instead of trying what meaning may be squeezed out of the text, or invented against it, conform to the probable one in which it was passed.” —Founding Father, Thomas Jefferson


He replied:

Robert, Such governmental binding contracts may not be legal, but government lawyers and judges have little concern for what is legal, let alone what is right.  In meantime, a person is without a job, and hoping his lawyers can outlast the government’s lawyers.  That rarely happens.  Even when a government somehow loses such a case in court, it will drag on for years.

Those contracts usually carry with them a multi-year prison sentence for disclosing anything.  But most just want to hang onto their job.


I replied:

I realize all that... if they choose to sell their soul, that is inexcuseable... selling the nation down the toilet so they can make a paycheck to earn a living IS A CRIME IN AND OF ITSELF.  ALL PARTIES to such an illegal “contract” are guilty of HIGH TREASON.  IF enough people stood up the corrupt bastards would be the ones on trial.  RULE OF LAW is on OUR side.  That which is illegal cannot be part of any contract and cannot be binding and cannot incur any penalty.  However, those engaging in fraud and conspiracy and illegal activity and demanding a vow of silence of those around them, they are the guilty parties—as well as all those who sign such confidentiality agreements and then actually do keep their mouths shut and are therefore accomplices in High Treason against the Government of the U.S.—the legitimate people (not imported and home-bred aliens, who are forever illegitimate).


Also, if you still believe in the media, you’ll never think of it the same again:

This is a very GOOD presentation... very revealing how the media is controlled from start to finish... watch the first minute and most likely you won’t be able to stop.  Very well done.



Also, as I have long said (for over 30 years! —I guess no one is paying attention), any politician, judge, lawyer, government appointee, journalist, or educator who refers to the U.S. as a “Democracy” is either an utter ignoramus or a conspirator.  Our Founders CLEARLY informed us that our form of government was NOT a “Democracy”: for they studied thousands of years of history and realized that democracies were short lived since they were prone to corruption and control.  When Benjamin Franklin came out of the State House, Independence Hall in Philadelphia, someone asked him what type of government had been established.  Franklin replied, “A Republic—if you can keep it”.  The U.S. Constitution itself reads, “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican form of Government”… (Article IV., Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution)  I guess the vast majority of politicians, judges, lawyers, government appointees, journalists, and educators have never read the U.S. Constitution, nor have they studied true history.

[See this title which I reprint: This is a Republic, not a democracy! Let's keep it that way (1965) Edward Langford, 39pp., 5.00 + P&H.]