—The Modern Concept of Morality - Ignorance, Delusion, Anti-Intellectualism, Irrationality, and Irresponsibility—the Hallmarks of Modern, Dying Christendom

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Someone emailed me the above link and asked what I thought.  These are my comments:

Most persons who think that they are “Christians” are not.  A Disciple or Christian means “a follower of Christ”—not merely like “following” a news story; but following as in abandoning everything else and submitting to as leader.  Most “Christians” don’t follow Christ, but do what they want.  They are not His sheep.  They are goats (or dogs or swine).  Goats don’t follow you—unless you have a bucket of feed; and then they are not really following you, but following their god, which is their belly; once the food is gone (for which they may even knock you down and trample you)... they will desert you.  You are only their “friend” and they are willing to follow you, only for as long as you have something that they want.  

So it is with most “Christians” and Christ.  Such reveal that they are not of God.  Most “Christians” “follow” Christ by using Him as a generic “model” or “concept” (often in name only) and they then completely reconstruct what they want to do or believe based upon what “feels good” to them (until what they believe and practice is unrecognizable to the original, except by someone who does not know the original).  They follow the “traditions of their elders” (whether their actual ancestors or their denomination)—but most do not even follow that “religiously”.  Their true god is SELF; they even ignore the “traditions of their elders”, when it is convenient (which is most of the time), except when going through some ritual (even if as simple as sleeping through a sermon once a week).  What they choose to “believe” and “observe”, again, is based on their own whim (and the current political climate).  

Like those “Christians” who “celebrate” Christmas or Easter (which are pagan holidays that have been besmeared with a thin coating of Christianity), to which “Christians” cling because of their own lust, materialism, hedonism, tradition, and the “good feeling” that it gives to them.  In reality, most “Christians” cling to Easter merely as a “fun diversion” for their children; and if it were not for their children, most “Christians” would not pay it any mind.  The fact that the “Christian” observance of BOTH these pagan holy-days are a high insult to God means nothing to them: It is not about God, it is about them.  Like Cain, their attitude is: “This is what I am willing to offer, God—take it or leave it.”  God left it.  They merely stick “baby Jesus” or “the risen Lord” in among all the heathen practices of the pagan celebration, as merely one more god in their panoply—one more god in their totem—and include Him so that He isn’t offended by being left out of the pagan celebration.  Christmas isn’t Christian.  It’s on a pagan holy day.  The Catholic Church established it, making it a hybrid “Christian-pagan” holiday in the pagan Saxon celebration of Saturnalia.  GOD IS HOLY!  Christians who cling to Christmas have no concept of God or His Holiness.

[See my, Merry Antichrist-mas...? Is Christmas Christian or Pagan...? —Is it Pagan even if Christ is in it...?, 24pp., 2.50 + P&H.  Are you a Christian? be prepared to be challenged.  Do you love the Lord God / Christ Jesus more than Christmas...?  If you won’t even take the challenge, I guess that answers the question.]

Christianity is a revelationally based religion.  Most Christians reject God’s Revelation and are Empiricists... they follow a humanistic, hedonistic, experientially based religion... what “feels good” to them, what “makes sense” to them (to their fallen, irrational, illogical, fickle, sinful, selfish minds) is what they “follow” (which may change at any time without notice, with whatever political foul wind of “morality” that blows in upon the land).  They are their own god (which delusion they can enjoy as long as they recognize the STATE as god): They set their own standards, based upon their own preferred delusion.  Then, to make themselves “feel” better about themselves and their apostacy and idolatry, they “project this worship onto a mythical ‘God’ whom they claim to “acknowledge” in some minor, sporadic, form of lip-service.  This ‘God’ is a fabrication of their own mind, the way they want their god to be; rejecting the Self-Revelation of the God of the Bible.

[Most who consider themselves “Christians” are probably in strong disagreement from the outset.  However, if they really care about the truth, if they really love righteousness, if they really want to submit to God, then they need to take the challenge and read my short Merry Anti-Christmas, on the holy days specifically; and then my more substantial, Does God Repent? — Can God Change His Mind?, to see what true Theology actually is.  THEN, it will be a matter of whether or not they are willing to conform their lives to what reality is, and what the Bible actually teaches, or simply go on following the vain and godless traditions of their elders (or the hedonistic god, “SELF”), all the while fancying that they are good “followers” of Jesus.  Christ said that His sheep know His Voice and follow (obey) Him and the voice of stranger they will not follow.  Most Christians think that God abolished His Law.  Christ said, “THINK NOT that I am come to destroy the Law... I am not... not on jot or tittle shall pass from the Law...”  Hence, most “Christians” are not Christians, because they are following a stranger’s voice and not Christ’s.  They are following the very voice of the Serpent in the Garden who said the opposite of what God declared.  They don’t know Christ’s crystal-clear Voice because they are not His sheep; if they were, they would follow Him.  

Further, John wrote in one of the very last books of the New Testament (written even after Revelation), that “he who says I know Him [God] and keepeth not His Commandments is a liar and the Truth is not in him” (I John 2:4).  Tell me, can a person truly be a Christian if he does not even know God?  Can a person be a Christian if the Truth (Christ said , “I am ... the TRUTH” and He called the Holy Spirit, “the Spirit of Truth”) is not in him?  John also wrote that “sin is transgression of the Law” (I John 3:4).  Had the Law been abolished, there would be no need to repent or ask forgiveness for anything, for sin would be impossible.  Without the law there is no transgression, hence, no sin.  Christ also said, “If ye keep My Commandments ye shall abide in My Love, even as I have kept My Father’s Commandments and abide in His Love.”  Christ did not have “His own” commandments—He kept those of the Father (and said, “I and My Father are One” and “For I came down from Heaven, not to do Mine Own Will, but the Will of Him that sent Me” and “My Doctrine is not Mine, but His that sent Me” and “I must work the Works of Him that sent Me” and “He that loveth Me not keepeth not My Sayings [Word, logos]: and the Word [logos] which ye hear is not Mine, but the Father’s which sent Me”) and He commanded us to keep them also.  Christ also said, “Why call ye Me, ‘Lord, Lord’ and do not the things that I say?” and “If ye love Me keep My Commandments”.   Love = obedience / self-sacrifice.  Faith without works is dead.  Works do not contribute to faith; but are a by-product of it.  Works do not create the faith; faith creates the works, if true faith is there.  Faith is not merely an idea: Faith is the internal Dynamic of the Holy Spirit whereby the elect believe and obey.]

Pseudo-Christians (people deceived into thinking that they are Christians, when they are not) look at their own lives and compare themselves to those who are the worst of sinners (or to the average sinners around them), to make themselves feel better about their own sinfulness, which in delusion, they don’t really consider to be sinful (but “average” or “better than average”).  However, they will have a “rude awakening” on Judgment Day.  God does not Judge us according to a sliding scale or bell curve of morality.  God Judges each person according to the Holy Standard: Christ, and what God declared in His unchanging Law to be the Moral Standard by which He commanded us to live, which Christ kept 100% without sin, to set the example for us.  

If the Holy Spirit is truly in a person, has truly regenerated a person, that person will want to draw closer to God, will want to learn what God desires, will want to do what pleases God—that is true love.  Modern stupid earthlings will do the same thing for a lover, conform to what is expected, even committing gross sin to please the lovers, and overlook gargantuan flaws and vices of their lovers, but they won’t learn of God, do their homework to see what He requires, conform their lives to what He demands, do whatever it takes to please Him, sacrifice their own desires in an all-consuming love for holiness to God.  God is not in their minds.  God is not in their hearts.  God is a stranger to them.  Their god (if they even claim one) is a delusion of their own minds (which delusion God has sent them because either they are not His, or He has not yet determined the time is right to deliver them from such damning delusion and call them out of darkness into His Marvellous Light).

Likewise, fools within Christendom, when you point out all of the evil and corruption (not understanding that the purpose of pointing it out is not to “knock the U.S.” but so that these monumental problems can be addressed to PREVENT the problems from GETTING WORSE and to correct them) think thoughts like, “Well, America is still the best country on earth: if you don’t like it go somewhere else”.  I had a worker on a job site where I was working tell me that after I began to explain how the U.S. was actually practicing Socialism.  Furthermore, No!  It is the traitors and subverters who should leave; not the preservationists; the illegitimate invaders should leave; not the legitimate heirs.  

But more importantly, and germane to our topic, that attitude and reply misses the pulse of the issue.  The current level of freedom, morality, prosperity, etc., of the U.S. should not be compared to that of other worse nations, but it should be compared to what freedom, morality, prosperity, etc., was like in the U.S. in 1780 or so around when our nation was founded!  It is that environment and mood, Christian faith and morality, and racial reality that was responsible for the developed greatness of the U.S., and it is only by returning to that society that we could again be great (sorry you wasted all that money on those “MAGA” hats and shirts).  Anything else is a self-masochistic delusion that imagines failure to be success.

“1Hearken to Me, ye that follow after righteousness, ye that seek the LORD: look unto the rock whence ye are hewn, and to the hole of the pit whence ye are digged.  2Look unto Abraham your father, and unto Sarah that bare you: for I called him alone, and blessed him, and increased him.” (Isaiah 51)

“If a nation expects to be ignorant and free... it expects what never was and never will be.” —Thomas Jefferson (1816)

Deluded fools and immoral people—cowards—will only compete in any event against those whom they known that they can beat.  Their actual goal is not competition or self-testing, real achievement, but merely trying to make self look good to feel better about oneself (often at the expense of others, by humiliation and putting them down, to make it appear as if self is so much better; this is the bully mentality, and such persons rarely “grow up” or mature, they merely age—or more likely, rot).  Such dishonest people are content to be “paper champions”.

Likewise, dishonest, immoral, delusional “Christians” only compare themselves to those more wicked than themselves.  Stupidity is really a “chosen art”.  These people are not so ignorant that they do not realize that there are also people far-less sinful than themselves, and that the “scale of morality” goes equally in the OTHER direction; but they pretend, like little children, that whatever they refuse to look at or consider, does not exist.  If they admit (which they would only possibly do if painted into a corner and they had to answer) that the other end of the continuum exists, then they smugly imagine that they are not so bad and they are content to be “average” and fall well within the bell curve of the majority within the limits of “relative morality”.  However, their smugness will evaporate once they realize that they are not graded on a curve, but on perfection—the Perfection of Christ: and those who do not bear HIS Fruit are not part of Him; and He will spew them out of His Mouth and they shall be cast into Hell!  If Christ has truly regenerated you OLD things are passed away and ALL is become new.  Those who were not changed COMPLETELY were not regenerated.  You can’t “pick and choose” in which areas you want to “change”; Christ either changes you completely or He does not and any other thought is a delusion.

All the nations of Christendom didn’t “evolve” or just “become” the most-advanced, civilized, safest, most-prosperous nations on earth “by chance”.  They became so because they were all white* and all Christian* and because of the dedication of our ancestors to obey God and apply themselves in honest labor.**

[* —and what are the odds of that...?  Why is it that only white nations have been Christian (and you can’t truly call the Catholic superstition of Central and South America and the Phillipines “Christian”).  Why is it that ALL of the white nations of the world, who at one time were all pagan, miraculously ALL became Christian...? and why is it to the degree that we have absorbed nonwhite, nonchristian aliens, we have become less and less Christian, to the point Christendom is about to fall?  Because WE are God’s people and always have been, and the heathen are not!  Why did not some black or hispanic or eastern indian or arab or jew or chinese “Christendom” appear on the world scene all on its own?

** And there is NO such thing as “welfare” in the Bibile.  The church / Christian society helped those KINSMEN who were truly in need who could NOT help themselves (like someone paralyzed and bedridden).  But today probably 99% of those on public “assistance” are merely robbing everyone else because they are too lazy and immoral to work.  So what if they have aches and pains—millions of people have even greater pain and suffering, and yet don’t use it as an excuse to rob other people and sin against God.  What would these malingerers do if stranded in the middle of nowhere, on a deserted island, all by themselves, if they had no one to give them a check and no grocery store at which to buy food.  They would WORK to provide their needed food, water, shelter, and firewood—and so they should, DAILY.  The Puritan Work Ethic was BIBLE LAW: He who will not work should not eat (that is, should not be fed).  Where in God’s Word are we told that anyone has a right to be paid for not working, or to be paid because he has aches, pains, or any debility or disability?  

I’ve been in pain most of my life, debilitating pain for over 3 decades.  I put in 14-16 hours a day every day; even after an excruciating injury on top of my normal debilitating pain.  I put one foot in front of the other, bear through the pain, and do it.  No one else will do it for me (and no one pays me to do it)—but foremost, God commands it.  

I read about “widows indeed” coming under the support of the Church—IF they regularly attended church, lived GODLY lives, if they are without ANY family to support them, if they are aged and not of an age to remarry—IF they were obedient to their husbands and taught younger wives to obey their husbands.  EVEN LEPERS daily begged for food.  Even the poor daily gleaned in the fields (which entailed gathering tiny kernals of grain, while on your hands and knees, picking them out of the stubble and dirt—ALL DAY) or did what work they could.  The welfare model is a COMMUNIST model, it is unconstitutional and it is unbiblical.]

Christendom (the family, the church, and the nation) has fallen in proportion to the aliens we have let in, and the pagan temples we have let them erect, and their pagan practices with which we have let them pollute Christendom, and all their crimes for which we have not punished them.  Liberty is not self-sustaining.  Morality is not self-sustaining.  Holiness is not self-sustaining.  Just because things were so yesterday does not mean that you can coast and they will always be that way.  Even as the primary law of nature is entropy (decay, deterioration, all things seeking homeostasis, in which everything has disintegrated to the lowest possible factor that requires no energy to maintain), so also there are moral or spiritual parallels.

Considering your own sinfulness by comparing yourself to someone MORE sinful than yourself, comparing the “relative” freedom of a nation by comparing it to other nations that are not free, is as stupid as comparing your general health to a corpse rotting in the grave, rather than to a perfectly healthy person—rather than to an Olympic athlete.  This is the delusion and anti-intellectualism and irrationality and irresponsibility of the modern age.

The person who claims that he is not so bad because he isn’t as bad as other people, is actually declaring, “I AM STUPID!  I AM IMMORAL!  I don’t care about God or the Truth or Reality!”  Such persons need to wear a tee-shirt, the message of which is printed

so that when they look in the mirror they can read it, and which says, 

with the arrow pointing straight up to their face


ONLY THEN might they begin to realize, as Charlie Brown (or Linus), I believe, in one episode, of the cartoon strip Peanuts (and I think other cartoon characters like Pogo also) declared, “I have discovered the enemy—and it’s me!”  Each of us is the problem.  Our delusions imprison us.  Only God can free us.  Cry out to Him.  The Perfect Law of Liberty (as I explain in other articles) is not the freedom “to sin”—only spiritually dead hearts and darkened minds could ever think such a thing.  The Perfect Law of Liberty is “the freedom to not sin by the Power of the Holy Spirit of Christ within a person who will lead the individual believer into the understanding of the Word of God and into obedience to God!”  HOW can the “Bible experts” of the past half millennia or longer have not understood this simple truth that God revealed to someone as unworthy as me...?  What they teach are abominations that contradict the Word of God.  Scripture declares, “Walk in the Spirit and ye shall not fulfill the lusts of the flesh [the violation of everything that God commanded]”.  Christ did not abolish the Law.  That is nonsense.  He declared the very opposite.  Those who believe the anti-intellectual, contradictory interpretations of the Word of God are fools and they are fools and believe such because God has sent them delusion so that they will believe a lie and not understand the truth, repent, or be saved.  IF THAT does not wake them up, they were never ordained unto life.  God’s Word will not return unto Him void, but accomplish what He sent it forth to do.  If it has no effect on them—IT WAS NOT MEANT TO!  

God is Immutable.  Morality cannot change.  Morality is established by God’s Nature (Good, Right, Holy, Perfect, Just, True, Immutable, etc.)  God did not abolish His Law—not one jot or tittle.  Christ cancelled out the JUDGMENT, the PENALTY that was against us—DEATH (Eternal Judgment, not mere “non-existence”), if we are of the elect whom God chose in Christ before the foundation of the world.  Those who are so, are regenerated by the Holy Spirit to cry out upon new birth “Abba-Pahteyr” (“Dada-father”; showing future the transformation from infancy to adulthood through GROWTH to the point of MATURITY) and walk in obedience in the Marvellous Light into which they have been called.  For those who don’t “get it” .... “We now return you to your regularly scheduled program”.  Enjoy it while it lasts.  It won’t last very long.  Compared to Eternity, 75+ years of life here on earth is not even a breath.  Go ahead.  Take a breath.  See how long it lasts.  Then imagine ETERNITY.  God save your people!  Turn us and we shall be turned!  Turn ungodliness from Jacob!  Pour out your Holy Spirit upon all flesh of the elect of Your people so that we are truly regenerated and cry out “Abba-Pahteyr” — and confess our sins, and repent, and walk after You in obedience, not following our own lusts and deludedly thinking it is “spirituality”.


Also, someone asked me: Do you know of a church that has a church bank account without a Federal EIN (Employment Identification Number) and / or without a Federal TIN (Tax Identification Number)?


My reply was:

I don’t think the average [that is, “any”] bank will grant such an account without such numbers.  They are all Federally fegulated / controlled (part of Communist Manifesto) and banks must operate as the Feds tell them to; and if they don’t, they are usually SWATTED, arrested, and shut down.

It is a communist monopoly and discrimination and a sign of being conquered, slaves, in that we must prove our right to our property, jump through hoops, be herded like cattle through their chutes, unconstitutionally be taxed on our own property, and are required to given an account for how much we have, how we got it, and what we do with it.

If anyone has any other info, please share.

With the hopeful trend toward antifederalization, it is possible that private banks will sprout up and not require such things; but most probably the States will invent their own regulatory slave numbers, because in reality, the States now all operate like “little Feds”—chips off the old block, tiny communist satellite nations orbiting the mother ship.

The majority of all government workers are brainwashed from youth and think that this is reality and that it the only way that it can be done (forgetting 100+ years of our history before the formation of the Federal Reserve and before Federal Income Tax).  The average person thinks “IT’S THE LAW” when it is NOT.  If the government tells them we evolved from apes, they believe it; if the government tells them the moon is made of green cheese, they believe it, if the government tells them that 6,000,000 died in the Holocaust and children died at Sandy Hook, they believe it.  Facts, evidence, proof, are all irrelevant... the Federal gavel sounds the edict and decree of what “truth”, what “reality” is; and the zombies say, “I hear and obey master...” without blinking.