—The Modern Merchants of Venice: Shylockery Continues as Strong and Brazen and Shameless as Ever—for now...

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How finely doth thine pound of flesh grindst thou with eager glee?

“I’ll grind a pound just for myself and then two pounds... for me.”

“—and if perchance it’s ever learned that it was stolen flesh,”

“I’ll inward gloat, ‘Of course, ‘my friend’, that kind’s always the best!’ ”  

But little know—or care—these fiends, that God above keeps score;

He will repay their wickedness—and then repay some more.

These Judases, vile Edomites, Canaan’s curs.ed progeny;

when judged at last, they shall be cast, into the ‘Fiery Sea’.

—Robert Alan Balaicius