— Most people—even patriots—are partial-communists and don't realize it - Health Care is NOT a "God-given right" - and the Banking illusion that makes the world go round

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Most people—even patriots—are partial-communists and don't realize it - Health Care is NOT a "God-given right" - and the Banking illusion that makes the world go round


Most Democrats or Republicans in the U.S. are Communists and do not even realize it.  They follow the 10 planks of the Communist Manifesto, not the U.S. Constitution or the Bill of Rights, nor the 10 Commandments (upon which the Common Law was founded by King Alfred the Great).  If you told them they were communists, they would probably deny it heatedly and be indignant and offended, but you could easily show them the facts.  Which plan do they follow?  So-called "Democracy" (a euphemism for Communism, achieved by subverting the original Constitution)—which our Founding Fathers REJECTED, or the Constitutional Republic they established by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights (which was intended to preserve our rights to life, liberty and property/pursuit of happiness)...?







 [Above charts from my book, The War Between the Children of Light and the Powers of Darkness.]

Also, most Democrats and Republicans alike are in favor of taxing the American citizens, taking away their hard-earned money to give it to someone else (or for "services" they are told they "need" which is a violation of the right to contract—and equally the right to not contract—and the 13th Amendment supposedly abolished slavery).  This is communism, pure and simple, totalitarianism—tyranny.  Taxation without representation is tyranny.  The PEOPLE are NO longer represented.  Corporations, Big Business, Government (a fictitious entity that has taken on its own life, meaning, and existence, completely independent of the people who are the only true and lawful and valid government of the United States) and a plethora of imported foreigners who were solely imported to destroy the US by HIJACKING the voting booth, promising to give all those foreigners the money of the hard-working Americans: so clearly, the foreigners will vote for whichever politician promises them the biggest slice of money from the people (but all these votes are illegal and illegitimate and none of those people nor their descendents are lawful citizens: a fraud is a fraud ab initio and no right can arise from fraud).  George Bernard Shaw said "Those who rob Peter to pay Paul can always count on Paul."  This is criminal and every single politician has engaged in it.  They are all guilty of Treason.

[Third world foreigners are purposely imported for this reason to undermine the republic and steal it out from under the noses of the rightful heirs.  Third world peoples are imported, then paid to breed.  Then as they spread property values plummet, and then entire towns become ghettos with property values entirely lost, like in Detroit, and muslims come in and buy entire houses for under $1000.  Entire cities STOLEN.  I am seeing more and more third worlders in my little town of 3,000.  They are destroying the nation on purpose, to integrate and take over.  Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, 2 traditional Bible belt resort areas, are being taken over by Muslims; most small shops are now owned by rude Muslims.  Why? Some unscrupulous real estate agent or banker bought up a lot of property, buildings, and jacked the prices up so American citizens cannot afford; yet Muslims come in, can get a loan to buy the property, don't have to pay taxes for 5 years, and at the end of 5 years they simply sell it to another Muslim who comes to the nation and it starts over.  The Chinese even printed a book in Chinese showing how Chinese can come to the US and get free rent, utilities, food stamps, loans, tax free.  We are being destroyed by design and the politicians are ALL guilty.  Police of Oslo, Norway have just declared, "We've lost the city"

[see http://tundratabloids.com/2013/11/oslo-police-say-that-theyve-lost-control-over-the-city.html]

 as the Muslims have taken over.  Many Norwegian women in Oslo dye their hair black to not stand out as a blonde woman to be singled out for criminal assault/rape.  100% of rapes in Olso are committed by nonwhite foreigners and 90% of the victims are white women.]

Any politician (as Rand Paul exposed), who votes on a bill WITHOUT having read it, commits an act of treason (though Paul did not state it so honestly): for clearly not only is he violating his oath of office (HOW can he defend the CONSTITUTION and the RIGHTS of the people, without even reading what he is voting to pass--which may, in essence, revoke the entire Constitution, though illegally, and such unconstitutional legislation itself would be void ab initio: "from the beginning").  Rand Paul himself even engages in self-flattering euphemism and double talk, when he upbraided Congress for voting without reading bills, with the impotent enjoiner, "we are not even following our own rules."  Let me tell you buddy, they are not "your" rules and they are not mere "rules."  YOU ALL are OUR servants.  They are not "your rules"—it is the LAW, the CONSTITUTIONAL LAW you all TOOK AN OATH to UPHOLD and PRESERVE and DEFEND.  If you vote on something you have not read or if you vote in favor of something that is not Constitutional, then YOU ALL HAVE COMMITTED TREASON!  Do you all know what the penalty for TREASON is? or have you forgotten and take so lightly and indifferently your sacred oath simply because "everyone else before us did it and they got away with it."

It is ILLEGAL for politicians to EXEMPT THEMSELVES from the very laws they pass.  NO EMPLOYEE makes the rules his boss will follow, and exempts himself from the rules.  The Constitution is the Law.  Politicians' job is to DEFEND IT—not pass new laws that continually undermine it and regulate, restrict, abrogate, and revoke the RIGHTS of the PEOPLE.  Reportedly Reid and other politicians have even exempted their staff from Obamacare (which is a terrorist attack against the United States, both financially and bodily)

[see: http://www.cnn.com/2013/12/04/politics/reid-obamacare-staff/index.html]

Politicians think they are the new aristocracy who have enriched themselves by robbing the people and selling the nation out to the highest bidder and they are all guilty of High Treason.  Politicians are shamelessly groomed and wined and dined (BRIBED) by Big Business and so-called "Special" interest groups (subversive anti-American organizations).  Michelle Bachmann

[see: http://blogs.rollcall.com/moneyline/rep-michelle-bachmann-takes-son-on-free-trip-to-israel/]

 and other politicians are being given an all-expense paid trip to the State of Israeli.  THIS IS TREASON.  NO FOREIGN NATION HAS ANY bearing on U.S. Lawmakers.  If they think that they do it is sedition and treason for US Politicians to be bedded by them; they are political prostitutes and traitors and they should be arrested—ALL of them: each one who has accepted such BRIBES from the Israelis or anyone else.

Any politician who votes on a law from which politicians themselves will be exempt, has committed an act of TREASON.

No bill should EVER be presented to committee for a vote if the bill is longer than 5 pages.  Bills need to be readable in a reasonable amount of time, and if the bills cannot be so presented then they are not worthy of consideration.

[Congress is not supposed to be a year-long occupation nor a full-time job.  They are to pass A FEW laws, then go back home and work a regular job and consult their constituents if there are any needs; but it is not full-time occupation.  Being in office most of the year (hardly doing any work) is the Devil's play time.  THE LESS they are in Congress THE LESSER opportunity they have to SCREW THE NATION UP.  If it ain't broke don't fix it.  It wasn't broken.  Like a stupid kid taking some machine apart to "see how it works" then not being able to put it back together—if you don't know what you are doing, leave it the hell alone!  Congress is not "on the job training"—if you don't know how to do anything, find a real job; but don't come into ICU with someone one life support, and not knowing what you are doing start playing with the dials on all the machines just to make it look like you know what you are doing and to give the appearance that you are actually doing something.]

Congressman need to be able to read each bill IN ITS ENTIRETY (several times) before voting to make it law.  Anything longer than 5 pages is simply a lawyer smokescreen to commit treason.  If bills cannot be passed on their own merit they should NOT be stuck in as riders on any bill—THAT IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL and TREASON.  If something cannot be passed by itself because it is unconstitutional, it should not be snuck into some other bill and whoever introduces such legislation has committed an act of TREASON.  Just because that is the way things have always been done DOES NOT make it right: it is still criminal.  "If 50 million people say a  foolish thing, it is still a foolish thing." (Anatole France)

If it is a crime for a person in the private sector to counterfeit, write bad checks, spend beyond his means, engage in subterfuge, lies, sedition, treason, violation of oath of office, immorality, to embezzle from his employer, to steal the company out from under his employer by forging the ownership papers and bribing some paper pusher to rubber stamp and file them, to engage in insider trading, price fixing, granting high-dollar government contracts (the prices of such contracts should be LOWER than retail, not inflated, since individual LOWER price is made up for in VOLUME) to rob, cheat, assault, falsely arrest, and murder—then IT IS A CRIME to do so by any government official / public servant.  IN FACT.  They have been given a sacred trust and they should be held to a HIGHER standard of accountability.  Thomas Jefferson said "When a person accepts a public trust he should consider himself PUBLIC PROPERTY."  Since these elected officials and public servants consider themselves the boss and the people their serfs, clearly they have ALL committed TREASON.

[* i.e., being elected or appointed or hired to any government position, and likewise this applies to private companies and individuals who are awarded government contracts, for they are then extensions of the government, supposedly being hired by the PEOPLE, and so, they must perform with the same expected integrity and are guilty of a crime against the people if they defraud the people).]

Even most "patriots" are communist-minded (when it is to their benefit / convenience) and this is hypocrisy as well as immorality, dishonesty, and anti-intellectualism.

Health care is NOT a God-given right. Health insurance is NOT a God-given right. HEALTH ITSELF is NOT a God-given right.

LIFE is a GOD-GIVEN RIGHT. But it is up to each individual to MAKE that life better for himself.

NO INDIVIDUAL has ANY obligation to make life better for ANYONE but himself and his immediate family.  THAT is what CHARITY is for (charity is NOT obligation and charity is BY CHOICE, not force): for those truly in need.

That is what the CHURCH is for, for those truly in need—IF those persons in need have been MEMBERS of that church, have been faithful to the church and faithful to helping others in that church who were in need, and if they have lived moral lives in good standing with the church.  Otherwise, according to God's Word, they have NO right to ANY help from the church, but are fulfilling Scripture: Be not deceived, God is not mocked, for whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap."

Any who violate this order established by God attempt to circumvent God's Law of the Harvest incur Wrath of and Judgment from God.

Welfare in all its forms is such violation.

Welfare is actually a "breeding program" for the baser elements of society that would not be able to perpetuate their DNA according to the "survival of the fittest" (and so, most politicians also show their hypocrisy against the very evolution / god they claim to believe).

Welfare is GENOCIDE against the host nation.  There was no welfare when the Pilgrims and Puritans landed.  Those who would not work did not eat.  Those who would not work died.

That is what God's Word demands.  Those who violate God's command, "Six days shall thou labor and do all their work" have NO right to ANYTHING.  Those who are so immoral that they choose to rob their neighbors and the entire nation through taking welfare because they have no self-respect and are too lazy to work commit crimes against the people of the United States.  Women whose husbands own a million of dollars of property can receive welfare because they have some disability and "cannot work" (which is a GRAND assumption that they would even work if they were able to, and how would they work while raising a family anyway?—and how can they raise a family if they are "unable to work"...?).  It is a crime against the people.

Welfare is NOT a God-given right and it is unconstitutional and it is COMMUNISM.

Health care, insurance, and good health are not a God-given right.

Some people think, well, my friend needs a new heart and can't afford it and would have to sell her house to pay for the operation.  Well, if that is the case, and she wants to live, then she should sell her house.  What did the Pilgrims do?  What did our Founding Fathers do?  Public assistance (which is illegal and unconstitutional, that's what family, charity, and the church is for) is not for those who can assist themselves but are too immoral to spend their own money to do it.

Likewise, anyone receiving "Charity" from any source (even welfare, if it was actually legal, which it is not), should be required to SELL anything and everything they own (and not merely "hide it" with their neighbors or relatives while being interviewed for public assistance) of any value great or small, before being given a penny of welfare / charity, and with periodic surprise inspections, if they were found to have anything in their possession other than a roof over their heads and clothes on their back and food in a small refrigerator, then they should be arrested and put to work in a prison chain gang until they pay off their debt to society for having robbed it.  If welfare existed it should be for a short period of time and then terminated permanently.  If someone can't keep a job or is too lazy to work, then they should be left alone to allow nature to take its course.  No nation can be strong by subsidizing and breeding the weaker, and perverse elements of society to the point they outbreed the producers.  The purpose of welfare or charity is NOT to produce a whole army of 5 generations of "professional welfare recipient families" and it is NOT to sustain one's preferred standard of living.  It is to sustain life—LIFE: not luxuries, hobbies, or leisure and amusement.  If someone wants something other than a roof over his head, minimal cheap clothes, and minimal food staples (rice, beans, oil, etc.)—they they should get a job and not reproduce until they can actually provide life for themselves and their family.

The cost of hospitals, doctors' visits, medications (and even medical school) are all OBSCENELY OVER-INFLATED BECAUSE of Insurance and Government Welfare.  Doctor's visits USED TO BE affordable to most all and doctors used to make house calls without requiring you to go to the blood bank and drain your biological life's savings to pay for it; now doctors charge the same billable hour to 10 different people for the 5 min. he actually saw them.  THIS IS FRAUD.

Imagine taking your car to the garage and your mechanic looks at your car for 5 min. and then charges you for the entire hour, and instead of fixing the problem, sends you (or has your car towed) to a "specialist" and that "specialist" then over a cup of coffee has one of his "specialist friends" look at a diagnostic report from your car for 30 seconds for his opinion—then, you get a bill from the original mechanic, for his time in the original "check up", then a bill for the transportation or "referral", then a bill from the "specialist", then a bill from the "other specialist" he consulted—then you are given the bill for the 4 quarts of oil (which is all your car needed) but at 10 times the regular price of oil because the "special brand of oil" was ordered "in house" from the "fuel pharmacy" which claims to have the only right oil your car needs, that oil from Wal-mart really can't be trusted in anything as important as your engine, and of course your mechanic or the "specialist" could not "guarantee" his "work" with such "common motor oil" being poured in by his magic touch.  THIS IS FRAUD.  Then, imagine having all these mechanics and "specialists" pool their money and BRIBE some politician into passing a law to make it illegal for anyone to buy Wal-mart motor oil and put it into their own car themselves, and pass laws making it illegal for you to go to any honest mechanic who is able to do the work, using regular old oil without the need for a plethora of consultations with "specialists."  And there, in a nutshell, you have the "wonders of modern medicine" in all its glory.  Banking and Government and Education are but little different.

When I started this ministry 23 years ago.  I sold everything of value* that I owned until there was enough coming in to even live on.  I lived below the poverty level for 5 years, eating rice, beans, the barest of essentials, until things slowly improved.  I put in 14 hours a day, 7 days a week (except on the Sabbath, I did no secular work, only being at my desk / computer researching and writing) for decades.  I NEVER received or asked for A SINGLE PENNY** of any government aid or welfare.  I am not a prostitute.  I trust in my God and if He does not care for me and meet my needs as I am faithful, then I was not meant to live.

[* guns, tools, coins, memorabilia, collectables, the pawn shop loved me; bought my groceries with 1974 Eisenhower so-called silver dollars and more modern printing of $2 bills; the young cashiers had to go ask their boss if they could accept those, after asking what they even were, having never seen or even heard of them before.     ** Though I have suffered for decades with serious health problems, I choose to trust God and pursue natural methods (and yes, suffer considerably), rather than run to a doctor, worship the doctor as god to heal me without my changing my life to prevent / solve the problem, expect the rest of the US to pay my medical bill, then draw "disability" and expect the rest of the US to pay me because I choose to believe the delusion that I cannot work (95% who claim they cannot work, do work, just not for a wage, they are immoral degenerates).  I've worked 3 weeks with unbearable poison ivy/oak/sumac; I've worked with a bad back, sprained ankles and wrists,  a separated shoulder, bad neck (and arthritis, pulled muscles, tendonitis, fibromyalgia, sleep apnea and insomnia and sinus problems with only about 3 hours sleep a night in 15 min. increments, and hives, the flu, etc.); I've worked outside on a roof at 30 below F; I've worked hard labor installing residential fences at 105 F; I've worked in snow storms and in torrential downpours--all day long.  Those who claim they can't work (yet mow their own lawns, plant trees, etc.) are immoral.  The truth is they are too lazy and immoral to work and would rather have the rest of America pay them so they can watch Jerry Springer and Oprah all day on their 48" tv, when they aren't mowing their mere 20 foot yard with their riding mower ( used to mow 2 acres with a NON-self-propelled gas mower--after having cleared the land by hand of 10 foot high blackberry brambles, rose bushes, locust seedlings, weeds, and rocks).  Most ANYONE can work—and quadriplegics who teach themselves to draw and paint holding the instrument in their mouth and people without arms who teach themselves to play the guitar with their feet, people who are blind, deaf, dumb, in wheelchairs, or people like me who work in pain at times, with little to no sleep, show the welfare crowd THERE IS NO EXCUSE!  Such people are IMMORAL and the only "right" they have is the right to self-extinction.]

Most Christians do not truly believe in God.  They trust in themselves, the insurance company, doctors, the bank, and the government.  They live their lives secularly and God is relegated to a factual position of a quaint myth, a residual afterthought; nothing that touches reality in how they actually live their lives.  God is the bottom rung on the ladder of life of most Christians and they do not even realize it.

Most people go about in the ILLUSION and DELUSION of "life" thinking that such is "reality" and that such immoral and unchristian ways of living are "normal" and "proper" simply because it is the way it has been done for the past century.  GOD CHANGES NOT.  He is HOLY, SOVEREIGN, IMMUTABLE, and INEFFABLE.  Those who TRULY believe God need to actually read the Bible and see how we are supposed to live; actually read the Constitution and see what our nation is supposed to be—and then align their lives with REALITY of what is TRUE, not the DELUSION of reality based on falsehood and immorality.  Instead, most Christians stuff God into a trunk (and cut off with scissors whatever does not fit in the trunk) and then bury the trunk in the attic and only bring God out for "special occasions" for an hour or so, before sending Him back to the nursing home.  God must be so touched that His people remember Him with such fondness, and honor Him with such dedication.

Health care and health is not a God-given right.  If you need a new heart or liver (quite often, as the result of improper diet and lack of exercise, and foolish use of pharmaceuticals or abuse of food, drink, or "recreational" drugs), then yes, you SHOULD sell your house if that is the only way you can afford it.

Those who are DELUSIONAL think such a notion is barbaric.  Tell me, what did people do for the 6,900 years of civilization before modern government?  If you lived on a deserted island, WHAT GOOD would it do you to print a piece of fake money?  THAT is what this criminal government has done for the past 100 years.  It only produces the illusion of prosperity—SOMEONE has to pay for it because PAPER MONEY PRINTED OUT OF THIN AIR IS WORTHLESS!  SOMEONE IS BEING ROBBED for every person who is a beneficiary.  The bankers and Big Business and treasonous government prostitutes are the ones who take the lion's share of the spending value of the counterfeit money they print, then, their individual whores and underlings and snitches and lackeys get the rest—while the people are robbed, the nation spent (or actually SHOPLIFTED AND EMBEZZLED) into oblivion, and future generations ENSLAVED to a debt that can never be paid off.  However, in my book, "The Liberty Document" I show that the US debt is actually nonexistent.  If there is any debt, EACH POLITICIAN who voted ILLEGALLY to print fake money and to spend that fake money on anything but the taxpayers themselves, each politician who voted to raise his own salary and benefits, each politician who has so committed crimes and treason against the people of the U.S.—THOSE POLITICIANS ALONE (and their families who benefitted from the crime) and all those who received US taxpayer money unconstitutionally—IF any debt exists—it is THOSE PEOPLE and those people ALONE who OWE 100% of that debt.   However, nothing real was loaned.  The international bankers merely invented digits on a computer or markings in a ledger book and the Federal Reserve printed counterfeit money BACKED BY NOTHING.  Nothing was loaned.  It is a myth.  A fraud.  That's like me renting you the vacant lot next to my house for $2,000 for the summer (hoping the real owners don't come to see their property while you are still using it).  THAT is why inflation (the "hidden tax") exists.

If there is only 1 ounce of gold in reserve, and only 1 - $1,000 bill printed as a "warehouse note" on that gold, that dollar bill will have the same value as the 1 ounce of gold ($1,000).  If the government then illegally prints another 9 more $1,000 bills (backed by nothing other than that original 1 ounce of gold) then each bill may have the face value of $1,000; but in reality, it is only actually worth, and only has the real buying power of $100 each.  When the government counterfeits, the bankers and the government chosen get the "Fresh" $1,000 bills and quickly spend them into circulation (the alleged myth being that such stimulates the economy, but in reality, it stimulates the economy the way gangrene and amputation stimulate a human body).  When they spend the new counterfeit money (or rather DUMP them onto the market, like someone with inside information quickly selling off their stock at a good price, knowing it is soon going to collapse, while all the little guys who didn't have a clue that the economic tsumani was about to hit them, are destroyed)... these new paper counterfeit bills when introduced into the economy are still THOUGHT by the average person to be worth $1,000 (why, they must be, they say so right there on the front and back of the bill; how could it be otherwise?).  Unsuspecting merchants accept the government counterfeit money put into circulation by the banksters, government, and chosen big business THINKING the $1,000 bill is worth $1,000.  But, IN TIME the more astute merchants and manufacturers realize the money is worth only a fraction of the face value (that is why it is called "fractional banking") and therefore, they RAISE THEIR PRICES.  In the end, (the trickle-down theory of government), the little guy at the bottom is the one who takes the entire brunt of the financial loss: he is left with little money, while having spent (and having been taxed) 10 times more to buy the things he needs (and the taxes are even raised even though the little money he actually has is worth only a fraction of what it used to be—and then, when the politicians' crimes reach such a height that the illusion of economic solvency can no longer be artificially sustained, they even talk about a currency recall and devaluation of the dollar (taking the $10,000 you have in the bank and only giving you $6,000 in the new currency; or such similar transaction when you turn in the old currency which cannot be spent any longer).  THIS IS FRAUD.  It is not a "mistake" or a "freak of nature" that "just happened."  It was ALL planned and carefully carried out until the crime can no longer be hidden; but it is never called a crime.  The staff of well-paid (at your expense) "experts" engage in all sorts of subterfuge to make it sound anything but the factual crime that has been committed against the people.




[* ever notice that when you plunk down change to "pay"* for something that it doesn't even clink any more...? —that is for those who remember what real (or semi-real) money actually sounded like.  Even as they have robbed Fort Knox of all the gold (and printed so much counterfeit money, that even if the gold was there a $1 bill would still be worth only about .18 cents) so also have the criminal government mints routinely "recalled old coins" (not that they ever truly wear out), they smelt them back down, remove all the silver, nickle, copper, and zinc, and basically give us painted lead.  WHERE have all of the TONS of silver, copper, nickle, and zinc gone?  It is like the head of an art museum selling on the black market all the original paintings and replacing them with cheap forgeries.  IT IS A CRIME OF STAGGERING PROPORTIONS.  The questions are: WHO are the guilty parties and WHERE have all the real precious metals gone...?]

I reprint a plethora of rare books and am frequently astounded at the piddly prices they printed and sold books for a few decades ago back when the US was still actually PROSPEROUS (and Christian).  A 54-page paperback (not stapleback, but glued paperback) with a printed price in it of .25 cents in 1932.  A hardback 300-page book (with gilt edging and guilt embossing on the cover) from 1905 with a price of $1.25.  Such books today would respectively, reasonably cost about $6.00 and $35.00.  This represents 2,400% and 2,800% inflation respectively.

Show me in the Bible, the Common Law, or the Constitution where Health, Health Care, and Insurance are God-given rights.  I would love to see it.  That notion is not the product of republics or free societies but is the myth created by a COMMUNIST STATE in order to steal the souls of the people and then the wealth of the nation.

People whose minds (and consciences) have been INFECTED with liberalism and communism think health, health care, and insurance are God-given rights that EVERYONE ELSE should have to pay for.  There is NO "free lunch" or "free ride"—SOMEONE has to pay for it.  Insurance itself is a scam because the NONPRODUCERS are the ones who consume and abuse it the most; while the PRODUCERS receive very little in exchange.

The ONLY LAWFUL use of tax money (which should be the BAREST minimum—not half a year's wage) is for goods and services SOLELY to THOSE VERY TAXPAYERS themselves for goods and services that they actually need and want—NOT ones that someone else TELLS them they "need."  ONE single penny of overtaxation or mis-spending / mis-appropriation is TREASON.

Government office buildings should not be made with marble and oak and mahogany and have carpet and central heat and air, free buffet, etc., and government employees should only have minimum wage or at the highest levels, only the average American wage and no benefits, no pension.

Many government buildings, like offices should be like old army barracks, block houses on cinder blocks.  Government offices should not be nicer than the homes the average person lives in.  It is all due to government waste and that is what has indebted this country.

Just because something can be done does not mean it should be.  Miles and miles of landscaping and wildflowers along the nations' highways and around government buildings are beautiful, but that is an illegal use of tax money.  If people want things beautified they will create a fund for donations.  There should not be tax deductible anything because those deductions have to be made up by the people (the politicians don't altruistically "take one for the team" and pay the loss out of their own salaries).  If people want to see pretty trees and flowers they will plant them on their own property or go to an arboretum.

Government and money/taxation seems to follow the law of gases: they expand to fill whatever container they are put in.  Therefore, like a leak in a dyke, if not stopped up immediately, it will burst forth as a torrent until the land is inundated.  Not government law or tax is ever "temporary" as promised: Such are only a foot in the door until they own the whole house and you are evicted.

All our problems arise from our rejection of God and His Ways.

"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to Me: seeing thou hast forgotten the Law of thy God, I will also forget thy children." (Hosea 4:6)

We were commanded to meditate upon God's Law day and night and search the Scriptures daily and prove all things.  Our nation has been subverted because our religion has been subverted (Christian schools, colleges, seminaries, pulpits, book and magazine publishers and music labels).  The watchmen on the wall were all replaced with Judases.

"Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin." (James 4:17)

God looked for a man to stand in the gap and found none.

If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?

When will God's people repent and act upon what their conscience knows is right?  or will they simply drink the Kool Aid and "go into that good night" but not peacefully—and then possibly only to hear, "Depart from Me ye that work iniquity, I never knew you!"

Christ said My sheep hear My Voice and follow Me ("obey Me"; hearing is not merely the registration of sound waves upon the inner ear and following is not merely tagging along, but acting upon the commands of that voice); ergo, those who do not hear His Voice (or hear it but do not obey it) are not the elect of His sheep.  Ye shall know they by their fruit.

As the old saying goes, "If it was a crime to be a Christian [how ironic, that this may actually eventually become a law] would there be any evidence that could convict you.  Not the modernist, liberal, antichrist, paganized, hybrid form of "Christianity" (the harlot church that has lain down with the beast), but the true Christianity revealed in the whole of the Scriptures—OLD and New Testaments; which are complementary, not contradictory except in the mind of someone who is spiritually cross-eyed.

God help us.

If ANYONE finds ANY value to these writings PLEASE give me some feedback.  I am a lone voice crying in the wilderness.  All alone here.  Is anyone out there?  Do my words have any value?  Do I serve any purpose?  Or do I just waste my time?  I know God's Word will not return unto Him void but accomplish that which He determined in advance.  Am I anything more than Balaam's ass?  Could I be replaced by a chimpanzee at this keyboard?  While certainly my preaching, "Repent, the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand" will be used as evidence against those who rejected the words I faithfully send out, and be used as testimony against those who agree with what I say, yet do nothing about it; I would prefer positive purpose rather than merely negative.  Does my faithfulness and dedication (I spent about 10 hours today writing this, having not even planned on it, having thought it would be merely a paragraph, WHEN will I ever learn...?) prepare any way for the Holy Spirit to work in any heart or mind (not that He needs me, but that is what God has chosen to use: the faithfulness of His people to be used as the introduction of the change the Holy Spirit will affect—IF the seeds of truth fall on fallow ground.  If the priests are fat (not physically, but figuratively) it is a sign (in the true church) of God's blessing (not to be confused with the false church in which fat priests are a sign of corruption, opulence, largess, and feeding off the flock).  If God's people respond to His Word and do something, then God will bless.  Be ye hearers of the Word, and not doers only deceiving your own selves."

I don't claim these emails to be polished and perfect works (yes, I mix metaphors, use colloquialisms, when the barbarians are inside the gates and planning to attack and massacre the entire population the purpose is to warn people, not polish your dissertation); but hopefully contain enough information to wake people up while there is time left to save ourselves by fleeing to the shelter of Christ our Rock; we all should be fasting and praying often, and praying without ceasing, for repentance alone of God's people, TRUE repentance, will be the only thing that preserves us through the coming onslaught of destruction like Custer's last stand or like a "killer tornado" hitting a trailer park community.

He that hath ears to hear... let him hear...

Is each person doing what he himself can actually do?  Is he even concerned?  Does he even care?  Or does he stick his head in the ground and lose himself in leisure and amusement not wanting to know when the tsunami hits, and not caring what happens to his own kin...?

I heard a preacher one time say that he never saw a hearse pulling a u-haul trailer to the cemetery.  I told him after the service.  You are right.  You can't take it with you, but you CAN send it on ahead: lay up treasures in Heaven / the Kingdom.  Invest in the Kingdom now by doing what you can do; for we all shall be held accountable by God for the deeds performed (or not performed) in the body.