— My Solution to End World War and Restore Peace

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Lovely another war brewing... news reports suggest there may be war brewing between the U.S., China, and Japan (as if war in the Middle East is not enough, now we need to try to corner the market for war in the Far East...?)

Chinese tea anyone...?

I have a better idea.

Why don't we just send Obama to China (permanently), he can claim he was actually born in China and that he just discovered his real name on his real phoney birth certificate is O Bang Ma , he can become president of that nation and ruin it and it will no longer be a superpower or a threat; it will collapse internally as the US is doing... he can introduce GMO rice and after one failed crop the nation will be starving to death; then let Japan and Korea do whatever they want to China. After Japan and Korea both fight for scraps of China, they will eventually decimate each other and East Asia will be open for the resettlement of the third word from the west.

The same battle plan should be pursued in the middle east after Obama ruins China. He can then claim he was born in Iran, produce yet-another real phoney birth certificate and make up a Muslim name... (oh, wait... he already has that).... maybe upon entering politics in Iran he can claim to be a Muslim (that will be the easy part)... then, after he is secure, he can then pretend to be a Christian (he has good experience doing that); instead of a pet dog he can have a pet jackass that had a sex change operation and was turned into a camel; he can then assume dictator status (again, good experience there) and unite all Islamabad and the Israelis into one superpower called Islamobamabadest and then after he has his own sex change operation (into who knows what?) he can convert to Buddhism, just to throw them all for a loop, then he can undermine Islam by appointing jews, women and queers to the chiefest imam offices, pass laws making women and children the boss (sounds prophetic) with the men being forced to wear burkhas and do all domestic chores (just to humiliate them before they soon will die) and all Islamabad will collapse internally, especially after he passes executive orders that the Arabs can no longer drill for oil, but have to sell internationally at rock-bottom prices whatever oil it is currently producing and then import expensive oil from the US for their own needs; he can then implement earth-hugging legislation and return 3/4 of the continent to sand dunes (oh, wait, it already is), after he forces all Muslims to convert to Buddhism, shirk their burkhas and rag-tops and shave their heads, and the majority will die of heat stroke with nothing to protect their heads from the intense sun; Islamabad will then be open to resettling of all the third world that has inundated the west.

Additionally, all US/UK/European politicians (on every level, including retired ones), state college professors, bankers, professional athletes, and all those on welfare could then be exported to both the Far East and Islam-was-abad just to make sure they never again become prosperous nations.

He could then write a book (I mean, have someone write it for him, why try something new?) titled, "how to destroy any country: my autobiography and subversive training manual."

The U.S., U.K., and Europe, being freed from the 3rd world and all subversive and foreign self-defeating element and restore Christianity, the Bible, and our original constitutions and live happily ever after.

Problem solved.

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