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This acclaimed, supposedly conservative author / minister / "Dr." shows that he does not understand the Bible or the nature of sin (or he is knowingly a false prophet intentionally leading people astray).

He claims that homosexuality is a "victimless" crime.


This is an ignorant statement.  While God is not a "Victim" because He is Immutable and Eternal and Omnipotent, all sin is firstly and ultimately against God, the Lawgiver.  While God is not a "victim" or "injured party" in the sense that human victims are, this does not mean that He is not an offended party.  Furthermore, ALL OF SOCIETY is the victim.  Sin is a REPROACH to God and a community that allows abominations to go unpunished invites the Judgment of God on the entire community.  Homos also prey on young boys, that is how they sustain their numbers, by perverting new recruits at an early age—RUINING them for life, in most cases.  Is that "VICTIMLESS"...?

Also, God's Law is NOT 'don't kiss - don't tell".  God's Law does not endeavor to "push immorality underground."  God commanded us to "cut off" and "put away" such abominations otherwise God would judge us all.  Those who turn a blind eye to sin are ACCOMPLICES.

As far as witnesses, he seems a bit daft.  Frequently affairs of any nature are discovered when people unexpectedly come home from work and find perversion taking place.  Video cameras or private investigators also commonly gather evidence in all kinds of movies.  Are these concepts he has never heard of before?  2 men walking out of the steam room together, or a hotel room clearly raises eyebrows.  In a Godly society, questions would be asked and such persons would be put under the spotlight.  The purpose is not to push it underground but eradicate it. 

This author / pastor/ "Dr." seems both unimaginative as well as thinking in the wrong direction--CARNALLY.  It is a limp, liberal concept.  A "half-way" covenant with death.  His notion of a "Biblical" society is UNBIBLICAL.  Merely pushing sin underground or into the closet is one step from letting it out.  It is putting a bandaid on cancer; it is putting a coat of paint on a termite-riddled house.  It is a white-washed sepulchre!  It is merely turning the light out while sin is in the living room and asking it to lock the door when it leaves.

He is a NEO-CON Bible teacher, which is an Antichrist liberal in sheep's clothing.

Furthermore, he overlooks entirely the meaning of the 10th Commandment, which Christ re-established for those who had forgotten it—or introduced it for those who had never understood it.  SIN BEGINS AND EXISTS IN THE HEART EVEN IF THE SIN IS NEVER ACTED UPON.  Someone who looks on a woman with lust is guilty of adultery; someone who hates his brother is guilty of murder.  ERGO: A homosexual who fantasizes about homosexuality is guilt of SODOMY even if he never engages with another.

WHERE did McDermon get his "Dr." degree...?  What is it in?  It really doesn't matter.  Clearly, it is merely a piece of paper.  Paper is used for all sorts of things.

WHICH Bible is he reading?  Not the same as mine. 

Mosaic Law was not passed away; Mosaic Law is God's Law (though Moses is sometimes honored by so calling it). 

The Word of the Lord shall endure forever. 

The Law of the Lord is Perfect. 

Christ said, "I am not come to destroy the Law.... NOT ONE JOT OR TITTLE shall pass from the Law..."

Are those verses not in His Bible?  Has he never read them?  Does he not believe the words of Christ?  HOW then is he a "Christian"...?  He isn't.  He is a humanist if he denies the very words Christ spoke and if he does not follow them.

McDermon should surrender his "Dr." (unless it is a doctorate in something that has nothing to do with the Bible and if he actually has expertise in that field).


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Follow-up thoughts:


One reader responded, sharing


Hello, Robert,
    Yes, even theonomists and reconstructionists miss the point about how sin brings God's judgment,even if it does
not progress beyond the realm of the mind.
   However, there are no civil penalties for coveting, are there?
   I recall that at one point Jerry Falwell had the guts to say that the September 11 attacks came about because,
among other causes, the spread of homosexuality had led God to withdraw protection that would otherwise have
been in place.  Sadly, he caved in, and apologized to the "gay community".
   Some believe his death, shortly thereafter, was the result of God's disgust with his cowardly apology.
   One question... I do know a woman, now 58 years old, who at one time lived as an "ordinary person".  She
had an affair with a very unreliable man, but did not abort the child, and raised her daughter as a Christian.
The daughter is now married to a godly man and they are raising their three children as Christians.
    As for my friend, she has strongly hinted that, as time went by, she could not help but realize that
she was attracted to other women.  HOWEVER...she regards this "tendency" as sinful, and has never
acted on it.  I did not ask, but I assume that she, like most HETERO sexuals, at times is tempted to have
fantasies, but I have to believe that she knows she must struggle against this "besetting sin".
    My question is:  so long as she struggles against the fantasies, would she therefore not have her
"tendency" held against her, at the final day?  I think we would say, "yes", in the case of a "normal" person
who has to struggle against "normal" fantasies.
    Thank you.


My reply was:

Well, your thinking may be a bit Catholic if you are referring to her "salvation" being judged at the end by her tendencies.  Tendencies, like any bad habit, can be catered to or resisted and even changed.  If the person actually likes the tendencies, well, then they are not really tendencies, but preferences.  A person may have preferences, but not act upon them out of fear or even shame, but that does not change the fact that they are preferences.  If God has truly regenerated a person, he is safe and secure in his salvation; though if he persists in sin, it is possibly a sign that he was never converted.  However, Christians are sinful too, or half the of New Testament would not have needed to be written.  The fact that some believers, as Paul pointed out, were so sinful that they were sickly, or slept (had died) or whom he had delivered unto Satan that they may learn not to blaspheme, that the spirit may be saved, though the body destroyed, is clear evidence that a Christian can even "fall off the wagon" and have no desire to "get back on it" and it is at that point that God may choose to prune the dead wood from His family tree.

God will punish in this life, His children who sin.  I don't know why you use the term "civil" penalties, since it would seem that criminal penalties would be the appropriate term, though McDermon uses the wrong word too.  Of course such people refer to the "civil" authorities; but most often they do so out of ignorance, not even realizing that civil law is the opposite of constitutional law; constitutional law was founded on common law and common law came straight from the Bible.  Civil litigation is person against person in what are referred to as civil matters.  Criminal litigation is the State against a person.  In this case, if it were a Biblical government, the State would represent God, if they were truly "His" ministers of good and terror to those who do evil.  Today, they are the opposite and therefore, are not His ministers, though indeed they are His chastening rod to chastise His sinful people for turning from His Commandments and allowing such perverse, evil, and ungodly people--even women and foreigners--to rule over them or even live among them.

There are criminal penalties of sorts, even for violation of the 10th Commandment against coveting/lusting: "be sure your sin will find you out", "be not deceived, God is not mocked, whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap."  If a believer has unconfessed sin in his life or even Catholic rotisserie-style ritualist confessions with a revolving door on the confessional booth, in which there is no true remorse, no shame, no struggling against the sin—and certainly no, "resisting unto blood", then there most probably never was any conversion.  A true believer will feel shame, remorse, and resist the sin, not wallow in it like a pig in the mud basking in the sun.  Everyone has evil, hateful, bitter, jealous, immoral thoughts that go through his head in a brief wisp, having seemingly appeared out of nowhere.  This is most often Satan or his demons whispering at sub-audible levels that the subconscious mind picks up.  Temptation is not sin.  If immediately the believer declares, "I rebuke you Satan in the Name of Christ Yehoshua, be removed, you and your vile thoughts" then it is no sin.  However, if the believer dwells on the thoughts, as if they were nice day-dreams, that indeed is sin, and even as Christ declared, the sin is committed in the heart even if it has not been acted upon in the flesh in the physical world.