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THIS from the same liberals in the media and in Congress who almost swallowed their tonsils when Joe Wilson, Republican Representative from South Carolina shouted out, "YOU LIE!" to Obama when he was lying about Health Care.  The look on Pelosi and her comrades' faces was as if he had just blasphemed God...!  And Congress actually voted to sanction him for his outburst.  Now they defend Acosta and accuse Trump of being hostile, when Trump was far-more graceful than any other president would have been.  And they continue to twist and pervert the notion of "Freedom of the Press" when it has nothing to do with that; and attempt to taint the waters about setting a bad example for other nations (I guess starting so many wars is setting a good example?).  It has nothing to do with Freedom of the Press.  Liberals are such mindness fools and all Americans show they are fools, cowards, and traitors when they don't shout down the fools and traitors and call them on their B.S.

Freedom of speech is not unlimited.  You cannot shout "fire" in a movie theatre or "shark" at the beach, if there is not one.  You cannot print lies.  You cannot assemble in the middle of a bridge during rush hour.  You cannot interrupt a private meeting on private property.  You cannot be rude and insulting and not obey the rules while on someone elses turf.  Those filing these lawsuits should be fined MILLIONS OF DOLLARS for filing SPURIOUS LAWSUITS and tying up the courts' valuable time and tying up the President's time and that of his cabinet to deal with such juvenile, vindictive tactics, abusing the law.


In the past few days Tucker Carlson’s home was attacked by antifa and he has been in a confrontation with a man bullying his daughter (—coincidence...?)


This jackass was REPEATEDLY told his time was over... he was rude to everyone...

It is truly amazing that Trump was as patient as he was... Obama would have had the Muslim Brotherhood escort him out.

Do a websearch for the youtube clip if you did not see it.


CNN sues Trump, demanding return of Jim Acosta to White House



CNN, Jim Acosta Beat White House: Judge Orders Press Pass Must Be Restored


This is an illegal ruling.

First of all CORPORATIONS have no "Constitutional rights", only individuals—lawful U.S. citizens have Constitutional rights.

Secondly, in the very statement that Acosta was an "accredited" reporter infers the fact that accreditation can be rescinded.

Again, the "free press" does not guarantee anyone a presence or an interview, but the freedom to write and publish.

CNN's recourse was to have another reporter accredited.  Acosta is not CNN's only reporter and even if he was, Acosta's refusual to abide by protocol, after repeated reprimands, was warranted by his accreditation being removed.  Freedom of the Press is not the freedom to be an ass and infringe upon the rights of everyone else in the room.  Is the person being interviewed obligated by law to answer every last question of every last reporter in the room?  The logistics of that is impossible.  Have not judges, in the past, ordered defendants to be gagged if they would not shut up, or be removed from the court, or be held in contempt?  Clearly then there is a line that can be crossed and Acosta clearly crossed it.  Will a judge who does not know the law also rule that Trump must allow Acosta to ask questions and for Trump to answer every last question to Acosta's satisfaction?  Acosta's freedom of the press does not trump (no pun intended) the rights of the person he is interviewing, nor the rights of everyone else in the room on which he is trampling.  Maybe Trump should "pull a Hillary" and every question that Acosta asks him, Trump should answer, "I don't know... I can't remember... I am not certain... It's not ringing a bell... I don't recall..."

Did not Obama routinely ban reporters from his news conferences. 

Did he not say something to the effect, “It is my room and I will do what I want.”


WATCH: BILL CLINTON EXPLODES…BANS Reporter For Asking Tough Questions About Illegal Foreign Campaign Contributions





Here's all the times he did it.



Amazon, Paypal, Youtube, and Credit Card companies are GUILTY of violating the Freedom of the Press.


Amazon censors books.  That is violation of Freedom of the Press.

Youtube censors videos.  That is violation of Freedom of the Press.

Paypal and Credit Card companies discriminate against news sources and have cancelled their accounts. That is violation of Freedom of the Press.

Amazon, Paypal, Youtube, Credit Card companies, etc. cannot censor, cannot discriminate.

The Freedom of the Press is inviolable irrelevant as to whether they like the content.

To cancel paypal accounts, credit cards, etc. is a violation of Freedom of the Press because it stops the distribution, sale, purchase, facilitation, the business, etc. of those engaged in Free Speech and Press.