— The only solution to the Alien Immigration Death of Europe for Poland, Germany, Austria, Lithuania, Denmark, the Netherlands, France, Sweden, etc.

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Read my book Uncovering the Mysteries of Your Hidden Inheritance.  Only by realizing that we are God’s people—and always have been; and no one else has ever been—can we truly realize the need to preserve our heritage and faith.  Furthermore, it is not merely a “need” but a command.  God commands us to retain the purity of our blood and our faith as He transmitted it to us and Christ commanded, “Occupy till I come”.  God promised to preserve a remnant of His people—not any other people rubber stamped with the an artificial label.  If God’s Word is spiritualized away it is rendered meaningless.  God commanded, “Come out from among them and be ye separate... be holy for I am Holy... I have separated you from all other peoples even as I separated clean from unclean animals”.*

[* —not randomly or even arbitrarily as a post-creational afterthought, but by separate, distinct design in their very creation; the universal brotherhood of man myth is blasphemy and an unbiblical, communistic, atheistic, evolutionistic lie.  Evolution’s very goal is amalgamation / mongrelization; for it is the natural conclusion of the premise that all evolved from the same source so they should all return to the same source.  But nothing evolved.  God created each animal, each race separate and distinct.  Only one people descend from Adam and only one people are God’s people.  That’s why the rest of the world hates us—because they hate God.  That’s what Christ told us.  They hate us because they are not His people and they hate us because we are and they can never be us.  If they did not want to be us, why do they want our civilization instead of developing their own?  On their own they could never have risen above mud huts and camel-skin tents.]

Furthermore, unless we realize that we are God’s literal people, we cannot possibly know what He expects of us.  All of the evil that is befalling us is due to our violation of how He commanded us to live.  Only by our national repentance—turning from what He commanded us not to do (including and especially joining with the alien heathen and learning their ways) and returning to doing what He commanded us to do—only by national repentance is there any hope that even the remnant will survive.  He is chastening us for our sin.  Two of the biggest lies ever perpetrated on Christendom are:

1. That we are not God’s people (and this is compounded by the lie that God’s very enemies are His people, though they are not: they are the people of His Curse).

2. That God abolished His Law, His Moral Code, His “House Rules” for His children.  The Law was never meant for salvation.  Keeping the Law cannot save.  That is not its purpose.  Its purpose is for us to be obedient children whom God will bless; and if we violate it, He promised to use our enemies to chasten us to repentance.  All Christendom was established on the Law of God, even if many nations have forgotten the origin of the laws of our Republics before they were subverted.  Alfred the Great codified Anglo-Saxon Law from the Law of God.  Danelaw, Salian-Franko law, all have their roots in the Word of God.  Once the Protestant Reformation freed the minds of Christendom from popish slavery true freedom and prosperity spread like a wildfire.  Only by forgetting the Reformers and the Doctrine of the Reformation, and only by forgetting our roots, our history, and the price of Freedom, have we been able to be subverted.  The papacy has historically “evangelized” (with all sorts of paganism) savages because they are easier to control by fear and superstition... and then the papacy imports those savages to Christendom in order to weaken Christendom so that it can then also be conquered.  The papacy today is in full support of the immigration of jews and muslims and arabs and africans into the heart of Christendom (but despite 1,000 huge rooms in the papal palace, the papacy has not taken in the 100,000 wild savage muslims that it could house and feed... I wonder why?
“It is impossible to enslave mentally or socially a Bible-reading people. The principles of the Bible are the groundwork of human freedom.” Horace Greeley
Only by recognizing that we are God’s very people and then learning how He commanded us to live—and doing it—is there any hope.  Those who repent are the only ones who have a chance to survive the coming onslaught.  If God’s people will not repent, then He will “cull His flock” and remove all the wicked sheep (goats) until all that are left are those of His sheep who are repenting.  Those who reject this concept are ignorant of our history and our culture.  Our greatness has only come when our people obeyed God.

“The Bible is the secret to Great Britain’s greatness.” H.M. Queen Victoria
“America is great because America is good.  If America ever ceases to be good, she shall cease to be great.” Alexis de Tocqueville
“Hold fast to he Bible as the sheet anchor of your liberties and practice them in your lives.  To the influence of this book we are indebted for the progress made, and to this we must look for our guide in the future.” Ulysses S. Grant
“Christianity is the companion of liberty in all its conflicts—the cradle of its infancy, and the divine source of its claims.” Alexis de Tocqueville

[See my series: America, Christianity, Liberty, and Truth.]

America ceased to be good long ago when we turned from God and embraced the heathen and their heathenish false gods and turned a blind eye to their evil, perversions, and crimes under the lie that it is “their culture” or you are “racist” if you notice that 95% of crimes are committed by nonwhites.

Even as God preserved the Israelites in the land of Goshen from all the plagues that fell on Egypt (and it is no coincidence that there were 10 plagues, even as there are 10 Commandments) so also will God preserve the elect remnant of His people who are in obedience to Him.  Revelation tells us that the only ones who will survive the coming wrath will be those who have the faith / testimony of Christ Jesus and who keep the Commandments of God (not for salvation, but to show ourselves obedient children whom God can bless).  This—obedience—is dwelling in “the secret place of the Most High” and therefore, abiding “under the Shadow of the Almighty” mentioned in Psalm 91:1.

There is no other solution.  Our governments have all be subverted.  The majority of our population has been brainwashed from youth.  Only by our fasting and praying and repenting of our own sins against God, will God regard our prayers and open the eyes of our brethren before it is too late.  Christendom is about to fall and not recover with the return of Christ.  It, like a boat that has taken on more water than could be baled—even if anyone was concerned about baling—and it will go to the bottom.

This is the fulfillment of Revelation, of the Dragon / Serpent vomiting out a flood of waters to drown the woman and her child.  The flood is alien immigration and the woman and child is Christendom.
Nebuchadnezzar’s vision of a great statue is also being fulfilled before our eyes.  The feet made of iron mingled with clay is integration.  The last great Kingdom (Christendom) is about to fall.  Iron and clay do not mix.  The feet support the weight of the entire statue.  Christ will soon strike the feet with a mighty rock hewn from a stone mountain and the feet will crumble and the statue—6,000 years of history and civilization will come to an end.

My book Uncovering the Mysteries... is available online for free in Afrikaans and in Danish.  If anyone will translate it into Polish, Lithuanian, Latvian, German, French, Swedish, Ukrainian, etc., I will typeset it, add illustrations, and post it online for free so that those in Europe who understand the perilous and inevitable, unrecoverable threat of the racial tsunami and who begin searching for the answers may find the answer, and hope, and salvation, and deliverance.  Does anyone who speaks another language care about our people or are you content to lay on the beach or watch your soap operas while our people die...?

If anyone wants to help with these translations or help fund them, please contact me (see contact page for email address).

This situation is not going to get better.  There is no earthly solution because all politicians are corrupt and have purposely committed treason to destroy Christendom.  This alien integration has been planned for about 100 years (see my book A Bolshevik Primer and the Planned Extermination of Christendom).  People foolishly entrusted their nation to corrupt politicians, even as they foolishly entrust their children to socialist programming from kindergarden to college.

Any person has to be brainwashed or a fool not to see that it is planned extermination.  The mass of “refugees” flooding into Christendom are an army.  And our people don’t even offer a whimper in protest.  All politicians are guilty of treason and mass murder.  Our people either don’t care or they are too brainwashed or they are too afraid to do anything... why? —because God has sent strong delusion that they believe a lie, and has struck them with fear or apathy, so that they can fill up the measure of God’s Wrath.  Those who don’t think they have ever done anything that they need to repent of are in the deepest delusion and will be destroyed by the enemy they embrace—and God will not deliver them.  God said that if we forgot His Law, He would forget our children.  Christ said those who deny Him before men, them will He deny before God.  It is suicide.  Prince Michael Sturdza (former Prime Minister of Rumania) even wrote a book titled, The Suicide of Europe (1968).  Though Sturdza did not envision the alien flood, the title of his book could not be more prophetic.  But it has actually been planned for over 100 years (again, see my A Bolshevik Primer).

Bringing millions of hostile, muslim, nonwhite peoples into Europe (and the U.K. and U.S.) of an alien culture, who make no pretense about the fact that they fully plan on stealing our nations from us... is suicide.  It is stupid from any angle.  Our politicians specialize in (treason cloaked as) stupidity and the people are stupid for not arresting them and trying them for High Treason.

I was dumbfounded the other day when the media liars and politicians referred to the U.S. as a “wealthy nation” and then said therefore it was our duty to help the refugees.  Please someone explain to me how a nation that is $18 trillion in debt is a “wealthy nation”.  Furthermore, even if we were a wealthy nation, it is a false assumption that it is our responsibility to help anyone.  That is a fallacy of a missing middle: the unsubstantiated and therefore unspoke implication is:

1. The U.S. is a wealthy nation (untrue, but let’s assume it is true);

[Missing Middle:
2. Wealthy nations are obligated by the supreme laws of {blabbety blabbety... insert your favorite lies or stupidity here...} to help anyone in need; therefore,]

3. The U.S. is obligated to take these “refugees”.

[Actually the debt is not the national debt of the people of the U.S., it is the personal debt of the corrupt politicians who illegally and criminally voted to misappropriate, mis-spend, taxpayer money unconstitutionally, and to illegally counterfeit paper money backed by nothing, and who have stolen all the real metal out of the nation’s hundreds of tons of coin currency—these corrupt politicians and anyone who ever received money from them, it is their debt, not the National Debt.]

Why is it the “responsibility” of white Christian nations to absorb the debt of nonwhite heathen nations or the peoples of nonwhite nations?  This is communism!  Those nations were safe and prosperous when they were ruled by the nations of Christendom.  Let them self-destruct.  It is sin for us to supply humanitarian aid to our enemies.  It is suicide.  God forbids it.  Common sense forbids it.  If alien nations want help, let them sign over their nations to us and submit to Colonialism.  A little “exploitation” is the price of civilization.  However, our corrupt governments are exploiting us 1,000 times more than any foreign peoples were explointed by “hated Colonialism”.  Why do not the wealthy Arab or Persian muslim nations take these muslim refugees? —because their goal is to weaken and colonize the West, Christendom, so that it collapses and they can then take it from us when we are weakened.

What Christendom is allowing to happen is the stupidest thing that has ever happened in the history of the world; it defies all common sense.  Only those nations like Poland and Hungary who resist will have any chance of surviving a little longer than the rest.  The people of the U.S. still have the means of self-defense, but what good does it do them if they are too cowardly to actually use their weapons?  What good will it do them if they wait until the enemy outnumbers their bullets...? until the enemy is sown among them throughout every single community—which is the plan they have been following since Hurricane Katrina.  Alien immigrants are no longer sent to the major cities, but every small community, both rural and country.  It is planned.  It is mass murder.  It is Genocide.  It is Treason.

Only by realizing that God commands us to remain separate and that He commands us to survive (that is the duty of the remnant: to survive: and not merely survive hiding in a cave, but to fight: “Occupy till I come”, the gates of Hell will not prevail against the true Church—that means that God’s people are supposed to be on the offensive attacking evil).  Will God’s people refuse to just roll over and die, or quietly give up Christendom with out a fight and hope that maybe they won’t be gang raped every night of the week.  Every single time that evil raises its ugly head in society and Christians don’t stand up they deny Christ; and in so doing, they prove they are not actually Christians; they never were.  It was merely a fond idea with which they deluded themselves (some thinking that they are Christians merely because they are not a muslim or a jew).

As just a tiny proof of the clear conspiracy to destroy us (as if it is even needed), the Jews make no pretense or attempt to hide the fact that the Jews are the ones who are spearheading the planned destruction of Sweden, Ireland, etc. with multiculturalism.  They mock the Swedes saying that there is no such thing as a “Swedish” culture, and that Europe will no longer be for the Europeans but will be a melting pot new Europe.  The Jews have been the ones to let the Muslims into Christendom, but the average Jew himself then finds that he has to flee (even as they did when the Jews subverted the leadership of South Africa and handed that nation over to the savages); this has been the case in nation after nation of Christendom that the Jews destroy.  Parasites are mindless and don’t think of where their next meal will come from or what will become of them once they have fed off the hosts to extinction and there are no more hosts left.  Then, parasites will parasitize each other.

They will find that the Muslim is the evil genie who won’t go back into the bottle.  Dr. Frankenstein’s monster will turn on its maker; but we in our stupidity have allowed our corrupt politicians to fund both Jew and Muslim (as well as africans and mexicans, cubans, puerto ricans, orientals, and every other third world alien invited to our shores by traitors who have subverted our governments and are guilty of sedition).  Not only have we allowed them to be imported en masse, we have put them on breeding programs so that they now proliferate Christendom.

General Wesley Clark (though who was “raised Protestant descends from Jews* from Belarus), former supreme NATO commander, famously stated in that year:

[* Kanne (a form of Kohen) was his birth name; Clark is the name of his stepfather who adopted him when his mother remarried.]

“Let’s not forget what the origin of the problem is.  There is no place in modern Europe for ethnically pure states.   That’s a 19th century idea and we are trying to transition into the 21st century, and we are going to do it with multi-ethnic states.”

Why is it that every other race and nationality has a right to their racial identity, their customs, culture, religion, the sovereignty of their nations, but we do not...?  Please, explain that to me... I would love to hear a rational, honest, logical, moral explanation and your documentation for what moral authority you base it upon.


Anyone who wants to help with these translations or help fund the translations of my book Uncovering the Mysteries..., please contact me.  Does anyone care about our people?  What are your roots?  Do you care whether your people become extinct?  Everyone should be able to help with some small contribution, in addition to telling everyone else you know about the project, in addition to praying for the project and for all our people that God would deliver us; but He won't deliver us until we repent; and how can people repent unless they know the truth? and how can they know the truth without it being presented to them in their language?