— Parasites Destroying Our Nation...?

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Original email news story video link I received, which I sent around with my comments below it:


Massive tax fraud due to a tax loophole - Illegal aliens reaping huge tax refunds while you pay, pay and pay. No wonder the country is going broke! > Millions of illegal aliens are reaping huge tax refunds while you pay, pay, pay. > http://videos2view.net/tax-fraud.htm


It's not really getting a tax "refund" because they never paid any income tax to begin with; claiming 6-12 children as dependents, claiming they live in the U.S. (when they don't; they live in Mexico and they are not dependents nor even their children, 6 cousins as dependents, come on, and the IRS just shells out $29,000 tax "refund" without even investigating...?)

--costing the U.S. BILLIONS of dollars... outright FRAUD and THEFT... it is an act of war, even as would be sabotaging a battleship.

Once you get enough foreigners to invade a nation and get jobs with INS or the IRS or elected to office, more and more are let in and more and more fraud takes place by foreigners trusted with positions of power "looking the other way" or being complicit in the fraud--and any American who says anything would be declared a 'racist'--yet if the shoe was on the other foot and Americans were robbing Mexicans in Mexico like this, the Americans would simply be shot in the back of the head and thrown in the Rio Grande....

it is GENOCIDE by the 3rd world against Christendom; and Christians blindly smile and pretend not to see it, not wanting to know about it, declaring, "It is too depressing, don't bother me, let me eat drink and be merry;"—but ALL Christians are supposed to be watchmen on the wall; ALL are responsible before God and to their kinsmen. ALL will be held accountable. To him that knoweth to do good and doeth it not--TO HIM IT IS SIN. It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the Living God; Judgment begins with the house of God; and if the righteous barely be saved, what will be the fate of the ungodly?



one person's email response:


What would you suggest we do about this?  Voting won't work.


My reply:

When a trout is in the throes of death being sucked dry (of his life's blood) by gill parasites, it thrashes around violently; doing whatever it can to dislodge the parasite (meanwhile, all the parasites on the sidelines watching are probably churning out propaganda that the "trout is violently anti-parasite!" and should just shut up and die quietly for his body will feed an entire village and how selfish of that trout to think he has greater right to his own body than the 1,000 parasites who could greater benefit from it. 

This reminds me of the old sermon illustration: A pig and a chicken were walking along the road and saw the marquis of a church advertising, "Christian Businessman's Ham and Egg Prayer Breakfast."  The hen remarked, "What a great event, why don't we donate to this worthy cause...?"  The pig replied, "For you that would be a token contribution, for me it would be total committment."

Politicians and illegals and "legals" and other immoral welfare-ites ARE COMMUNISTS and think THEY have greater right to your property (the extension of your very life) than you do.

LIFE is the MOST PRECIOUS COMMODITY we have and NO ONE--NO POLITICIAN--has the right to deprive other people of their Life, Liberty, or Property/Pursuit of Happiness, they have no right to tax or regulate or restrict or strip rights, any more than a common home invader has the right to rape and assault and rob and kill.

No one, NO Politicians has any right to rob Peter and Paul, put half in their own pocket, and give the rest to Pedro and Pablo, Abdul and Mohammed.  Theft is theft, whether on an individual scale, on a mass scale, or by unconstitutional government edict.

As I have emailed out before, Solzhenitsyn (who spent time in the Soviet gulags) wrote:

“And how we burned in the labor camps later thinking: What would things have been like if every security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive, and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if people had not simply sat there, palling with terror, but had understood that they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up an ambush of a half-dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand? The cursed machine would have ground to a halt. If, if, if! We didn't love freedom enough. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.” —Aleksandr Solzhenitzen


People need to just start standing up, and their friends, neighbors, kinsmen all around the nation need to stand up and take their back--otherwise, if everyone is waiting for everyone to stand up all at the same time, it will never happen and we will all be in the concentration camps or have the stormtroopers on our front lawn and there will be nothing that can be done.

To talk about doing things is considered sedition--though what the politicians do every single day is sedition.... every law politicians pass is a criminal act. The law states that it is not a crime to stop a crime in progress. How can politicians be stopped from committing the crimes they commit each and every day? Time alone will tell. But if people just watch tv and continue the rat race followed by leisure and amusement the rest of the time, it will be like in the days of Noah where the waters came and took them all away and they knew it not.

As Patrick Henry said, "Now is the time of all true Americans to come to the aid of their country." THEIR COUNTRY.  NOT the politicians in power, not foreigners among us, not foreign nations; the country is THE PEOPLE, the legitimate people of the U.S., the heirs of those who founded this once-great nation; the true heirs are not to be found in the type of parasitic larger lazy breed of bird that lays its egg in another bird's nest, and the parents of the rightful baby birds of that nest have to work extra hard to feed that bird, which is more aggressive and eats most of the food, the other birds being malnourished and weak often dying, being trampled, or even pushed out of their own nest to die in the fall or be eaten by predators while lying there helplessly in hunger, thirst, and pain.

[See my book, The Post-Christian Era and the New Dark Ages.]

Every nonwhite, nonChristian knows who are the PEOPLE of their nations... WHY DO WE have "IDENTITY CONFUSION"...?

God said, MY PEOPLE ARE DESTROYED BECAUSE THEY LACK KNOWLEDGE, because you have forgotten the Law of thy God, I will forget thy children. To him that knoweth to do good and doeth it not, to him it is sin. You reap what you sow. ALL believers are watchmen on the wall--and innocent blood will be required of all who do not speak and act when they see the evil, yet turn a blind eye to it; when they could act and sound the alarm, but prefer to just relax and enjoy life, watch Oprah for some warm fuzzies and Jay Leno for a few laughs. A little slumber, a little folding of the hands to sleep, so will destruction come upon you.

Wake up - fast and pray - humble yourselves before the mighty Hand of God that in due season He may exalt you. Judgment begins at the house of God. When the Son of man returneth, will He find faith (i.e., the faithful, the ELECT) yet upon the earth? --or will we all have become extinct? The remnant is a very, very small number, (it was in Noah's day and it will be in the end times too). Except God draw those days of wrath short, not even the elect will survive.

Who will this elect be: Those who have the testimony of Jesus Christ and keep the Law and Commandments of God (not for salvation, but to show we are His people, who have "come out from among Babylon--confusion by mixing--to be holy and separate unto Him as He commanded. A father knows who are His honorable children by those who follow His House Rules. A child is known by his doings (not his sayings). Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is soon to come, bring ye therefore fruit meet for repentance.