—A Review of Two Hundred Years Together, Solzhenitsyn and the Jewish Question

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A Review of Two Hundred Years Together, Solzhenitsyn and the Jewish Question

Peter C. Patton

I have finally read Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s remarkable two volume historical essay Two Hundred Years Together. What an adventure it has been. Research and writing the two volumes occupied the last decade of his life and were published in 2001 and 2003, but are still not available in English translation. They were translated by Columbus Falco and appeared listed along with a color picture of the book by amazon.com and other booksellers but suddenly disappeared without explanation. They simply are “no longer available.” A few chapters have appeared in Russian scholar’s blogs on the Internet and two foreign language translations are available.

Also, on the Internet one finds two partial English translations https://archive.org/stream/AleksandrSolzhenitsyn200YearsTogether/Aleksan...

as a fairly complete but poorly edited translation into English, and https://thechosenites.files.wordpress.com/2015/10/200-years-together.pdf

as an admittedly partial but well written translation without the 1500 footnotes of the original. For a quick (circa 386 page) read, I recommend the latter.

Amazon.com does list the Russian original, Dvesti Let Vmeste, so I bought the two volume set.  While I had a part-time job translating Russian engineering papers for the U S Air Force as a graduate student in the late 1950s my Russian is now more than 50 years old and it was never up to Solzhenitzyn. So, I discovered translations into French and German which I read far better than Russian. I ordered the two volume French edition from Amazon.ca but only got volume one. The second volume is now somehow no longer available either from Amazon in Canada or France. I did find a used copy on Ebay from Italy and bought it. The German translation was a huge disappointment. It is in one large volume but is not faithful to the genre of the original as is the French translation, Deux siècles ensemble. Solzhenitsyn wrote his historical essay structured like a conversation moving from one idea to the next by association, rather than by time, events, or even topic. The German edition, Zweihundert Jahre Zusammen fits the original 27 chapters into 15 chapters organized in strict topical Teutonic fashion. For example, the Bolshevik Revolution, the Russian original’s chapter 15, becomes part of chapter 3 in the German translation.

Without indulging in conspiracy theories I wanted to learn why the book is still not available in English and why volume two is so difficult to find in French. Volume one doesn’t contain anything more embarrassing to the Jews than already exists in The Jewish Encyclopedia (see http://www.jewishencyclopedia.com/ for a PDF), however it does present a case that the so called Tsarist pogroms against the Jews were not government sanctioned at all, but rather were Orthodox Jews attacking and killing Hassidic and secular Jews while the government officials often looked aside, not wanting to get involved in a local religious dispute. They read a bit like Caiaphas cornering the Roman government into crucifying Jesus by mob action. Solzhenitsyn does however give names, aliases, family histories, and numbers because the author knew and worked with some of these people when a communist or later as a fellow dissident in the Gulag. He does make the point that the others do not, that while the fraction of the Russian population that were Jews before the revolution was only 4%, the representation of Jews in the Bolshevik party before and after the revolution was 27%. The author also points out that most of these were in fact assimilated Jews like Lev Bronstein, a.k.a. Leon Trotsky. In the final chapter on assimilation, as a solution to the Jewish Question which has haunted Europe for centuries, he finds himself caught in a dilemma: whether they should assimilate and become Christian Europeans, or stay faithful to a religious heritage that has maintained them as a people for millennia. He reluctantly concludes that they would ultimately best immigrate to Israel although he says he has never been sympathetic with Zionism. Of course, more than a million Russian Jews have done so and today Israel now has a Russian Question.  While the well-educated Russian Jews have assimilated economically, they still speak Russian, they live together in Russian communities, and they generally look down on Israel’s Levantine culture as inferior to their own Eastern European culture. The patrons of theater, concerts, and art exhibits in Israel are mostly Russian Jews. While they have all come to the country under the aegis of the Law of Return, the males are not circumcised and what is worse, they insist on eating pork, the main food of Central and Eastern Europeans. Talmudic Law says that the hooves of swine must never touch Ha Eretz, the Holy Land, and they don’t.  Pigs are raised on remote farms in Israel on wooden platforms six inches above the ground.

But the controversial issue with this book apparently lies in volume two. By my reading, the author just come right out and says it, as he is wont to do. The Greeks told Diogenes that if he ever actually found an honest man, he would not like him. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn seems to be that man, however only half of his readers don’t like him. The passage, on page 101 of volume two, reads as best as I can find it rendered into English:
The question then emerges of when Communist authority spread from Russia, and came to engulf world Judaism. The stormy participation of Jews in the Communist revolution drew cautious statements of concerns about world Jewry that were quieted, their evidence concealed, by communist and Jews worldwide, who attempted to silence it by denouncing it as extreme anti-Semitism.

After 70 or 80 years passed, and under the pressure of many facts and discoveries, the view of Jewish involvement in the revolutionary years opened slightly. Already many Jewish voices have discussed this publicly. For example, the poet Naum Korzhavin has noted that as long as it is taboo to speak of the participation of the Jews in Bolshevism, it will be impossible properly to discuss the revolutionary period. There are even times now when Jews are proud of their participation—when Jews have said that they did participate in the revolution, and in disproportionately large numbers. M. Argusky has noted that Jews involved in the revolution and the civil war was not limited to the revolutionary period but also continued in their considerable and widespread involvement in running the state apparatus. Israeli socialist S. Tsiryul’nikov has stated that from the beginning of the revolution Jews served as the basis of the new communist regime. But most Jewish authors today still deny the contribution of Jews to Bolshevism, sweeping the evidence aside with anger, or more frequently with reference to the pain such evidence causes them.
But despite their pain there is no doubt that these Jewish otshchepentsy for several years after the revolution dominated Bolshevism, headed the belligerent Red Army (Trotsky), the All-Russian Central Executive Committee (Sverdlov), ran both capitals (Zinoviev), the Comintern (Zinoviev), the Profintern/Red Trade Union International (Dridzo-Lozovskiy) and the Komsomol (Oscar Ryvkin, and after him Lazarus Shatskin.)

But, why would this passage cause people to shun this book? In the 30s and 40s liberal Jews were proud of their participation the Great Experiment, but after Russian Communism proved to be a complete economic and political, if not genocidal failure, they wanted to sweep it “unter dem Teppich” as the German translation reads following this passage. Nobody wants to ever have been associated with a failed project. Even the most ardent Marxists assert that Karl himself said Communism could never be successfully implemented in an industrially backward nation (e.g., Russia) or a primitive agricultural economy (e.g., China). He predicted that England would be the first communist nation and the United States the second. How can you redistribute the wealth if there is no wealth to redistribute? Marxists had high hopes for Venezuela, the wealthiest nation in South America, but alas that grand experiment failed for some unknown reason (go figure!), so hopes are now turning to The Republic of South Africa, the wealthiest nation in Africa.  I hate to be a stick in the mud, but after the newly elected Marxists have killed or driven off all the Boers (read farmers) in RSA, they will surely starve along with the Venezuelans. Those farms already appropriated by indigenous Africans are failures. On a recent news feed a European journalist asked a native RSA woman where they would get their food after they had driven out the Boers; she said: “The same place we get it now, in the grocery store.” Chavez and Maduro soon discovered that loyal military officers cannot successfully run a nationalized oil industry, and the RSA Marxist government will soon learn that people who have never farmed cannot raise food, or at least not enough to support a modern urbanized society. But, perhaps they will stumble across Stalin’s classic solution to agricultural production, the collective farm. In the Ukraine, implementation of that solution may have resulted in the death of 35 million Kulaks (read farmers).

What can we learn from this remarkable historical essay that may help guide society today? The Jews were rejected by Europe because they were different and they refused to assimilate. Napoleon offered them first class citizenship in his new Europe, but they still refused to assimilate. For this, Solzhenitsyn praises them from his own vantage point as a devout Russian Orthodox Christian nationalist, but he admits this was the Jewish Question. Only the Russians have a Holy Land like the Jews’ Ha Eretz. Is the next problem for the West the Muslim Question? Muslim immigrants and refugees have shown little progress toward assimilation and if anything, Shari’a Law is much more severe and separating than Orthodox Judaism, which after all, was born in 14th Century Poland, rather than the Middle East.

What can we learn from history? Perhaps the British historian Trevor-Roper was correct when he observed that “The only thing we learn from history, is that we don’t learn from history.”


Today, I finished reading an English offprint of Solzhnietsyn's 200 years Together, checking some passages in the German and French translations. In a couple of cases I even checked some of the names and numbers in the Russian original. All the pogroms in 100+ years of pre-revolutionary Russia amounted to the death of only 3000 Jews,  none these pogroms were central government sponsored, all of them were local, and many were Orthodox Jews killing and robbing Hassidic Jews. He compares that to one week in Spain when the Inquisition killed 20,000 Jews.

Like Immanuel Kant once said: "One must always tell the truth no matter whom it hurts, even if it is yourself."
Solzhnietsyn is a truth teller. His Jewish critics can't gainsay him, but they whine that he is too harsh. One even chided him for pointing out that so many of the criminal supervisory elements in the Gulags were Jewish, He said "Couldn't you at least have given a few of them Russian names?"
Solzhnietsyn replied that this statement was a typical Jewish complaint. No remorse, no acceptance of guilt, just denial.
It is pretty obvious why this book has not been translated into English! The international (and American) Jewish community doesn't want the general public to know about their intense  involvement in Bolshevism and its crimes, and their total lack of repentance. They just want us to forget about it.

The Greeks told Diogenes, the cynic philosopher, that if he ever actually found an honest man, he wouldn't like him. I see now why Solznietsyn has so many critics and enemies. His honesty is unbearable to the guilty, their fellow-travelers. shills, and protectors, and all liberals generally.


added thoughts by R.A.B.

Or quite possibly, we are not allowed to learn from history because we are taught so many lies so that the fraud cannot be discovered and resolved.

Man’s problem is summed up by the common thread of thought and the repeated quotation of German philosopher Martin Heidegger (1889-1976), in the printed, translated form of his university lectures, titled, What Is Called Thinking?  This thought really, is the only point of value (that I could recognize) in his entire book (the rest seems to be circular mental “busy-work” passed off as profound thought; I am not saying the book does not have more value, I just could not bear through it, though I tried repeatedly, to find any more):

“What is truly most thought provoking in our thought-provoking world is that we are still not thinking.”

Well echoed the Prophet Hosea, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee... seeing thou hast forgotten the Law of thy God, I will also forget thy children." (Hosea 4:6)


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- For Those Still At Sea (1978) Simas Kudirka, 226pp., Hb. out of print, a few good used copies [Inquire]. [Contains some vulgar language.] Incredible story, Lithuanian seaman literally jumped ship, to defect onto US Coast Guard cutter; bureaucratic incompetence, given back; spent 15 years hard labor Siberia, never gave up hope. A must. [made into tv movie, “The Defection of Simas Kudirka” (1978) Alan Arkin.]

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