—Is Rubio an Israeli Spy?

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Other nations spying on us is really a moot point when those alien peoples have been allowed to enter our society, gain power in the highest echelons, and change our laws to suit them and all other aliens.  We would not need to spy on alien nations if those aliens stayed in those nations; however, to spy on them when allowing their people to proliferate in our land, then becomes meaningless.  It does no good to study parasitology if one has no plans on removing the parasites from his own body.  In reality, it is about the subversive element in each nation spying on their tribesmen who are the subversive element of another nation, because there is no honor among thieves and the tribesmen don't want their fellows to get more than their share of the power or wealth.

However, for a prospective presidential candidate (who actually is not legally allowed to hold the office of president, but that didn't stop Obama, so now anyone thinks he can run, and the Constitution be Damned)... who thinks it is okay for an alien power to spy on the US but not vice version, is a declaration of intent to commit treason, so just save us all the trouble and hang him now.  Any US politician who goes to the State of Israeli and is wined and dined and coached on how to vote has committed treason.  US politicians are elected to serve the interests of Americans, not Israelis or anyone else.  Let them go run for Israeli Parliament and see how well they will be treated as "equals" (in race or religion) and see if they can then change Israeli law to suit whomever.  This is pre-treason.  That is all we can expect from someone who is not even eligible to hold office and that includes Hillary, Rubio, Cruz, and the Hindu.  A woman cannot be president, and therefore, cannot be vice president; further, if Hillary had been prosecuted for even a fraction of her crimes and treasons, those also would disqualify her from holding any office.  In the Presidential debates or campaigns, why isn't anyone asking her about Bengazi? Fast and Furious? her illegally deleting thousands of emails to hide her crimes?  Destroying evidence is a crime in itself.  Have her and all Presidential candidates submit to a drug test, a mental and physical competency test--and a LIE DETECTOR test and ask if he/she has ever committed any crimes or treason within office, or have ever attempted to undermine the US Constitution or strip the people of their rights; if they have imported aliens to swamp the voter's booth and if they have purposely destroyed the economy to weaken the nation; or if he/she plan to commit more.  THAT is not too much to ask of someone who will hold the most powerful office in the nation... but of course, those ineligible to hold it should be asked those questions in order to prosecute them for their crimes.  INDIVIDUALS have rights against self-incrimination.  BUT PUBLIC SERVANTS are no longer individuals when they step into a public trust and they have no right to privacy, and if it be found that they violated that trust, their official capacity and immunity is stripped from them and they then become individually liable for their crimes.

Public servants have no right spying on their master (the people), but the people ought to have 24/7 video and audio of every single word and deed of their public servants; each should have a 24-hour video feed at their website.  No private communications.  They can't be trusted.