— Should Christ Be Put Back In Christmas...?

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The issue is not one of whether Christ should be put back in Christmas, where He never belonged to begin with, since it is a pagan holiday with some elements of Christianity hybridized, which is an abomination to the God who COMMANDED, "No other gods"; not like the ancient Greeks and Romans, in which other gods could be worshipped as long as the State god was still recognized.  "Tolerance" is NOWHERE to be found in God's Word. 

The issue is one of Christ being put back into SOCIETY, which He will not be, since He is not truly in the hearts of those who claim to be His. 

Putting Christ back into Christmas will do nothing.  Most Christians celebrate Hedonism, not Christ, at so-called Christmas time.  Their time and thoughts and talents (money) are consumed with gifts for each other, not devotion and service to God.  The Wise men did not give gifts to each other. 

Christians are deluded if they think Christmas is about Christ, when Christ is only 2% of the equation.  And even if Christ was 100% of the holiday (and if it was not celebrated on the day of a pagan god, following pagan traditions), WHAT GOOD would it do for society for Christians to "celebrate Jesus" ONE DAY of the year, while they utterly ignore the crime, perversion, immorality, corruption, vice, paganism, idolatry, false religion, and the destruction of Christendom and reproach to Christ every other day of the year...? 

TELL ME, REALLY, HOW could such even be considered "worship" to Christ?  Christ said, "WHY call ye me Lord, Lord and do not the things I say...?  TELL ME, HOW could keeping Christ in Christmas (where He does not belong) truly be worship of Christ when Christians DENY HIM every other day of the year (and if Christians did not deny Christ every other day of the year, society would not be as it is today; every time evil encroaches and Christians don't stand up and say, "No!" —they deny Christ).  Christmas then only become a temporary cease fire in the battle of good against evil, a war in which the average Christian is derelict and AWOL. 

When Christians actually come under the conviction of the Holy Spirit to DO WHAT IS RIGHT every single day of the year and not allow the gates of Hell to prevail against Christendom, then they will recognize the UTTER FOOLISHNESS of some impotent campaign to keep Christ somewhere he does not belong so that His murderers can make 75% of their annual sales income, while then using that money to fund our very destruction. 

May God open the eyes of His people before it is too late, and may they stop straining at a gnat while swallowing a whole herd of unwashed camels, and may they stop be the blind leading the blind and arise and stand in the gap and truly worship God in spirit and in truth and prove their faith and love to God is real by OBEYING HIM and by stopping holding hands with this perverse, wicked, abominable world.  We turned society over to this wicked world.  The glorious city that was once a light to the world, a city set on a hill, is now a garbage dump, and the double-minded inhabitants who live among the squalor and disease and abominations are merely concerned with going through the motions of a pagan holiday pretending it is Christian, one day a year, then quietly returning to their prison cell to live in silence and persecution for the next 364 days of the year... THAT is not indicative of the glorious triumphant Church that is the true Body of Christ. 

Choose you this day. 

Every tree is known by its fruit. 

Christians need to stop deluding themselves in thinking they are pleasing God when they do not do what He commanded, all the while doing things He has not commanded (and many things He has forbidden).  So-called Christians need to stop doing things because they like such things and because it is tradition or convenient or gives them a good feeling, and instead study the Word of God and the pagan origin of those holidays which have replaced true worship as God commanded, and then maybe God will hear our prayers. 

God's Word is simple.  Modernists are the ones who say it is passe, and since most Christians ignorantly believe such perverse pied pipers, they then feel the need to fill the void inside their soul which is vacant, having been told God's Word is obsolete; so they delude themselves into propping up a pagan holiday in pseudo-religious dress and call it true worship.  God open the eyes of your people, remove the stiffness from their necks and the hardness from their hearts; pour out Your Holy Spirit without measure and fill us so there is no room for anything else, so we are acceptable to You through Christ (if He truly be in us) so you can hear our prayers and deliver us from destruction... remove the delusion from your people who go through each day filling their lives with the remnants of death all the while true life is but a prayer away; cause your people to come under the power of the conviction of Your Holy Spirit to stop watching the Superbowl and other glorification of beastial perverts, all the while that a totalitarian tsunami is building that will soon obliterate the remnants left of civilization. 

God help us. 

Robert Alan Balaicius

[For more details, see my booklet, "Merry Anti-christmas: Is Christmas Christian or Pagan? —Is It Pagan Even If Christ Is In It...?"]