— Should a Christian Eat Pork? Did God Abolish the Dietary Laws? Is Pork Safe to Eat? & Wrong-minded Study Condemns Red Meat as a Cancer Cause

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I don't know if this is true or not, but one person said

Try this test: eat pork, bacon, ham, sausage, etc. & then take a Blood Test in 30 minutes, it will show positive for cancer.

I would not be surprised if this is true.

All animals God forbade us to eat as being unclean and abominations, cause inflammation (leading cause of most degenerative disease: heart, arthritis, etc.).  If you go to a doctor for allergies or heart problems, he will hand you a sheet of paper that is a list of "foods" that you need to stop eating—and pork and shellfish and all foods containing such (such as gelatin. Jello, unless it specifically says 'beef gelatin') top the list.  Swine have parasites that not even cooking at the highest temperature will kill.

Christians' bodies are polluted with pork even as a person whose body is accustomed to certain chemicals or poisons slowly over time...
someone whose body is not used to such chemicals or poison will have  violent reaction if consumed.  The person whose body is used to such poison is not healthier; his health suffers short term, though he does not realize it; and it suffers long term.  The less astute do not realize that the "violent reaction" is the body's self-defense mechanism that God gave it so that such poison is avoided.

I have not knowingly eaten pork (or anything unclean) for over 30 years.  There have been times that someone lied to me and told me something was not pork (such as back in college) and within a minute I began to feel nauseous, heart rate increased, felt fuzzy...

Once the body is clean of it, it recognizes it as a foreign substance that is poison.

So it would not surprise me if pork causes a blood test to show positive for cancer.  Theory maintains that each year most people probably develop cancer a half dozen times, but the immune system fights it off.  Thus, eating what God declared to be an abomination is playing Culinary Russian Roulette.  The pig is always loaded; so are shellfish/catfish, etc.  The roulette is whether your body can fight it off.  Pork and shellfish also cause inflammation, which weaken the immune system, leading to heart disease, arthritis, and of course, cancer would then be a shoe in.

Christ did not abolish the dietary laws.  The dietary Laws were not for salvation.  Not eating a pig is not what saved the soul of the saints in the old testament.  Eating a ham sandwich will not keep you out of heaven if you are truly saved, but it may get you there quicker.  And if you are so ill concerned that you don't even care if you are sinning against God by eating what He forbade because your god is your belly (Philippians 3:19), then that may be an indicator that you are not converted.  Conversion means a change of heart or mind from humanistic self-serving sinfulness, to doing what God commanded.  Those who never turn from what God forbade to do what He commanded, how can there be any conversion?  Obeying only those laws that you want to obey isn’t really obedience.  It is doing what you want and God is not your “Lord”.  A Lord is someone you bow down to and obey.

Obeying God also has benefits.  God did not invent His Law to put a damper on our party.  He gave us His Law for our good.  Obeying God will keep you healthy from all the poisons and abominations that will destroy your body.  Once your body is cleansed of it, just smelling bacon cooking will make you nauseous.  There are plenty of beef bacon, beef sausage, beef / turkey / chicken cold cuts, etc., (read the labels carefully, since they often foolishly contain pork fat or certain sausages may be in pork casing) so that "giving up" pork to obey God is no "sacrifice" at all.  It may be a little inconvenient to have to read labels or ask the server what dish contains... but if inconvenience is a reason for disobeying God, maybe you really don't know God and don't care about eternity.  Is not a trip to the emergency room a little more than an "inconvenience"?  If common practice of some people was to put donkey dung in some of the food they sold in the grocery store or in certain meals at a restaurant, would you not ask?  It is no inconvenience to read labels for pork or shellfish products, because anyone with a brain already reads labels and asks at restaurants or delicatessens, because they don't want MSG (and its evil step sisters disodium guanylate / inosolate or something like that), high fructose corn syrup, aluminum, propylene glycol (antifreeze, put in most all creamy products, creamy salad dressings, cheap ice cream, and anti-antiperspirant) or any of the many other poisons commonly put in food.

Christ said "not one jot or tittle shall pass from the law" and "I did not come to destroy the Law".

Keeping the Law is what God requires of His children, if they are honorable and obedient.  The dietary laws were to keep us healthy.  Writing bad checks won't keep you out of heaven either; but may land you in jail.  God did not give economic laws for salvation either.

The Apostle John wrote, "He who says 'I know Him' [God] and keepeth not His Commandments, is a liar and the truth is not in him."

John also wrote, "sin is transgression of the Law".  Had the law been abolished, there would be no need to repent or be saved; for if there is no law there is no sin.

The lie that God abolished His Law is one of the greatest Mind Heists that has been pulled off against Christendom.  If we regard iniquity in our hearts God will not hear our prayers.  How then can God's people repent of their sins that keep God from hearing their prayers--when they don't think that what they are doing is sin? thinking the law abolished?

God said don't make yourselves abominable, either with eating unclean animals or amalgamating with unclean peoples.

Why do you think Christendom is being inundated by the enemy and God is not hearing our prayers?  We have violated His Law with impunity, and embraced everything that He said to eschew.

The curse causeless shall not come.

Repentance is the only solution.  Repentance means turning from what God forbade and turning to what He commanded.

Christians who have an "ah-ha" moment with this realization, need to stop listening to the false doctrine of the apostate / harlot church and read the Word of God.  God cannot lie or change His Mind or contradict Himself, so if you think that He has contradicted Himself (like saying the Law was abolished) it is a misreading and the problem is in your mind, not the Word of God.

Not one jot or tittle.  If you don't believe Christ's Voice and follow it, you are not of His sheep.  It does not matter if someone else's voice is confusing or not; just follow Christ's Voice.  How simple is that?

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 Wrong-minded Study Condemns Red Meat as a Cancer Cause

Could it be that all the hormones, antibiotics, and chemicals they pump animals full of is what causes the cancer and not the meat itself?  Could it be that corrupt cattlemen feed their cattle feed with urea which causes cattle to retain water so that they weigh more when they are sold?  Goat feed can't have urea, it will kill a goat, who cannot metabolize it.  Could this be why people with arthritis have been told to avoid red meat?  Is it a coincidence that one of the causes of arthritis is URIC ACID CRYSTALS in the joints?  I WONDER WHERE those uric acid crystals come from? could it be from UREA...?  Hmmmmm.  No, that doesn't make any sense at all, does it?

Those who have overlooked this link that doesn't require a rocket scientist, and those "experts" who did the below "study"* are probably the same "experts" who concluded that guns kill people and that throwing more money at poverty or illiteracy and low intelligence among certain population groups will fix magically fix the problems.

[* Actually, "study" is a misleading term; because no study is done in such things. "Experiment" is more appropriate, but it is not an experiment concerning mice and meat / sugar and cancer; it is an experiment to see HOW STUPID THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE AND WHAT DEGREE OF STUPIDITY THEY WILL BELIEVE AND PAY TAXES TO FUND!]