—The Sign of Our Salvation...? —or seductive salivation...?

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Someone emailed me this below link:


The Sign of Our Salvation


by cambriawillnotyield

The author of articles at this site always has some interesting info, but his / her theology often strikes me as being quite off... like meat in the fridge that has a slight sour smell and you are just not sure about it without closer inspection.  Maybe the person is possibly a renegade (NON-reformed) Anglican (quasi-catholic) or an actual Catholic...?  Maybe the person is just a mystical humanist who claims faith in Christianity, but more of a non-doctrinal “Christianity” and more like ancestor worship?

I find it odd that the article is even titled “The Sign of Our Salvation” — When the word “salvation” is not mentioned ANYWHERE in the entire article, and not a single Bible verse is quoted.  How can you presume to speak of our salvation in a Christian context and not quote any Scripture? Neither are the words "sin" or "repentance" even mentioned once.

Is this author an expert of “bait and switch”...?  Does he presume to attract people who care about their heritage and also care about the Word of God, and then lead them away from the Babylonian world of confusion, but to a non-doctrinal, mystical “faith” called “Christian”...?  This is simply another flavor (with less artificial colors and preservatives and flavors) of “Christianity-Lite”... no depth, no nutrition, bad aftertaste.

One quote will suffice, at the beginning of the article:

“Living in Liberaldom is like living with the death of a loved one: there is an agony in the heart that can only be eased by a contemplation of Him and His promise that nothing eternal dies.  That is our hope.  If ancient European hearts unite with Christ through His people, then the liberals will not prevail.  Ancient Europe will triumph over modern Babylon, even more surely than the turning of the earth.”

I’m sorry, I can’t seem to put my finger on what verse that is?  What exactly is that Promise...?  It is not ringing a bell (other than alarm bells going off in my mind).  How is that a reassuring promise?  Has the author defined “eternal” and what that means and the ramifications of it?  The author must not be referring solely to God Himself because if God Himself never died, what “hope” or “reassurance” would that offer to any of us if we are not eternal and we do die?  However, if the author is referring to humans as being that eternal essence that never dies, then that is not very reassuring or hope-inspiring either, as the Soroses, Gateses, Hillaries, Stalins, Lenins of the world will also not die.  This is anti-christ, humanistic, mystical babbling intended to lead astray the less astute who hear a few words (most of which they don’t understand) that sort of sound good, and like a child at the county fair who gets a whiff of some alluring warm aroma like fresh soft pretzles or Pennsylvania Dutch funnel cakes, is mesmerized by the wafting olfactory delight and is carried away in search of the tantalizing and seducing scent.

“That is our hope...?”  WHAT is our hope?  The author said nothing and only talked in circles.  Is he a speech-writer for Hillary?  He has finely honed his craft and art, that is for certain.

“European hearts uniting with Christ through His people...”  First of all “European hearts” and “His people” are the same entity; so what does that even mean other than the author cannot think clearly, or like some con-man, is showing you multiple times the same thing, making it seem as if there is a bag-full, when there are only one or two that he keeps bringing out and showing you time and time again.  Hope by hypnosis and confusion and the art of double-talk that keeps you in a romanitic dream-state and accomplishes nothing.

Secondly, unite HOW...?  Yet these words are cast like a magical incantation that will somehow miraculously change everything just by everyone gushing warm-fuzzy emotions.  If we unite our hearts the liberals will just melt like the Wicked Witch of the West in the Wizard of Oz...?  Ancient Europe will magically “triumph” over modern Babylon...?  —well, it just has to be, because he said “even more surely than the turning of the earth”; so there it is!  Count me in!  Where and how do I unite my heart?  Is there a USB port I can plug into?

Now that I have circumnavigated the airy-headed intro, let me dissect the heart of the issue:

I disagree that not defending the primary argument (that Christ is a liar and has abandoned us) of the faith-destroying enemy is the proper course of action—only if arguing with a dog, wolf, pig, does one need not respond... but we are called to be ever ready to give a reason for the hope that is within us (I Peter 3:15).

The answer is NOT that God* has abandoned us ... the answer is that we have abandoned God and true to His Promise, if we forgot His Law He would forget our children; if we turned from what He commanded He would be an adversary to us, He would put all the curses upon us that He said that He would put upon our enemies (not make the enemies “part of the family”) if we obeyed Him; that He would send the worst of the heathen to dispossess us and tear down our holy places; that He would send wasting disease, curse our going out and coming in, curse our crops, we would go out from one way against our enemies and flee in seven ways, that He would send strong delusion to believe a lie, send cowardice, a man’s foes would be of his own household (because some will be brainwashed into siding with the Antichrist and his agenda, the destruction of Christendom and God’s true people [not the Jews / Israelis]); that He would send evil beasts who would rob us of our children, make us few in number, and make our highways desolate (does anyone like the thought of breaking down on a highway near any major city / ghetto —especially any of those now illegally declared a “sanctuary city”...?).  See Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28; Numbers 33:55ff., Ezekiel 7:24; for starters.

[* —and it is terribly confused thinking of either the author or Dostoyevsky that Jesus is our “Father”.  God the Father is our Father.  Christ, the Son of God is the Bridegroom of the true church (the redeemed / regenerated of God's people).  While it is true that Christ declared, “I and My Father are one”, it is not true that the Father is the Son and the Son is the Father, though they are One.  God is not illogical, nor deceitful.  The differentiation between the Father and the Son is not a little “role playing game” that God plays among Himself.  Though we cannot comprehend it, while He is One God, He has determined to be Three Disctinct Persons (not merely “roles or offices”).]

God has not abandoned His people; He is being true to His Promise—but those who don’t know Scripture view it as God having failed.  They are looking for the wrong thing in the wrong place.  They might as well have the Bible closed and their eyes closed when they pretend to read the Bible.

Furthermore, while some of what the author says is true, it is skewed.

No, it is not science that destroyed man’s faith in God.  Science has been hijacked and much of what passes for science is science-fiction, politically correct indoctrination / propaganda: imposter-science.

Science can only quantify what it knows and what is knowable.  God is Ineffable and is only knowable to the degree that He self-reveals in His Word.  Furthermore, the Bible must be spiritually discerned; and therefore, remains a closed book without the Spirit of Truth to guide the reader into the proper understanding of the Truth—based upon faith, likewise, imparted by the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit’s guidance is only offered to those of God’s people who have been called out of darkness into His Marvellous Light.  Those who are unconverted, whose minds have not been renewed, can read and understand bits and pieces of information, data, etc. in the Bible—they but cannot understand Truth.  That is why Pilate balked in disbelief (even though he knew that the one standing before him was innocent and not merely a man) and asked, “What is truth...?”

[For an in-depth discussion of everything from the betrayal to the ascension (and a vidication of Pilate), as well as a harmony of the Gospels on these passages, see my, S.T.E. Commentary on John 18-21.]

The fraud of modern science claiming that it can disprove the Bible, the existence of God, the existence of the spirit world, Heaven, Hell, etc., would be like blindfolding a person and asking him to smell various color samples, pink, purple, red, green; then, when the person cannot differentiate any colors by smell, the experimenters concluding that the person DOES NOT HAVE A NOSE!

Can you hear the difference, with your naked ear, between strawberry shortcake and sauerkraut and beef knockwurst?  If not, I guess you don’t have any ears either.  Are your ears salivating just thinking of those foods?  Mine aren’t (thank goodness!).  But my tastebuds are.  If a person can smell the color purple and hear the aroma of sauekraut, I would venture to guess he were in a terrible accident, or there were genetic defects discovered at birth, and his hard-wiring is all completely miswired.  So it is with the majority of modern scientists and other liberals.

This is the foolish fraud of modern science, in combination with their anti-christ philosophy, which is mind-cramped binary thinking and blind groping and arrogant hubris in thinking that the way their minds have envisioned things to be are the only possible way that they can be (even though their paradigms, which they claim to be “scientific law” are continually collapsing and being replaced with newer paradigms / theories).

Further still, the only way to prop up their fraud is to totalitarianly legislate the opposition into silence, and then entire generations are brainwashed by propaganda (the lies of racial unity / universal brotherhood of man; universal fatherhood of God / all religions leading to God; the holocasht; modern medicine’s slash, poison, burn methodology—much like Sherman's march through Georgia; and of course evolutionism itself) and like zombies, the masses respond like a knee-jerk reaction that is automatic and nonthinking, “I-hear-and-obey-master... the-Bible-is-false... we-evolved-from-monkeys... never-forgive-never-forget... we-are-all-one-big-happy-rainbow... God-loves-everyone-just-the-way-they-are-no-need-to-change-a-thing... doctor-knows-best... do-whatever-politicians-demand-it’s-the-law-obey-the-powers-that-be...”.

Science has not destroyed faith in God.  The world’s greatest scientists were firm believers in God and the Bible.  THE MODERN FRAUD that PASSES FOR “science”, the Marxist, antichrist, evolutionist, Talmudic “science” is what has destroyed faith in God—and could not have achieved it without its dedicated accomplices: apostate churches, corrupt politicians, indoctrination specialists in the public schools, and added propaganda and continual brainwashing in the Media and Entertainment industry.

The author does present interesting articles, and seems to be well-read (or at least, picks some interesting quotations from a wide assortment of literature, but often with conclusions that are off center also)... but to follow where he leads, to me, seems like attempting to follow someone whom you don’t know, over strange territory, at night, in a thick fog.  It has an alluring romantic je ne sais quoi and mystique, but I will follow the narrow road of Revealed Holy Writ and walk in the Light.