— Sure Sign that the Nations of Christendumb are a CONQUERED People, A

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Britain was originally founded by Brutus (or Prutus, from whom I also descend), the first king of Britain, who was a Trojan (the original Greeks and Romans both being purely descended from the Israelites).  One of his associates, also a Trojan, founded Cornwall.  Other Trojans founded the Kingdom of the Franks, which eventually split into France and Germany a few centuries after Charlemagne.  The original kings of the Franks were named for one of their progenitors, and were called Merovingians* (after the time of Charlemagne,* the kings descended from him and were called Carolingians).  In time, the original Britons, Cornish, and Welsh (Silurians*) were invaded by the Angles, Saxons, and Jutes (all Germanic tribes) and they gained the ascendancy of the nation and thus the language and people became known as Anglo-Saxon and the land became known as Angle-land or England; other portions of England were named after the Saxons, such as Wessex, Essex, etc. after the West Saxons, East Saxons, etc.  The Jutes do not seem to have left as much of a stamp on the Isles, but the whole peninsula of Denmark is named for them, Jutland (the rest of Denmark being all the tiny islands, which the Danes occupied).

[* I also descend from the Merovingian Kings, Charlemagne (many times), the Silurian Kings (back to Caradoc and Bran), the Kings of Wales, Scotland, Ireland, and also the Edward the I., II., and III., and other kings of Europe and Scandinavia; in addition to Sir John Oldcastle, martyred English Reformer; and Martin Luther, William Penn, and Daniel Boone were cousins of mine.]

However, the Romans attempted to subjugate Britannia as well as Germania and the Romans (who were originally kindred) were responsible for mongrelizing the peoples of Europe (or attempting to), even as did the Assyrians and Babylonians and Persians.  When any of these semi-world powers conquered people, they deported them or relocated other alien people in among them, to destroy their fierce patriotism and resistance by destroying their culture and identity and religion.

This is what is happening in all of Christendom and that is why.  We have been conquered.  Were we not conquered we would not accept aliens being thrust in among us—and even more insulting, they are not even learning our language, but all government and companies bending over backward to accommodate their languages in our nations.  

[When I was 15 and worked during the summer with American missionaries in Portugal, we were out at some public place and I called in English to the missionary, who was about 20 feet away, to come look at something.  He came over but reminded me that I was in their country and it was rude for me to call out in my language.  WOW, have you ever been to Wal-mart? or practically anywhere?  Apparently they don't have the same respect for us... and they make no pretense about it.  Christ said, “Give not that which is holy to the dogs and cast not pearls before swine lest they turn and destroy you.”]

“Divide and conquer” is the age-old plan—in this case, it is carried out by destroying the identity of the people; the masses will be one amalgamation (Babylon means, “confusion by mixing”) [also represented by the beasts who come out of the sea; the sea being full of corruption, all dead and decaying matter falling to the ocean floor that is inhabited by bottom feeders] and a tiny remnant will retain their identity and be true.  Satan’s goal is to mongrelize the bride of Christ so that Christ has no bride to return to.  God promised to preserve a pure remnant.  If Satan can prove God wrong in this one area, then he will have renewed hopes that he can defeat God.  That is why we see the mongrelization of Christendom kicked into high gear.  Satan is making his “hail Mary” play, in an all out effort to mongrelize God’s people.  Again, this is the flood of waters that the Dragon / Serpent spews forth to drown the woman and her child; but God says that He will open the earth to receive the waters and give the woman and her child some rest—but God won’t do that for the remnant until we repent of our sins and acknowledge God’s Sovereignty and right to rule His creation, and our submission and obedience to Him.  When the enemy comes in like a flood, God shall raise up a Standard against them—but if God’s people do not rally to that Standard, they shall be overtaken by the Third-World tsunami.   The flood of the Third World is also the final portion of Nebuchadnezzar’s image (in the book of Daniel) whose feet were made of clay and iron (integration).  Iron and clay do not mix or adhere to each other; clay is weak and the feet will crumble under the weight of the statue and 6,000 years of civilization will crumble when Christ, the Rock, strikes the feet of the image in His Wrath; as He promised to uproot every plant that His Heavenly Father had not planted and remove all those things which offend.

But God will not deliver us from what we are willing to tolerate.  As long as God’s people are content to watch sports, movies and pursue Hedonism while the barbarians are crashing through the gates (no more can the people of Christendom disparage Nero for fiddling while Rome burned while they are doing the same thing), God will not deliver.  He is winnowing the chaff from His wheat.  He will preserve a remnant that is true and the rest will be canon fodder in the war of the beast against the God of the universe.


European peoples in Europe, UK, USA, Canada, Australia are having less children because:

1. Caucasians are brainwashed with the propaganda of “overpopulation” (but for some reason the peoples of the Third World ‘never got that memo’); even though Caucasians are less than 10% of the world’s population;

2. Caucasians are totalitarianly and unconstitutionally taxed more and more for each child they have, whereas those immigrants on welfare are give a tax credit for each legitimate or illegitimate;

3. Caucasians are taxed to support all the aliens that have flooded the nations of Christendom and taxed for all the “social programs” (welfare, food stamps, free housing, free education, free medical care, etc.) and all the “services” required to clean up the “messes” of these aliens and try to civilize them (extra police, prison, garbage cleanup, diseases, etc.);

4. Caucasians are taxed to pay for all the corrupt wars to destroy other peoples’ nations, then they are taxed to rebuild them, and then for some reason they are forced to absorb all the alien peoples—with whom they had been at war—as immigrants.  


Our politicians are all guilty of High Treason against the true people and the Constitution and God Himself.
Scripture informs us that day and night, the saints (that is, Christians who have died), the martyred ones especially, surround God’s Throne and cry out:

“And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, Holy and True, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?” (Revelation 6:10)

You can search the internet for youtube videos of these alleged “Syrians” who are alleged “refugees” and how they treat the German, Austrian, and other guards and humanitarian workers who hand them bottled water and sandwiches.  Many of them throw them back into their faces... a few took the entire case of 48 bottles of water and threw it out onto the train tracks.  The “refugees” tear down fences, destroy private property, throw rocks at cars and trains, steal, and leave a path of refuse hundreds of miles long — and these are the “Christian” Syrians?  Imagine how the Muslim Syrians behave.  Why is it that Christian Syrians are being admitted when Christians from other nations not? —like Obama who tried to deport the German homeschooling family?  I doubt that any of the Syrian refugees are “Christians” and since it is the “Christian” Syrians who aer being persecuted, why is it that the Muslim Syrians are being let into Christendom?  Where is El Cid when you need him?  B-HO has let in over 600,000 Muslims since he first illegally assumed office.  Muslim refugees everywhere commit crime and then demand special services to accomodate their special diet or whims.  Many of these African and Middle Eastern “refugees” are stout bodybuilding youth—it is an army.  None of them look like they are starving refugees.  They have a hunger in their eyes, but not for food.  They want to take what we have; our women, our nation.  Many of them don’t even try to hide it.  Many of them commit crimes all the way to Europe (even trying to kill each other, raping each other, walking out of processing facilities to kill and steal and casually walk back).  It is war.  Europe is being destroyed.  If you are unaware of this, search the internet and pray God preserves His people because Europe is being inundated with Africa and Asia.  Germany now pays blackmail money of billions of dollars with an “agreement” that the Turks will stay in Turkey.  Fat chance.  The Turks gobble up the bribe money; but will they keep their end of the bargain?  Can you trust a Turk?

As we see the Third World pouring into Christendom to destroy us, we certainly hope that God may raise up an El Cid.  Our Champion indeed shall return on a white charger, but He won’t return until those who are faithless (faith without works is dead) have died in the wilderness.  If Christ were to return today, 99% of Christians would then say, “Okay, Jesus, that may have worked 4,000 years ago, but this is how we want You to run things now; things have changed since You were last on earth; we are far more progressive and enlightened now, and not sexist racist homophobes.  What...? You say that it will only be Your way?  Well, then we don’t want You, so why don’t You go back to wherever You came from.”   Most Christians would deny that they would say this... but that is only because they don’t have a clue concerning what Christ’s Way is, for they don’t even understand the Scriptures—if they ever read them.  The majority of “Christians” embrace a pagan, hybrid corruption of Christianity and don’t even know it, and they would reject Christ once they realize that they either need to forsake the “traditions of their elders” or reject Christ and keep following their own traditions thinking that God will have to accept them just as they are; thinking that God is a doting old grandfather who is pleased with whatever they do.  The average “Christian” is like Cain, who essentially spat out: “This is what I am willing to offer, God; take it or leave it!”  Look at the world!  How could any idiot who thinks that he is a “Christian” possibly think that God is “pleased” with anything being done in modern Christendumb?

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to Me: seeing thou hast forgotten the Law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.” (Hosea 4:6)