— US Politicians Guilty of WAR CRIMES—against the US as well as foreign nations

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Control the food supply, medicine and so called “health” care, the media, the economy, education, and the churches, and what is left to resist even a foreign invasion if “sanctioned” by the so-called “government”...?

Inject disease into people (which is what vaccines do) and you secure for yourself a steady flow of business and a neutered populace throwing away their freedom begging the government to give them free health care, even though the stupid cattle don’t realize that once the “government” has all the power all of the sickly, unproductive cattle (those on welfare) will just be slaughtered (but for now, ironically the sickly, unproductive people freely reproduce at public expense, and serve only to weaken the nation so that it can be overthrown from within by the traitors in power working toward this end).  

The politicians’ lives are considered sacred and the death penalty is considered a terrible, terrible crime against humanity—EXCEPT if “a commoner” kills “a politician” (the greatest blasphemy in the mind of the secular State), then the death penalty itself is considered sacrosanct: the gods have been offended and must have their sacrifice!  However, to the foolish masses who grovelled for “national health care” (a form of socialism, and itself a massive ponzi scheme)—unless you are a Third World alien invader helping to weaken the system, your health and well being really does not matter—so keep paying your taxes and your health care premiums so that all those Third World aliens can have their every need met.  The common man is sent away saying that he does not need new knee replacements (such as my neighbor informed me)—a pair of crutches and velcro-knee braces are good enough for you and you can just deal with the pain.  However, public tax money will pay the entire hospital fee (and pre- and post-natal care; and food and money for the next 18 years) for every baby they can pop out.  And the the politicians themselves are given Royal Health Care in which “the sky’s the limit” and “spare no expense”—just put it on the people’s tab!  

The average American’s salary is paltry, his benefits nonexistent, and his social security rarely even raised to keep up with the rise in inflation (the government manipulated devaluation of the currency as the result of government misspending, fraud, embezlement, and federal counterfeiting).  But the politicians give themselves pay raise after pay raise (and the Hollywood-Hills Mariot benefit package that the average person does not even realize the politicians have)—and as a result of decades of “faithful public service” the majority of politicians are millionaires.  Despite their grotesque wealth derived from feeding off the people they are supposed to serve, they will still get Royal pensions and Royal health care for the rest of their lives.  Far-higher than what the average American even makes in a year, the politicians will receive as their pension.  THIS IS COMMUNISM in its actual form: Oligarchyism.  As Orwell pointed out in his classic book Animal Farm,* in the beginning all animals are considered equal, but once the pigs take over, all animals are considered equal, but the pigs are “a little more than equal”.  The praises of equality are sung from the barntop, but that is not what is practiced once the pigs begin to secure their monopoly on how the barnyard is run (after they have slaughtered the farmer and his family and farm hands).  The bald-faced lying swine soon show their true colors and any barnyard animal that has the gall to notice and express his opinion, just “disappears” and is never seen again.

[* Animal Farm (1946) George Orwell, a classic; 114p., pb. 10.00 + P&H; ; DVD cartoon, 24.00; DVD 2-in-1, Animal Farm movie [& bonus Moby Dick movie] 13.00 + P&H; skillfully reveals the duplicity and corruption of socialism/communism through an allegory in which animals take over a farm, then the pigs begin to change the established rules to be in favor of the pigs at all the other animals’ expense.  A must for children and adults.]

There is always an INCREASE in flu around "flu shot season” — which is used as an excuse that the flu shot is needed; but in reality, the flu shot causes a good percentage of the flu cases.  Nice little racket.  The flu shots are even offered free (because it will drum up business for the doctors and drug companies, not just for the flu, but for all the degenerative disease it will cause many years down the road).  The government just tacks it on to the people’s taxes and the doctors and drug comapanies make a killing (in more ways than one).  The corrupt doctors and drug salesmen even have the gall to say that if the shot doesn’t work the first time, get it 2 or 3 times!  Patient death in nursing homes rises around “flu shot season”—not from the flu, but from the flu-shot; an easy way to get rid of old people: It’s more honestly called euthanasia, but “they were old and weak and it was their time to go” sounds much nicer.  Childhood vaccines CAUSE childhood disease, including autism, which further destroys the nation and the economy by the “rise in health care” and billions more to spend on “the war against disease”.  This is little different than firemen who start fires so they can get paid for being the hero to put the fires out.  Modern medicine is merely a “licensed”, “professional” form of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, now renamed, Fictitious Disorder Imposed on Another (FDIA).

These are crimes against humanity and they are WAR crimes—it is an unspoken war, but it is war nonetheless.  What is it called when one group of people, who wants to impose its will on another group of people, and undertakes a systematic plan over an extended period of time to kill those people who will not submit?*  I do believe WAR is the appropriate term.  

[* This of course includes importing massive numbers of aliens (which constitutes a foreign army, to undertake a silent war of attrition) and putting them on a tax-payer-funded breeding program.  Guns don’t kill people in our once-safe inner citys: negroes, muslims, asians, and hispanics do (and all their endless hybrids).  Chicago (with the strictest of gun legislation) has about 500 murders a year.  It ain’t white people doing it.  Chicago has been in top 3 murder rate of US cities since 1985!  It’s not the white population doing it.   It’s not the guns jumping off the shelves chasing people down in the streets and “going off” on them.  It is similar in most all large U.S. cities.  But that is not enough.   Now the criminal politicians are busing the aliens to small town America and crime rates are rising there too.  In my small town of 3,000 (which already has more small restaurants / fast food than is really needed) they are as I speak building a Taco Bell and Kentucky Friend Chicken.  Criminals need to be well fed to be able to go out and commit crime.  This tells me that they are going to begin sending droves of aliens here, in addition to the 150 or so Mexicans already here, bussed in from Indiana I hear, to work in the local factory.  Roughly 1.2 million violent crimes are committed in the U.S. per year—and it is due to a situation that the corrupt politicians have created and which they fund.  They have misused their power to create the Perfect Storm to destroy the United States; to turn it into the Mulatto States.  1.2 million violent crimes a year.  THAT IS WAR.]

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I knew that the doctors were being murdered were killed because of vaccines; but I didn’t know that they found cancer in the vaccines.


The most brilliant scientists working for the U.S. government do NOT vaccinate their own kids.


Excellent excellent presentation... listen to the very, very end.  A bit over 10 minute video that you need to watch for some understanding of a major  part of our “health” troubles.  Quite a few of us have known this to be the case for a long time.