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Someone emailed me this story, my comments appear after the story:

I think I’ll start wearing my gold Cross more often...

I havent verified this as an actual true account, but there are enough similar incidents making the news, that I think it could very well have happened, based on the way “accommodations” are seeming to happen in one direction only now on our Christian Religious Freedom Rights.


The following is a TRUE story of something that happened over the holidays that will really make you think & it could happen to any of us.

A 17-year old boy was shopping in St. Cloud at a sports store, called Shields.

The cashier was a Muslim lady who was wearing her headscarf.  The 17 yr.  old was wearing a necklace with a cross on it.  She told him he would have to put his cross under his shirt because it offended her.  He told her would not do that.  Then he told her that he thought she should take her headscarf off.  She then called for the manager.  The manager came out & told the 17 yr.  old to just put his cross under his shirt and everything would be fine.  The boy again refused to do so & at that point he left the items he had intended to purchase & walked out.

Several customers who had been in line behind him had heard the conversation & also left their carts full of items & walked out of the store!!

I SAY KUDOS TO THE 17 YR.  OLD!!!  We all know we are in some very changing times, & given the same circumstances, I pray we would all have the courage this young lad had.
Our Bible class spent a few minutes talking about the challenge we are facing for our First Amendment right of religious freedom.

(I have to wonder what’s next?  Are they going to try to ban the jewelry store owners from selling any jewelry with a cross on it?)


My reply/comment:

It seems doubtful that this is true.  Snopes (which can’t be trusted) says it is false, but their answer does not seem to be definitive, but tentative.  However, they show their immediate bias in the very name of their listing this topic: “Did a teenage boy argue with a Muslim over his cross necklace?”  Immediately they twist it.  In the story, the Muslim woman is the one that created the issue, and therefore, was the one that was arguing.  Why did Snopes not title this, “Muslim woman working in a U.S. Store objects to teenage boy wearing a necklace with a cross” ...?  How can you trust someone with such blatant bias?  They report that there does not seem to be a store called Shields, but there is one that is called Sheels.  However, the store owner denied it, according to Snopes.  However, if a store owner already lost business over the incident, he would either have to deny it or apologize to Christians.  If he apologized to Christians that would insult Muslims.  Snopes also mentioned a similar story that reportedly took place in a Wal-mart, but Wal-mart said that any such comment by a cashier would go against their policy.  However, that does not mean that it did not happen.  Employees are fired from jobs everywhere for breaking the rules.  Wal-mart said they found no evidence, but would keep investigating.  Snopes also ended their report with a limp comment that they had contacted Wal-mart a second time, but Wal-mart did not reply before the story went to print.  That itself smacks of dishonesty.  This was posted at a website, not printed in a book.  Websites (including Snopes) UPDATE pages frequently.  Yet, Snopes ended on that note and as of the updateing of this Rumination (October 2018) Snopes has not updated their terminal comment.

Regardless, whether this story is true or not—THIS IS HOW CHRISTIANS SHOULD ACT!  Christians should not even patronize stores that hire antichrists, perverts, or freaks.  For decades, if ever I walked into a restaurant (fast food or a nice restaurant) if I did not like the identity of the person preparing the food, the waitress, the manager, etc. I simply turned around and walked back out.  I will not support such people and I don’t want any chance of any disease they may be carrying.  That may sound extreme, but how many lives do you have?  Do you carry a few spare lives in your pocket?  Life is not a video game in which you get a certain amount of spare lives and even if you burn through those you can just start the game over!  If someone else wants to play “Culinary Roulette” with their lives and their families’ lives, that is up to them, but my Bible says that he who does not provide for the welfare of his family is worse than an infidel and has denied the faith.  Providing for their welfare in broad and comprehensive.  I know someone who emails and said he got terribly sick and wondered if it was food poisoning.  I asked where he had eaten recently.  He said an Ethiopian restaurant!  I did not reply.  He emailed again and asked, “Do you think that could have been it?”  Why on earth would you eat at an Ethiopian restaurant...? Why not have dinner at the Infectious Disease Ward at the Center for Disease Control..?  I would never consider eating at such a “restaurant” —not even if I had not eaten for a month and it was the only restaurant within 1,000 miles (and I have fasted for 2 months on just water, so I am not making a hasty, unthought declaration).

If this story is true—good for this kid and these other people if this really happened.  The people don’t realize what power they have.  If a business has even a bad Christmas holiday it can mean bankruptcy.  Christians need to stand up and put Anti-American and Anti-Christian businesses out of business.  Let the leftists and perverts support those businesses or restaurants and if there is no alternative DO WITHOUT—and tell all your friends and family to do the same.  As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.  Stop supporting subversive, immoral athletes, entertainers, and companies.

Few people would do what this boy did (if it is true) because few people have any backbone or actually love God or our nation or their heritage (“Christians” included).  I wish more would stand up like this—and don’t ever trust the mainstream media to report it (and stop supporting the mainstream media; stop watching them on t.v., stop buying subscriptions to their papers and magazines—read something of value that will feed your brain and your spirit and please God and not enrich those destroying Christendom).  You had better believe that I would have walked out—with the announcement that I would never shop there again, and I would encourage everyone in the store to never shop there again; and I would announce that I would encourage everyone I know to never shop there again and I would even advertise and explain what had happened, that the store owner hired an Anti-Christian, Anti-American Muslim who insulted a customer and the Christian religion and that no Christian should ever shop there again.

Most people don’t have character or morals and that’s why the Christian faith is dying and that is why we are losing freedom and civilization. Most people don’t care about right or wrong but only what is convenient; what is good for self for immediate pleasure.  They want the cheapest price at the most convenient place, and they don’t care if it means the destruction of their nation.  Such don’t deserve freedom.  Defending the nation does not mean joining a corrupt military to go fight wars in other countries in which we have no business.  Defending the nation means resisting immigration of aliens from other nations who don’t belong in our nation, and standing up when you see evil and stamping it out; not turning a blind eye and going back to watch criminal savages play in the superbowl or whatever you think is more important than freedom.  Defending the nation means defending it against all enemies foreign and domestic—and the majority of them now are domestic.  That entails not changing the names and calling enemies “friends” or “allies” or even abominably, “fellow-Americans”.

If Christians stood together they could put godless people out of business; or at the very least realize that they should support moral and Christian businesses that are not cooperating in the destruction of Christendom.  I would not only walk out like others reportedly did her, but I would shame anyone who did not also walk out and never frequent the establishment again.  

If a Muslim in the U.S. says that a Christian wearing a cross offends him, then say, “Well, your very existence in my nation offends me so why don’t you go back to Islamabad and neither one of us will be offended any longer?  I was here first.  My ancestors were here 12 generations ago.  This was founded as a Christian nation.  Not a Muslim nation.  Why are you here?  To subvert our nation and turn it into an Arabic, Persian, Turkic, African Muslim nation...?  Why did you leave your nation?  Why did not you move to another nation of your own people and religion?”  

A Christian would not be allowed to display a cross in Islamabad.  That is understandable.  BUT IT IS NOT understandable that a Christian cannot display a cross in Christendom because it may offend a Muslim.  It is not understandable that all other nations play by one set of rules that favors only them, but Christian nations are expected to play by another set of rules that favors everyone (and ourselves last).

Good for this kid.  Yeah, take that scarf off, take the burkha off.  To the Hindus and all others: Dig that jewel out of your forehead.  Cover up those tatooes.  Remove those nose rings.  Put those billy goat wattles inside your shirt.  Take those beanies off.  Take the bone out of your nose.  What IS so offensive is that the Christians in our own nations are the only ones whose rights are not recognized, when in reality, we are the only ones with rights—all aliens, if they want to be here, must submit and accept limited privileges, privileges that can be revoked if they don’t mind their manners.  Our Founders did not give equal rights to all races and all religions.  However, the leftists who sing equality are liars, because there is no equality in theory or practice.  If the cross is offensive—GOOD.  It is supposed to be!

“7Unto you therefore which believe He [Christ] is precious: but unto them which be disobedient, the Stone which the builders disallowed, the same is made the head of the corner, 8And a Stone of Stumbling, and a Rock of Offence, even to them which stumble at the Word, being disobedient: whereunto also they were appointed*.” (I Peter 2)

[* ordained by God to be offended; ordained by God to be disobedient.  However, this is referring to our kinsmen who reject Christ.  HOW MUCH MORE abominable are the dogs and swine than are the goats...!  Such are the vessels of wrath created for destruction.  Fill ye up the FULL Measure of God’s Wrath!  Yahweh rebuke thee!  May God curse you and all your people and may He open up the earth to receive the Flood of all those who hate Him and His people!]

As the old saying goes, “If you don’t stand for something [for that which is right] you will fall for anything.”
Choose you this day.... or be thinking of “one Hell of an excuse” to give to God on the Day of Judgment why you were a compromising, spineless Christ denier who ran around pursuing godless pleasure while the barbarians were invading Christendom.  Every time you see evil and say nothing you deny Christ.  Every time you remain silent and inactive when Christ would not have been silent and inactive, you deny Christ.  Confessing Christ is not singing a hymn once in a while in a church building—it is standing up when He would have stood up, every single day, especially when it counts.  When you see in the news our kinsmen being raped and murdered and you do and say nothing “you have done it not” unto Christ.  THAT IS DENIAL.

“32Whosoever therefore shall confess Me before men, him will I confess also before My Father Who is in Heaven.  33But whosoever shall deny Me before men, him will I also deny before My Father Who is in Heaven.” (Matthew 10)

Every time you see or hear about evil in your home, neighborhood, community, church, nation, Christendom (evolution, paganism, temples to false gods, perversion, aliens, multi-culturalism, antichrists, socialism, Marxism, corruption, tyranny, crime) and you don’t stand up you deny Christ.  What if it was your father or mother or sister or brother or wife who was being insulted or assaulted or oppressed...?  Well, it is!  Again, Christ said whenever you see your kinsmen in need and don’t meet those needs, whenever you see them oppressed and don’t come to their aid—you do it not unto Him (Matthew 25) and that is denial and that is why He said that He will reply to such goats [lawless sheep; unconverted of His people who fancy themselves that they are “good Christians” even doing “wonderful things” in His Name]: “I never knew you: depart from Me, ye that work iniquity [lawlessness] ....Depart from Me, ye cursed, into Everlasting Fire, prepared for the Devil and his angels.” (Matthew 7:23; 25:41)

Keeping quiet in the face of what God declared to be abominations and which He forbade, keeping quiet concerning the violation of the Standard of Morality that God commanded and Christ enforced and told us to obey, keeping quiet in the face of all that is Anti-christian is to deny Christ.  There are no excuses.  Repent or perish.  Bring ye forth FRUIT meet [suitable] for repentance.  If there is no change of life there is no change of heart / mind.  True conversion—new life (regeneration)—produces the fruit (obedience to all that He commanded) that God ordained.  Those who do not walk as Christ walked are not Christians.  Christ commanded, “Give not that which is holy to the dogs and cast not pearls before swine” and “it is not meet [proper] to take the children’s [God’s true people] bread [Christ] and give it to the dogs [aliens]”.  Christ said, “I am not come but unto the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel” and “not one jot or tittle shall pass from the Law” and “if ye keep My Commandments ye shall abide in My Love even as I have kept My Father’s Commandments and abide in His Love”.  Christ had no commandments of His Own—He came to do the Will of His Father and humbled Himself and became obedient.  He said, “I and My Father am One” and “I must be about My Father’s Business” and “For I have not spoken of Myself; but the Father which sent Me, He gave Me a Commandment, what I should say, and what I should speak.” (John 12:49)  Christ said, “If ye love Me keep My Commandments”.  If you don’t keep God’s Commandments you don’t love Christ and you are not a Christian (which means follower of Christ).  Christians will walk even as Christ walked (I John 2:6).  Those who say they know God but don’t keep God’s Commandments are liars and the Truth (Christ said, “I am the Truth” and called the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit of Truth) is not in them (I John 2:4).