—4 Stages of Islamic Conquest - Everything’s Going Wrong "Just Right"...!

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Initially, I sent this email out:



one reader replied:


So far as I can see it's progressing quite well in U.S., due to our TRAITOR POLITICIAN'S.  This might come to ANOTHER civil war here!  However, our people need to repent as required by our Lord Jesus before we are unable to.




I replied:


Yes, as the old saying goes, "everything is going wrong just right."  However, when everything goes wrong just right, for the enemy, at every single turn, it cannot be coincidence or "bad luck" but planned conspiracy.  If a football team is getting trashed and after the 20th "shut down" in a row, one dummy blurts out, "It's uncanny, it doesn't make any sense.  It is like they anticipate our every move.  It's like they have our play book."  DUUUUUH.  THEY DO!

I don't see any civil war being possible... only planned chaos and greater and greater control (which is the very purpose of the planned chaos).

The majority of good people have all been neutered (and hence, they are not really good, it is a flattering self-delusion); the majority who even recognize the difference between good and evil* are all cowards, deluded, selfish, materialistic, immoral (oh they think they are moral; but a person who "chooses what he will recognize as morality" is not moral, but deluded).  God has sent the fear and delusion on His people because they reject Him. 

[This is PROFOUND: HOW IRONIC that Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil (had they never eaten thereof, all we would have ever known was good: no knowledge of pain, suffering, injustice, brutality, oppression, sickness, death, etc.) but the end result is that sinful man no longer recognizes the difference between good and evil!  "There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.  "lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death."  The pleasures of sin last for a season, then the reality of bills coming due and being bankrupt and unable to pay is realized.]

There are enough of us to stand up, but there are not enough of us who will, and we are the feet of iron mingled with clay, every
community has been fragmented with false Christianity, corrupt politicians and businessmen, queers, and aliens.  No one can
stand up, because he cannot know who will have his back or stab him in it.

Even if there were enough of us who would, it would avail to nothing.  Unless the Lord build the house, the laborers labor in vain.

God has sent all of the oppression (even as he did throughout the book of Judges) to chasten His people to repentance.  I wrote 20 years ago in my book, The War Between the Children of Light and the Powers of Darkness... that the way out of chastening is not to attempt to remove the Father's chastening hand, but to move His heart, which can only be done through repentance. 

Without true repentance, God will make sure all our plans to throw off the enemy will fail, because He has sent them to chasten us, and until it has accomplished its intended purpose, it will ever remain to destroy us, and separate the chaff from the wheat.  Those who refuse to repent (and those who continue in the delusion that there is nothing that they need to repent of, that "everyone else" is the one who needs to repent) will be canon fodder in the War of the Beast and Antichrist and False Prophet against God and His Christ and the Holy Spirit.

God whittled Gideon's army from 32,000 down to 300.  It was easy.  Over 2/3 were removed in one fell swoop when God declared, "Everyone who is a coward go home".  Then God whittled it down to 300 by having them drink water (water symbolizes the Holy Spirit).  The majority just stuck their face down in the river and slurped.  Only 300 cupped the water in their hand and brought it to their mouth.  The majority were fools.  They were surrounded by the enemy (Midianites, Amalekite-Edomite Canaanites, etc.).  Battle could have erupted in an ambush at any time, and they just lay down face flat and slurped.  Why didn't they just take a bubble bath while they were at it? and leave their swords and clothes on a rock 100 feet away.  That would have been smart too, with tens of thousands of the enemy possibly all around.  God left Gideon with those who were soldier material, who had a head on their shoulders and wanted to keep it on their shoulders.

Similarly, God is whinnowing the chaff from His wheat.  No one wants sawdust in their slice of bread.  It doesn't satisfy the pallet, does not feel good in the throat, and doesn't sit too well in the stomach (or intestines); the human body doesn't digest cellulose too well.

This reminds me of a story in the 1970s or 80s or so when quotas for hiring and employment were unconstitutionally mandated.  A government suit came along and attempted to intimidate one factory owner, demanding that he comply with the official percentage of blacks in employment in the factory.  The suit declared that he must employ a percentage of blacks as there are in the nation, 8% (odd, why don't the million dollar athlete jobs have to follow this law? if there are only 8% of blacks in the nation, why are football and basketball 95% black?).  The factor owner called the manager and asked him, "How what percentage of blacks do we have working for us?"  He replied, "25%."  The owner replied, "Okay, FIRE THEM down to 8%."  Whether true or not, some may think it  heartless of the owner.  But if you think about it, it is not.  None of those blacks would have been fired if they had not either been demanding things that are not their right to demand, or even if they simply said nothing when other blacks made such demands.  You reap what you sow (or what you refuse to weed).

Even as with Gideon's army, God is declaring of the remnant in these last days.  "There are too many.  Fire them down to a handful."  Those who do not understand Scripture do not realize that God is not working toward everyone repenting.  God is working toward killing off everyone who refuses to repent.  Like the Marines, God is looking for a few good men.  Unlike the modern churches who delight in the illusion of success by how many live bodies they are able to pack into the pews and count in attendance, God is interested in quality, not quantity.  He is interested in filling His House and His Table with His children, not bastards; with His obedient children, not dishonorable ones who side with the enemy against Him... all the while deluding themselves that they are loyal to their father and pleasing in His Sight.  Absalom's are they, trusting in their own beauty and deluding themselves with the false notion that 'my father loves me so much, if I go to war with him, he will not have the heart to oppose me".  The modern church is not only the Ichabod church (the glory of the Lord has departed), but it is also the Absalom church!  However, the Lord is still seeking Him out men after His Own Heart... the Davids, and Samuels, and Abrahams and Moseses.  The choicest wheat will be preserved, while the chaff DRIVEN AWAY... and after that, He will also separate the wheat from the tares and the tares (and the chaff) will be burned with unquenchable fire.