—Alien Anti-President Imposter & “20 Questions”

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Since “the Imposter” said that he would be “the Transparent President” (I think he meant “the Invisible” president, since all his records have been sealed and no one from “his class” at Harvard remembers him, his photo is not in the year book, his birth certificate is fake, and his Social Security number is from a state that he never lived in)—why has he spent $1 million to hide his personal records...?  Reportedly he attended Occidental College as a “foreign student”.  The "fact-checking" sites claim this is false; but they really cannot be trusted.  So, whether he was registered as a foreign student or not appears to be uncertain.  However, every member of Congress who has not demanded this to be investigated with full disclosure is guilty of High Treason and is a co-conspirator and accessory to Obama’s crimes.

The 5th Amendment is NOT a right that politicians can claim regarding their official function.  Thomas Jefferson said that anyone who assumes a public trust (political office) should consider himself “public property”—that is, OWNED BY THE PEOPLE!  I guess the “constitutional scholar” (which “constitution”...? —that of Saudi Arabia...?) never read that declaration.

[Neither is the Constitution a “living, breathing” document—which itself is Treason.  It is set in stone and must be interpreted according to the spirit of the times in which it was founded and according to the intent of the Founders and in accordance with the Common Law of that day.]

The 5th Amendment protection against self-incrimination does not extent to politicians or those in public service because the chance and magnitude for abuse is too great.

Let’s solve the entire matter.  Have Obama strapped to a chair, give him an injection of truth serum, and subject him to a polygraph, and ask him:

1. In what nation were you born?

2. What is your birth name?

3. Why do you have a social security number from someone in Connecticut if you claim to have been born in Hawaii?

4. Who is your biological father?

5. Was the person known as Michelle Obama, whom you have sometimes referred to as “Michael”, to whom you claim to be married, was this person born biologically a man or a woman?

6. Were those two girls whom you say are your daughters biologically procreated by you?  Were they also biologically procreated by the person known as Michelle Obama, to whom you are married?

7. Were you a student at Occidental College as a “foreign student”...?

8. Did you ever attend and graduate from Harvard Law School?

9. What makes you a “Constitutional Scholar”...?

10. Do you hate America and Christianity?

11. Are you a Muslim?

12. Were you lying in your early political days when you claimed to be a Christian?

13. Are you gay or bi- or tri- or quadri-sexual or anything other than straight / heterosexual?

14. Have you purposely been trying to destroy the United States by weakening it or by any other means?

15. Have you done anything while assuming to be President of the United States that would be considered Treasonous according to the strict interpretation of the U.S. Constitution and if so what?

16. Did you purposely order military to stand down so that Ambassador Stevens at the U.S. Embassy in Libya would be killed?

17. Have you or Hillary or anyone else (and if so, who) conspired together to do anything illegal according to the laws of the United States in their strictest interpretation and if so what...?

18. Do you know whether you were lawfully elected or if the voting machines were rigged and other illegal ballot tampering transpired in your two presidential elections? and if so, explain.

19. Who are your handlers?

20. How many offshore accounts do you have and what is a “ball park” estimate of the total value of all of them combined?

[Harvard Law Review; photocopy from 1991 issue.]


Also, would not a simple blood test show if Michelle is a man or not?  Would a blood test also not show if the children are theirs?  This is the highest office in the land (and these bastards will be robbing the nation for the rest of their worthless lives in pension, secret service protection, and many other unconstitutional perks).  This is not a matter that can simply be ignored.  Once a liar always a liar.  If he lies in one thing he will lie in others.  If he was not eligible to be president he was not president and needs to be tried for treason and all of his wealth confiscated to repay all the MILLIONS that he wasted while president and the TRILLIONS that he cost the taxpayers and all the damage that he has done.  If convicted of treason he and his whole family should be executed, for they have all been accomplices.

Then, perform the same polygraph / truth serum test on every member of Congress, every political appointee, and the same on all state and local government... and ask them all pertinent questions, such as: Have you ever put the interests of yourself above your oath of office?  Have you ever taken a bribe?  Do you actually serve the people or Big Business and handlers and if so who?  Have you knowingly committed treason which is a violation of your oath of office by doing anything to weaken the nation and enrich yourself and others?  Have you ever made political decisions or voted based upon bribes or influence from the Israelis or any other foreign nation or people?  Have you conspired with any other government officials to do these things and if so who?  Have you ever lied to representatives / officials of the U.S. government or the media (both of which are lying to the people)...?  The Constitution is to be construed in the spirit of the times and the mind of those who wrote it, have you then ever knowingly voted unconstitutionally or done anything to change the Constitution?

Executions would then be in order for those who fail the test and are proved to be guilty of Treason.

Concerning the videos and photos of Obama and “Mitch” that raise questions: Not every man is a lumberjack and has broad shoulders.  However, if that “bulge” on “Mitch” is not doctored in photos, a blood test is in order.  It is FRAUD if “Mitch” was not born a woman and it is conspiracy and sedition for Obama to run for the nation’s highest office (or any office) based upon fraud: for if the people of this nation knew that he was not born in the U.S, that he hated America—and that his wife was born a man and his children are not his and he has told a plethor a lies, he would never have been elected (IF, he was honestly elected, and not actually “installed”).

Also, the issue of Michelle having even one assistant (let alone the army that she has, costing the U.S. taxpayer millions of dollars) is Grand theft and treason.  The presidents wife has no official position and the president’s wife was not elected.  All this money needs to be paid back, as well as all nepotistic appointments removed (and all money paid back) and all nepotistic jobs and grants and contracts undone and the money given back.  The king’s ransom of money spent on personal vacations should be paid back.  

The so-called “National” Debt is not the nation’s debt—it is Obama’s debt (and his family and anyone who benefitted from his crimes in office, including nepotistic appointments and contracts); and it is the personal debt of every single politician who did not oppose all of Obama’s unconstitutional spending, and every politician’s personal debt who ever voted for anything unconstitutional (including their own salaries, pay raises, benefits, pensions, perks, expense accounts, etc.); it is the personal debt of every politician who voted in favor of all “Quantitative Easing” and “bail outs” and unconstitutional spending; it is the personal debt of every single politician who voted to import MILLIONS of illegal aliens and put them on government assistance, pay for their health care, education, business loans, tax-free businesses, and to increase the welfare roles and benefits of Americans.  

[It used to be that people who were orphans, retards, disabled, etc., who had no family, were all put in a group home and given the bare necessities of life; now they own their own homes, brand new cars, receive top notch health care—all so they can merely reproduce more parasites like themselves.  All those on welfare—or whatever you want to call it (public assistance, disability, social security, etc.), who have drawn more than they ever paid into it (MANY having never paid a penny into it) and all farmers paid subsidies not to raise food, all businesses that received bail-outs, loans, grants, tax-breaks, tax-write offs, etc.) also own a share of the so-called “National” Debt, as do all foreign nations who have ever received a penny of foreign or humanitarian aid or loans or any other method of receiving even a penny of U.S. taxpayer money.  The people who lost family in the World Trade Towers attacks and other terrorist attacks also own part of the debt.  That money was unconstitutionally given to them.  All government employees who receive salaries greater than the average American wage, who receive paid holidays, paid vacations, health care, pensions, and other perks also own part of the debt.]

Any politician who ever voted for any expenditure outside the narrow Constitutional limits of the government, encroaching into the private sector, hiring more employees, forming new departments and branches of government, wasting the taxpayers’ money on thousands of things that are not Constitutional (flowers and landscaping along the nations’ highways, top dollar government buildings and offices; paying to have government offices “remodeled” after each new election, etc.) also own part of that portion of the debt.  There is no statute of limitations on fraud.

All international travel on “business” by Obama or any other U.S. government official should be paid back as “personal expenses”.  Politicians are not elected and appointees are not appointed to service the needs of any individual other than lawful U.S. citizens.  Politicians who go to foreign nations and who are wined and dined and told how to do their job as a U.S. politician, who go to Jerusalem and bow before the Wailing Wall and are told by Israeli politicians and industrialists and billionaires how they should perform their office are guilty of High Treason and should be tried and sentenced to death for their treason.

It is grand hypocrisy to cry about global warming and carbon footprint, when flying all around the world in 3 jets, with helicopters and SUVs in tow, and an entourage of 300 people, and even having the dog (and I am not talking about Michelle) fly on a separate Presidential plane, with a high-dollar dog handler (which is what Soros is, but that’s another matter).  If Obama cares about carbon footprint why does he not reduce his own?  All meetings and conferences can be carried out by satellite interview.  Why did Obama not sail or canoe across the ocean and set a good example for China and India and Mexico and other nations who have no intention of reducing their carbon emissions?  Leaders of all nations flying in jumbo jets around the world to a meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark, to discuss “carbon emissions”... —is everyone a FOOL?