—Another Day in Paradise...? South Africa: From Heavenly Haven to Horrific Hellhole

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This below video is well worth viewing.  Tell everyone that you know about it with this link (copy browser).


This is the plight of all Christendom and it is due to the alien invasion and the backboneless, immoral (and treasonous) politicians who protect the criminals and let their own people be destroyed as they enrich themselves and hijack us farther toward a Socialist Police State.

However, I find it VERY ODD and VERY SAD that out of all of these people (in the video below) who were terrorized,* had their property destroyed or stolen, who were beaten, stabbed, had loved ones killed... NONE of them in this video ever mentions God... not even in a secular, mindless manner saying, “Thank God we survived”, let alone, “Thank God He delivered us and watched over us...”.  I guess it is remotely possible that the producer / editor of the video edited any words like that out, but it seems unlikely.  I guess the producer / editor could be an atheist and opposed to any such testimony, and though it is hard to “read someone” from one short documentary, he seems to be very civilized, kind, moral, refined, and honest and it just seems unlikely (but not impossible) that he edited such parts of the interviews out.  

[* —and the ones doing the terrorization... why aren’t these marauding criminals hunted down as the terrorists they are and executed?  Those who are unable to or refuse to live by the laws of civilization, based upon the Bible, are not fit to live in civilization and should either be “put down”, or, if they have not committed any crimes worthy of death, returned to the jungle (photographed, fingerprinted, and DNA-sampled) and told that they will be executed if they ever again enter the nation for any reason.]

However, “the curse causeless shall not come”.  God said that if we forgot His Law—He would forget our children!  This didn’t happen overnight.  It has been building to this point over several generations.  None of these South Africans who were interviewed seem to be Christians.  A true Christian’s testimony cannot be edited out because it will be reflected in everything that he says.  I am sure all of those people interviewed think of themselves as “good people”; and from a secular point of view, they probably are—and that is one of the biggest parts of the problem.  Such “good people” show that their lifestyle and mindset is not conducive to freedom and receiving the protection and blessing of God.  Contrast their utter secularism with how the Boer Republic was founded and how the U.S. was founded, and how the Protestant Reformation raised the nations of Christendom to their Golden Ages.  When you take your eye off the Standard, off the compass, and “free-style” it by your “feeling” and “whims” your course can be anything but straight and you will depart from the safe path that leads to the safe harbor for which your ancestors set out and entrusted you to preserve and point future generations of their legitimate descendents in that golden direction.

The curse causeless shall not come.  If we forget God He will forget us and our children.  Will God’s people never wake up before it is too late?  We were not put here on earth for a pleasure cruise, but to serve and glorify God.  When we obey and serve God, God then blesses us with so many blessings that we cannot contain them.  When we forget God and seek our own pleasures, and turn from the safe paths that He established, the cruise liner is raided by pirates, skuttled, terrorized, and left on fire to sink in the shark-infested waters, all the lifeboats having been hatcheted.

And yet God’s stubborn people do not seek Him.  Christ said that unless He went away the Holy Spirit would not come, and when He came He would convict the (elect of God’s people in the) world of sin.  Where is God’s Holy Spirit?  Has He been ignored for so long (except being mocked by Pentecostals, turning churches into circuses) that He has been withdrawn? —as the water by the ocean eerily withdraws from shore to join the coming tsunami.  Truly the modern church is the Ichabod Church (“the Glory has departed”).  Not only is God no longer with us—the majority don’t even realize that He left.   There is none righteous, none that doeth good, and none that seek God.  If any truly do, it is only because God has drawn them to seek Him by His Spirit.  God can only be sought on HIS terms (complete repentance).

God, please, pour your Holy Spirit down upon Your people once again, as upon a dry and dusty land... and convict them of sin, give them the knowledge of what sin is, remorse for it, the power and desire to obey, and then hear our cries, deliver us, and pour out Your Wrath upon the wicked... open the earth to receive the Flood; send a pestilence, soon, and make it a good one... that a thousand shall fall by thy side and ten thousand by thy right hand, but it shall not come nigh unto thee, because thou has made the Lord God thy dwelling place.  Can anyone say ‘Amen’ to that prayer?  If not, then embrace the flood: you deserve it and may you have wonderful experiences together!  You reap what you sow.  The curse causeless shall not come.  To him that knoweth to do good and doeth it not, to him it is sin.  Be ye doers of the Word and not hearers only deceiving your own selves.  Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that friendship with the world is enmity with God; so whoever would be a friend of the world is the enemy of God. Ye that love the Lord HATE EVIL!  Woe unto them that call good ‘evil’ and evil ‘good’...!  Jesus said “He that is not with Me is against Me”.  He who rejects Christ’s Agenda rejects Christ.  Jesus did not “break down all barriers”.  He was obedient in all things and commanded us to be also.  Paul himself echoed, “Come out from among them and be ye separate and touch [join] not the unclean thing [people]”.  Christ said give not that which is holy to the dogs.  Choose you this day.  The world’s agenda (and the mainstream “Christian” church’s agenda, which is the same as the world’s agenda) is NOT God’s Agenda, but the very opposite of it (Antichrist).

This video (above) is of personal testimonies.  Read the comment by the producer also.

This is what has happened to all our nations.

These black savages in South Africa use immoral black children who cannot be prosecuted (due to corrupt modern “laws” passed by the ANC that glorify children to sainthood) to commit their crimes of robbery for them.  People are not even safe in their own homes, let alone out in public.

The video present the stories, and the aftermath of the survivors; there are no grotesque images.  There are many other sites for that, if people need to be shocked from their comfort zone, and realize the barbaric savagery, rape, torture, mutilation murders that take place in South Africa by blacks on whites and blacks on any other color on a daily basis.  It is being imported into all of Christendom.  Did you not read the fine print of the “Rainbow Peace, Love, and Equality Brochure”...?

This is a sanitized family viewing documentary.  If you do a web search you can find the unfiltered reality that is 10,000 times worse than anything that happens here; with photos that will leave you scarred for life, which are every day occurrences now that evil has been incubated in a petri dish and released into civilization and the citizens disarmed so that they cannot protect themselves.

But this documentary is well done and will not cause you to run to puke; though it will sadden you.  This will come upon all of Christendom as the godless, humanists implement their “wonderful experiment”.

The video recounts the home invasion by blacks (although the word ‘black’ is never used; everyone knows who the savage criminals are)—which is a common occurrence, as are muggings, stabbings, rapes, murders etc.  Rape, torture-mutilation, murder, vandalism, theft, etc. are all things that every white family in South Africa experiences several times in his lifetime (some several dozen times in a few years); and each community experiences them on a regular basis.

Yet these are not called “hate crimes” though these are vicious assaults that are 100% black on white; neither are they called “acts of terrorism”—which they are!  The criminals are rarely punished.  The police and politicians are accomplices in each and every crime.

It is sad that these people don’t realize that their having turned from the true faith, to witchcraft and superstitions and new age paganism, or secularism / humanism is part of the reason that all this evil has come upon them (as well as the rest of Christendom).  The one short-haired woman refers to her dead son and says that she did all that she knew to do which was to give him “healing energy” or “reiki”.  Truly, there is no hope to such who know not God... and who don’t want to know him, but prefer their own ideas that only end in death.

Before the dismantling of Apartheid, their economy was stronger than the U.S. economy.  There was hardly any crime—and even crime in the nonwhite sectors was only a fraction of what it is now.  So, like the criminals in the NFL, the people of South Africa have traded allowing black savages to commit tens of thousands of crimes each year against true victims (of all colors), in exchange for preventing maybe half a dozen black criminals getting what they deserved each year (killed during the commission of the crime or executed after the fact).

The young generation thinks that skies polluted with chemtrails, metal detectors in schools and all government buildings, surveilence cameras and recorders everywhere spying, and armed police at the entrances of many buildings, schools, etc., as well as daily acts of terrorism, rapes, murders, people not being able to walk the streets of our own cities, Third-world aliens infesting our nation and outpopulating us, having to live behind locked doors, having impotent police, and criminal politicians and unpayable so-called “National” debt is “normal”—because that is all they have ever known.  They have been brainwashed from childhood and everyone else has been desensitized and programmed into learned helplessness.  It did NOT use to be like this.  Crime was nearly nonexistent.  These are the lovely fruits of multiculturalism, perversion, and the dechristianization of Christendom.

“Go not gentle into that good night...!”  Repent before God, read His Word and realize that the modern churches and institutions of learning have all been subverted and teach the opposite of what God commands.  All of Christendom is not suffering all these evils and about to fall to the savages because God is “happy” with us.  “The curse causeless shall not come.”  Deliverance will not come without repentance.  Repentence does not exist without a conscience turning from what God forbade and turning to what He commanded (in addition to confession and asking forgiveness).

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