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Note: If you have a health problem and believe in doctors, consult your doctor.

Also, if on medication, such as Coumadin, cayenne and fish oil and many other natural foods which are mild blood thinners can be dangerous, so consult your doctor; see also:






Arthritis / Joint Pain

Omega Fish Oils & Celery Seed

From my personal experience, something that works...! 

One of the very best things for arthritis is Omega Fish Oils. Go to Walmart and buy the largest bottle for the best price. You can usually buy a large bottle of 1,000-1,200 mg., 400-500 caps for about $9-12. Watch the prices and when there is a good sale, buy numerous bottles and keep in a cool, dark, dry place (like a cellar). My arthritis was really bad a few years ago. It hurt to tie my shoe laces; my wrists, ankles, knuckles, and toes hurt—it felt as if I had sprained them. I started taking 20-25 capsules of the Omega fish oils each day (I took 5-6 every 3-4 hours). In about a month or so my arthritis cleared up by 98%. After I got the arthritis under control, I cut back to half to a third of that amount for daily maintenance. Of course, the oils are also good for the heart and if taken with meals also helps slow digestion so that other fats are not assimilated too quickly. Of course, drinking enough fluid and especially pure water is also very important for arthritis or any health problem. Older people especially do not drink much because they don’t want to have to get up to go to the bathroom all the time... but it is the only way to stay healthy... and getting up to go to the bathroom 8 times a day may be the most exercise some people get—so they should drink up... you should urinate once an hour or you are not drinking enough. [Omega 3s / fish oil can act as blood thinners.]  

Also see this link on bone spurs, which can be conditions aggravated by arthritis, joint deterioration, etc.


Also, Type-II Chicken Sternum Collagen will rebuild the spongy connective tissue where needed.  Start with 1 capsule and work your way up to 6 or 8 at a time, once or more a day.  HOWEVER, NOTE carefully, it must be taken on a completely empty stomach (upon first rising in the morning is best) with just a little vitamin c or orange juice.  It is an unstable protein, which means if there are any other amino acids in your G-I tract / blood stream, the collagen will bond with them and be used elsewhere in the body, not at the joints that need repair.  Proteins such as meat can take up to 6 hours to completely digest... so in the morning upon waking is the very best time, then maybe a half hour before dinner / supper (last meal of the day; what some people call dinner, the middle meal of the day, I call "lunch").  Inquire for the best brand of Type-II Chicken Sternum Collagen.  If the product is processed at too high a temperature, it will be ineffective or useless.

I used to have a terrible lower back problem, deteriorated discs? deteriorated connective tissue.  It was often debilitating.  If I felt a sneeze coming on I would have to lay flat on the ground, or push my lower back firmly into the chair or a doorway / wall or the sneeze would cause pain as if I was hit by a sledge hammer in the lower spine.  After 1-2 months of taking the best brand (the inventor of the product) Type-II Chicken Sternum Collagen, 4 capsules 1 or 2 times a day, my lower back has improved by 95%.  At times I stop taking the product for several months and I notice no new problem with the back.  However, I have been suffering greatly in heels/rear soles and shoulders for a year, and I am thinking possibly bone spurs, so I will begin taking the product again to see if it will help with that condition.

Also, True CMO (Cetyl Myristoleate) is reported to help arthritis; Jarrow Formulas seems to be a good, pure form.



Whole celery seed is also very helpful with arthritis (it helps eliminate uric acid crystals in the joints). I find the celery seed helps with a different type of joint pain, that which is more environmental or stress related (such as, if I have to take too many anti-histimines in a short period of time due to allergies, or if I drink drink a glass of red wine with sulfites, my joints become very irritable, uncomfortable, and edgy.. A palm-full (or a heaping tablespoon) of celery seed washed down with a glass of water usually clears this up in 20 minutes. I can supply celery seed if interested (culinary celery seed in the grocery store is expensive; I can supply 1-pound bag of whole celery seed for 6.00 + P&H).

Arthritis and other problems are also often mitigated by doing some internal cleanses. Inflammation is also a major factor in all disease and I offer a book or two on how to reduce inflammation (see below).


Heart Attack / Stroke / Circulation

Cayenne Pepper

Peppercorns /Ginger

Cayenne pepper can help prevent, stop, and help recover from heart attack and stroke (Black pepper, is in an entirely different family, but will work if no cayenne is available, but it is nowhere as effective). Most all hot peppers (at least, most all on the American market) are in the Cayenne family. The hotter the better. Cayenne pepper should be eaten with each meal. Start with a little bit of a mild pepper (fresh, dried, or pickled) and work your way up. The more you eat, the more accustomed you will become and you will want more and hotter. It also acts as a mild endorphin-releaser, which can help with certain types of pain and give a feeling of euphorbia such as joggers experience. A bottle of cayenne should be carried at all times to use whenever eating out, as well as in cases of emergency. It increases circulation and doubles the efficacy of any herb/vitamin taken with it. It also stops bleeding internally and externally (whether taken internally or applied externally), including ulcers.

If you are having a heart attack or stroke, Dr. John Christopher recommended taking a minimum of 1/4 teaspoon of cayenne pepper in 4 oz of warm water, stirring it and drinking it straight down. This will stop bleeding internally or externally in about 20 seconds, and help stop heart attack and stroke. Reportedly, if having a heart attack, it will not burn, but taste sweet.

I have used large amounts of cayenne in all my meals for 12 years and I have grown, dried, and ground my own. I have taken the 1/4 teaspoon in water as suggested simply to try it and it is quite tolerable (in life or death situation, a little burning sensation should not even be a factor to someone who does not want to die). It will cause your blood vessles to dilate, your face will turn red, you will start to sweat, your pulse will accelerate, you will feel warm, and you may even get the hiccups for a minute. Cayenne pepper may also be a mild blood thinner, so consult your doctor (if you believe in the gods of medicine) whether taking it would be harmful (not, "should I?" or "would it help?" but "will it have an adverse reaction with my medication?"), due to any medications you may be on.

This is not medical advice.  This is herbal information based on expert herbalists.

Peppercorns (white, black, red/pink, or green) can all be substituted, these are in a different pepper family and are not nearly as powerful. Ginger root (fresh is best, but powder is also powerful if you use enough) can also be used, and it is also soothing to the stomach and is best remedy for motion sickness/nausea. Check out these links for more info on cayenne:

 Dr. Richard Schulze (herbalist):


[In my opinion Schulze is a bit sensationalistic / melodramatic in some of the things I believe he says for shock value to get people's attention, make a point, make a sale, etc., however, while I believe he may exaggerate some things (like "throw all your herb books in the garbage," or the time that he claimedthat he chopped up his desk and book cases and threw the pieces out the window with his diplomas)... he has a lot of good information on herbs and cayenne in general.] 

Dr. Alan Sears, M.D.:


[Dr. Sears has some good information here on cayenne, and his other newsletters have good info on many other topics.]

Dr. Joseph Mercola, D.O.:


[Dr. Mercola has even greater information on a whole host of health topics and I highly recommend his reports.]



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