—Assimilation or Creation? (Updated)

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This is a good article, except that it is not that they are “immigrants” that are “difficult to assimilate”; that is not merely sugar-coating it—but it perpetuates the brainwashing.  They are inassimalable by their very nature and should not be received AT ALL and to do so is suicide.  It is like saying that “cancer is a disease ‘an alternate form of life’ that is difficult for the body to assimilate (and it has just as much right to your body as you do)”.  IT DOES NOT BELONG IN THE BODY.  It does not matter if it “assimilates” or stays segregated in its own little area.  Neither amputation of an isolated cancerous limb nor systemic cancerous infection are “healthy” — and it is a hate crime and treason for politicians to force disease upon us.

“Come out from among them and be ye separate and touch [join] not the unclean thing [people] and ye shall [indeed] be My sons and daughters and I shall be thy God.”

God commands separation; those who mix with aliens breed their offspring out of the Family of God.  God will not have His Image destroyed or His Spirit / Breath corrupted—which He places solely upon Adamkind.  Race is not merely a “social construct”.  That’s why God forbade crossing and calls it an abomination and commanded all alien wives to be divorced and sent away with all offspring by them.  God forbade crossing of livestock and crops... are His children worth less than cows and cowpeas...?  Around 450 years ago William Penn lamented, “Men are generally more careful of the breed of their horses and dogs than their children”.

[They’ve purposely turned the military into a melting pot as an experiment (which is foolish, since it means no matter what nation we go to war against, there will always be people in our ranks who were nationals of the enemy nation!  How can they be trusted?  They cannot.  If you want to risk your own life, that is up to you—but politicians and commanders have NO RIGHT to demand the soldiers or the nation to risk betrayal and death.  The interracial / intergender / interreligion “experiment” does not work except in combat.  The vast majority on their own time will stay among their own (even those who are mongrels, since other mongrels are their own).  They can trust each other—to a degree—in combat, because they were trained to and because it is a matter of life and death.  But even animals in the wild who are naturally enemies will “get along” when faced with a greater threat, like a massive storm or forest fire or flood.  However, without those emergencies, the animals won’t get along.  That’s why they keep the animals in the zoo in different cages.  That’s why they keep our nation is constant states of emergency and it is treason.  They have no right to destroy our race or nation; it is genocide and treason.  Blacks have always killed blacks; Latinos / American Indians, North, Central, and South have always killed each other.  The same with the Arab and Asian peoples.  The large and strong always preys upon the weak.  There is no such thing as the “noble savage”.  Nonwhites enslaved, tortured, raped, and killed and ate each other for millennia before the white man was ever accused of “exploitation” or “racism”.  If “can’t we all just get along” doesn’t work intra-racially race among different tribes of the same race, why do they expect it to work INTER-racially...?  Puerto ricans hate Hondurans.  Cubans hate Guatemalans.  Columbians hate Equadorians, etc.  It really is mindless.  Segregation is the only thing that works—and that’s why the corrupt, treasonous politicians who are DESTROYERS won’t allow it: because that makes nations strong; they want nations weak; they want chaos so that they can take over “for everyones good”.]

The “logic” of the corrupt politicians is like saying, “Not drilling holes in the bottom of your ship while it is at sea makes it difficult for the ship to assimilate the water”.  Duh...! —that’s the point...!

In neurotic fear of offending anyone, the Truth is raped and thrown to the curb from the speeding car.  No one seems to think of offending the Truth...!  UNDERSTAND THIS: THE ENEMY HAS NO NEUROTIC FEAR ABOUT SAYING OR DOING ANYTHING TO OFFEND US.  The fact that 1,000 women of Cologne, Germany were raped by “happy (inassimalable) immigrants grateful to their benefactors” should be stark evidence to that fact.  That they then TAKE OVER entire neighborhoods, destroy national monuments of their host nation, rob and beat and rape and fire-bomb and insult them on a regular basis (on top of living off taxpayer money and breeding like flies) and after stealing those neighborhoods they declare those neighborhoods to be THEIR PROPERTY and brazenly say that soon the entire nation will be theirs, the flag of Islam will fly over it, and it will be ruled by Sharia law and all those who don’t submit will be raped and executed is not a good sign.  Assimilation is a myth.  Disease is neither to be assimilated or segregated in the body—but kept out!

To the savages rape is a form of conquest, not merely in humiliating the host to passively take it, but the mongrel children if they are not aborted, will help continue the destruction of the nation.  That is the purpose of the rape, genocide by miscegency: rape-conquest.  Even as parasitic birds lay their egg in another bird’s nest and the other bird parents have to spend their time and energy to feed the alien baby, and the alien baby often grows faster, hogs all the food, and even pushes the legitimate babies out of the nest to die.  Sometimes the parasitic birds destroy all the other eggs and shove them out of the nest when the alien mother lays her egg.  If this is not remedied, the natural bird race will become extinct.

[See my The Post-Christian Era and the New Dark Ages for more details; 112pp., pb., 10.50 + P&H.]

God forbids hybrids—even of our livestock and crops, even yoking an ox and ass together to work, even wearing garments of mixed fabric.  There is a lesson in it all.  

Everything that sinful man does is the very opposite of what God commands.  Thus the hybrid and GMO crops and GMO animals and chemtrails, vaccines, and medical experiments and drugs—everything has its goal to destroy what God created.  God commanded us to be separate.  Those who jump into the cesspool jump out of the family of God into Judgment.  In doing so, they help destroy the family of God—an assault against God Himself in Whose Image we were created.  It is the destruction of His Image and strikes at God Himself, when sinful, perverse man, for whatever reason, ignores the boundaries that God established.  Entire branches of the Family tree have to be hacked off—and its beginning to look more like Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tree!  If it is not stopped, or if Christ does not soon return, the tree will die to the root.  However, God promised to preserve a remnant of HIS people, not an alien replacement.  God will not allow Satan’s baby to be swapped out in His Nursery and then bounce Satan’s baby on His Knee and make Satan’s baby His heir...!  

But that is Satan’s Plan—to entirely supplant God’s people.  God promised to always preserve a remnant of His very people (not “substitutes”, not some “spiritual” cop out instead of actually fulfilling His Promises and Covenants).  If God can fail in even one area He is not God—not the Perfect, Immutable, Omniscient God that He claims to be.  If God can fail to preserve a remnant (we are the weakest link) then Satan will take that as hope that he can eventually defeat God altogether.  We are the bargaining chips.  We are the lambs among the wolves.  This is the fulfillment of Revelation in the Dragon / Serpent spewing forth a flood (the Third World) to drown the woman and her child (God’s people).

If aliens from Mars or Jupiter came down and raped the women of Sweden or Germany, there would be no question that the children would not be human—but alien hybrids that would destroy the human gene pool.  Race is not an artificial boundary.  God established the boundaries at the very time of creation—creating each race different and distinct.  All races do not descend from Adam.*  All races do not share a common origin.  Even as He created clean animals separate and distinct from unclean animals, so He separated His people (Adamkind) from all other peoples in the very act of creation in making them entirely different—and He commanded us to respect that difference forever.  Babylon means “confusion by mixing”.  That confusion of race, religion, gender is what is destroying Christendom.  God calls them all abominations.  “Come out from among them that ye share not in her plagues...!”

[* See my, The Creation of Man in Genesis 1 and 2, 88pp., 6.00 + P&H.]