—Black Lives Matter... —just not to blacks... & The Degener-nation, The Implosion of Christendom; and the Only Solution & From Cannibals to Strawberries

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Less than 1% of blacks are killed by whites (including white policemen); the vast majority of blacks are killed by blacks (including black policemen).  Rush Limbaugh on the radio the other day read the statistics.  It is quite possible that he got the information from Jared Taylor’s “The Color of Crime” which draws its data from FBI and nationwide police statistics.


Trillions of dollars have not improved the majority of the “minority”.

Evidence abounds in numerous avenues of reality:

- Videos circulate on the internet and in emails (from mainstream news reports) of a black woman with 12 or 13 illegitimate children declaring shamelessly with an attitude, “Someone’s go to be responsible and pay for my children.”

- Another video of some black man and woman with a 5 year old boy (prob. not the son of the man living with the mother), teaching the 5-year old to say the most filthy and foul things, the 5-year old mouthing off to his own mother and the live-in man...  How can such grow up to be anything but evil?

[I remember when I lived in Philadelphia in 1983 and briefly attended Temple University, which is in the ghetto, if I recall, near Spring Garden section (which must have been beautiful in my cousin William Penn’s day).  As I was walking to my car, I walked past a car, and the window was down, and a 5-year old black boy in the back seat, and as I walked past he said in a derogatory tone, “You blood sucker”.  Really!  His mother was probably on welfare, yet I am the blood sucker!  At the time, they probably owned more than I did; all I owned would have fit in the back of a Ford F-150 pick-up.  I wasn’t sucking anyone’s blood.  I didn’t know any other white person who was either.  Whites weren’t in the headlines committing crimes against blacks.  Blacks turned the neighborhoods that they infest into ghettos.  They were originally nice, clean, safe white neighborhoods.  Whites moved out as blacks moved in.  Once enough blacks moved it it became a ghetto, grafitti, squalor, vermin, crime, smashed, boarded up windows—and whites who did not see the writing on the wall in time who did not move immediately, probably lost 50-75% of their home value and a black bought it for 25-50% of what it was once worth, because the neighborhood was now worthless after the blacks moved in.  But it is the blood-sucking white people’s fault.  Then, the more-civilized blacks move out to get away from their own people and then move into another white neighborhood.  They’d have it made if they just shut up and were grateful instead of demanding “equality” and “rights”.  Then by demanding equality and rights, all their own black people that they moved away from move into the neighborhood and ruin it too.]

- Another video circulates of some blacks at a gas station and some black male tries to rob the black woman or something, and she goes ape on him and on 2 others, and in the fight her dress is torn off and she just keeps fighting oblivious to the shame of her fat nakedness, and the black filming it all on his camera phone is just laughing about how she’s trashing them.

- Another video circulates of an obese black woman going ape trashing a convenient store, going down each isle smashing everything off the shelves because the machine that reads the welfare food stamp card denied her a purchase because her monthly allowance was already used up or something.

[It is also amazing how those who think that they need (or have a “right”) to be on public assistance—even though it is not merely assistence, but ENTIRE SUPPORT—for their entire lives, WASTE the money given to them on frivolous items and make purchases without any thought to price.  

{For the same reason park rangers say, “Don’t feed the animals”.  Once you start feeding them, they begin to expect it and if you don’t give it to them, they will take it.  If only the corrupt godless humanists realized that truth applies to the welfare herd.}

Convenient stores mark up the price of all items.  If the people on welfare cannot comprehend the notion that things cost more in a convenient store, then those cards ought not to be spendable in a convenient store.  I’ve written this for decades: if there is to be any food stamp assistence, it should only be allowed for the staples of life—potatoes, beans rice... not soda, cookies, candy, cake, chips, sugar cereal.  Furthermore, some amount of work should be required each day for anyone on “assistence”, even if it is only picking up trash in the city or along the roads for several hours, and other forms of community service.  They have no right to have the taxpayers work to support them, so they can sit and watch t.v. or play b-ball.  Obesity should also be considered.  Someone who is obese is eating far more than he should.  A 300 or 450 lb. body cannot be maintained on the same amount of food that a 150 lb. person eats.  They are eating what 2 or 3 people eat while doing zero work.  Furthermore, if they are obese then they most likely have money coming in from other avenues, so they don’t need to be on welfare.  Obese people (for the most part) should not receive welfare or health care.  If they would work and eat right they would not be obese.  It is really odd, it used to be wealthy people were obese.  If poor people are obese, they really are not poor; they are just spending 4x too much on food and the wrong type of food.  Poor people used to be skinny.  What changed? —welfare!]

- Blacks will use any excuse, no matter how feeble, to riot, rob liquor stores, shoe stores, appliance stores, turn cars and buses over, set them and buildings on fire, rape and assault and murder.  Now, understand, I am not saying hat every single black is guilty of such... for that simply is not true.  But the truth is there is no shortage of blacks committing crimes or living on welfare their entire lives (generation after generation)—those who do give the others a bad name.  There are millions of “white trash” (not really white, in most cases) who likewise, live generation after generation on welfare, and they are a disgrace.  Why do evolutionists violate their own core laws? —Natural selection and survival of the fittest.  Those who produce nothing, who rob (either outright or through welfare) are not fit to survive.  Why continue to sustain them so they can continue to breed more worthless DNA just like them?  It is done to destroy us.  The purpose of the Welfare State is to subvert a nation so that it falls to full-blown communism.  After that, the leeches will not be rewarded; they will either be told to work or they will be shot in the head.  Isn’t communism wonderful?

There are over 2.2 million prisoners in the U.S. and the majority are blacks.  Only about 1 in 500 crimes ends in a prosecution in which prison time is served.  That means for every 1 black in prison, there are several hundred not in prison who routinely commit crimes.  There is no shortage of blacks to loot and vandalize and assault during the many riots and “wildings” that take place (or even to “celebrate” after their sports team wins!); though the majority of incidents never makes national news.  It is not merely a handful of “bad ones”.  If it was a mere handful they would easily be arrested and prosecuted or have the crap beat out of them by the “good ones”.  But, whether it is L.A., Miami, Ferguson, or Baltimore after some media event has been inflamed by instigators... such as when a black criminal dies while committing a crime, while being pursued by police or resisting arrest... and blacks just start rioting and partying and stealing.  When interviewed, they may mention the name of the poor black “victim”—but the vast majority know nothing about him or the incident.  It is merely, “monkey see monkey do”.  One of them howls the secret howl and they all respond knowing that something has happened that gives them carte blanche to get it on.  They don’t care about the “victim”—nor those whom they will victimize (mostly other blacks).  They simply jump at any opportunity to do what they want to do, thinking that they can get away with it and not get caught, because of the hundreds of others doing it too.  

[What was really funny, was during the Fergason riots where they were robbing liquor stores (a federal crime) and shoe stores and convenient stores, many blacks, travelling in packs  like baboons, had their shirts off, over their heads, thinking that would disguise them and no one could identify them—even though security cameras then had perfect images of all their individualistic tattoes in unique spots on their body which were better identifiers than if their faces had been caught on film!  How many were ever prosecuted...? —especially of the Federal crime of robbing a liquor store...?  Hundreds of slam dunk cases.  I never heard of any prosecutions.  Why was that not on the news 24/7...?]

Funny, I didn’t see whites robbing liquor stores or stealing t.v.s or smashing innocent peoples cars and store windows to “protest” when Roy Finicum was murdered.  But the blacks do the same thing when they “celebrate”.  They turned over metro buses and set them on fire, and smashed cars, and robbed, when the Philadelphia 76ers WON the championship... —that’s how they celebrated that their team won...! when they were happy...!  And when such things happen in other cities the brain-dead police spokesmen say it is just “fans having a good time”.

I guess most blacks never really took the song, “Respect Yo-self” to heart... and yet they think they are equals and they think that they are valuable contributors to society—while at the same time thinking that society “owes” them (obviously, 2 contradictory thoughts).  But owes them FOR WHAT!? for their unprecedented degeneracy and worthlessness? ... for the Black Lives Matter terrorists illegally stopping busy traffic (even forcing emergency medical services to take 25 minutes longer to get dying people to the hospital), interrupting presidential campaign speeches (a Federal crime, I believe), trespassing in college libraries and insulting and assaulting people (probably done by many of the same blacks playing the “Polar Bear Game”, which is rarely treated as a “hate crime”, even though that’s what it is: black people targeting vulnerable white people to beat them up simply because they are white)... young black mobs barging into wal-mart 100-strong and trashing the store... or terrorizing county fairs.  Why does anyone “owe” them? —because 250 years ago their own black chieftains SOLD them to Jewish slave traders who then sold them to whites in the U.S. who treated them far better than their chieftains treated them and whereby they live a life 100x better than the majority of blacks still in Africa...?  If we owe them anything it is a one-way boat trip back to Africa, but at their expense, because it has cost us TRILLIONS of dollars.  Entire U.S. cities have been stolen from us as property values plummeted and people abandoned the businesses, homes, and infrastructure that they and their ancestors built.  What price can you put on an entire mega-city? and not just one, but scores of them; and thousands of smaller cities and towns.

It is SHAMEFUL—and it is even more shameful when stupid white people play along as if we are guilty of something.  They think white people have it easy because when white people need money “they just write a check”.  Many think that they are entitled to welfare for the rest of their worthless existence, and yet most have never worked a day in their lives, and commit crime as casually as most people wake up and read the paper in the morning.

Most Blacks live in their own neighborhoods.  Do they not?  They know that it is not “white” gang bangers selling drugs, robbing, raping, drive by shooting... yet for some stupid reason they think the white man is responsible.  Why? —because they are ignorant, and they choose to be ignorant.  Hundreds of billions have been wasted trying to educate them, they refuse to learn... even though they are given “free meals” at school, as if that was the reason they did not want to learn... as the liberal whiners complain, because the poor blacks can’t learn on an empty stomach—but they can play b-ball on an empty stomach, watch t.v., steal, get in fights, and rape or rap or have sex on an empty stomach... they just can’t get a job or learn at school on an empty stomach.  But whites whites did for centuries—and even used to walk several miles to school in all weather year round.   I thought Blacks were “equal”...?

In addition to being ignorant by choice, they believe whatever Jackson and Sharpton or other agitators tell them, no matter how absurd... anything to evade responsibility and the reality that they are worthless and if they don’t like that assessment then they need to change.  Stop living in delusion and enter reality.  If you are worthless, do something about it to improve yourself instead of blaming everyone else; if you don’t then you are inferior.  If anyone needs special laws passed to protect him then clearly he is inferior and not “equal”.

It will only get worse if we ignore the laws of nature — God’s Law of the Harvest (“You reap what you sow”).  If a gangrenous limb is not amputated (or cleansed by hypobaric oxygen chamber treatments, if it is not too advanced), or if a cancer is not cut out or killed by herbs or some other therapy, it will spread to the entire body.  So it is with crime and especially black crime.  Our backing down only makes them more brazen and bolder; and like any addict, their behaviour will just escalate.  The U.S. “Justice” system, penal system, and politicians do everything contrary to common sense, morality, and true law.  They do it on purpose because their plan is to destroy this nation and everything that they do they do to destroy it.  Since politicians are supposed to be “the best” in their fields, it is no mere coincidence that everything that they do fails.  Outside of government “service” who could ever keep his job when he is a total failure, incompetent, and when he robs the company blind?  Everything that government does is designed to fail, even as things made in China are meant to break down right after the warranty expires.  And the people do nothing as the politicians slowly rob them of everything, even their very lives through medical racketeering.

[Modern medicine does not want a cure for any disease.  It wants an expensive “control” which requires you have to continue to take their medication for the rest of your life or when the problem erupts (and you just have to take more medications to deal with the side effects of the main medication).  Doctors and politicians act as if they are gods and as if they are the only ones who know what is the right treatment and what treatment you are “allowed” to have, but when they maim and kill people, they claim medicine is not an exact science and that they are not God and therefore, not responsible.  You can’t have it both ways.  Politicians and drug companies and doctors are continuing to try to pass legislation protecting them from any lawsuits... especially ones involving vaccines which are created and forced on people through fear and intimidation and even by physicial force which is violence and assault.  Vaccines are invented and mandated to keep people sick so that they then need all the medicines for the rest of their lives.  Vaccines are purposely contaminated with all sorts of vile putridity, as well as toxic metals and chemicals and even disease (cancer, AIDS); the flu vaccine is the most dangerous vaccine in the U.S. and the medical shills even say get vaccinated once or twice and they are trying to force everyone to be vaccinated, even holding school children down without parents’ consent.  They are trying to make it to where people will be subject to road blocks and “making sure all your papers are in order”.  Even colleges are refusing to allow adult students attend if they don’t have their vaccines up to date.

“Nearly 1,000,000 people die each year in the U.S. from modern medicine—that’s more Americans (each and every year) than all those who died in all U.S. wars (not counting the Civil War*) from the Revolutionary War to the present!  That’s more than the amount of people who die from cancer each year (around 560,000/year in U.S.) or the number of people who die from heart disease each year (around 700,000/year in U.S.)—and in truth, most of those should also be attributed to doctors because most of them probably didn’t have to die....

* —and if current trends continue (another 200,000/year or so), the deaths of Americans will annually surpass the deaths of all those Americans who died in all U.S. wars including the Civil War.

That’s right, modern medicine is the leading causes of death in the U.S. However, doctors and “experts” give it a very confusing name so that people do not recognize the real cause of death. They call it, Iatrogenic death.  That is a fancy word meaning the doctor, drug, hospital (or infection caught in the hospital), or other health “professional” killed the patient (by mistake*).” (from God, Man, and the Universe, Balaicius, p.197)

* Well, we can’t be too certain of that either.]

Blacks were not exclusively targeted in the old South.  Sure, if a black stepped out of line and violated some white man’s wife or daughter, he was taken out and beaten.  But the same thing would happen if a white man did it; and if either did it again, they were lynched or disappeared.  That’s how crime is stopped.  That's how it should be.  If the penalty is not strong enough, it will not deter crime; it will not deter criminals from doing what they have no right to do... whether enter your house, steal your car, or violate your body or that of your loved ones.  The corrupt politicians’ “solution” is to warehouse the 1 out of 500 criminals that are caught and charge the taxpayer $50,000+ per year to house them (multiply that by 2.2 million, and that does not include the cost of charging the taxpayers) for tens of thousands of extra police, para-police agencies, the cost of court trials, probation officers, extra locks and security devices and services, and one of their cleverest “solutions” is to coerce everyone to buy insurance, creating another multi-billion dollar industry—all of which would not be necessary if criminals were punished as God commands to prevent further crime.  But crime and criminals is “Big Business” and they are also tools of intimidation and persecution of the police state. The criminals whine about police persecuting them, but it is society polluted, permeated—saturated by immoral perverts and criminals who are the ones who persecute lawful, legitimate citizens.  Furthermore, the prison itself is a tool of the state, because if law-abiding citizens don’t jump through the renegaed politicians’ hoops and pseudo-laws, they threaten to lock the peaceful citizen up with savage criminals.

Whites had “private justice” applied to them too, when they crossed the line.  The only difference—after so-called “Civil Rights” when a black was judged for his crimes he made a “Civil Rights” issue out of it as a smokescreen to obfuscate his guilt for his crime.  Blacks soon realized (with the help of ambulance-chasing shysters) that crying “racism” works because stupid whites back down and enter into the blacks' delusion with the blacks.  So successful is it, white guilt and black intimidation have been franchised and blacks know (for now) that it is a magical incantation that makes whites run and hide.

Homoperverts have jumped on the bandwagon too.  And Muslims.  And Hispanics.  Muslims and Blacks and Hispanics and Homo-perverts can even proudly display signs in public threatening to commit more crimes unless they are simply given all they demand—even those who are illegals (in truth, they all are illegals; as there is no statute of limitation on fraud and no legal action, including immunity or rights, can arise out of fraud; including fraudulently being given “citizenship” by corrupt politicians with no legal authority to so give).  White Christians, dumb cattle that they are (just as God calls us when we turn from Him), are easily stampeded away in fright by a few rattlesnakes, as long as we believe the stupid lies of fools instead of obeying God and standing up for what is right.  It was white rule in black nations that kept law and order and peace and that developed those nations.  When whites gave up the rule of their colonies, turning their governance over to the indigenous blacks barbarism ensued (every single time) and we have for some stupid reason supported those nations ever since giving in and granting them “independence” (for which they are not genetically “hardwired”)—after spending billions of dollars to develop their nations for them.  Black pastor James Manning knows and teaches this.  The blacks destroy any nation that they touch.

High profile blacks are now calling the killing of the black terrorists who were murdering police officers “lynchings” and they are calling the black criminals “martyrs”.  After a black thug is killed in the middle of his crime, they bray like jackasses that “it is ‘Open Season’ on innocent black children” and “whites can get away with murder”—when the exact opposite is what is reality.  THIS IS WHAT COMMUNISTS DO.  They stir up the mindless rabble with sheer nonsense—LIES.  They did it in South Africa and they are doing it here and FOOLISH WHITES back down and surrender the nations that our ancestors bled and died to build.  Christ never suggested that the master’s children make the dogs their equals, let alone abandon the master’s house, estate, and business and give it to the dogs—and all in the name of “love” and the “Gospel”.  HOW SHAMEFUL!  How Antichrist!  Whites brainwashed in doing so have polluted minds and dead consciences—and are following antichrist and worshipping a false god—and Christ shall judge them as enemies when He returns.  You cannot perpetrate genocide against the Master’s children or violate Christ’s bride and then say, “Oops!” and think that is going to exonerate you.

Amazing, B-HO (my acronym for Barack Hussein Obama)—”Constitutional Scholar” he is spuriously claimed to be—says that we are not a Christian nation: but then he still expects Christians to act like Christians and be loving, tolerant, and gentle to all the hateful, intolerant, violent aliens and homoperverts that have flooded our nation.  Why should we if we are not a Christian nation?  However, in reality, the mere declaration by a politician that we are not a Christian nation is an act of Treason and Subversion and a denial of the facts and fraud and conspiracy against the government of the United States (the legitimate people and the U.S. Constitution, the Common Law, and the Law of God).  Furthermore, the Bible does not teach tolerance of aliens or perverts.

The modern multi-cultural “gospel” that is hashed out is not the Gospel that Christ and the Apostles preached.  The modern Gospel is antinomian (lawless) and blind to, in denial of, and at war against all the boundaries that God established—it is a Christless “Christianity”.  It should be renamed, “X-ianity”  It preaches a neutered Christ!

[It is interesting that in Washington Irving’s “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” the headless horseman pursues the schoolmaster named Ichabod Crane.  One has to wonder if Irving had a spiritual lesson to teach, even in his day?  The modern “Christian” church is like a headless horseman, having rejected Christ without even realizing it, because the majority of mainstream “Christians” (clergy and laity) don’t really know Christ or God; they only know a caricature of Christ and God, a false christ and false god formed in corrupt minds by those who demand that God be the way that they want Him to be, not as He has declared Himself to me—and thus it is idolatry.  

It was the Schoolmaster (the sacrificial system of the Law—the “remedy” for sin, not the Moral Code against sin, not the Law itself) that led us to Christ.  Israel sinned against God and the Ark of the Covenant was captured by the enemies in battle.  When the high priest Eli heard the news, and when he heard that his two evil sons (who had turned the temple into their own brothel) Hopne and Phinehas were slain, Eli (being obese) fell backward in his chair and broke his neck and died.  Phinehas (not to be confused with the righteous Phineas, son of Eleazar, son of Aaron, about a century earlier) had been married and his wife gave birth at the same time that Eli died upon the news that the Ark had been captured—and the infant was named Ichabod.  Ichabod means “the Glory has departed”.  The Pillar of Cloud by Day and Fire by Night had since the Exodus led and / or followed Israel; and after the Tabernacle was built, shortly after the Exodus, those displays of the Shekinah Glory (or Manifest Presence) hovered over the Mercy Seat on Ark of the Covenant which was in the Holy of the Holies in the Tabernacle, where God symbolically revealed His Presence as dwelling among His people.  When God’s people sinned, God had the Ark to be captured, and His Glory departed from His people—and the dead-hearted Israelites, so sinful, it seems, did not even notice that it was gone, or miss it!  How they could not notice the Pillar of Cloud extending upright into the Heavens pointing to God during the day, is amazing, but how they could have missed their Fiery Protector and Divine Nightlight at night, is dumbfounding.  Whether Irving knew any of this or intended any of this or whether he simply thought Ichabod had a nice archaic ring to it, is anyone's guess.  The notion of a headless horseman was a common tale among European communities.]

Modern pseudo-Christianity declares that God abolished His Law; but if He abolished His Law, what does anyone need to be saved from or saved to? without the Law of God there is no sin.  In Hebrews the author (Luke) quoted Jeremiah and declared that God one day was going to write His Law on the hearts of His people.  If God plans on writing His Law on the hearts of His people—the Law that He abolished, that makes as much sense as a boy getting the name of his girlfriend tattooed on his chest even though he plans on breaking up with her!  God isn’t stupid and isn’t a hormonally confused adolescent (but it seems that most “Christians” are—and they never actually grow up and mature and learn).  Christ, when He forgave sins, said, “Go and sin no more”.  He did not say, “The Law will soon be abolished so go and live as you please, it doesn’t really matter”.  If that were the case there would have been no need for Him to forgive anyone’s sins, because sin would not exist.  In fact, if the Law was to be abolished as a “bad idea” then Christ did not even need to die.  If God’s Law is abolished, the penalty is abolished because guiltiness is abolished because sin is not possible.  “Sin is transgression of the Law”—so John wrote in I John 3:4, in one of the very last books of the Bible to be written (written even after the Book of Revelation).  Do you really think that after receiving the complex revelation of the Apocalypse that John “didn’t get the memo” about the Law being abolished? —no!  “Christians” who believe that the Law was abolished are listening to Antichrist because Christ said that He did not come to destroy the Law and that not one jot or tittle would pass from the Law.  He kept it to show us how.  The Law was never for salvation, but it God’s Moral Code by which He commands us to live forever.

Modern “Christians” (most of whom are not Christian at all) are anti-intellectual.  We are saved unto good works (not “by” them), which God before (the foundation of the world) ordained that we should walk in them.  Doing the good works that God commanded is obedience to His what He commanded: “This is the Way; walk ye in it”; “turn not to the left hand or to the right”; “add not to it neither detract from it”.  The Law is His Standard of Morality “throughout all your generations forever”.  All of the ills that we are suffering is the result of our rebellion against God.

God commanded no treaties with alien people / nations and God forever forbade us to seek their peace or prosperity.  Complete separation and no helping alien peoples is what God commanded.  We have violated what God commanded by helping africans, asians, hispanics, arabs, Israelis, etc., in times of famine, drought, disease, and by our giving the lives of our sons in endless wars to keep alien peoples from killing each other, and by our sharing technology (and letting them steal technology), and by endless, annual “international aid”—by which politicians commit treason by robbing the people of the U.S. of their wealth, on a regular basis, and give that wealth to their enemies, strengthening their enemies!  The third world has bred 10x faster and greater (because we allowed the “natural balance” to be upset by helping alien peoples in all these ways)  to the point that their nations cannot contain them.  

[Politicians and “humanitarians”, most of whom are evolutionists, violate the very core of their “religion” by helping inferior peoples (at the same time dishonestly pretending that they are our “equals”), which violates “natural selection” and “survival of the fittest”—and actually helps keep inferior people from “evolving” (if they believe in evolution, then they are the world’s biggest hypocrites).]

This “overpopulation” is recognized in wildlife if the natural balance is upset—and then the lovely chore of routine “culling” or “thinning out” of the herd has to be undertaken.  It has gotten so bad, that is what will have to be done when Christ returns, to uproot every plant that His Heavenly Father did not plant, and remove all those things that offend, and to slay all those who would not that He rule over them. The Third World has so overpopulated their own nations, they are now flooding Christendom en masse to kill us and take our nations from us (talk about gratitude).  But Christ commanded, “Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you” (Matthew 7:6).  Why isn’t that little footnote to the “Gospel” taught by the churches...? —because they are the Apostate Church in league with the Great Harlot and are actively committing fornication with all the peoples of the earth, and promoting it among the nations of Christendom in the attempt to exterminate God’s people.

We have given our enemies the wealth of our nations (quite to the contrary of the propaganda of we having “exploited them” by developing their nations and then leaving—and corrupt politicians have racked up $20 trillion in alleged national debt by attempted to subsidize and support third world aliens at home and abroad ever since so-called Civil Rights).  U.S. wealth is also given to our enemies by shutting down our industries and our buying all the inferior products from China, Mexico, India, etc.; only to end up overburdening our landfills in a year or so.  I have a wonderful idea, instead of sending the mega-tanker ships back to China, empty (which is how they actually return) why not send them back all the worthless crap that we are cramming into our landfills.  Then let us declare an embargo and allow no foreign product to enter the U.S.  We send the bulk of our money overseas while our factories close and our people are put out of work.  

Then, additionally, these alien peoples reproduce so rapidly because of our violating God’s Laws in helping them that they come to take our nations from us, some take away from Americans the few jobs that are left, while the rest live for free on welfare, commit crime, murder, intermarry with immoral white people, run for public office, and change our nation into the type of hell-hole from which they fled.

You reap what you sow.  If you continue to deny the true problem, you will never find a solution.  If you think that God abolished His Law and that there is nothing that you need to repent of all thatyou can ever receive is God’s Judgment.  Ignorance is no excuse for violating the Law because God gave us His Word and commanded that we study it day.  Put the polluted notions of modern interpretation out of your mind, read my books and realize that God does not contradict Himself.  Even as the crude bumper sticker, “Shit happens”, which isn’t true, it is a cop out excuse downplaying personal responsibility—God’s Judgment doesn’t “just happen” because sin doesn’t “just happen”.  “The Curse causeless shall not come.”  Likewise, the deliverance undeserved shall not come.  Until God’s people realize that we are the problem, having violated God’s Law* there will be no change (except from bad to worse) because there is no deliverance without true repentance.  Repentance entails recognizing sin, confessing it, turning from it—and then doing what is right in its place.  It entails change of mind, change of heart and change of life; not merely an “Oh yeah, that’s a shame, maybe someone ought to do something about it”.

[* —and even those Christians who delude themselves into thinking that they are obedient to God, who obey only those laws that they deem convenient, or “feel good”, or only those laws which they in their minds (which they think are “superior” to God’s) think are “relevant”—and they ignore the rest and develop asinine, adolescent arguments to explain them away.  Mordern-day Pharisees are they.  But Christ says to them as He said to them of old: “these [the weighter laws] ought ye to have done, and not to leave the other undone” (Matthew 23:23), that is, do all of it—just as Christ said from the beginning: “not one jot or tittle shall pass from the Law”.  God is not the Lord of those who do not obey Him.  A Lord is a Master who is obeyed.  If Christ is not the Lord of most “Christians” then they might as well try to save themselves (for Christ is not going to save them).  But no one can save himself; and if one does not bear the fruit that Christ demonstrated and commanded, then that person was never converted.  A master is not an impotent person who can be ignored as irrelevant when the servant deems him so.  Such are described in Scripture as wicked and slothful servants; their end is weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth (Matthew 25:30).]

The cardboard cutout of the pseudo-gospel preached by the modern churches is sterile of truth but teeming with disease.  It is of no more effect than the Beetles' song “All you need is love”.  NO, all you need is not “love” because God commanded us to HATE EVIL.  That’s like saying, “All you need to eat to be healthy is cotton candy” (good luck and start reading up on cancer and other degenerative diseases to find out how much fun you are going to have and how wonderful your life is going to be).  If you “love” what God commanded us to hate, then you make yourself the enemy of God and you actually help to destroy the true Church and all of Christendom.  Christ commanded “Give not that which is holy to the dogs and cast not pearls before swine lest they turn and rend / tear / destroy you” and “it is not meet [proper / acceptable] to take the children’s bread and give it to the dogs”.  When you join with aliens, those who are not God's people, those from whom God commanded us to be utterly separate—you breed yourself out of the Family of God.  God always commanded house cleaning after His Patience endured all that His Justice would tolerate—and then He commanded all alien wives and all mongrel offspring by them to be sent away forever.  God’s standard of morality never changes even if His people ignore it for 100 years.  God does not compromise and come over to our side.  We must repent and return to Him or He will not receive us.  If someone has not turned from His sin and put it away he has not repented and has not been converted (even as the rich young ruler who went away sad, deeming all in his life more important that salvation).  The elect will simply be a far-smaller remnant than anyone realizes.

What Christ predicted (the swine turning on and destroying us) is what is happening.  These savages are not receiving the Gospel because it was not ordained for them.  Evil alien and traitorous “leaders” are giving our nations and our heritage—all of Christendom to an alien people—which is the largest-scale grand theft in the history of the world since the Bolshevik Jews stole the Imperial Russian Empire.  What price can you put on all of Christendom? and yet the blind sheep don’t even bleat or bat an eye... all the while the wolves are circling.   Blind (or traitorous wolves in sheeps’ clothing) “Christian” leaders tell us that it is wonderful that the Third World is invading Christendom—it is so wonderful because it makes it easier to “witness to them”.  Oh yes, it is so easy to witness while being gang raped and set on fire with gasoline.  MAY IT HAPPEN TO THEM AND THEIR FAMILIES!  When you cause such magnitude of damage, there can be no forgiveness to someone supposed to be a “watchman on the wall”.  You reap what you sow.  If you don’t want to reap death and destruction stop telling people to sow destruction and disobedience into their gardens!  May it grow in yours and may you have a bumper crop!  Do they not know the Bible at all?  Where in Revelation does it say to embrace the flood that the Dragon spews out of his mouth?  God said that He will destroy this flood, not “save it”.  It is an enemy; not a friend—not to be “converted” or “made part of the family”.

God will only deliver once His people finally repent of their vile thinking and practices (learning the way of the heathen, in so many ways), their minds having been polluted with the world’s humanism (which has watered down Christianity by over 50%—and half of the other 50% is Catholic paganism with a “make-over”).  God will only deliver His people once they repent and stop being more concerned with being a friend of the world.  So lustful are they in being a friend of the world that they don’t even know what their God commands—nor do they care!  They think that God is a benign old forgetful doting grandfather who will smile and overlook all their sins and accept them as they are (“Touched by an Angel” theology—but it is a fallen angel!).  God will allow such to be destroyed by their own stupidity and rebellion unless they actually read His Word, repent, and obey Him.

During a renovation of the Temple, during the days of the Prophet Jeremiah, a copy of the Law was found hidden in the Temple (hidden to prevent King Manasseh in his evil days from destroying it; and he most probably destroyed all other copies and the hidden copy was forgotten about).  Josiah had it read to him and he rent his royal garment and cried, when he heard how far they had departed from what God commanded and he called for general fasting and repentance.  Yet modernly, Christian pastors hear what God commands, and they shrug their shoulders and make lame excuses.  They shall have the greater damnation.  They are watchmen on the wall who have either fallen asleep, are too cowardly to sound the alarm, or are in conspiracy with the invading barbarians.

God commanded separation because He separated alien peoples from us even as He separated clean and unclean animals—in the very act of creation (pigs and sheep don’t share a common ancestor; all races did not descend from Adam or Noah’s sons).  Those who refuse to obey and separate themselves from the heathen completely, God will simply send more heathen and God will separate them by cutting them off from the land of the living!  You reap what you sow!  The heathen flood is not to be converted.  Anyone who preaches to the contrary preaches another gospel and follows a false christ—and he is accursed!  The alien flood is sent to chasten God’s true people to repentance—and then, as vessels of wrath that they are, the heathen flood is to be destroyed once it has served its purpose in bringing God’s people to repentance.  Until God’s people repent, the flood waters rise higher and higher and the mud tsunami encroaches farther inland, destroying everything in its path.  The longer you wait before seeking medical attention when really needed, the greater the damage; even fatal damage.  The longer you wait in any emergency situation, the greater the chance of not surviving.  So it is with sin and repentance.  There is a critical time period—NOW!

Those who believe in evolution are fools.  Most “Christians” believe in evolution and don’t realize it.  Secularists and most “Christians” believe in evolution even when it completely violates the laws of biology and genetics—even as it violates God’s Law of Kind after Kind, mentioned 10 times in the first chapter of Genesis! The number 10 in Scripture represents Divine Perfect Order.  The number 1 in Scripture represents Primacy, that which Stands Alone, the Standard.  The world teaches the opposite of what God commands.  If the average Christian wants to know what God commands without reading the Bible, all he has to do is look at what the world teaches and do the opposite!

God is Holy, Sovereign, Immutable, and Perfect.  He cannot change.  The Standard of Morality that He established cannot change.  Sin never becomes non-sin.  Evil never becomes good.  What He declared to be abominations never become “wonderful lifestyle choices” even though the majority now accepts abominations as natural, normal, and desireable; even though 75 years ago those who openly committed such abominations would have been prosecuted or driven from the community!  Violations of both racial and gender boundaries are intricately connected.  Mixed marriages paved the way for gender-perversion.  Mixed marriages and bastard offspring were finally “accepted” as “normal”—even though they are not “normal”.  They may be the “majority” but that does not establish true normalcy in terms of morality in a system in flux.  Abnormal mental processes are still abnormal, even if a panel of board-certified psychiatrists “vote” to decide to change what used to be considered “abnormal” and now declare it “normal”.

Vile violations of what God commanded are in the majority and are stealing our nations from us.  Now homo-perversions of unimaginable forms are following the very same path from formerly recognized as an abomination now to being worshipped.  God declared both to be abominations and what He declared to be abominations can never be otherwise.  If you think that they can you don’t have the faintest idea of God’s Nature—you don’t know the Word of God and you don’t even know God.  Scripture says: “he who says ‘I know Him’ [God] and keepeth not His Commandments is a liar [that is, he does not know God] and the Truth is not in him” (I John 2:4).  Tell me, how can a person be a “Christian” if he does not know God and the Truth [Christ said “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life; and He called the Holy Spirit “the Spirit of Truth”] is not in him...?  He cannot.  Such a person is in rebellious delusion!  Such a person does not even know how to think logically.  Up never becomes down; black never becomes white; darkness never becomes light; shame never becomes honor; poison never becomes yummy nutrition—except in perverse minds (and that is delusion, not reality).

What God declared to be abominations 4,500 years ago, what were still considered abominations 75 years ago are still abominations today and always will be; regardless of whether blind or evil “Christians” think that God abolished all moral boundaries.  Pedophilia and bestiality are soon to be not only legalized, but glorified.  Those who remain silent give their consent and join with the world and reject God.  You cannot “accept” God on “your terms” or “pick and choose” what part of God you want to believe and accept and submit to.  You either accept God on His terms or you will find yourself rejected by Him.  It is for these sins that have risen to Heaven with their stench (while Christians either hold hands with it or shut their eyes or look the other way), that we are being judged.  If we continue to seek any other solution, our people will continue to die more and more until the only ones left alive are those who are not brainwashed by the beast (which will be a very tiny remnant and Christ will have to “step in” or they will be utterly exterminated).

Whenever God’s true people Israel* in the Old Testament were under judgment by God for their sins and therefore, they were being oppressed, put to tribute, or attacked and invaded by a powerful enemy, when they sought alliances with others of God’s enemies to fight off the greater enemy that usually spelled the end of that king of Israel’s career.  Even the godly king Josiah, who was more godly than all of Israel’s kings before him (other than David) and more godly than all after him (which were only a few), even Josiah who was so godly that God said that he would spare the nation being conquered in Josiah’s lifetime so that he would not have to witness all the evil that would come upon the nation—even Josiah met his end when he in alliance with Babylon went out against Pharaoh-Necho of Egypt going up to battle at the Hittite capital of Carchemish.  Necho even warned him not to involve himself, that he was going to battle as God had commanded him.  Josiah did not listen (or consult God) and disguised himself and entered the battle, and was fatally wounded by an arrow and died.  See II Chronicles 35.  Other times, other kings of Israel sought allegiance with Egypt against Assyria or Babylon.  God’s Word rejects the worldly motto, “My enemy’s enemy is my friend”.  None of our enemies are our friends and if God be for us then no one can stand against us if our hearts are pure before Him.  There is no deliverance in anything but repenting before God for our sins and asking His forgiveness while we return to doing what is right, that which He commanded—which includes separation and putting away evil.  There is no new morality.  What God declared to be evil is still evil, even though the world calls it good; what God declared to be good is still good, even though the world calls it evil.  Wake up!  God set before us 2 doors.  Life and death.  Choose Life that you and your seed may live!

[* —not to be confused with Jews or Israelis of today, who are entirely different peoples than the Biblical Adamite-Sethite-Shemite-Hebrew-Israelites.  This should be perfectly easy to understand in light of the Third World invasion happening before our eyes—and that is one reason that God is causing it... to wake up His people!  In another 20 years (if Christ tarries, but I believe He will be returning around 2024) ALL OF CHRISTENDOM will be nonwhite and nonChristian... the few remaining white Christians will be in hiding or in captivity, like in tv movie series the Planet of the Apes.  If a complete supplantation of one people by another can happen to all of our nations in a mere 25-50 years, why on earth do Christians refuse to believe that it happened in the land of Israel over 2,500 years? —only because God has sent them strong delusion that they believe a lie because they are not of His elect.  The Biblical Israelites were completely dispossessed and replaced by alien peoples (and God even prophesied it).  The Canaanite peoples whom Israel had expelled moved back in and oppressed Israel when the tiny remnant from Babylon returned 70 years after Jerusalem fell and the House of Judah was deported.  Then in 126 b.c. the Israelite Maccabean leader John Hyranus conquered the Edomites (Canaanites) and foolishly and abominably and in violation of God’s Word “force converted them”.  It was at that time that the Edomites adopted Israelite customs (names, circumcision, Sabbath, dietary laws, Holy Days, etc.) and integrated into Israelite society, eventually dispossessing true Israel who was a minority in the land, and assumed Israel’s name.  By Christ’s day the land was filled with a “mixed multitude” and that is why Christ spoke only in parables when He was in public—because the Truth was meant only for His sheep only for the elect of God’s people whose ears and eyes God had opened.  God told us that all of this would happen.  Why can the peoples of Christendom not see this? —because they are in blindness.  See my book, Uncovering The Mysteries of Your Hidden Inheritance, and my booklets, God’s Chosen People..., and Are You An Anti-Semite?]

Spiritual Blindness and delusion by their very essence preclude ones awareness of them.  Each person reading this should pray right now: “God if I am in spiritual blindness and delusion please open my eyes now so that I can know the truth; and empower me to obey you and do what You command, not what the world thinks is politically correct.”  Only those who are obedient (keep the Law of God*) to what God commanded and who profess Christ Jesus will be spared the coming evil!  See Revelation 12:17; 14:12—the Dragon is only wroth with those who keep the Commandments of God and have the Testimony of Jesus.  He’s not mad at they rest because they are not of God.  Testimony is not a “silent witness” where you keep the Truth to yourself because you don’t want to offend anyone.  Those who are ashamed of Christ—and all that He taught and stood for—Christ is ashamed of them because they are not of His sheep.  If anyone reading this refuses to pray that simple prayer above and truly mean it (remember, delusion precludes ones awareness, so it is possible that everyone is deluded, and I pray this prayer myself!), then embrace your delusion and I hope that you and your chosen judgment will be very happy together (until the reality of Judgment kicks in).

[* —not for salvation.  The Law was never intended for salvation; but as the Moral Code that God commanded His people to live by, which is the very sign that they are His people!  Just because an anvil cannot be used as a pole vault does not mean that an anvil has no purpose.  That is the anti-intellectual mindset of those who think that the Law does not need to be kept because it cannot save you.  That is based on two false assumptions (that the Law was for salvation; which it was not; and that the Law was abolished; which it was not).  “My people are destroyed because they lack knowledge”—and how!  How sad!  Eating food and drinking water does not save your soul either—yet the same anti-intellecual “Christians” (most of whom their god is their belly) never miss a meal.]


Bonus Feature

From Cannibals to Strawberries

Darryl Strawberry Says He Had Sex in MLB Clubhouse During Games | Bleacher Report



Darryl Strawberry Says He Had Sex in MLB Clubhouse During Games [Do a web search for the below or articles on this.]  For a Sport’s Illustrated story,  Daniel Rapaport, December 21, 2017 reported in an interview with Strawberry, after asking if any of the coaches or other players knew: “Well, some of them covered for me,” he said with a coy smile. “It was pretty cool.”

I guess he talks as if it wasn’t a sin because it was an “addition” (like his drug and alcohol use).  Baseball player Darryl Strawberry is typical of black athletes, movie stars, and “singers” who take it as a personal challenge to defile as many as possible of those stupid, immoral white women who throw themselves at them for some inexplicable, degenerate reason; siring untold numbers of mongrels coast to coast.  Rare is the black athlete (even so-called “Christian” ones) who are not adulterers / whoremongers.  If I recall properly, Wilt Chamberlin bragged that he had bedded at least 25,000 in his career, he lost count; the scoreboard on his bedboard apparently did not go any higher.  Elvis (who seems to have been part Arab or American Indian) did the same thing; and apparently thought that making a few Gospel albums made up for his mass fornication and adulteries.  Like the African former war-lord / terrorist / mass-murderer / rapist / cannibal / Devil-worshipping / human-sacrificing Joshua Milton Blahyi, better known by his nom de guerre “General Butt Naked”* (I kid you not) who “found religion” and became a “preacher” and narrowly escaped prosecution for his war-crimes—Strawberry himself is now an “ordained preacher” and like Butt Naked (based upon those segments that I viewed and read) talks casually about his past as if he is talking about some childhood pranks that he committed in high school; merely talking matter-of-factly; rarely expressing shame for such filthiness and evil.  Maybe in other segments that I did not see, either of them may have expressed shame... but how could anyone who calls himself a Christian, who committed such abominations ever talk about them without weeping in shame...!?  The only explanation is that they are without a spirit or conscience and have only soul and body and are not “Christians” and are not “hard wired” to be able to truly be “regenerated”.  If such are truly "converted"—bring forth fruit meet for repentance and evidence that "old things are passed away and behold all things are become new" and demonstrate a renewed mind.

[* See this revealing documentary: http://originalpeople.org/cannibal-warlords-liberia/]

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