—Brief Encounter with a Pagan

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I rarely open facebook, it takes so long with dial up; but I opened it for something and thought to comment on something, and my hook and bait caught a little minnow.

pray for this guy.  sad, so confused.  Robert


This began as my comment concerning a facebook post:

Vatican worried over newly found Bible
Vatican is deeply worried over a 1,500-year-old Bible found in Turkey.

I wrote: This is not a Bible, but some spurious scroll that says Christ was not God and was not crucified but ascended to heaven before he died.

This gentleman, JH, wrote:

I've got news for you - not even Xtians believe that "Christ" was god.


below follows the exchange:

    Robert Balaicius: I've got news for you—THEN THEY AREN'T CHRISTIANS...!
    Whoever does not believe Jesus is God is ANTICHRIST.

JH: Er - isn't he the SON of god?

    Robert Balaicius: er, you clearly do not understand Scripture. Christ is God in the flesh. I and My Father (Yahweh) are ONE. No man ascended up into Heaven except He Who came down from Heaven, even the Son of man WHO IS IN HEAVEN. Christ spoke that while on earth. How could He also be in Heaven at the same time? Because HE IS GOD. Before Abraham was I AM. Christ is also called the WORD of God and He created the world, that is why He shall Judge it. In the Beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God; all things were made by Him and without Him was not anything was made that was made.

JH: I think you are a public danger ...
    Robert Balaicius: Clearly what you think is erroneous in many areas. It is sad. One day you will stand before your Creator and answer, not to me, but to Him. You are paranoid delusional if you think I am a public danger. Apparently you did not have anything intelligent to say but felt compelled to say something anyway.

JH:  I've got better things to do with my evening than discuss religion with American fruitcakes:

    Jesus (/ˈdʒiːzəs/; Greek: Ἰησοῦς Iesous; 6–4 BC to 30–33 AD), also referred to as Jesus of Nazareth, is the central figure of Christianity,[12] whom the teachings of most Christian denominations hold to be the Son of God.
    Robert Balaicius: He is the Son of God as well as God Himself. If you would read the Bible rather than some online dictionary you might actually learn something valid.

    Robert Balaicius: When you stand before God He will ask you, "Why did you not listen to my servant Robert Balaicius." I pray you come to the knowledge of the truth before then.

JH:  That is not what I was taught - and I went to church several times a day every Sunday. However, I have given up your religion many years ago as it instills weakness and knocks the fighting spirit out of our men. We need to go back to our pagan roots and become hard to survive. We saw what the dominees did to our burghers befre 94.

    Robert Balaicius: It is tautological for you to maintain that Biblical truth is not what it is because you were taught something different.     If you have truly given up Christianity, that is another delusion, rather, Christ has rejected you. We do not choose, God does. Anything else is humanistic delusion. If you think Christianity causes weakness, you not only do not understand the Bible but you do not understand Bible History or secular history; without the Protestant Reformation there would have been no American Revolution and we would all be subjects to the Crown and without the Reformation we would all be pagan Catholics. You were clearly taught a corrupt version of Christianity and you clearly do not understand the Bible, but only the perverted modernist Zionist version of it which was concocted for the very purpose of weakening our nations and turning people from true Christianity (though they turn from the true Christianity because they erroneously believe the counterfeit version is Christianity). True Christianity is the basis of all modern civilization; Talmudized Christianity is the basis of the destruction of all that was once civilization.
    Abandoning the true Christian faith because of the lies of the modern corrupt version makes about as much sense as burning all the money in your bank account because there are some counterfeit bills in circulation.

JH:  Look at my profile picture.

[picture of Israeli flag with universal symbol of "no" superimposed over it]

    Robert Balaicius: I see it and saw it before I answered you the first time. That is wonderful. But it is useless because the enemy you rightfully hate has fooled you into hating your own true God based upon their disinformation. Read the introduction I wrote for the pagan work I reprinted, titled, "Nordic Paganism Overcoming Jewish Christianity" [or the booklet I made the introduction into: "True Caucasian Christianity Corrupted into Well-Intentioned Nordic Paganism."] The book is non-sense. I reprinted it with my introduction to hopefully reach anyone who buys into paganism and show them the true meaning of what they think they believe. Additionally, I've written 80 books. Read one. Uncovering the Mysteries or God's Chosen People would be a good place to start.
        Robert Balaicius: Have you read Bulala: A True Story of South Africa? (I am just guessing you are in South Africa by the one mutual person we know and since you referred to me as an American fruitcake, though I had mentioned nothing about holiday desserts).

        Robert Balaicius: The Boers were only victorious because they first returned to the Covenant God made with His people, and they Covenanted again with Him. The same goes for all our nations when at first we obeyed God and separated ourselves from other peoples, remained holy unto Him, obeyed His Law, and honored Him. Only as we (in ALL our nations) have allowed Talmudic antichrists to enter our lands, take control of positions of power, and fool most of us into thinking THEY are God's people (when WE are and always have been), only when they in turn opened the floodgates to ALL our enemies, to come in as a flood to devour us (which Revelation tells us would happen)... only when we turned from obeying God and forgot His Law did we then come under Judgment because God Promised if we did so, He would forget our children, He would use our enemies to chasten us, the enemy among us would become the head and we the tail, we would be overrun by foreigners, wild beasts who would rob us of our children, many wasting diseases would come upon us, our highways would become desolate and we would become few in number... all this to chasten us to obedience to repent of our sins and cry out to Him for deliverance; and only then will He deliver us. You clearly have not studied history properly if you think Christianity is what weakened us... Christianity ushered in our GOLDEN AGE; turning from the Faith once delivered, the true, uncorrupted form of Christianity is what has destroyed us as we have absorbed all pagan peoples and their ways and polluted ourselves, God has turned His back on us until we repent.

    Robert Balaicius: If you truly care about our people, you will cry unto God in sincerity and pray, "God, please forgive me. If You are real and the Bible is the Truth, please forgive me for rejecting it and leading others astray. Open my eyes and reveal the truth to me. Forgive my sins. I come under Covenant through the Blood of Christ and His Sacrifice on my behalf. Please, open my eyes and open the eyes of all our people to see our need for You and to recognize the truth so that you will pour out your Holy Spirit upon us and bring us to national repentance so you will hear our prayers and deliver us from our enemies who seek to exterminate us. I ask this in the Name of Your Son, Christ Jesus, Who is God, God the son. Even if I cannot understand I confess Christ. Amen." If you truly care about our people you will pray that from a sincere heart and read some books I recommend. Many pagans have read my books and learned that  paganism is NOT the way. It is mythological delusion. Yes, it is a nice thought of a romanticized period of barbaric times in which our nations were at least still our nations and our people were strong and pure; but they were in darkness going nowhere and merely stumbled along until God opened their eyes and that is when true civilization began. Mythology did not usher in civilization and prosperity and our Golden Age. Christianity did. Pure Christianity. Not the modern pagan Talmudic corruption of it.  Turning from it is what is destroying us.  It is escapism and irrational and anti-intellectual for a teenager to want to crawl back into his mother's womb, rather than correct his own mistakes and become a man.