—Candy-coated Poison Served up by a Possible Tare Among the Wheat, purportedly an Educator and Political Aspirant

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Schools: A Beacon of Hate

Karen Schoen



My Comments:

[Understand: I will be harsh.  My intention is not to candy-coat such blasphemy disguised as "Americanism" or as "Christianity".  Understand, the below is an unpolished, unproof-read diatribe.  I will rewrite it eventually; but for now it has consumed about 6 or more hours that I did not plan on so using, as the result of the above story which someone had emailed to me. 

Whether my assessment is correct is for the reader to determine by comparing it to TRUTH: the Truth of God's Word and the truth of the founding of our nation and the truth of demographics, crime, and other statistics.  Regardless, God shall eventually judge in this matter; as in everything—and He shall judge by His Holy and Righteous Decrees that never change.

There will be typos and even poorly constructed sentences or conceptual errors.  Yes, I switch back and forth from talking directly to her, or talking about her.  Scripture itself changes back and forth in any given passage, likewise.  I will eventually systematize it, but it is not actually error.  I speak at different times in different ways, depending upon how I felt at the moment; but I don't purposely confuse / jumble singular and plural pronouns in the politically correct psychosis to avoid the horrid use of gender!  (though I may make mistakes from time to time; for example, if I began writing a sentence one way and then decided to change it a bit but maybe did not realize that I needed to reconstruct the rest of the sentence to conform to the change). 

Regardless, I believe there is far-more truth in my rough diatribe, than what the above article held forth to be polished thought; even as Martin Luther (NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH MARTIN LUTHER KING, whom the above article seems to hold in high esteem) declared that there is more wisdom to be found in 3 of Aesop's Fables than in the whole of the Talmud" (which is 63 large volumes in length).]

The above article is such a cluster of blunders, illogic, and false doctrine, it would require a book to properly refute its nonsense and blasphemy.

As Charles Colton wrote: "Examinations are formidable even to the best prepared, for the greatest fool may ask more than the wisest man can answer."

Such an article has NO PLACE on a Christian website—it is a handful of truth and half-truth mixed to the point of utter contamination with blasphemous error of the APOSTATE CHURCH's HARLOT / BABYLONIAN, "friend of the world" doctrine.  Such blind guides, Jezebels who know not God, attempting to lead, taking upon themselves that which God has not given them to do... may hear, "I never knew you".

It is amazing that even people who earn masters degrees can be so utterly ignorant and unable to think logically in areas of truth (though they may function quite successfully in the godless, corrupt field of mortgage banking to then become wealthy, cash out, and ascend a soapbox as a champion of her-own corrupt and confused brand of Constitutionalism, Christianity, Morality, and Truth).  Polluted minds cannot think logically, cannot think valid and true thoughts if they think that black is white and white is black or there is no such thing as white or black or it does not matter if there is white and black and we can remedy it if all white and black are blended together into some conglomerate in between, "the best of both worlds" (and go ahead and substitute the word good for white and evil with black and the meaning of the sentence is the same).  Thank you.  I prefer my world... and what God commanded.  Colonial preacher Joel Hawes expressed, "Few people disparage a distinguished ancestry except those who have none of their own".  The same applies to "have nots" in any area (whether money or genes).  If you find yourself on the outside of what God decreed, the only sane response is to fall on your face, submit to what God commanded, and throw yourself upon the mercy of the court—NOT attempt to overthrow what He ordained; not attempt to destroy His children, not to attempt to rape Christ's bride.  Christ never told His sheep to give their lives for the swine.  Christ never told His sheep to breed with the dogs so the dogs could feel better about themselves and "breed up".  The Master WILL NOT be "pleased" when He returns and finds HIS CHILDREN breeding on top of the table with the dogs, as you suggest to be something so wonderful now that Christendom has gotten used to it!!!!!

Communism is NOT against "unity".  WHERE ON EARTH did you get that idea?  You rightfully quote Lenin about taking guns, but you do not quote Lenin "Destroy the family and the society will collapse."  Do you not know that Lenin was referring to the WHITE, CHRISTIAN Family...?  Those were the only families in Europe, the British Isles, Canada, Australia, the U.S., and South Africa—that is, CHRISTENDOM—in Lenin's day.  Yes, there were nonwhite families who lived within the geographic limits of Christendom, but they were invaders, aborigines, or imported slaves and did not and were never intended to be considered part of the nation, assimilated, absorbed, or granted equality in any way.   Nonwhite families pose no threat.  Nonwhite families and nonwhite nations are not resisting communism—they are being used as the massive tsunami mud-slide to obliterate everything in Christendom in its path: the Flood (Third World) that the Dragon / Serpent (Satan) spews forth out of his mouth to drown the woman and her child (God's people).  Nonwhites have never built a nation that is a threat to communism.  Nonwhite nations would still be in the stone age had it not been for the misplaced (disobedience to God) empathy of nonwhite nations.  Nonwhite nations or nonwhite element breeding within or invading white nations are all easily subverted by leading the mindless savages astray with communist utopia to be ushered in by violence, rape, and bloodshed and theft, and then all will live lives of ease eating bon bons and fried chicken in the shade of his own plantation, without having to lift a finger.  Nonwhite nations have never been part of Christendom.  To the degree that nonwhites are absorbed into Christendom, it becomes less of Christendom.  God forbade the cross-breeding of crops and livestock and calls such things abominations (and every plant that He did not plant, and all those things that offend shall be rooted up!).  Do you really think that GOD'S CHILDREN—WHO BEAR HIS IMAGE, whom He created in HIS OWN LIKENESS are of less importance that cows and cowpeas!  Whenever God's people sinned and absorbed heathen God commanded the aliens wives and all children by them to be sent away!  God does not change.  MORALITY does not change.  NOT ONE JOT OR TITTLE!  The alien masses have mongrelized into the majority in Christendom—BUT THAT DOES NOT OVERRULE GOD!  God does not compromise.  God is Holy and Immutable.  He will will gather the elect of His people.  He will regather whom He scattered.  When a farmer scatters wheat, when the harvest finally come... guess what...?  He regathers the WHEAT!  Not the weeds, the briars, the stones, debris, vermin, and insects.  Despite what nonsense fools may concoct, "the weeds taste just as great as the wheat and the bugs contain good protein! and everything is wonderful... 'Everything is beautiful... in its own way-ay...', etc." that does not change one iota what God ordained before the foundation of the world.

Communism actually has as its foundation the very things that this false prophetess champions! —amalgamation, assimilation, mongrelization, synthesis, conglomeration, perverted "oneness".

Communism teaches: One race, one religion one creed—one world.  This woman is a communist (or semi-communist) and does not even realize it (or she knows it and is deceptively pretending that she is not).
God commands SEPARATION.

This woman (whether well meaning or a witch) does not even know how to think.  Does she sniff moth balls all day long?

First of all, surveys—self-reporting—are THE MOST INACCURATE AND UNTRUSTWORTHY of all forms of data gathering: ESPECIALLY on such volatile topics.  Even a blind fool knows this.  Do you really think that people are going to TELL THE TRUTH about what they believe about RACE (or religion or gender or even politics) when even powerful people have lost their high-profile jobs (or have had their jobs, their paycheck, their livelihood, their ability to even get another job threatened; or have been persecuted, blackballed, discriminated against, vilified, etc.) because of a single WORD that they used 30 years ago (or because of a word THEIR FATHER used 30 years ago), or because of some stupid fraternity party costume they wore when in college, or because of some innocent comment they made that was misinterpreted...?  A simple photo, social media comment, recording, etc., dredged up from the past has (unrightfully) RUINED LIVES.  Blacks, nonwhites, perverse genders, all non-christians have carte blanche to brazenly declare whatever they want, but white Christians have to neurotically tip toe on egg shells while gulping helium, out of fear of hurting the ever-so-delicate "feelings" of mentally deranged individuals... (who are free to defile the neighborhoods that our ancestors built, and who hatefully tear down statues and monuments to our ancestors)...

—and yet this woman thinks that a "poll" or "survey" actually represents REALITY?  Self-report relies on people who will not tell the truth when they know they will be punished for it.  A glazed look rolls over their face and they parrot the mindless propaganda that will please the savage mob and their employer or supporters or friends and family who are probably brainwashed and whom they know to actually be the enemy.

Christ said concerning those who would stand for the truth in the face of an evil world that is antichrist and continually spreading to infect every household with everything that God forbade: "And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household." (Matthew 10:36)

Any test, survey, just like any statistic, can be skewed, stacked, and "cherry picked" to produce results that the ones in charge want to be passed off as reality.  What were the exact questions that were asked in these "surveys"?  TO WHOM were these questions asked?  Did that sampling of individuals properly reflect the whole?  How did they choose that sample?

They asked THE SAME GROUP of 500 white people over the course of several years, 13 different surveys.  That is MEANINGLESS.

1. Were these people white or mixed-blooded who like to think of themselves as white or mostly white?

2. Are these "white" people married to someone who is not white / or "mostly" white? do they have family members who are married to someone who is not white and therefore, they are becoming more "accepting"...?

3. Were these "white" people from rural or country areas who have never lived among nonwhites or those who have become "desensitized" to living among nonwhites and were raised with nonwhites in large metropolitan areas and therefore have been brainwashed into thinking that race is merely a "social construct"...?  (and if race is merely a social construct, how can anyone be guilty of being racist, if there is no such thing as race?  How then do they even recognize people as being of different races if there is no such thing as race?)

4. What about the frog in the slowly heated pot of water?  People in the U.S. have been slowly desensitized for the past several generations—though when our rights were first violated by integration laws, people we up in arms.  Why don't you ask these questions to all the women in Germany and Sweden who have been savagely RAPED by all the lovely "immigrants"...?

HARMLESS STATUES to HONORABLE MEN are being torn down as if they are DANGEROUS, HATEFUL THREATS TO ALL OF SOCIETY and as if in some science fiction movie, those statues may come to life and those persons, standing or mounted on horses, may hop down from their pedestals and with their swords begin hacking "innocent" blacks to pieces—all the while, REAL blacks and REAL middle easterners and REAL hispanics DO INDEED SO HACK AND MUTILATE innocent white people in the U.S., Great Britain, Europe, and South Africa ON A DAILY BASIS!  MULTICULTURALISM IS THE CAUSE OF IT—not some nebulous "hate".  It did not exist before the invasion of alien peoples into white Christian society.

She includes practically every group in her unbiblical diatribe against "hate".  She thinks we should love God's enemies.  She thinks we should love those who hate the true God.  She thinks we should love those who are antichrist.

"He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son .... And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist" (I John 2:22; 4:3)

"Shouldest thou help the ungodly, and love them that hate the LORD? therefore is wrath upon thee from before the LORD." (II Chronicles 19:2)

"10If there come any unto you, and bring not this Doctrine [of Christ], receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed: 11For he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds." (II John 1)

"14And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear your words [in regard to the Doctrine of Christ], when ye depart out of that house or city, shake off the dust of your feet. 15Verily I say unto you, It shall be more tolerable for the land of Sodom and Gomorrha in the day of judgment, than for that city." (Matthew 10)

If you love what God hates and hate what God loves—you are the enemy of God!  If you sympathize with the "suffering" of what you confusedly imagine to be the "victims of hate" of those who hate God, who are the very enemies of God, who are invading and destroying Christendom and you send out your heartfelt love and healing for them—you are the enemy of God.

If you believe that aliens and perverts—CRIMINALS, enemies of God—share in "all men were created" and "we the people" and that they have equal rights guaranteed to them by the Constitution... then you don't understand a thing about the U.S. Constitution, the founding of this nation, or the Word of God and you are an enemy of these United States and all of Christendom.

IF "Anti-black prejudice" dropped at any time, it is the result of BRAINWASHING; not morality.  It is not a sign of "progress" but degeneration.  Furthermore, the very word prejudice is DISHONEST and PERVERSE.  It has NOTHING to do with "pre-judging".  Do you taste every "milk dud" that drops from a goats rectum so as to not show "prejudice" because one of them might actually taste like a real chocolate milk dud...?  The very use of the word "prejudice" is the "bait and switch" congame or the result of mindless stupidity.  GOD COMMANDED certain things.  IT DOES NOT MATTER ONE SINGLE BIT if you think unclean animals taste wonderful; or if you think alien peoples all have wonderful contributions to make and we should all blend into one lovely Babylonian-Mulligan-Nigerian Stew.  GOD FORBIDS IT.  That is not prejudice.  IT IS OBEDIENCE—IT IS OBEYING THE LAWGIVER AND JUDGE.  It is not "prejudice": IT IS INTELLIGENCE based on God's decrees and man's experience is meaningless when it is used to promote anything contrary to what God commanded.  Cross that boundary skipping and singing "red and yellow black and white, all are precious in his sight" and embracing your utterly confused Kindergarten "Theology" which is Talmudic-Babylonian false doctrine; but I shall not cross it with you and may you be damned for leading even 1 single person astray to follow you down into the pit on the path of destruction.

No, it does not take more energy to "hate" than to love.  WHAT FOOLISH RAINBOW, Antichrist nonsense!  Furthermore, God COMMANDED US TO HATE.  GOD IS NOT JUST LOVE.  To reduce God to one singular Attribute (which notion is perverted in sinful, illogical, immoral, confused, faulty, damaged human minds, to mean whatever each confused individual thinks it means or wants it to mean) is to CARICATURE God and it is HUMANISTIC IDOLATRY and not worship of the true God.  STOP SNIFFING WHATEVER PSEUDO-SPIRITUAL GLUE you are sniffing and read the WORD OF GOD.

EVERYTHING has to be learned.  Love has to be learned just as much as hate.  From what do you derive your epistemology or psychology of learning?  Please tell me what you know that you did not learn.  Did "love" magically descend on you like the dew when the stork dropped you off?  The Bible clearly teaches that love is not gushy, warm-fuzzy "feeling" or an emotion—it is obedience to God; it is self-sacrifice to what God commanded.  God is not indiscriminate.  God calls us to discriminate.  God is not tolerant.  God does not even suggest that we are to be tolerant.  We are commanded to hate what God hates and to love what God loves.  What you believe is the opposite of what God commands.  You don't even know the difference between good and evil.  You may think you do.  You may be correct in some areas (even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then).  However, you think that YOU determine what is good and evil; whereas, God, before the foundation of the world, ordained what is good and evil and it never changes.  If you think it does you believe in a false god.

Furthermore, the wicked were made for the day of evil (judgement)... the vessels of wrath were created to be destroyed, for God to display His Wrath upon them... even as baby rattlesnakes will only grow into adult rattlesnakes—it is their NATURE—so it is with the vessels of wrath:

"The wicked are estranged from the womb: they go astray as soon as they be born, speaking lies." (Psalm 58:3)

This of course is figurative in form, but the truth is literal.

Hate and evil is not some learned "emotion" as you say—it is in the nature.  OUT OF THE HEART / MIND / NATURE proceeds evil...  While indeed some FORMS of evil can be learned, and indeed, they are, and they are taught; that is not their origin; that is merely trying to refine their trade, like criminals "comparing notes" concerning what they have found by their experience to be successful.

Have you ever met a baby straight out of the womb that said "God loves everyone... can't we all just get along? make love not war..." ...?  Stick to baking cookies, not trying to think and certainly not holding yourself up as a person whose thinking other people should believe and follow!  Upon what verse of the Bible do you base your notion that women have authorization from God to rule over or attempt to teach men in church or state?

You think that not being able to read or write has nothing to do with violence... again, you don't know how to think and your rainbow glasses obscure the truth.  The majority of those committing crimes are nonwhite.  The majority of those in prison are nonwhite.  TRILLIONS of dollars have been unconstitutionally and unbiblically WASTED on nonwhites in the attempt to try to "make equal" those who are not equal.  Nobel Prize winner, co-discoverer of DNA was vilified and blackballed for his candid remarks in this regard.  Nonwhites cannot function at the level of whites without handicapping, dumbing down the whites (since the nonwhites cannot truly be elevated to normal white levels) so that the vast disparity is not as noticeable.  The majority of blacks and latinos and middle easterners do not have the capacity to learn (that's why truth is no longer taught and fairy tales are taught—but fairy tales and "ghost stories" won't help them learn how to read or do math or think logically)... not being able to read, do math, think logically... being IMMORAL AND UNTRUSTWORTHY, being UNABLE TO CONTROL THEIR URGES makes them UNMARKETABLE... not being able to EARN a GOOD LIVING, which "GOOD LIVING / BIG PAYCHECK" they deludedly think is "their RIGHT" (regardless of lack of talent, inability to think, lacking marketable skill, being dishonest and untrustworthy) then causes hate and aggression and crime because they then TAKE whatever they want, when they are able to, after their monthly welfare check is entirely spent and there are still 20 days left in the month.... and they continue to have babies for additional monthly welfare money, most of which they consume themselves while their children raise themselves in gangs on the street.

You were an educator and you think not being able to read and write is not part of the problem?  But that is only part of the problem.  Another part of the problem is RACE; not "racism".  Nonwhites, even those who are "educated" with good paying jobs (doctors, politicians, etc.) continue to commit crimes.  They live here no differently than they do in Africa: the law of the jungle.  And you think they have equal rights as established in the Constitution by our Founders who pledged their sacred honor and risked their lives and their fortunes and established this nation under God for themselves and THEIR POSTERITY!  They never imagined for a moment their posterity to be freed slaves and the entire third world, perverts, and antichrists.  And you were an educator!  And you claim to be a Christian...?  Well, I take that last one back... I see NOWHERE in this article that you claim to be a Christian.  You don't mention the name Jesus or Christ even once!  You mention the word "God" ONCE and the word-substitute "G-d" once (which is a telling sign)... you quote no Bible verse... you mention JUDEO-Christian once.  That all is VERY, VERY revealing!

There is a difference between a pig and a sheep who has happened to fall into the mud.  If you don't understand the difference then get off the farm.

God never turns tares into wheat.  Thistles are not turned into figs or thorns into grapes.  Swine and dogs are never converted into sheep.  Nowhere does God even hint that we should evangelize the wolves, dogs, swine or serpents—in fact, Christ commanded just the opposite.

God commands us to hate evil.

Evil is defined by what God declared it to be MILLENNIA ago and does not change.  God pronounces a CURSE on those who call good evil and evil good—WHO PERVERT what HE Decreed.  What God declared to be sin and abominations 4,000 years ago still are today and always will be—and that includes race mixing and homoperversion; it includes multicuturalism and amalgamationism or assimilation or whatever satanic euphemism by which you want to call it.  Those who think otherwise DON'T KNOW GOD and don't have the first inkling of what the Word of God means.  They have a perverse antichrist humanistic misunderstanding of the Word of God; and that is the non-Trojan horse that has been brought by parade into the heart of Christendom—but it is a ticking nuclear bomb.  

God does not change.  Truth does not change.  God does not conform to modern sinful man's notions of what society should be.  God's Plan does not change.  His Will does not change.  GOD IS INTOLERANT.  He will not share His Glory—HIS GODHOOD with another.  HE has decreed all things and those who opposed what He has decreed are HIS ENEMIES; even if in their pseudo-spiritual delusion they think that they are His most faithful devotees—He will denounce them.

False prophetesses like this DO MORE DAMAGE than the outright Satanists who parade their particular brand of perversion down main street!


Only one utterly devoid of God's Spirit condemns the JUDGMENT instead of condemning the sin that resulted in it.  What does this woman think about God commanding the Israelites to UTTERLY DESTROY the Canaanites—man, women, child, and suckling infant and let not thy heart pity them?  Why didn't God tell the Israelites to "convert" them?  BECAUSE GOD IS NOT MAN.  GOD IS SOVEREIGN.  God created VESSELS OF WRATH for destruction.  They were and are the people of His PERPETUAL CURSE and GOD COMMANDED TOTAL SEPARATION.  THOSE (like Esau) WHO VIOLATED THAT were CUT OFF and forever left the family of God's people to join in the curse of the people of His Curse.

Judgment is not a daydream stroll through a park whose pavement is lined with skittles, whose trees blossom with cotton candy, the birds of which poop sugar-powdered confections, and whose streams run and fountains shower with sparkling nectar!

Why does she not express her sympathies to all the white women who have been raped by alien invaders? all the families whose ranks have been polluted forever with what God calls abominations that He rejects? all the white families who have had loved ones murdered or defiled into homo-perverts?  Why, like the shell-game con-artists (politicians / media) do you focus on a handful of people killed in some mass shooting... while ignoring the 27,000 people murdered in the US annually? while ignoring the women who are raped in the U.S., on average, every 6 seconds...? while ignoring that the vast majority of those committing the crimes are not white (even if they "identify" with being white or are called "white" by a dishonest media / government)...?

Would she go through the land of Canaan apologizing to all the poor Canaanites for all the horrors that they experienced?

Not all death is the same.  Where God draws a difference WE should draw a difference, and not POLLUTEDLY attempt to paint everything with broad, boundary-effacing strokes in a rainbow kaleidoscope!


The curricula is NOT filled with hate against muslims and perverts and aliens and abominations—BUT IT SHOULD BE!  Not man's sinful notions, but what GOD HIMSELF DECLARES.  As George Mason, delegate from the State of Virginia (who left the convention at Philadelphia, refusing to sign the U.S. Constitution because it did not properly, in strong enough words, check the possible growth of a Federal State that would usurp authority from the States and the people—not any alien that floats up on shore, and not slaves already here, but the legitimate heirs of the FOUNDING PEOPLE of this nation, European Christians and no other)... Mason declared, "All human laws which contradict His [God's] Laws, we are bound by conscience to disobey."  It does not matter what the perverse Canaanites thought about the Israelites war against them.  Their "feelings" were UTTERLY IRRELEVANT.  They could have called it "hate", "hate speech", "terrorism", "intolerance", "prejudice", "discrimination", etc., and it would have been TRUE—BUT GOD ORDAINED IT!  CHOOSE YOU THIS DAY!  Choose GOD and bow before Him as LORD and obey what HE COMMENDED... or join with the world and suffer for eternity.  THAT IS THE CHOICE.  There is no "fence-riding" compromising, lukewarm "Christianity".  You are with Christ 100% or you are against Him 100%.  He is LORD or you think you are or someone else is, in part, and that GOD and Christ must "compromise" with what SINFUL MAN declares to be "fair".  GO AHEAD.  PLAY RUSSIAN ROULETTE WITH YOUR SOUL FOR ETERNITY!  Maybe God does not exist.  Maybe God is not the Boss.  Maybe God acquiesces to modern notions of "morality".  OR MAYBE HE IS IMMUTABLE AND HOLY AND YOU ARE TO CONFORM TO HIM!  Spin the chamber, cock the hammer, and pull the trigger!

"thou thoughtest that I was altogether such an one as thyself: but I will reprove [rebuke] thee, and set them [TRUTH] in order before thine eyes." (Psalm 50:21)

Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind!

"He that is not with Me is against Me; and he that gathereth not with Me scattereth abroad."

What is someone who is against someone called? —an enemy.

What is Christ gathering?  —HIS SHEEP.

What is this woman gathering? —dogs, wolves, and swine.

What will that do to the flock of God...? —scatter it!

Does God want wolves, swine, dogs, and serpents breeding with His sheep?

Christ declared, "Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you."

If you violate that you are AGAINST HIM, regardless of your delusional notion of your fondness for Him.


The implication of that is: Those who don't keep My Commandments DON'T LOVE ME.

Why call ye Me 'Lord, Lord' and do not the things that I say?

The implication of that is: Because I am not your LORD.

My sheep know My Voice and follow [OBEY] Me... the voice of a stranger they will not follow.

The implication of this is: Those who don't know My Voice and follow [obey] the voice [doctrine] of strangers ARE NOT MY SHEEP.

Hate of evil does not cause violence.  False philosophy, "ghost stories", propaganda used to agitate sub-IQ, conscience-devoid, aliens who do not have God's Spirit in them, who cannot control their urges, who learn by experience that the majority of nonwhite on white crime is not punished, perverted godless, multicultural, gender-perverse, inter-so-called "faith", socialist, anti-white brainwashing leads to violence.  Blacks were never lynched "just for fun"... and whites guilty of heinous crimes were lynched too.  Blacks who stayed in their own neighborhoods and did not venture into white neighborhoods and commit crimes against whites were never lynched.  Integration of what God commanded to be separate is what causes violence—it violates what God commanded.  Disease and parasites in a healthy body causes violence.  YOU want the body to love and tolerate and be friends with parasites and disease.  FEEL FREE to do that with YOUR body; but I will not consent you evil witch.  Christ shall denounce you, that work iniquity (LAWLESSNESS is what the Greek word anomos means—the violation of what Christ commanded, which was everything that God commanded—not one jot or tittle of which would pass and Christ did not break down all barriers, and those who think He broke down any such barriers of God's Law are ANTICHRIST).

Get back on your broom and ride back to New York—or better yet, to the Middle East or Africa.  YOU TEACH communism and don't even know it.  You teach the Harlot, Apostate, Babylonian, Amalgamationist, friend-of-the-world false doctrine that has destroyed Christendom from within.  Embrace Babylonian amalgamationism—you will have it for eternity.  Hell indeed will be very "diverse"... but I don't think all those therein will consider it "paradise"... despite the wonderfully, glossy, color brochure.

"a licensed mortgage banker, Karen owned her own mortgage company in New Jersey and New York"

You don't ask the guy who pumps your sewer for advice on how to bake cookies or perform surgery.

While some of what she says is true below, it is all blended together with error—Like Ezekiel's bread that God commanded him to make with certain grains and then mix together WITH HUMAN DUNG and bake it!  WHO WOULD WANT TO EAT SUCH?  The Prophet himself was not looking forward to that meal and no doubt was sweating and in horror!  God Graciously had him switch out what he ate in the sight of God's sinful people (although it substituted cow dung instead—the life of a prophet is not an easy one)... and that is what this woman is hashing out... whole grain DUNG BREAD!  Step right up!

She uses the word "God", but does not mention a single Bible verse to back up her Babylonian philosophy.

Yes, she opposes some things that should be opposed, while embracing just as much evil and perverting the notion of what is good, and a glass of orange juice laced with sewer water is more harmful than a glass of sewer water because no one would drink the glass of sewer water.

That is the purpose of a counterfeit.

She is either two-faced or utterly ignorant.  She starts out with a quote by Lenin and then proceeds to preach COMMUNISM (amalgamationism, assimilation, "unity" with what God commanded to be SEPARATE).  THIS IS ANTICHRIST.

There are many forms of antichrist.  One, the Roman Church pretends to love Jesus..., but as Christ exposed the pharisees, they are white-washed tombs full of rotting dead men's bones.  To claim to love Jesus and violate what HE taught, embracing the world's multicultural agenda (which PAVED THE WAY FOR THE MILITANT HOMOPERVERT AGENDA THAT IS FOLLOWING THE TRAIL THAT IT BLAZED) IS ACTUALLY DENIAL OF CHRIST!  Professing Christ is not merely claiming to love the name "Jesus" and the nebulous concept of some pseudo-spiritual ether called "love".  To love and profess Jesus is to OBEY WHAT HE COMMANDED—every single command in the Word of God that NEVER changes.

She is correct, that guns are not the problem... it is guns or machetes or knives or bricks in the hands of savages who have no place in civilization; and in the hands of the minds of several entire generations of our people brainwashed with atheist, socialist, evolutionist, amalgamationist, immoral, STATIST HYPOCRITES who champion love and tolerance and freedom—and then are THE MOST hateful, intolerant, and freedom destroying creatures on earth.  They want love, tolerance, and freedom of EVIL; and practice hatred, intolerance, and persecution of GOOD.

To blend in "some good" (truth) with the evil dung that she embraces as wonderful, is JUST AS EVIL as 100% error.  IT IS MORE OFFENSIVE TO CHRIST than 100% evil because it attempts to get His STAMP OF APPROVAL ON EVIL and USE HIS NAME TO PROMOTE WHAT GOD CALLS EVIL AND ABOMINATIONS!

God separated His people from all other people even as He separated clean from unclean animals.  THEY ARE NOT RELATED.  NONE evolved from the other.  Unclean animals did not descend from a common parent source as the clean animals.  God created each SEPARATE and just because they have similarities does not mean they are in the same family.

God commanded separation and FORBADE intermarriage.  TIME and the progressive depravity of man's perversion DO NOT CHANGE GOD'S DECREES.

RUN HANSEL AND GRETEL...!  She wants to fatten you up to eat you!  Don't be fooled by her smile and don't take her gingerbread—it's laced with poison and dung!

If these words sting... GOOD!  Either repent or "FILL YE UP THE FULL MEASURE OF GOD'S WRATH" as a tare sown in among the wheat, a vessel of wrath masquerading as a child of God.

I could be wrong, but I can't remember any passage in the Bible in which the prophets whom God sent gave back rubs or fluffed people's auras.

People should no more hire you to speak at their event than they should hire HILLARY!

There is no such thing as "JUDEO-Christian" values.  TALMUDISM has NOTHING to do with the Old Testament other than its SUBVERSION and the JEWS have nothing to do with the Israelites of the Bible, but are the Edomite-Canaanites who eventually replaced the true Israelites in the land by the very ASSIMILATION that you think is so wonderful.  Were your ancestors Jews?

Ridding the schools or government of "communists" will do nothing... the nation cannot stand if the FOUNDERS of CHRISTENDOM have been REPLACED with BABYLON.  God says nothing that can be construed as "converting" Babylon—but destroying it.  Babylon is not merely a government, but a melting pot of multiculturalism (and God did not "convert" the Ninevites, don't read into the Word of God what is not there and God does not call the end-time system "Babylon" without reason and the Babylonians will not be adopted into God's Family).

Christ said that a HOUSE a KINGDOM divided against itself cannot stand.  HE HAD NO INTENTION of the modern, corrupt notion of a melting pot, multicultural family or kingdom.  God commanded separation.  Christ commanded separation.  Anyone who thinks they see contradictions in the Word of God is CONFUSED because they look at the wind and the waves instead of Christ, and don't understand God; they don't understand His Nature or Being.  He is Immutable, Perfect, Holy.  Morality does not change.  Abominations don't change into wonderful assimilation that people get used to.  GOD WILL CLEANSE HIS HOUSE!  The only true Biblical method of interpretation is LOOKING FOR THE HARMONY and properly understanding subsequent Scripture in light of God's UNCHANGING WORD that is already established.  Those who "throw out" what God established each time they read something that they don't understand, and embrace what they think is a contradiction ARE FOOLS!