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It is possible that there is no discrepancy in the death.  Clearly if someone is bench pressing weight and has a heart attack and drops the weight it will crush his throat.  It is an ever-present thought to anyone who has a brain who lifts weights.  The issue at hand, of course, is whether the heart attack was natural or induced... or whether the heart attack was the result of having weight dropped on his throat, rather than a heart attack causing him to drop the weight and crush his throat.  Numerous movies have depicted thugs holding someone down on a bench press while someone else drops the weight on his throat.  Had there not been a trail of nearly 100 bodies back to Arkansas and were a certain person not ruthless and a liar, this may not raise an eyebrow.  It seems that there is more than one "Slick Willy" and there is more than one way to avoid a lawsuit.  It of course is always a sure thing if the one testifying against you suddenly dies.  Why is it that it was the person who was set to testify AGAINST Killary is the one who died?  Why is it never the other way around?  Why is it that someone set to testify ON HER BEHALF is not the one who died?  Is that also not mysterious?  Does anyone understand the laws of probabilities?

Also, consider the fact that it seems that Scripture prophecies that the antichrist will stage a "false return of Christ"... with various forms of mind control, drugs, paid actors, Hollywood pyrotechnics, etc., nearly anything is possible.  It is not necessary for the majority to see something... all that is required is for the majority to see others who seem credibly to believe what they say they saw.

I don't think all of these terrorist attacks over the past several years are "hoaxes".  Some clearly were.  However, others may have involved real carnage, but were masterminded by the corrupt government itself.  It is no mere coincidence when everything goes wrong just right for the enemy every single time.  RAB

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This U.N. Official Accidentally Crushed His Own Throat Right Before He Was Set To Testify Against Hillary Clinton

Mac Slavo
June 28th, 2016

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Call it conspiracy theory, coincidence or just bad luck, but any time someone is in a position to bring down Hillary Clinton by testifying they wind up dead. In fact, there’s a long history of Clinton-related body counts, with scores of people dying under mysterious circumstances.

Perhaps the most notable is Vince Foster. Foster was a partner at Clinton’s law firm and knew the inner workings of the Clinton Machine.  Police ruled that death a suicide, though it is often noted that Foster may have been suicided.

Now, another official has found himself on the wrong end of the Clintons. That John Ashe was a former President of the United Nations General Assembly highlights the fact that no one is safe once in their sights.

And as you might have guessed, there are major inconsistencies with Ashe’s death. It was not only conveniently timed because Ashe died just a few days before being set to testify against Clinton in a corruption case, but official reports indicated he died of a heart attack.

The problem, however, is that police on the scene reported Ashe died when his throat was crushed during a work-out accident.

The New York Post’s Page Six reported that after Ashe was found dead Wednesday, the U.N. claimed that he had died from a heart attack.Local police officers in Dobbs Ferry, New York, later disputed that claim, saying instead that he died from a workout accident that crushed his throat.

Adding to the mysterious nature of Ashe’s death was the fact that he had been slated to be in court Monday with his Chinese businessman co-defendant Ng Lap Seng, from whom he reportedly received over $1 billion in donations during his term as president of the U.N. General Assembly.

And then there was this: During the presidency of Bill Clinton, Seng illegally funneled several hundred thousand dollars to the Democrat National Committee.

Source: The Conservative Tribune via The Daily Sheeple

It must be coincidence, right?

If former Secret Service agent Gary Byrne is to be believed, this is business as usual for the Clintons.

Excerpt via Zero Hedge:

BYRNE: I feel so strongly that people need to know the real Hillary Clinton and how dangerous she is in her behavior. She is not a leader. She is not a leader.

SEAN: She does not have the temperament?

BYRNE: She doesn’t have the temperament. She didn’t have the temperament to handle the social office when she was First Lady, she does not have the temperament.

SEAN: She’s dishonest.

BYRNE: She’s dishonest, she habitually lies, anybody that can separate themselves from their politics and review her behavior over the past 15 years…

Byrne is the author of the newly published book Crisis Of Character – a first-hand Clinton exposé.

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Just like that young Mennonite missionary or whatever who was allegedly in two terrorist attack scenes, the Paris nightclub and an airport or something like that...? how can this be?  Does he have future-looking terrorist radar like storm chasers do to anticipate where a tornado might develop?  Seems unfathomable.

photo(video)grapher: Richard Gutjahr [German for "Goodyear"] wife (high ranking mossad agent): Einat Wilf


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In fact, it "happens" that Richard Gutjahr's wife, Einat Wilf, is an Israeli politician who served as a member of the Knesset for Independence and the Labor Party.


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