—Colleges - Football - and the Mental Disorder of Political Correctness

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Purdue removes traditional homecoming gender labels


I’m waiting to hear for the first high school or college to have the captain of the football team and the homecoming queen as the same person.

God send a pestilence!

I was looking at some college library sites and an actual college office and weblink of nearly every college is “Diversity, inclusion, and variety” or some other pukey title; and they all brandish slogans like “equal opportunity employer”.  They should have a slogan, “If we were any more diverse there would be no one to do the work or who understands English or actually understands the skills of the job!”

As far as football... with all the queers now, they should do away with the huddle since it promotes the possibility of sexual harassment against straight guys, and of course “touch back” has to go also; “touch down” seems also to be suspicious.

And of course calling the football a “pig skin” seems insensitive; cylindrical treated sus epithelials would be more scientific and culturally appropriate.  The term “pig skin” could also be a problem if some linebacker on the football team—who has never actually held a football and does not know how to catch or throw (but is called a “football player” nonetheless), but who is there merely “to be a wall”—might think it is a pork rind and try to eat it if someone hands it to him and says, “Here take this pig skin”.  He might think they are passing out snacks!

It’s pretty bad now when there is less immorality in the half-time show than in the game itself!

Purdue is the first college to “chicken out” concerning having a king and queen at the homecoming game.  Do they offer a major in spineless anatomy?  Maybe their new mascot should be a jellyfish, maybe an amoeba?  My stomach is turning as if I have dysentary just hearing of such abominable mental dysfunction in supposed institutions of higher learning.  Change learning to “yearning”.

It’s really not fair, however, to the “cheerleaders” or to the fans in the stands, or even to the coaches and referees, to not be able to play in the football game too.  Where is the “diversity, inclusion, and equality”...?  And why is the quarterback the only one allowed to throw the ball? (maybe if it was not called a “pig skin” he would not “hog it” so much); and why can’t he get points for throwing it to someone on the other team? —would that not make the other team feel more “welcome and included”...?

Libraries and colleges will have to stop using the words “patron” and “patriotic”—such words are overtly sexistly masculine and just dripping with insult... Matron and matriotic would be wrong, so “Unitron” and “Unitrotic” it is...!

And of course the New England Patriots, have to scrap the name “Patriots”... and the “New England” part of the name is also suspect; which seems to be a slight against England, suggesting that “the old” was not good enough; and the name England, well, England is no longer peopled by Angles—and Anglia, we are now told by the destroyers of Christendom, “is for everyone”: so "Unitopia" should be England’s new name, and so the New England Patriots can be the “Just as good as the old Unitopia Unitronics”...!

And of course, Indiana, home state of Purdue, needs to change its name... how insensitive.  But we won’t call it Native Americana because the Indians are not native to America either and since even if they were here before the modern wave of Europeans, redskins need to embrace diversity too!  Reservations and Casinoes are no longer just for redskins.  What’s good for the goose is good for the gander!  You can’t be “equal” and “special” at the same time!  You can’t have your bear grease and eat it too.

I hope I have offended everyone and not left anyone out, as I certainly want to be “diverse and inclusive” and offer “equality and variety” in my sarcastic aspursions.

This is a disgusting world.  It didn’t use to be like this.  Clearly civilization took too many left turns and is now lost and does not have enough gas to find its way back home.

God save Your people!