—Condamned if we do - Condamned if we don't... we're to blame for everything, and if we are not to blame, well, it's our fault we are not to blame, so we are still to blame... get it...?

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Condamned if we do — Condamned if we don’t... we’re to blame for everything, and if we are not to blame, well, it’s our fault we are not to blame, so we are still to blame... get it...?

Someone emailed me this email and link:

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My reply/comment:

The “left” tells boldface lies and people believe them because of the false sense of “professionalism” because of the accolades and honors and degrees that they have conferred upon one another.  The “experts” are only considered to be people with “degrees” and only if those persons kowtow to the politically correct “perversion of the day”.  France and other nations are known to “revoke” a scholar’s earned degrees if they dare mention belief in anything that contradicts the official position (for example, on the “Holocaust”).  These B.S.—and I don’t means Bachellor’s of Science—degrees are “proof” that they are “experts”; though others with the same degrees are not considered “experts” if they believe something contrary to what is the “politically correct agenda” (I guess some degrees, like forgotten cucumbers in the refrigerator, can “go bad”).  However, these “experts” often say the most vile, anti-intellectual, unprovable, invalid, and untrue things and yet fools who admire them believe them.  So  if Bill Clinton says that everyone of is mixed race... that no one is pure... I guess that makes it true.  He also said, “I did not have sex with that woman”.  Once a liar always a liar.  And where did Bill get his Ph.D. in Anthropology and Genetic Biology / DNA...?  He is an expert in nothing.  Why should anyone pay any more attention to what he says than to what the local crack whore rambles on about?  What then is the purpose of such a statement?  The only purpose is to deceive God’s people (the original and true peoples of Christendom, the only legitimate descendents of Biblical Isarel) to violate God’s Commands and intermarry with all other races and self-exterminate, self-genocide, commit national suicide (all based on a lie).  Bill’s statement is a genocidal international HATE CRIME.  I imagine that his next lies will be that everyone is really bisexual and everyone has herpes.  I remember a book that was written about 20 years ago that was claiming most white people are part black.  That is a pseudo-scientific hate crime, likewise, whose purpose is to get white people to bastardize their bloodlines thinking that their bloodlines are already polluted; so why not “settle” for a nice mongrel girlfriend / wife since it is so hard to find a good white one?  As Joel Hawes, Colonial preacher expressed, “Few people disparage a distinguished ancestry except those who have none of their own.”  According to George Carpozi, Jr.,*1 in his book, Clinton Confidential: The Climb to Power: The Unauthorized Biography of Bill and Hillary Clinton*2 (1995) both Bill and Hillary Clinton  are part Jewish and American Indian.  

[*1 respected author of over 76 books.

[*2 which went out-of print rather quickly for some reason, and was never reprinted.  I have a few copies, inquire.]


Other person emailed in reply.

Reminds me of my radio show appearance last week.  Whites are to blame for all the problems of the nonwhite world.  When I later pointed out that 80% of the nonwhite world would not even be alive if it were not for white technology, the host said it was all an accident of history and had nothing to do with race.  OK, I said, then all the bad things you also attribute to whites are accidents of history and have nothing to do with race.

[No reply.]

Clinton is regurgitating the “no such thing as the white race” meme.  OK, there is no white race.  So we need to immediately get rid of affirmative action, hiring preferences and anti-discrimination laws.  And also lifetime welfare in black areas.  Because, if race is illusory, then these other demographic groups posing as races are being unjustly enriched.  I’ve heard them reply that only whites are not a race—the other groups are.  This is all MENTAL KRAV MAGA (Jewish martial art.)


My reply/comment:

Yes, it is all B.S.; they hope that the sheeple will not hold them accountable for their words and demand that they defend their position with facts.  When an intellectual debate is accepted, as you showed, they have to dummy up (or resort to ad hominem attacks) because their position is untenable; their entire philosophy is built upon lies.  The illusion only works if everyone pretends it is real; the house of cards only stands if everyone holds their breath and refuses to believe otherwise.  They claim that “race” is merely a “social construct”.  Some genetic diseases must really be confused.  By the way, if there is no race, not only must they abolish all preferential laws, welfare, hiring, etc., but they must pay reparations for the many trillions of dollars that were unconstitutionally given to the “non-black blacks” and other “non-minority minorities” in the U.S. as well as unconstitutional foreign aid to “non-white non-white” nations.  Anything they say only generates confusion.  That is the point.  The schools have been dumbed down.  They expect people to simply believe whatever the “government” tells them because, “We are the ‘experts’.  See.  We have pieces of paper on the wall that other ‘experts’ have given us; and we have white lab coats, clip boards, and pens in our pocket.  What we say seems contradictory to the truth to you because, well because you are not experts like we are so you cannot possibly understand.  So just accept what we tell you and do what we say without question and save yourself any further embarassment”.

Way to stick it to him.  All that they can do when presented with the truth is...

1. go to a commercial break

2. call you a racist

3. change the subject

4. call you a racist

5. get mad and spout rhetoric

6. call you a racist

7. disconnect you and then claim to the audience that you hung up in a huff.

8. call you a racist

9. begin talking about something entirely unrelated and then pretend as if he disproved your point

10. call you a racist

—but of course, they never deal in fact; they never address the issue (for that would reveal the intellectual and moral bankruptcy of their position).  They can only deal in “pseudo-reality” and they can only maintain that by threat and brainwashing.

Furthermore, light-colored mongrels commit the majority of crimes that are blamed on white people.  The media, entertainment, and advertisers (and the government and their propaganda department called “education”) have been guilty for the past half century of slowly sticking pasty non-whites into scenes with white people to slowly desensitize white people into thinking that muddled-featured lighter mongrels are actually white.  These muddled-featured pasty mongrels eventually replaced nearly all whites (except a token or two—and then usually as mixed-racial couples) and then every flavor of nonwhite are added into the picture to brainwash the youth into thinking that it is “normal”; when it is an abomination and destruction of our people.

However, in reality, to the nonwhites, it is all people who are “white-looking” (based upon comparison to a black, not an actual white) who are the problem.  Therefore, in their minds, all people who are “white-looking” need to pay reparations / do pennance to “non-whites” (for all sorts of imaginary and fabricated “atrocities”*) through welfare, affirmative action, and an endless supply of free everything.  But again, if race is merely a “social construct” then all of that is delusion—especially if we are not talking about something that a specific individual W did to a specific individual B yesterday, but which less than 3% of the U.S. population did 150 years ago (and the majority of blacks here in the U.S. did not have ancestors here during the time of slavery and the majority of whites in the U.S. had no relatives who ever owned slaves).

[* —such as Colonialism, which gave blacks the only civilized society that they ever knew and built actual cities with infrastructure instead of mud huts and ox trails; which kept them from killing each other, provided education and medical care.  The price tag of this civilization was what is called “exploitation”—but civilization for anyone comes at a price.  The “exploitation” for all that they received was far less than what Americans are now taxed for living in their own country—which is their right, not a mere privilege.]

Where was that affirmative action when all the dark blacks started murdering all the lighter blacks (somewhere between 700,000 to over a million) in Uganda / Rwanda in 1994? —something that happened not too long ago... far-more recently than 150 years ago.  Something that entailed actual savage brutality and genocide; whereas, in slavery in the U.S., whites treated their black slaves far-better than blacks treat each other today or anciently.  The only whippings or lynchings (which were rare) were the result of heinous crimes—and whites whipped and lynched other whites for heinous crimes also.  Whites only received about 3% of the black slave trade world wide and whites were only involved in the slave trade for a few hundred years; while blacks, Turks, Jews, and Arabs carried out the slave trade for millennia before whites in Europe ever knew blacks existed.

[See: Some Collected Works of Earnest Sevier Cox; with extensive notes by Robert Alan Balaicius, illustrations added, and photos and brief biography of Cox, 232pp., pb., 18.50 + P&H.  See also: Who Brought The Slaves To America?, Walter White, compiled by Col. Jack Mohr, 30pp., 3.00 + P&H; The Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews, Volume 1, 334pp., pb., & Volume 2, 512pp., pb., by Nation of Islam, 20.00 EACH + P&H.]

Again, as you pointed out; we keep them from killing each other; we keep them from dying of disease (Albert Schweitzer BECAME a medical doctor for the sole purpose of going to help the blacks*1); we keep them from dying of starvation, drought, natural disaster—and yet we are still to blame...!  Are we the stupidest self-masochists in the history of the world or what...!  Yes, rebelling against what God commanded us makes us stupid.  He told us that He would send us profound delusion (and cowardice) if we turned from His Ways.  The only secular solution is that concluded in Ayn Rand’s excellent, Atlas Shrugged,*2 which itself is suggested by its title—and that solution in general is actually obeying what God commanded and being separate and not helping our enemies or those who hate the only true God and those who refuse to submit to us.  However, the only real solution is for us to repent of our sins before God; otherwise, we will continue to self-destruct.

[*1 And while he was home on furlough to recouperate he gave organ concerts performing the works of Bach (of which he was the greatest authority in his day) to raise money for his medical supplies to help the blacks.  See: On the Edge of the Primeval Forest (1922) & More From the Primeval Forest (1931) & From My African Notebook (1938) Albert Schweitzer, 426pp., 3 books in 1 pb., with Biographical introduction and photos added, 26.00 + P&H. [“More from the Primeval Forest” was also once printed as “The Forest Hospital at Lambarene”.] Very fascinating books, give glimpses into the courage and patience of this great man (his poor theology and misguided altruism notwithstanding), as well as glimpses into the minds and natures of those he tried to help. Including extra photos and biographical introduction added. 

—but why did the blacks need help if they are our equals?  [Why do they blame us instead of “suing ‘evolution’”?]  Why do they need help now? —in nearly every black nation?  Why after centuries of help and trillions of dollars are they no better?  Why when our nations absorb them do our nations suffer in every way and all the nations of Christendom are on the brink of destruction for absorbing the blacks and the entire Third World?  We, of course, are to blame, at least, that is what they claim.  Now the blacks in South Africa (who have not benefitted from the fall of white rule by the Black Messiah Mandela who promised them utopia) are even claiming that Mandela was a pawn of the white man.  However, other blacks who are honest openly admit life was better under the AWB (white rule) than under the ANC (African National Communists).

*2 over 1,000 pages; a powerful, hard-to-put-down philosophical novel against one class supporting all the rest.  Inquire as to editions, hb. quality pb., mass-market pb.  Rand was Jewish and she was Rothschild’s mistress and had some inside information.  Atlas Shrugged is one of the most powerful books I have ever read, she excells in the development of the characters, which you can almost see in your mind.  Atlas Shrugged is a riveting prophetic/pop philosophy novel about the Welfare State at its end when the producers rebel and refuse to support the world on the world’s terms. I highly recommend (though do not endorse her godless philosophy).]

The only rational answer to this entire problem... —shame on us!  The one thing that actually is our fault in relation to our dealings with the nonwhite world is helping the savages in any manner in the first place.

Christ commanded give not that which is holy to the dogs and cast not pearls before swine lest they turn and trample and rend you.  That is what has happened.  God commanded of alien peoples, peoples whom He had cursed: Seek not their peace or prosperity forever.  The only humanitarian aid that God sanctions is to our own people—if they are godly, moral, and upright.  If they are not godly, they are on their own: You reap what you sow.  Anything “humanitarian” aid to anyone else is homicide against our people, which is suicide.  The entire deck has been stacked against us; we keep getting dealt the losing hand, to the point that though we had been $10 million ahead we are now $20 trillion in the hole—and yet we are the bad guy.  Yet, the ones stacking the deck and pick pocketing us are the ones that need special programs to protect them from us!  It makes perfect sense (only if you don’t know the facts and if you don’t really think about it).