—Consequences of not having Christ as the Head of your Church

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When man begins to reap the consequences of his sin, he begins to consider obeying God.  People who have allergies or heart problems and go to a doctor are usually immediately given a sheet of paper telling them which foods to avoid—and topping the list are usually pork, shellfish, and fat (guess who first spoke about not eating these things...? —and it was not a suggestion).  When man gets in trouble, he begins to obey God without even realizing it. 

So also in this case of homo-militancy, hopefully Christians will begin to obey God—and HOPEFULLY they will obey Him consciously realizing that it is a matter of OBEDIENCE (not an option) and repent of their sins and ask forgiveness, and not merely consider it a change of actions as the result of mere circumstance; but the need for repentance to be delivered from the results of sin.

What is the answer for churches (aside from true Christians and true patriots standing up to the SEDITION and TREASON from within and without which is threatening the existence of freedom and life itself)...?

1. UNINCORPORTATE.  An incorporated church is a fictitious entity, whose head is NOT Christ, but the State.

2. CLOSE THE CHURCH DOORS.  The New Testament CLEARLY shows that the church is ONLY a place for the congregating of BELIEVERS—CONFIRMED BELIEVERS who SUBMIT to the church.  MEMBERSHIP ONLY is not a PUBLIC SERVICE.  Evangelism, according to the Scriptures, is to take place OUTSIDE the church and those who are converted first must submit to an examination council to confirm their conversion, and only after that, under their agreement that they will abide by the Laws of Christ, Old and New Testament—ONLY then are they granted entrance to the Church congregation.  If you were a prison counsellor, would you bring rapists and pedophiles home to live with you and your wife and children, while you try to "reform" them...?

3. The true church needs to divorce all the crap the false church has infected its mind with and for the first time READ THE BIBLE to see what GOD actually says, and then abide by it.


See below link, which had been forwarded to me by Pastor Robert McCurry, through his "The Wake-up Herald." Herbap@aol.com
Wake-up, Pastors! Wake-up, Christians!