—Corrupt Politicians - Time for a Weed Harvest “Round-up”

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What do you call it when sexual predators from both major American political parties are given access to a taxpayer funded multi-million dollar slush fund created for the purpose of sweeping instances of sexual assault and intimidation under the rug? ....


Your tax dollars endowing yet another ‘hush fund’


This (that which is revealed in the stories above) is abominable on many levels.

Since sexual advances, drunkeness, etc. are NOT PART OF A REPRESENTATIVE’s “job description”, any out of court payoffs or in court lawsuits should not be paid by the taxpayers, but by the politician who carried out criminal acts ex officio.  Politicians who do not expose this are guilty of not only fraud, but Grand Theft and corruption.

Furthermore, Thomas Jefferson said when a man assumes a public trust (office) he should consider himself public property.

Therefore, politicians do NOT have ANY right to privacy, and they CERTAINLY DO NOT have a right to hide their crimes from the people who elected them and pay their salaries!

Furthermore, a mere aid was paid a severance of an extra 5 months, a sum of $48,000—that means this AID, a mere AID is being paid $116,000 / year (and full benefits).

ALL government employees / politicians, so-called “Statesmen” (which we haven’t actually had for about 70 years) should be rounded up and given lie detector / truth serum interrogations, for ALL crimes, including acts of treason which they have committed while in office—and all politicians and their LIMITED NUMBER OF REASONABLY PAID AIDS should be given random, regular, surprise, drug tests, mental competency tests, and lie detector / truth serum interrogations (as I explain in another Rumination).

“Mandatory training” is just more government B.S. ...!  It will first require a gargantuan (“expensive”, Leftist) “think tank” commission and so-called “experts” deciding on what THEY (godless, immoral, atheist, Leftist evolutionists) think (“re-define”) is “appropriate behavior” in what was founded as a Christian society.  Then all politicians and government workers will be paid to take this “training” during which time they are producing NOTHING* for their employers.  Furthermore, a psychopath can “take a course” and get a “certificate of attendence” to “fulfil his obligation”—but that does not mean that anything that was taught was true, and that does not mean that anything that he heard he will put into practice.

[* It is a major assumption in itself, to assume that they EVER “produce” anything.  In truth, they merely feed off the tax-payer host as a parasite as a means of feeding their bloated egos and cause more problems than if they did not exist and the “problem” that they were trying to “solve” would have worked itself out much better had they never attempted to solve it.  As Thomas Jefferson said, “No government is better than bad [corrupt] government”.]

And of course these “experts” and the “commission” to “study” the issue will all be paid scads of taxpayer money to then “teach” things that they don’t even practice themselves, things that are not actually true in many cases, things that are merely continued Marxist, Freudian propaganda and things that don’t need to be taught and should not be taught.  People, especially POLITICIANS, most of whom are LAWYERS should not need to be “taught” what is inappropriate or illegal—if they have to be taught, then clearly they do not belong in society anywhere, let alone in “public” service (more properly, “self-service”).  If a politician steps out of line then he should be sued openly, no secret settlement—all costs coming out of HIS OWN pocket and then HIM serving the FULL PRISON SENTENCE.  THAT will stop corruption; not teaching bogus propaganda.

I think that all politicians should be rounded up, have all their assets seized, and have them all dumped in some remote uninhabited land to be named “Politonia”, and they can be the first contestants in the mother-of-all reality shows like “Naked Into the Wilderness”.  Let’s see how well they survive without their bodyguards, manicurists, hair stylists, chefs, dog-walkers, butlers, valets, maids and aids and personal planners, shoppers, and assistants.

Those politicians who do not stand up and expose and oppose the evils of all the corrupt politicians, are just as guilty.  It is a fraud to conceal a fraud.



Hundreds of military officials — including some of the highest-ranking brass in the Navy — are accused of helping a shadowy Asian merchant fleece Uncle Sam for tens of millions of dollars… and you probably haven’t heard a peep about it.


It’s called the “Fat Leonard” scandal, and the investigation into bribes and corruption is one of the biggest in U.S. military history.  The Navy has investigated 440 people, including 60 admirals, for possibly taking bribes in exchange for phony government contracts and sweetheart deals.

That means that the Navy suspects that up to one-third of all its admirals were on-the-take from a foreign agent.