—Culture or Kill-ture?

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Alien, antithetical, disparate, unrelated, diametrically opposite cultures, religions, and peoples do not “blend”.  The one that gives in dies.  DIVERSITY IS GENOCIDE of the people who have been “diversified”.  Diversity is our stench!  “Come out from among them [in captivity under judgment], touch not the unclean people and be ye separate”, God commanded, “and ye shall [continue to] be My sons and daughters”.  Those who do not obey God and come out and instead assimilate, breed themselves out of the family of God.  “Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness but rebuke them!”  “He who would be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.”  God’s Thoughts and Ways are not the thoughts and ways that corrupt humans have; but if you are truly of God, you will forsake your thoughts and ways and submit to Him and adopt His Thoughts and Ways as your own.  If you do not, either He is not your Father (and God Himself said, if ye sin and be without chastisement, ye are not sons but bastards”) or you are not an honorable son.  Christ commanded to His people, “Occupy till I come.”  You cannot obey that command if you are no longer His people, having assimilated with those who are not His people.  Babylon means, “confusion by mixing”.  Babylon shall be destroyed.