—Diapers and Evolution

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The new Amazon-like store called Jet had advertised on a home page:

"Many parents can't afford diapers: Learn how you can help."


My answer to this:

THEN THEY SHOULDN'T HAVE BABIES.  People on welfare have no right to reproduce.  That is a luxury of people who actually work and earn a living.  If they were not immoral thieves, they could afford diapers, if they did not selfishly spend their money on new cars, computers, flat screen t.v.s, cable, going out to movies, restaurants, buying food other than the necessities (beans, rice, potatoes, etc., that you cook yourself; not tv dinners, box meals, chips, candy, cereal, soda, etc.), cell phones, ipads, tablets, mp3 players, game-boys, stereos, riding mowers, air conditioners, going on vacations, playing the lottery, beer, tobacco, etc.  All those things are not God-given, Constitutional rights--they are luxuries rightfully enjoyed solely by those who earn a living.  They shouldn't have babies if they rely on robbing tax-payers to pay for their pre-natal, birthing, and post-birthing medical expenses and to then have the taxpayers pay for those babies through adulthood.  It is GRAND THEFT and subversion, the giving of our wealth and nation to another people, so that they can reproduce, outnumber, and then unconstitutionally outvote us in our own land.  Clearly, they are irresponsible, and have no right to have children and should be deported to their nation of origin and they can go back to living in mud huts and then they will learn that they can easily afford a cloth diaper and they will have plenty of time to wash the diaper by hand in a local mud hole without a computer or tv or cell phone to take up so much of their time.

If they weren't lazy, they would buy cloth diapers and soak them in bleach and wash them in soap and water like civilized people did for 2 centuries (and for millennia before that, before bleach was invented), until the modern irresponsible age of buying plastic diapers and throwing them in a landfill because they the majority of people are too lazy and irresponsible to be good stewards before God.

Do you buy a car if you can't afford gasoline? do you buy a dog or cat if you can't afford to feed it?  It really is amazing that people who believe in evolution violate left and right the foundational principle of their religion: "survival of the fittest".  Likewise, hating God, they help those not fit to survive, to survive in violation of God's Law of the harvest ("you reap what you sow"; those who sow nothing by God's Law, will reap nothing, and die out). 

The rules for helping those in need, according to Scripture, are not indiscriminate.  Only those BELIEVERS who live godly lives, who have been faithful in church, are deserving of help.  This is the "Divine insurance policy" practiced traditionally for centuries by the Amish, Mennonites, Dutch Boers of South Africa, and other God-fearing folk.  The "down payment" and "monthly premiums" are paid by faithfully chipping in and helping all other godly kinsmen in the community when they are in need.  If the down payment and premiums are never paid, then when tragedy strikes, he is not to be helped.  You reap what you sow--GOD WILL NOT BE MOCKED.  In such a situation God is seeing to it that such a base individual reaps what he has sown (nothing good).  To help him (without any signs of his true repentance, and an appropriate amount of time for him to demonstrate real fruit) is a sin against God.

Those who live godlessly, who not only have not been faithful in the church-community and who have not been faithful in helping other kinsmen-believers who may be in need (who qualify for help)... do NOT qualify for help.  Such persons probably never go to church (or if they do, it is to a "feel-good" church and they sleep through the aura-fluffing sermonette-lite, plunk a tiny token of a donation in the plate, sing a hymn, and think that they are spiritual and God is delighted in them)... such are not worthy of help and it is a violation of God's Word to help them.  How will they ever learn without hardship, if they neglect to learn in the midst of blessings?

Not only are kinsmen-believers who live godlessly disqualified from receiving help from the church and brethren, but so are all aliens from whom God commanded us to be separate and to not seek their peace or prosperity FOREVER.  God NEVER commanded us to "build our enemies up" so that they could then destroy us.  He commanded the very opposite.  They have their gods—let their gods deliver them from their troubles (whether flood, famine, tribal warfare, or not being able to afford diapers).  Let the world take care of its own.  It is COMMUNISM to tax everyone to pay for those unfit to live so that they can continue to breed more of the themselves.  There are plenty of communist nations, let those who like that form of government PICK ONE AND MOVE TO IT.  I refuse to participate in communism and I never will give my consent to be so ruled or to support such evil.

Furthermore, if the corrupt government elite did not rob the people of their hard-earned money--which is theirs and no one elses--then the poorest of our kinsmen could afford diapers; especially if they did not frivolously waste their money on luxuries, foolishly thinking those things are necessities.  Here's a hint: If our ancestors lived without certain things for centuries, milliennia, THEY ARE NOT NECESSITIES.  While life is CERTAINLY a lot more pleasant, and easy, and comfortable with many of the inventions of modern society, they are not necessities, but luxuries and if someone wants either necessities or luxuries it is his responsibility to WORK HIS BUTT OFF so that he and his family can have them.  I've put in 80 to 90 hour weeks for the past 28 years (while also observing the Sabbath, but still serving God by writing and research and preaching and teaching).  Most anyone who is a success has done the same thing or close to it.  Those who become successful in bettering themselves don't work a mere 40-hour week and watch tv and play the rest of the time--and those who work only 40 hours a week or who don't work at all have no excuse and deserve no sympathy.

The Welfare State has one purpose: to destroy Christendom and steal it and give it to our enemies.

Finally, if some of the antichrist aliens unlawfully among us would take the diapers off their heads and put them on their babies, then indeed they could afford diapers and if they would have fewer babies, there would be more diapers to go around.