—DMSO & MSM / Organic Sulfur - MSM may be one of the most important nutrients for the entire body, detoxing from chemical bombardment / GMOs - cellular health / oxygenation / energy / fighting & preventing cancer, disease - but not all MSM is the same

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DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfoxide) and MSM (Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane) are chemically related.


See the books (available from me)

The Persecuted Drug: The Story of DMSO (1979), Pat McGrady, Sr., m-m pb. 312p. out of print, important book; exposes corruption of FDA; good used copies, pb. 15.00 + P&H; Hb. 20.00 + P&H.

DMSO: Nature’s Healer, Morton Walker, D.P.M., 352pp., pb., 16.00 + P&H. DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfoxide) is a natural by-product of the paper industry, which has incredible healing properties (bruises, broken bones, cancer, and hundreds of others); it is used on million dollar race horses, but outlawed by FDA for humans.  However, the product is cheap and easily found.  This book is a must for homesteaders and people who don’t buy into the AMA doctor-god syndrome, running to a doctor and trusting him with his life, hanging on his every word.

You can get DMSO, pure liquid, on Amazon for around $1/ounce, and an 8oz bottle will last for years (it doesn't go bad, so buy a few bottles in case it is ever taken off the market and as price will continue to rise, or of course if it is a product Amazon itself stocks shipping will be free on $25 or over of any product Amazon stocks).  It will solidify or freeze around 65 degrees or so, but that does not effect it (and if it does freeze and you need to use it, just hold the bottle in your hand for a moment and that will melt enough to use).  You can also cut DMSO with pure water if it is too hot for where you use it... tough skin like elbow, ankle, knee, wrist, will only lightly tingle full strength... but on neck or shoulders it can be intense hot/prickly--and if you forget and rub it on you will be in pain for several hours (depending on how much you used and how long you were rubbing it on)... so never rub it on.  They do make some DMSO creams that can be rubbed on, but I believe the DMSO level in them is small and of course the cream can only be used like a liniment and cannot be used for the wide range of applications that are possible and being weaker it is not as effective.

The best method is to have a 1 ounce glass dropper bottle and carefully transfer an ounce into that bottle from the 8 ounce bottle you purchase.  Then you store the 8oz bottle somewhere safe, cap on tightly.  You use the 1 oz dropper bottle as needed (--and label it well and keep both out of reach of young children).  That way there is never any chance of spilling, wasting, or contaminating the main bottle.

You only use the tiniest amount. Clean the area with soap and water and rinse well to get all soap residue off... any chemical or poison you just happen to have on your skin will go into your bloodstream (such as, if you just used bug spray or some chemical solvent while working on your car, had just used pesticides or herbicides if farming, if you use those poisons, just used Drano or some bathroom cleaner, etc.--wash your hands and the area to which it is to be applied and keep the area clean until it has all absorbed and then wash the area with soap and water to remove any residual... if your clothing is not cotton and is not color fast, you could have dye and other ingredients absorbed, so let the area air dry but keep clean, or cover/wrap with a pure white cotton dish towel, ace bandage, white cotton sock, etc.) 

You do not rub DMSO on, that will terribly burn the skin due to friction (it varies depending upon where the skin is.  Tough skin like wrist and front of the knee, outside of elbow would not hurt as much, tender skin like neck, shoulders, back of the knee, inside elbow, etc. will blister)... you use a dropped and apply a few drops and genty dab in, or use a q-tip and gently roll the Q-tip around squeezing out and rolling out the liquid... using a cotton ball or tissue will be wasteful as most will be absorbed by the cotton or tissue.

if applied soon enough to an injury, you will not get a bruise, lowers swelling from a sprain or even fracture (of course, it will not set a broken bone, but it helps with healing).  In experiments they crushed the spines of rabbits (I know, poor bunny, that's not the point)... normally paralysis would set in and they would die soon after a crushed spine... they applied DMSO immediately after crushing their spines and the rabbits (though with broken spines) never even showed signs of paralysis.

I've used it for 30 years... it is used on million-dollar race horses, it is a by-product of the wood-paper pulp industry and is a chemical solvent, so only buy the pure grade.  It is "not approved for human use" read Grady's book above to understand the politics... it won't be approved for human use because it is inexpensive and works and doctors/drug companies can't make money off it; actually approving it for human use would be a BAD thing, because then the govt would regulate it and the price would be 50x higher and you would need a prescription probably.  I've killed plantar's warts with it, using a drop of DMSO and a drop of compound W (which is basically aspirin, if I remember correctly) a few times a day for a week, it took the C-W deep down into the tissue to the root and killed it there, rather than C-W itself only killing the surface layer and never getting to the root of a plantar.  Of course, there was a chance of the Compound-W doing something in my bloodstream, but it is basically aspirin so I took the chance.

The uses are as limitless as your imagination. 

However, in most cases it is not advised internally, except in the very smallest amount.  Mild nausea may be a side effect, even used externally, especially if you use too much; but a little food in the stomach can fix that.  Also, it will cause some body odor, bad breath, compared to garlic or oysters (depending on how much and for how long a period of time that you use it).

Someone with skin cancer or tumor might consider crushing a garlic clove, vit c, baking soda and tiny bit of maple syrup, cayenne, turmeric, juice/sap from osage orange, cinnamon, etc., or even powerful antimicrobial essential oils (1 drop) such as oregano, and mix with DMSO and apply.  Of course, I would start with small amount to see how the body reacts.  Unless you believe in conventional medicine, and if so, why are you reading this instead of making an appointment with your doctor?



It needs to be realized that pure 100% straight elemental sulfur is toxic / deadly to the body, that is why MSM (Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane) is the sulfur that is needed for use as a supplement.  You can't just buy any type of sulfur, like from a farm / fertilizer store; that form is toxic.

[Also, too much petro-chemical sulfur (reportedly) is toxic to the soil and can ruin the soil permanently, if I remember correctly, so it is best to test your soil and only add an appropriate amount and then only an organic source from an organic supplier such as Peaceful Valley out of California or maybe Mellingers out of Penna., if one cannot find what is organically recommended agriculturally locally.]

Reportedly most brands of MSM are heated so high in processing that then end product is basically inert.  Also, reportedly, most MSM in capsules is not as effective (even if it is a good brand) because often they add silica (Silicon dioxide) or other minerals as free flowing agenta so the encapsulating machine do not cake up, and then when ingested the MSM absorbs the silica or other agents, rather than toxins and heavy metals in your body that you want it to absorb.  Therefore, the MSM should have no other ingredient in it other than MSM.

MSM / organic sulfur works like chelation therapy does, because of its molecular structure it readily bonds with most other chemicals; and thus removes heavy metals and other toxins from the body (reportedly, about the only thing it does not bind to is iodine, which is probably a good thing, see: http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2013/06/29/iodine-deficiency-risk.aspx).  MSM oxygenates and cleanses on a cellular level.  It can help remove all the poisons that we are being bombarded with (see also the article I offer on boron / borax).

However, because MSM works as a chelating agent, it should be taken at least 30 minutes before or after any medication or vitamin/mineral/supplement, otherwise, it will simply absorb your medication / vitamin / mineral and you will not benefit much from the MSM or your medication / supplements.  That would be sort of like setting out a mouse trap with a dead mouse already in it.  You want to catch new mice to get rid of them.  MSM can be taken with food, but its maximum benefit will be if taken on an empty stomach, 1/2 hour before eating anything in the morning, and then again in the afternoon several hours after a meal.  However, it is not essential that it is taken on an empty stomach; but you will get the maximum benefit from it in that way.


The same protocol applies to using psyllium fiber (which you should*), bentonite clay, activated charcoal, etc.; all these things absorb whatever is around them, so any medications / supplements you take should be taken 1/2 later or before any such products that absorb.

[* Our food is fiber depleted and fiber keeps the bowel moist and moving and absorbs toxins, excess oil/fat, sugar.  I take fiber with every meal/snack and I take double the fiber with an excessively oily/greasy (like beef sausage or fried chicken or any meal that had a lot of oil) or high carb (such as pasta) or high sugar (a desert or snack).  The psyllium helps absorb some of the carbs, oils, sugars.  A Tablespoon of apple cider vinegar after a meal/desert/snack that had sugar will also help prevent the absorption of all the sugar (but after drinking any vinegar or eating a salad with vinegar, you need to rinse your mouth or drink something to get the vinegar off your teeth which will eat the enamel off; but xylitol [see my article on Xylitol] can help remineralize and recalicify the bones and teeth).  The majority of people on the modern, processed, fiber-denuded diet are constipated and do not know it.  Constipation is also the result of dehydration and most people are dehydrated and do not know it.  It is inconvenient to go to the bathroom 10-20 times in 24 hour period, even getting up out of bed, but that is the price of good health.  One should drink 1 or 2 cups of water upon rising in the morning (thus, taking the MSM when one first gets up is the best way to start the day), to replenish the organs, as much of the water will have settled out due to laying down and inactivity as you slept during the night.  Water is important for bringing nutrients into each cell of the body, and to carry waste out of each cell of the body.  This cannot be done if you are dehydrated and if you don't drink close to the proper amount of water (not soda, not coffee, not tea, not juice, not beer, but pure water) a day, you are probably dehydrated.  Drinking proper water also helps maintain weight: Weight gain is sometimes the result, partially, of dehydration, and lack of fiber, as more food is absorbed the longer it stays in you.  Also, some believe all disease begins in the colon.  The intenstines are the sewer system of your body.  The longer waste remains in it, your body begins to reabsorb not only the fluid (causing constipation, which fiber prevents, because it retains fluid in the fiber and keeps the stool soft and keeps it moving)... and as your body reabsorbs water from the colon/large intestine, it can reabsorb toxins, and those toxins that remain in the colon/L.I. can also attach and begin to cause disease.  drinking water regularly throughout the day, and taking fiber (which also helps make you feel full so you don't feel the need to eat all the time when you do not need to) will help keep your body hydrated and the waste system doing what it is supposed to do in a timely fashion.] 

Herxheimer reflex / reaction - yeast / pathogen die-off; toxin dumping

When someone starts taking the MSM/sulfur, you may experience a little fuzzy feeling, flu-like symptom, allergy, general malaise--depending on how full your body is of toxins; or you may experience nothing; this is called the Herxheimer reflex or syndrome and is your body's responding the the die off and short-term dumping of pathogens/toxins... the solution is to drink more water (and even with psyllium fiber 30 min. after taking the sulfur)... and this will help prevent and/or recover from the short term Herxheimer reflex which is only in the beginning of any detox program... the initial massive dumping of toxins until they are eliminated, then the ongoing detox is much more gentle because it will be going after the older toxins deposited deeply in the tissue, rather than the greater amount that are first dumped.  If a person really feels bad, then bentonite clay or activated charcoal might be something to consider taking to help sponge up all the toxins.

It is good to drink half your body weight in ounces of water each day; thus, if you weigh 200 lbs., you should drink 100 ounces of water a day. (There 128 ounces in a gallon and 8 ounces in a cup.)


Some have reported constipation if they take it twice a day, so a dose of psyllium fiber in between MSM doses might be a good idea.


MSM / organic sulfur (the S in MSM is the chemical abbreviation for Sulfur) only stays within your body for about 12 hours; so ideally, it should be supplemented twice a day; however, because it powerfully oxgenates the cells, it should not be taken too close to bedtime as it can interfere with sleep because the oxygenation energizes you and can keep you awake.  Each person may be a little different, but I don't take anything that is a blood oxygenator/brain stimulant within 5 or 6 hours before bed (thus, no CoQ10, Ginkgo, adrenal glandulars, iron, MSM, Ginseng, etc.)


Sulfur is naturally occuring in organic eggs (chickens not raised naturally, in poor health, with antibiotics and hormones, etc., produce inferior eggs), fish (not from a "farm") and organic grass-fed beef.  Broccoli and broccoli sprouts and other cabbage-family veggies (kale, Kolrabi, brussel sprouts), onions (the powerful tear-causing vapours are sulfuric acid), garlic  all have sulfur and that is one of the reasons they have been noted to help fight cancer and other disease.


Recommended Dosage: (There are 453 grams in a lb.  1 lb. of MSM is about 28.3 days supply at recommended dose for a 200-lb. person)

1 teaspoon (4 grams) for every 100 lbs., of body weight / twice a day.  Thus, if a person weighs 150 lbs., 1 and 1/2 teaspoons twice a day. 

(If you take less than the recommended dose you will still benefit, and taking less is better than taking none; but if you really need to detox, if you have not done any internal cleanses and don't follow the best diet, it would be good to take AT LEAST the recommended dose for at least a month, ideally 3 months, before dropping back to a half dose or twice a day or a full dose one a day if your budget cannot afford the recommended dose.  You can take a larger dose and you can take it more frequently.  If you have serious health issues or have been subjected to a lot of toxins in the air, food, workplace, chemtrails, vaccines, or are fighting illness or injury, your body may need even more.)

MSM can be used topically, you can brush your teeth and gums with it, you can even use a nebulizer to get micro amounts into your breathing passage and lungs to clean them out / detox.


A larger dose or more frequent doses may be constipating, so monitor your body's signals and if that is the case, then try taking some psyllium/fiber 1/2 after your MSM.


It can also be mixed into creams and salves for topical use.



Some others who promote MSM and sell it make the following claims

MSM FLOODS OXYGEN INTO YOUR CELLS FOR INCREASED ENERGY, GREATER STAMINA, PROTECTION FROM CHEMTRAILS & FUKUSHIMA RADIATION- ASSISTS IN ADDRESSING NUMEROUS CONDITIONS DISCUSSED BELOW:   When you ponder the huge list of medical conditions (see below) that are alleviated entirely, or greatly improved by simply drinking a couple of glasses of sulfur water per day, its not hard to understand the reason why Big Pharma deliberately broke the sulfur cycle back in the 40s and 50s.   They did this by encouraging the USDA and international equivalents to go to the farmers and say: "You'll make more money and have increased crop yields if you stop using manure as fertilizer, and switch instead to synthetic, petroleum based fertilizer." [Thus, poisoning the soil, enriching Rockefeller, and causing waste build up that has to be removed some other way.]   (Manure breaks down, putting sulfur into the soil, and they realized that if they could keep sulfur OUT of the soil, they could trigger a huge rise in literally EVERY KIND of degenerative disease, especially CANCER!)   Have a look at this long list of medical conditions? Are you currently taking medication to address any of them? If so, you are being ROBBED!! Great things happen when you reestablish the sulfur cycle in your body allowing proper oxygen transport to the cells, which pushes the toxins out!

    Skin Condition: especially acne, psoriasis, rosacea (red skin splotches), liver spots, and disorders associated with Lupus Erythematosus have been greatly reduced or eliminated. With mild rosacea and acne, sometimes in as little as two weeks! Fine lines, wrinkles, and crows feet disappear! Skin tone, color, softness, pliability and appearance improve after 6 - 8 months of taking this organic sulfur according to the established guidelines.

    Allergies, Asthma, and Emphysema: some people with more serious conditions stopped depending on the bottled oxygen they had been toting around! (When combined with dietary changes that kill candida and re-establish healthy gut flora (see info at) most mild and moderate cases reported 100% resolution for allergies and asthma!)

    Addictions and Food Cravings: Detoxification and reduction of addictions cravings and food cravings appears to be accelerated and reduced when people are maintaining abstinence from addictive substances and junk food. We have reports that the detoxifying phase of recovery is shorter and less intense. Ingesting sulfur also helps speed your metabolism, enabling you to exercise more with better stamina, so stock up on sulfur- and get into the gym, or on that bike, or out there walking or running! Spring is here, and you'll fit into that bathing suit much better this summer if you get moving now with sulfur!

    Autism: 26 parents have placed their children and young adults on organic sulfur. In 15 of those cases the parents report noticeable improvement. In two cases there was dramatic improvement. The reported results varied. One parent reported their child was now enrolled for regular school. Two parents reported their child was now talking and participating in their environment. There is still too little information to make any solid reports on this.  But it is cheap and easy enough to experiment with yourself.  Remove some of the mercury and other toxin build up from the vaccines and improvement, to one degree or another, is certainly possible.

    Cancer and Chemotherapy: Study members undergoing cancer treatment who took 40 - 60 g of Organic Sulfur (3 - 4 tablespoons) twice a day had no nausea, diarrhea, or hair loss during chemotherapy. There was also a surprisingly noticeable reduction of cancer cell counts as reported by their oncologists. (I don't recommend chemotherapy or radiation, cancer can't live in the presence of oxygen. I'll probably never get cancer due to all the sulfur I drink, but if anyone I knew had cancer, I'd recommend they drink 3-4 tablespoons of sulfur twice a day, while also using other bioxidative treatments, and taking other supplements such as megadoses of vitamin C for enhanced immunity.     Hep C / HIV: One person regenerated his liver to a healthy state after 25 years of Hepatitis C with only this specific Organic Sulfur (eighteen months of two table-spoons of organic sulfur twice a day). About a dozen people report blood analyses improving after about a year. Three people report the dark-skin of legs from Hep C going away within two weeks. Please remember that results vary. . Other bioxidative treatments including ozone work great also for deactivating Hep C.

    Constipation/Digestion People consistently report constipation is reduced and digestion improves in response to Organic Sulfur. Rates of improvement vary.

    Lymphomas appear to consistently reduce in response to Organic Sulfur—both in the associated pain and in decreased size of tumors. Several cases of cervical, breast, and prostate cancer have been resolved without any medical involvement (sometimes in two weeks).People with cancer should ingest 2-3 tablespoons of sulfur 3x per day.

    Diabetics are noticeably helped because bio-cellular organic sulfur is essential for the management and production of insulin and sulfur-based amino acids, which are necessary for the metabolism of carbohydrates. All those interviewed (about 35 people) reported less dependance on insulin and several reported weight loss.

    Arthritis: All types of arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis, with long-term use of Organic Sulfur, report much less pain and dramatically increased mobility. Many customers reported the straightening of finger joints and the reduction of internal scar tissue around the joints.

    Kidney Stones: one study member reported passing small kidney stones with no pain at all, and only a very mild physical discomfort that lasted one or two minutes. (All pain is caused by the absence of oxygen. A neighbor was able to stop using dangerous, liver destroying pain killing drugs like Vicodin by getting on a regular program of drinking sulfur water.

    Heart and Heart Surgical Procedures: 54 cases of scheduled surgery were cancelled when the individual's EKG returned to normal within as little as six weeks of ingesting Organic Sulfur in a fairly high dose twice a day. About 45 participants reported other heart conditions like murmurs, flutters, palpitations, and erratic heart beat being reduced or eliminated.

    Blood Conditions and High Pressure: All study members, who participated over the long term, report high blood pressure returning to normal (over 200 cases), the breakdown of calcium plaque in the arteries, and on their own decision, eventually going off all related medication.  Blood conditions like 'black blood' or 'sticky blood' were resolved in 6 - 7 months. Regarding Live Blood Analysis: several members report going from poor to very good results (top 10%) in 3 to 6 months of drinking sulfur.

     Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: About 50 people with CFS or mild, chronic lethargy report significant improvement in alertness, motivation, energy, and general health.

    Chemical Sensitivities: Extreme or complex chemical sensitivities, sometimes referred to as environmental illness—being allergic to or having a strong, sensitive reaction to many things: perfume, pets, soaps, many foods, spices, fabrics and lotions all at the same time. It’s onset is mysterious and most probably the result of long-term bombardment of these allergins, combined with other stressors and crops raised in mineral depleted, petro-chemical toxic soils, chemicals and pollution in the air, water, food, vaccines from decades earlier (and flu shots) and dozens of other things that all create the perfect storm and cluster of a problem which jointly work to weaken the immune system, which can no longer fight everything off, and allergies or sensitivities develop, as well as more serious health problems, degenerative, disease, etc.

  Clear CAW (Willard Water) and organic sulfur have, in about a dozen cases, been reported to noticeably reduce or eliminate these. Recovery is slow and gradual due to complex cell repair and immune system healing. For this, follow carefully the Acclimatization Process. No one thus far, over 2,000 participants, is allergic to organic sulfur. It is NOT related to 'sulfa" drugs.   This is not to say that some people may not have a reaction, even if that reaction is Herxheimer's or the pathogen die off and toxic stir up until the body removes it.  If such symptoms occur, drink more water; cut back the dosage on the second dose.  Everyone's body is different and no one can know how to fine tune supplementation (or diet) better than each person himself.

    Menstruation and Menopause: Over 90% of the women interviewed have reported fewer cramps, less PMS, and general reduction of discomfort during menstruation. About four dozen women experiencing menopause and perimenopause report life was noticeably more pleasant with fewer and much less intense symptoms. In over a dozen reports, including thyroid conditions , hormonal imbalances were gradually eliminated. In many cases all prescription medication was discontinued (at the member’s own initiative). In four cases women in early menopause reported feeling much younger, less "stressed", and began to menstruate again with little discomfort.

    Toxin Removal and Chelation: One specific purpose of organic sulfur, through the enhancement of amino acid production, is detoxification and chelation of toxins and heavy metals, i.e. individual cellular health. This is especially true for organ and brain detoxification. It appears to be the most effective of the various methods the director has encountered. About 70 participants report going from moderate or severe heavy-metal toxification to negligible after 12—15 months. They was on no other protocol. The cellular oxygen-nutrient transfer protocol and amino acid production associated with organic sulfur are the basis for this natural, gentle detoxifying process. It appears to be safer, less intrusive, and less expensive than other chelation protocols.

  Many of my customers have variously reported going off anti-depressant medications, canceling surgical procedures, general pain reduction, more energy, clearer thinking, increased sense of well-being, dramatically improved skin tone, skin texture, and color, the reduction of skin wrinkles in the face, and the reduction of skin wrinkles in the face, and the gradual reduction of facial and body scars (after 2 - 3 years use, scar reduction is the acid test for MSM, only the best sulfur will reduce scars to the point where they almost disappear.). Many members with grey and white hair report their hair darkening or returning to natural color, and skin liver spots diminishing.  Note: About ten participants report that tattoos will noticeably fade after a year or so. The body "interprets" the tattoo ink as a foreign toxin and will detox itself from it.

Organic Sulfur is a food that the body requires on a daily basis to be healthy. Because of chemical fertilizers, preservatives, and processing, the food available today does not provide the quantity of bio-available sulfur our body needs to be fully healthy. MSM products sold through retail outlets or other on-line sites have demonstrated less effect, we believe because of processing and additives.   With the world ruling elite making a concerted effort to cull the human herd via chemtrail spraying, theres no better way to detoxify ourselves than by ingesting sulfur! It pulls all the heavy metals being sprayed on us out of our bodies! Sulfur is a reactive element containing 16 electrons and protons in its outer shell. About the only thing it won't combine with is iodine. We're being sprayed with billions of tons of aluminum oxide that is causing a huge rise in Alzheimers. We're being sprayed with barium, strontium, arsenic, and other heavy metals that are causing a huge rise in Cancer! Protect yourself by drinking sulfur twice a day!



Organic sulfur/MSM. When it comes to ensuring that the liver is operating at its full detoxification capacity, there is perhaps no nutrient more powerful than organic sulfur, which is also known as methylsulfonylmethane (MSM). A critical component in detoxification, energy production, cell oxygenation, and immune capacity, organic sulfur has gained "near miracle" status among many health professionals who now recognize how a lack of this vital nutrient can encourage toxic buildup within the body. (http://www.naturalnews.com/026797_sulfur_organic.html)

Organic sulfur used to be present throughout the food supply before the days of GMOs, petrochemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, and other "modern" agricultural interventions -- but today, it is severely lacking throughout the food supply.  Supplementing with MSM sulfur crystals will help repair your malfunctioning cells, restore healthy oxygen transport, and ultimately facilitate a systemic detoxification process that will encourage the elimination of GMO remnants from your system. 



Sulfur is the Missing Link for Good Health

Sulfur is critical for good health.

We don’t get much in our diet due to modern farming methods and depleted soil.

Sulfur is instrumental in keeping eyes free of cataracts. 

[L-Taurine, Lutein, and Vitamin a / beta caratene are also important for eye health. note mine.  RAB]

In healthy people sulfur and oxygen are present in every cell; oxygen-rich cells make it very difficult for viruses to colonize.

One of Sulfur's functions is the transporting of oxygen into cells for use in the mitrochondria, the cellular furnace in which food is burned for energy.  Without sulfur cells cannot produce the energy needed for a person to thrive. If you are feeling tired and run down, you are probably very low on sulfur.

[It may stand to reason that unwanted weight gain is partially due to sulfur deficiency, the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell and if it cannot efficiently burn food for energy, it is stored as fat; and thus, like a car running on only half the cylinders, you will be sluggish and therefore sulfur deficiency may also be partly responsible for lowered metabolism.  However, eating too much, eating the wrong type of foods, at the wrong time, and not getting enough physical exercise cannot be discounted, and as the old saying goes, "the whole is more than the mere sum of its parts." note mine.  RAB]

Sulfur also makes cell walls more permeable so nutrients can flow in and waste products out.

Sulfur and its oxygenation is important in cancer prevention and fighting.  Dr. Otto Warburg, a 1931 Nobel Prize winner noted that, “cancer ... [has] only one prime cause.  ... the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar.”  ...cancer cells proliferate in an environment where the cells produce energy without oxygen and one of the byproducts is a build-up lactic acid.  A mountain of research has shown that tumor cells use lactic acid for food with which to grow.

[Cancer also feeds off sugar.  Sugar should be entirely removed from the diet if you are fighting cancer; the only sugar in such cases should be Xylitol (which is also anti-bacterial, and much research shows cancer is a fungus), but in small amounts.  Lactic acid is released by the muscles in exercise and residual muscle soreness or stiffness is partially the result of the lactic acid.  Gently stretching after strenuous labor or a workout helps squeeze the lactic acid out of the muscles to be eliminated.  Exercise also works as a natural form of chelation (the most popular being intravenous EDTA chelation which in a 3 hour or so process removes all the heavy metals/minerals from the organs where they have built up; but this form of chelation can only be done by someone with healthy kidneys, and it does take a few dozen treatments, nor more than 1 a day, to rejuvenate the body; fluids must be continually drunk to keep the kidneys flushing all the toxins, and after the treatment, organic minerals need be resupplemented.  There are some forms of oral chelation, but most do not work.  Regardless exercise works like chelation because lactic acid is also a chelating agent.  Chelation comes from the Greek word for a crab's pincer.   A chelating agent is something that grabs on to something else.  EDTA and lactic acid grab on to heavy metals.  However, it has to be done properly, and then flushed, for though it may grab on, both have to be flushed from the cells or the problem is still there; and maybe the crab dies and lets go; or whether it dies and lets go is immaterial if it is a toxin that is still within the body.  Exercise and then stretching help remove these heavy metals (lead, arsenic, mercury, aluminum, etc.--from vaccines, dental fillings, anti-perspirants, baked goods, etc.) from the body and stretching afterwards helps a little bit more.  This is why athletes or people who work physical jobs are often healthier; that is if they do not abuse drugs or alcohol, or use tobacco; exercise and physical work also release stress, keep metabolism high, allow you to absorb a healthy amount of sunlight daily, etc.  note mine.  I believe what the article is mentioning about lactic acid, is similar to the same thing about energy/fuel/food; if there is too much "free" or loosely available fuel or lactic acid, it is stored rather than used; and when too much of something is stored, it fills the storeroom and then begins to even flow out of it into other areas where it does not belong.  Exercise utilizes and eliminates excess fuel/lactic acid so it can be eliminated, rather than stored.  In this article, maybe it is like all the lactic acid being stored in a storage room, but getting so full it begins to flood the air conditioning ducts. MSM may also help clean up excess lactic acid?  Note mine.  RAB]

Sulfur plays a key role in the prevention and recovery of many diseases; sulfur plays a key role in cell regeneration.

Sulfur significantly lowers or eliminates the need for taking insulin and blood pressure medication, and can even reverse osteoporosis.

[Xylitol can also help prevent and reverse osteoporosis, by helping to remineralize and recalcify the bones and teeth.  Note mine. ]

Sulfur is important for flexibility and health of muscles, joints, cartilage, tendons, blood vessels, nails, and skin (helping prevent and soften wrinkles).

Neuroplasticity, Memory, learning, mood, Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, Chronic headaches and migraines, circulation, liver detoxification (including from pharma drugs) are all effected by sulfur and its oxygenation.

The most popular sulfur supplement is MSM, which is usually a version of sulfur that has been processed as capsules or loose powder.  But this is not recommended due to the fact that much of its potency is compromised during the processing.