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People need to realize that DNA testing cannot be trusted.  It is in the hands of the same Talmudic people as the vaccines and other drugs and medical procedures (and the same people who control our government, the media, entertainment, education, the legal profession, etc.).  Do you trust them?  Have you studied the vaccination issue?  Do you trust the AMA / FDA / CDC?  They are multi-billion dollar industries.  If they found a cure for cancer, or other such problems, they would put themselves out of a job!  They don’t want cures for diseases: They want drugs that control the disease so that you are on their expensive medication (which requires repeated doctor’s visits and the doctor writing prescriptions—additional expense) for the rest of your life.  If that is not their modus operandi, why then for the past 75 years have they not cured diseases, though hundreds of billions of dollars have been given to them?  Even with Rogaine, the hair loss medicine, unless it has changed, if you stop taking it your hair falls back out (whatever amount actually regrew)—and that does not even take into consideration the numerous contraindications (harmful side effects, other health problems—often irreversible ones, like liver or kidney damage—that prescription drugs cause) because most pharmaceutical drugs are toxic.  The other hair loss medication, Propitia, if I remember the t.v. commercials from 20 years ago correctly, women who are pregnant cannot even hold the pill in their hand!

If they LIE to white people, telling them that they have some nonwhite blood, then many white people will give up maintaining the purity of their heritage and mongrelize.  Like someone dieting who realizes he has been eating the wrong food then gives up and doesn’t even try to diet.  Like the Catholic who thinks, “I am going to hell anyway so why even try to do what is right?”  One company has reportedly been caught telling white people that they are part African.  One book came out about 15 years ago claiming that most white people are part black and don’t know it.  Those who have no heritage to be proud of want to destroy the heritage of those who do have an honorable heritage.  It is a hate crime and genocide.

While the tests may contain truth (even a majority of truth), it is not the truth that you need to be concerned about, but the % of error or outright falsehood.  If you are fed a meal laced with poison it is not the vitamins and minerals and the wholesomeness in the food that you have to worry about.

Also DNA testing, just like computers, is based upon GIGO / garbage in garbage out.  Their DNA science is only valid to the degree that they actually know what they are talking about and they do not.  Most of science is not “hard” science — it is not based upon scientific law (and therefore, it is not true, it is an approximation at best or outright fairy tales at worst).  Indeed, there are scientific laws, it is just that man has not really discovered them; they come close, but science / physics continually changes because scientists have not discovered scientific law because they don’t know how the universe operates, though they hold themselves out to be experts who know all.  They come close at times, but even then, they are “off” a bit.  Likewise, if they think that some gene or DNA strand is a marker for a certain race, they may be right; but they may be wrong.  Their testing is only valid if what they think they know is right, which it most probably is not in many cases because it is based on self-reporting.  American Indian DNA rarely shows up on a DNA test because most people with Indian blood report that they are Caucasian, so the American Indian DNA marker is falsely construed as Caucasian.  See:

Why Native American DNA does not show up in a DNA test


I researched, extensively, my mother’s father’s genealogy back to about 1,500 ancestors some all the way back to the first millennia and even the first century.  1,500 ancestors may sound like a lot, but in reality it has merely scratched the surface.  After only 12 generations everyone will have 8,190 ancestors; after 24 generations, 33,554,000 (rounded).  It is 187 or so generations back to Adam; but of course it started over with Noah (who was the 10th generation of Adamkind).  However, the farther you go back (especially if your people did not move around a lot) many of those 8,190 or 33.5 million will be the same person; you will have descended from many of the same persons multiple times (and, if you are an Adamite, if your genealogy were traced back to Noah, at some point your ancestors for each generation will have to invert back to 1 couple per generation (Noah and his wife), and though you will have 512 great-grandparents (9th generation), 1,024 great-grandparents (10th generation), etc., once you go back far enough (half-way to Noah?) it will have to invert and reverse order back to Noah and his wife alone (and then again, from Noah back to Adam it will have to also invert wherewhere halfway).  Some of my ancestors who were probably thought to have been Germans, had ancestors who came from the Netherlands, whose ancestors came from Belgium, whose ancestors came from Austria.  So what were they?

Unless they dig Adam up from the grave and know for certain that the corpse is Adam and if they can obtain a usable DNA sample from bone marrow if it still exists, then they do not have a pure sample to know what “pure” should look like, so the rest of their “science” is educated guesswork—sophisticated, but still guesswork (which does not even take dishonesty into account; and much of science and research is dishonest, producing the “results” that those paying for the results want).  

So also with any other primary nonadamite tribe: there is no known “original” negroid or mongoloid sample.  DNA is not like oil and water.  You can’t shake it up and all the oil floats to the top and all the water sinks to the bottom.  So there is no 100% foolproof method of telling what is what; it is guesswork based upon averages and self reporting.  Yes, once they have isolated a particular DNA marker, they can indeed pinpoint and recognize that marker—but that does not mean that the marker is what they think it is.  Some genes are recessive, some are dominant.  What if a dominant gene from race A was introduced into race B and that marker then becomes expressed in most every tested individual of race B.  Does that mean that the marker they found is a “Race B” marker?  No.  It is a race A marker that after some point in time became absorbed by race B.  They can’t know if some Caucasian DNA got into the Chinese or Jews’ bloodlines way back, which then passed to nearly the whole population, and if they think that DNA is a Chinese or a Jewish marker, they are wrong... all it could mean is that the majority of Jews or Chinese have that marker, but that does not mean that it is in its origins Chinese or Jewish.  DNA can prove very little about origins and it cannot prove purity unless it knows what pure is.  It is not quite as simple as beging able to identify a chlorine atom—because that is all that it is at its basic level beyond which it cannot be divided any more*: chlorine.   

[* —except on a sub-atomic level, to the basic energy and matter that comprise everything (electrons with several different types of electrical charge or spin).]

That is why Christ said that we cannot always successfully discern the tares from the wheat.  But it is the job of the angels on the Day of Judgment to remove / eradicate the tares from the wheat—it is not the job of scientists or any man. 

However, we are commanded to discern and remain separate from and refuse to join with in any way (familial bond, friendship, fellowship, worship, treaties, etc.) those who clearly appear to be not our people.  While no one can prove that he is pure, many can prove or be proven to be impure simply by their appearance or the appearance and names of their ancestors, or the appearanec of their siblings.  Photos of parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, siblings, and family names and genealogies are all important.  The genealogies were consulted when the remnant returned from Babylon and all those who were not found therein were thrust out*; and the detailed genealogies are given in many places in Scripture for a reason.  

[* —and this is why the Edomite Jews who were masquerading as Israelites (having infiltrated Israelite society en masse in 126 b.c. when Maccabee leader John Hyrcanus conquered Edom (who had been encroaching more and more into the southern territory of Judah) but then in violation of the Law of God “force converted” them (that always works so well).  It was then that Edomite-Canaanites in vast numbers adopted Israelite customs (laws—when it was to their benefit—names, circumcision, dietary laws, Sabbaths, etc.) and infiltrated Israelite society and spuriously became known as Israelites / Judaeans / Hebrews / Semites (none of which they were), and who are known as “Jews”, but are illegitimate invaders (Revelation 2:9; 3:9).  The Edomite imposters so infuriated Rome that Rome sent the General Titus (the Emperor's son and future Emperor himself) to quell the rebellion and in the mêlée the Edomite priests themselves set fire to the Temple.  Why did they do that? —because it was in the Temple that the genealogical records were stored.  Without the genealogical records, no one could ever again prove they are not Israelites.  But on the other hand, they cannot prove that they are the Israelites; and that is why it was imperative that the Holy Land be given to them.  They are not the true Israelites; the Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, and related peoples of Christendom are the true descendents of the Biblical Israelites.  See my book, Uncovering the Mysteries of Your Hidden Inheritance, and my booklet, God’s Chosen People.]

The verse in the New Testament that briefly refers to “endless genealogies” is taken out of context and twisted into heresy by antichrists or ignorant Christians who think that genealogies and race are unimportant.  Such do not know God.

See my Rumination: “Endless Genealogies”