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My comments below were sparked by a friend who emailed the below to me and asked what I thought of Dr. MacArthur (whom I had the privilege of hearing preach in chapel morning and night for a full week, two years in a row while at college, and having read several of his books and commentaries):

Robert, what do you think of MacArthur?  A conservative evangelist’s view of the current “social justice” fad:



My reply:

[First of all, a word from our sponsors (me).  The above link would not open for me with dial up, despite half a dozen attempts.  TOO MANY wesbites OVERLOAD the content of their sites, which makes it impossible for those with dial up to access them.  MILLIONS of people still have dial up.  They should keep this in mind.  Not every page has to be a three-ring circus with flashing lights and tigers jumping through fiery hoops.  Many sites I used to enjoy, such as D. James Kennedy Ministries, I can no longer view their videos.  Too many websites—ministries included—WASTE MONEY (the money of their supporters) by CONSTANTLY changing their website.  If it ain’t broke don't fix it.  You don’t need to waste money to keep up with the Joneses.  That is not being a good steward of GOD’s money.  Fishermen are supposed to find the fish and shepherds are to shepherd the sheep—not entertain them with the newest “state of the art” gimmicks or “trick” them into being interested.  It is a neurosis that thinks that one must partake in every platform invented and upgrade to every new bell and whistle; and it is negligent for the fisherman and shepherd to ignore all those fish and sheep who do not have those “state of the art” capabilities while the fisherman and shepherd comfort themselves with entertaining the delusion that they are being honorable in seeking out a bunch of mythical fish and sheep who “may” have those new platforms and capabilities—and justify spending all the money to continually upgrade to reach those “maybe’s” with technology (which “maybe’s” probably could not care less about their websites and will never even know of them because God has not called them out of darkness into His Marvellous Light and no amount of money that they spend will change what God in Christ determined before the foundation of the world).  So gung ho (or so they think) are they about evangelism they waste incredible sums of money on those outside the flock who are not interested in the truth without considering that they are leaving many of their own flock, and their supporters behind who are interested.  I don’t see the logic in it.  Such seem to operate like most politicians: they ignore the ones who elected them (to whom their first and sole responsibility is) and then attempt to serve every other person in the world, unlawfully using the money of their constituents.  Those in control want more control.  Stop giving it to them.  The more you jump through their hoops every time they demand, each time they do an upgrade, each time they develop a new gimmick, a new platform, the more they will demand and like pimps who control you, they will ever control you.  They continue to upgrade and change because people, like cattle in a chute, put up with it.  So they continue to upgrade programs that do not need to be upgraded, for more money and more control.  Get off the psychotic merry-go-round.  Stop drooling every time they ring the bell.  Exercise self-control.  Seek to please God not men.  Jesus did not run around with the latest recipe for fish to attract a crowd; he didn’t advertise with a flashing marquis: “Come hear an interesting talk, see a miracle happen, and get a free all-you-can-eat meal”.  Jesus didn’t waste money on continually having the newest marketing technique to compete with Herod or Caesar.  He who has ears to hear... let him hear...]

I thought that the message was rather bland and unremarkable until I saw the fire and anger that it is now drawing from the left and their media vultures that glide on the air currents until they catch of whiff of decomp odor, to which they flock like flies on feces off which to feast.  It has been a long time since a conservative Christian author and president of a Christian Seminary has provoked editorials in local newspapers like today’s by Michael Gerson in The Oklahoman and The Washington Post.


McArthur is generally superb.  I love him!  I don’t agree with him on every point of doctrine, but there are no others that I can think of, who are still alive—with as large a following—who come as close as he does to the true Reformed Faith.
Here, however, he (and others who may have made this statement with him), while making a very truthful and bold stand, also compromises at the same time.

In the attempt for fairness and balance, he has violated, in one half of his argument, the core principles of the Scriptures: God’s Nature and God’s Decrees.  As as I have expressed elsewhere: You don’t need to apologize to the Devil for obeying God!  An honorable son obeys his Father and lets the chips fall where they may and does not apologize for his Father or his Father’s Nature, Thoughts, Decrees, Rules, Methods, or Actions.

He is right that “social justice” has nothing to do with the Gospel.  The world cares for its own.  Those of God care about the things of God.  The perverse world rejects the things of God and hates God’s elect and it is the world’s goal (under the direction of Satan, whether they realize it or not) to displace and destroy God’s elect, destroy the rule of God’s true children and administrators, and destroy God’s Plan and wrest from Him the rule of planet earth.

I believe that Dr. MacArthur makes a minor error for even using the term “social justice” (if indeed he did, and it is not a misquotation by the liberal “Christian-like” or “Christian-ish” author of the article) because it is a fraudulent term.

It is doublespeak for “SOCIALIST Subversion”.

Society does not exist without its people.  Societies are not self-existent apart from the people that comprise them.

All societies are not the same.

All people are not the same.

COMMUNISM teaches “One Race, One Religion, One Creed” (One World).  God commands His people to be separate from all others peoples.  ONLY ONE people have ever been known as the peoples of Christendom.  Each day, as they are absorbed by the alien world (or killed) and learn the ways of the heathen and amalgamate themselves into extinction, Christendom becomes a little less Christendom (Christ’s Kingdom); God’s children are whittled down in number as they bastardize their seed with the savages, their children passing from God’s family, into the corrupt Babylonian stew.

It is no longer a valid society when the legitimate people are supplanted with illegitimate people, and then it is demanded that everyone apply the rules of the legimate people to all—as if guests (or intruders) in a house have the same rights as the owners of the house! —as if guests and intruders have the right to vote on how the house is to be run and who, eventually, will even be voted to be recognized as the actual owner of the house!

The Prophet mornfully declared, expressing the sentiments of God, in repeating and recording that lamentation that has echoed over the millennia even until now—

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge...” (Hosea 4:6)

Christ Jesus, the Personification of Wisdom declares,

“He that wrongeth Me sinneth against his own soul; all they who hate Me love death.” (Proverbs 8:36)

Guests have no rights—except the rights common to all regardless of locale: the right not to be robbed, assaulted, raped, murdered, etc.  Guests have privileges that are extended as grace and courtesy of the owner of the house, for as long as the guests are honorable and welcome.

Intruders have no rights at all.  They have the right to be shot by the owner.  That is it.  They have no privileges.

What would have happened had anyone tried to barge into the Tabernacle or Temple and into the Holy of Holies?

We are God’s House.  Christ is the Door to the sheepfold and He admits only His sheep.  All others who enter by any other means (except by His invitation—and He invites only His sheep) are thieves and robbers.  What is there to steal in a sheepfold...? grass...?  That certainly would not be a prize worthy of the risk of the crime of breaking, entering, and theft.  No, the only thing of importance that there would be to steal in the sheepfold are the sheep (there is a reason it is not called the “grass-fold”).  We are the bargaining chips.  Satan wants Christ’s bride by hook or by crook, to violate her, to seduce her to himself.  Satan wants God’s children—to destroy them all, so that Christ has no one to return to (or avenge); or to confuse their minds and gain their loyalty so that they turn against their Father and join with His enemy!  What an insult to the Father!  It is like David’s beloved son Absalom, not only engaging in conspiracy, insurrection, and an outright coup d’état against David, stealing the kingdom from him, causing David to flee—but also violating his concubines in full public display on the rooftop of the palace!

However, most important of all, if God fails to preserve a remnant of His people—not any people slapped with the label “God’s People” by their own self-declaration (it would be no feat to preserve such a “figurative” people, a people in name only), but His actual people, then He is not the Omnipotent, Omniscient, Perfect, Immutable God that He claims to be; and if God can fail in any one area, then Satan will take that as hope that he can eventually defeat God altogether. When Christ returns Satan will be cast into the Lake of Fire for 1,000 years (and after being loosed a short time, he will be returned there to enjoy Eternity).  Satan would prefer that not to happen.  That is why he has declared and is engaging in an all out war against the true peoples of Christendom, being carried out by the antihchrists (his own illegitimate children, with which he first attempted to destroy God’s people from the beginning*) by the entire Third World.  THAT is the picture end time Bible prophecy; not all nations invading the litterbox in the Middle East.  God’s people are no longer there.  They have not been for nearly 2 millennia.  The Edomite Imposters took over shortly after the first century and God’s true people—who developed into the peoples of Christendom, the Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Slavic, Baltic, Scandinavian, and related peoples**—were scattered throughout all the earth WHERE GOD BLESSED THEM... and God said that He scattered His people as a farmer scatters (sows) wheat and that He will one day REGATHER WHOM HE SCATTERED.  When you plant wheat, you wait until it grows into a multitude, then harvest the WHEAT—not the tares, poison ivy, detritus, vermin, insects, rocks, or stubble.  God declared that He would make a FULL END of all nations / peoples whither God scattered His people, but He would not make a full end of His people (so much for the “hands around the world, rainbow love, tolerance, and inclusion coalition—which is Antichist false doctrine!).

[* See my book, Who Was the Serpent in the Garden...? and the Waters that Covered the Earth, 774pp., 40.00 + P&H.
** See my, Uncovering the Mysteries of Your Hidden Inheritance, 192pp., 18.00 + P&H and God’s Chosen People, 88pp., 6.00 + P&H.]

God said in the same verse of Hosea that if we forgot His Law He would forget our children.  Our children are being mongrelized, homo-perverted, atheized, evolutionisted, lobotomized, chemically assaulted by food, medicine, poisons in agriculture and the environment as well as harmful energy from a plethora of sources, all bombarding them daily—they are truly forgotten of God—destroyed.  You reap what you sow.  What happens to a plant if you don’t feed or water it or hide it from the light and warmth of the sun; but instead contaminate it with poison?  Our children are the next generation of “us”.  If there is no next generation, there is no more us.  This is what the tearing down of our monuments is all about: It is the first step toward genocide and a hate crime against us.  But God will not allow a parasitic bird to supplant the eggs in His nest and replace the eggs of His children with the eggs of the enemy.  God will not raise the offspring of His enemy as if they were His children; nor will He bounce them on His Knee and play Satan Claus!  God is Holy.  God is True.  God is Just.  God is Immutable.

If aliens want “social justice” have them return to their country of origin and find it among their own.

Jesus did NOT “break down all barriers” (racial or otherwise)—He commanded: “Give not that which is holy to the dogs.”  He was without sin (meaning that He did not violate any of the Commands of God, NEITHER did He “set them aside”...!  He declared, “THINK NOT that I am come to destroy the Law... I am not come to destroy the Law.... not one jot or tittle shall pass from the Law”.  WHY then, do the vast majority of “Christians” believe the very opposite of what He clearly declared? —because they are not His sheep; they don’t know His Voice; they follow a false christ; they are friends with the world and enemies of God.

While MacArthur takes a good stand on the left, he does not on the right; the middle that he takes is not “balance” but compromise.

SPURIOUS “White Guilt” has still taken its toll on him if he thinks that we are not special, different from ALL other peoples (and that to the degree that we have absorbed them, we become more pagan and less Christian); and if he does not realize that we are God’s people—and if he ignores the unchanging Commands of God that His people remain separate from all other peoples, then very little of what good he has to teach means anything, if ultimately it will all come to nought.  It would be like starting up a new business to “make a killing” on the Titanic that is already listing with no rescue ship that could ever reach them in time.  Anything would be wasted effort (not to mention the ethical questions involved).  It does no good to preach 95% of the truth—if you preach 5% serious error that is actually responsible for destroying the church itself...!  GOD established the bounds of the people.  All people did NOT descend from Adam or from the sons of Noah.*  BABYLON is NEVER spoken of favorably in Scripture.  Babylon means, “confusion by mixing” (mongreliation).  THAT is what is depicted in the feet of iron mingled with clay (integration) in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream image / statue.  THAT has been the downfall of every great empire (race-mixing and gender-mixing, that is, gender perversion).  Scripture clearly refers to the end of this age, as BABYLON.  Christ said, “as in the days of Noah...” they were “eating, drinking, marrying, and giving in marriage”—there is nothing wrong with those activities in and of themselves, so the clear meaning is that they were doing so IN COMPLETE VIOLATION OF ALL THE BOUNDARIES THAT GOD HAD ESTABLISHED.

[* Again, see my, Who Was the Serpent in the Garden...? ... and the Waters that Covered the Earth... and The Creation of Man in Genesis 1 and 2, 88pp., 6.00 + P&H.]

God STILL commands,

“17Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch [join] not the unclean thing [people]; and I will receive you, 18And will be a Father unto you, and ye [indeed] shall be My sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty.” (II Corinthians 6)

The topic is not nebulus “things”.  The topic is people (both here in Corinthians and in Isaiah 52 to which it refers).  The clear inference (based upon a simple but coherent understanding of Old Testament history) was that those who did not remain separate and those who sinned and mingled with aliens bred their descendents out of the Family of God.  God is Immutable.  The morality (clearly recorded in His Word) that He established is immutable.  That which He declared to be abominations 4,000 years ago still are today and always will be.  God didn’t change.  His Law didn’t change.  Christ even said so.  Those who believe otherwise are deluded humanists who worship a false god which they have created in their own minds.


Just as I was about to save this Rumination, someone emailed me something that is apropos:


Just as I was about to save this article, someone emailed me something that is apropos: