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Tony Campolo is considered by many to be an evangelical leader on the same level with Billy Graham; yet a far-more sinister "minister" / “evangelist” / “pastor” and one with far-more liberal “doctrine” and motley followers.  Liberal journalist Cathline Farsani calls him, “one of the most influential leaders of the EVANGELICAL LEFT”.  Wikipedia reveals that Tony Campolo once said that he believes that homosexual orientation is not a sin, but that practice is; yet his wife, with whom he has participated in public debates, believes that “committed, monogamous homosexual practice was not a sin; she supports full equality for homosexual, bisexual and transsexual persons”.  Campolo himself, according to this article, seems to contradict his claimed belief that homosexual practice is a sin, because, Campolo also expressed that he believes that “all couples should have the right to a civil union with all the legal rights that are associated with such a contract”.  

[This of course is anti-Biblical.  It seems Jezebel has had an influence on this would-be Ahab, or he was lying from the start.  Quite possibly his initial soft stance was mere posturing (part of the “step-down” program to ween his congregation eventually, by degrees, from Christianity altogether).  This early soft stance, inevitably, will slowly shift by degrees to full blown homo-acceptance.  Thus, he engages in deceit (and who would follow someone so deceitful, other than other immoral people who like the perverted direction in which he is leading?) thereby leading the majority of his followers with him; rather than come right out in favor of homo-everything and lose part of his diseased flock.

Furthermore, it is a perversion of the law.  Not all have rights to enter a contract.  A contract is only lawful if both parties have lawful right to enter the contract.  By law a woman cannot marry a man if she is already married to another.  By law a 5-year-old cannot get married.  By law a man cannot marry his dog or horse or llama.  It was established by law that whites could not marry nonwhites.  It was established by law that men could not marry men and women could not marry women.  This discussion of rights to contract is from the start based on falsehood—and is unbiblical and antichrist.]

Campolo has long shown his true colors, but now he is blatant.  That is how all Third World / Latino / Mediterranean “evangelicals” (Judases) operate: They wriggle into established, Protestant, white, Christian denominations, pretending to love us and our culture and faith, then when they have the numbers, their true nature is revealed—they want us dead and want to take what we build by God’s Grace and Blessing.  Once inside and put on a pedestal, a few such as Campolo become incredibly wealthy and amass an enormous following of liberals, aliens, socialists, and gender-fluid destroyers of Christendom—and then like cancer in a body or termites in a structure, begin their work of corruption from within.  

Why Tony Campolo’s LGBTQ Reversal is Evangelicalism’s Tipping Point - Cathleen Falsani


Farsani begins,

“That crashing sound you heard Monday morning was waves of change breaching the levees of the evangelical Christian world when one of its most venerable icons, the Rev. Tony Campolo, came out in favor of full inclusion of LGBTQ people in the life of the church.”

She quotes Campolo (who was a professor of sociology at the University of Pennsylvania),

“As a social scientist, I have concluded that sexual orientation is almost never a choice and I have seen how damaging it can be to try to “cure” someone from being gay.  As a Christian, my responsibility is not to condemn or reject gay people, but rather to love and embrace them, and to endeavor to draw them into the fellowship of the Church.  When we sing the old invitation hymn, “Just As I Am”, I want us to mean it, and I want my gay and lesbian brothers and sisters to know it is true for them too.”

This is personal opinion couched in academia.  As a professor of sociology, he is free, it seems, to declare his opinions as if they are reality.  The entire spurious field of sociology itself, like other corrupt disciplines, certainly has the power to make its own decrees and even fudge data in “studies” to make reality appear as they want it to appear.  He also blasphemously piggy-backs on the coat-tails of the famous invitational hymn—but utterly ignores the concept of REPENTANCE FROM SIN.  “Touched By An Angel” would be proud.  There is no coming to Christ without repentance of sin!

“Just as I am, without one plea,

But that Thy blood was shed for me,”

Christ’s Blood was not shed for those who do not repent; the Blood of Christ is not wasted; it is Holy.

“Just as I am, and waiting not

To rid my soul of one dark blot,

To Thee whose blood can cleanse each spot,

O Lamb of God, I come, I come.”

Dark spots on the soul—sin, abominations, are not cleansed without repentance of them.

[It should be noted that Campolo must not be entirely familiar with the hymn, since he missed a perfect opportunity to quote the last stanza:

“Just as I am, Thy love unknown

Hath broken every barrier down;

Now, to be Thine, yea, Thine alone,

O Lamb of God, I come, I come.”

This, of course, is unBiblical, unless the “barriers” referred to are “the resistance of the sinner against repentance of sin”.  It does not refer to Christ breaking down the barriers of God’s Law.  Had the Law been abolished Christ did not need to die and there would be no need for anyone to be forgiven of anything; and no need to repent of or to anything.  Christ said, “not one jot or tittle shall pass from the Law”.  morality never changes because God never changes; those who think otherwise worship a false god.]

Falsani recorded that Campolo posted a message at his own website “urging the church to be more welcoming” of homosexuals, bisexuals, transgenders, etc.  

[Falsani was the religion columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times (2000-2010); her work has also been published in TheAtlantic.com, the Chicago Tribune, Christianity Today, CNN, Harvard Divinity School Bulletin, NPR, Religion News Service, Rolling Stone, TIME.com, the Toronto Star, the Washington Post, and others.  Cathleen is the author of five non-fiction books including The God Factor (a collection of 32 spiritual profiles of famous “culture shapers” including Bono, Elie Wiesel, Anne Rice, Hakeem Olajuwon), Sin Boldly: A Field Guide for Grace, The Dude Abides: The Gospel According to the Coen Brothers, and most recently Disquiet Time: Rants and Reflections on the Good Book by the Skeptical, the Faithful, and a Few Rascals.  She is an alumna of Wheaton College and holds graduate degrees from Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary and Northwestern University.”]

NYTimes.com: The Evangelicalism of Old White Men Is Dead - by Tony Campolo and Shane Claiborne


[Dread-lock and ear-pierced Clainborne, also studied at Wheaton.  He is a leader of the “New Monasticism movement” and a found member of “the Simple Way”, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Incomprehensibly, Claiborne wrote a book titled, Executing Grace - How the Death Penalty Killed Jesus and Why It’s Killing Us.  Does the ludicrousness of this title even need comment?  It received praise from John Perkins,* Philip Yancey [liberal Christian author, who also studied at Wheaton] and Desmond Tutu.

* “Dr.” John M. Perkins, black minister, Bible teacher, “philosopher” (really?), civil rights activist, who never passed the 3rd grade, who was given 14 honorary doctorate degrees, including from Wheaton College and Gordon College; and disgustingly, Calvin College (a Reformed college in Michigan), in 2012 founded the John M. Perkins Leadership Fellows, a group of students presuming to deal with poverty, injustice, racism, etc.]

Campolo (presuming to be white) and Claiborne, write

“As white male evangelists, we have no problem admitting that the future does not lie with us.  It lies with groups like the National Latino Evangelical Coalition, led by Gabriel Salguero, or the Moral Monday movement, led by [black] William Barber II, who has challenged the news media on its narrow portrayal of evangelicals.” [brackets mine. R.A.B.]

They also wrote:

“Jesus is neither a Democrat nor a Republican — even if, as William Sloane Coffin Jr. once said, his [Jesus’] heart leans left. .... Jesus-centered faith needs a new name.” [Emphasis mine.  R.A.B.]

They even, blasphemously, have the gall to mention the Reformation, and declare,

“Next year marks the 500th anniversary of the beginning of the Reformation, one of the most significant moments in the history of Christianity. The reformers were navigating many of the same currents and contradictions that we face today. Perhaps we need a new reformation.”

—we do...! but not the type you propose, and none of the Reformers shared ANY of your ideas...!  The Third World had no part in the Reformation (or civilization) and they will have no part in any Reformation; all they can do is partake in Revolution and Corruption.  They say that we need a new Christian movement—but first they will need a “new christ”: for they don’t know the only true Christ (and He does not know them!), and they don’t know true doctrine and are not Christians.  Their acceptance of Christianity is more like “monkey see monkey do”: They go through the motions, but it is a superficial superstition, not faith, not understanding.  Furthermore, they show that their “training”, the imprinting of Christian civilization upon them has “worn off”.  Like savage invaders who feigned conversion, their goal is revolution.  They want to change Christendom (steal it from us and make it their own)—and they want to change God’s Word, which clearly reveals their antichrist nature.  “Give not that which is holy to the dogs, cast not pearls before swine, lest they turn and trample and rend you”.  God commanded, “Come out from among them and be ye separate” and those who do not are no longer His children, if they amalgamate with the heathen.  Why won’t Christians obey Christ’s Command?  He wasn’t talking about barnyard animals.  His sheep are His people and all others are dogs and swine and God commanded complete separation—and morality does not change, ever.  Those who ignore this help to destroy Christendom (reducing it to Babylon), being more concerned with not offending some spurious notion about “racism” rather than being concerned with obeying God.  Those who think it does only reveal that they have changed their allegiance to side with the world instead of with God; yet, being deluded, still for some reason want to think of themselves as “Christians”, or being blinded by Satan, they continue to claim to be Christians until the true Christian Church and Faith and Christendom has been razed to the ground.

They follow a false christ (humanism) and preach another gospel and are accursed.  Funny, all the names of the non-white leaders of the Reformation and all the nonwhite Puritans and all the nonwhite leaders of the American Revolution seem to elude me at the moment.

Of course, liberals and conservatives alike misunderstand Christ’s command to “love your enemies” even as they misunderstand the majority of all Scripture beyond mere Sunday School stories (many of which they also misunderstand).  They take their humanistic notions and their “experience” and liberal disinformation—and then project it back 2,000 years and force Christ to conform to the polluted modern world in which the “Christian” church becomes more like the world each year.  So-called “conservatives” after a generation or two, turn into liberals; because their false interpretation of the Scriptures and their false doctrine cannot be sustained because it is spurious.

Also, the fact that Campolo was former spiritual advisor to Bill Clinton during the Lewinsky Affair / Zippergate sort of says it all!  Did he counsel Clinton to repent and tell the truth...?


Tony Campolo’s surprise reaction when his son came out as a humanist - The Washington Post - Jonathan Merritt - Religion News Service


[I wonder why the Washington Post features stories like this, but not religious articles by true Christians?]

When Campolo’s son Bart declared that he had rejected Christianity and was now agnostic humanist (because of a bike injury he had), Campolo replied,

“You know me.  I am not afraid you’re going to hell because the God I believe in doesn’t send people to hell for eternity for having the wrong theology ... I’m sad because Christianity is my tribe, and I liked having you in my tribe.”

Somehow that does not sound like the Doctrine of the Reformation, to me.  It sounds like a cross of the “Follow the Yellow-brick Road” song from The Wizard of Oz and an episode of Survivor.  Bart (you know, Tony’s agnostic-humanist son), who had his own “ministry”* confessed:

“I passed just about every stage of heresy on my way to apostasy .... It wasn’t until I exhausted every option for staying a Christian that I gave it up.”

[* Now he is the “humanist chaplain” at the University of Southern California.  Maybe the U of SC has replaced its School of Medicine with a class on Home-Ec. and how to make chicken soup.  It would actually be an improvement in many areas.]

Merritt explained that Bart, in high school, was attracted to the church “by the sense of community and the common commitment to love people, promote justice, and transform the world”; but Bart explained, “All the dogma and the death and resurrection of Jesus stuff was not the attraction”.  Gee.  I wonder what went wrong?
His head-over-heals tumble down the hill of apostacy is really a misperception—falsely assuming that he was ever a Christian or a believer at all.  Based upon glimpses of his father’s doctrine, his father isn’t either.  Bart’s path of humanism from Christianity was more properly his more recognized path on humanism to deeper humanism.  His mind has no room for God because God was never in his mind.  His “theology” or “life philosophy” is little different than a 5-year old who, by his own authority, decrees, “Spankings aren’t fair because I say so”.  When some of Bart’s college dorm-mates came out of the perverted closet, he chose to chuck the verse of the Bible that he did not like.  Merritt records that Bart expressed,

“I decided I was going to make room for gay people in my theology,* and I became very open about the fact that I would ignore certain Bible verses and underline others.”

[* “Theology” that man invents is not Theology, but humanism; and Bart finally realized this in the end, but not at the time that he was under the delusion that his “Mr. Potato Head Theology” was theology”.  Theology (if it is real, and not humanism) is binary.  It is all or none.  It cannot be hybridized or dimmer-switched.  A scientist does not choose which laws of the universe he likes and will believe and keep in his bag of tricks, and discard to the recycle bin those that he does not like (such as gravity, entropy—they are really “downers” man!  R.A.B.]

He then transitioned to being a “universalist”, according to Merritt.  Bart just would not accept a God who would send his friends to Hell for Eternity.  However, Bart will one day learn that God made man and ordered His universe for His Own Good Pleasure and that no puny man can change reality simply because he does not like reality.  Again, this is 5-year old logic that imagines that if you shut your eyes, what you don’t like no longer exists (or at the very least it can no longer see you—good luck hiding from God for Eternity! take a candy bar and your security “blankie”).

[How fortunate are all the snowflakes and “smudge-flakes” (the psychological equivalent of the sooty cinders that fall from industrial incinerators) at the University of Southern California to have such a wise and experienced and balanced nonspiritual spiritual guide to help direct them through the morass of life.  He didn’t like God being the boss and he fell down and got a boo-boo in a bike accident so now he doesn’t believe in God.  Seems perfectly rational and mentally balanced—for a toddler.]

He simply couldn’t fathom a God who would condemn his nonbelieving friends to hell for eternity.

“I was only interested in a God who would save everybody.... It didn’t matter that the Bible had some verses that said something different.”

[People like Bart prove communists right, in that (their false) religion is the opiate of the masses.  Again, their whole thinking process is emotionalism and anti-intellectual, not even understanding the concept of God.  God is not a secret fairy that we invent in our minds and does what we imaginarily tell him to do.  This is the irrational egocentrism of a 5-year old.  Let’s see how well that works in life—and Eternity.  Since I’ve stopped believing in entropy, UV-radiation, and gravity, I no longer have to dust my house and the paint and shingles seem to last forever now!  It’s wonderful.  Everyone should stop believing in reality.  It is so liberating and profitable!  R.A.B.]

HOWEVER, the Word of God does not distinguish between “orientation” and “practice” concerning the abomination of homosexuality.  Sin is sin.  Sin begins in the heart.  Perveted “orientation” itself is sin regardless of practice.  Sinful lusts are sin even if not followed through into action.  Christ said if a man looks on a woman with lust he has already committed adultery with her in his heart (mind, passions).  How much more sinful is it then, to lust after strange flesh—after ones own gender (or even children)—when homoperversion and all other sexual unions that God forbade He declared to be abominations...?  If one considers his “orientation” different than the biological one that God ordained him to be, that is rebellion against God and sin in itself.  It is a pollution and a perversion of the Image of God.  Those who say otherwise say so because God has sent them strong delusion to believe a lie, and has given them over unto unclean lusts—so that they will be well-deserving of the Damnation to which God has ordained them.  FILL YE UP THE MEASURE OF GOD’S WRATH...!


Pope Francis calls for end of Protestant Church (and Kenneth Copeland seems to be “on board” with it!)


Wow, what desperate, anti-intellectual, dishonest, anti-christian charlatanry.

If the Pope was speaking the “language of love”, “the language of the heart”—and not English or Italian, why did he need a translator?  I am not sure what Scripture verse talks about our “uniting together in the tears of love”.  Also, “worship Jesus Christ as the only Lord of History” seems a bit odd.  It would seem to be fine if that phrase is not intended to the exclusion of worshipping Him as the Lord of Creation and Lord of Salvation / Redemption and Lord of Everything.  We don’t worship Him because of “history” but because He is God and Saviour.  Maybe it would have been good if he had not taken that cup of NyQuil or just awoken from his nap before he gave this little personal speech.  I am not sure what verse of Scripture talks about giving a big “spiritual hug” to those (the Catholic church) who are not true Christians (and most Protestants are not Christians either).  Paul said if anyone—even an angel!—preach any gospel other than that received and preached by Christ and the Apostles, “let him be accursed”.  John also wrote that if we even bid “Godspeed” (any verbal well wish or blessing or prayer) to those who reject the message of Christ, that we partake in their evil deeds.  No, they do not believe in Christ.  They believe in Christ  + Mary + the saints + angels + works + the Pope + the Catholic Church itself outside of which there is no salvation.  Most (“non-doctrinal”) Protestants are little different, except that they don’t go through the superstitious, pagan rituals and don’t believe in much of anything (other than inspirational ideas), but are bare humanists.  Protestants do cling to their pagan holy days, falsely imagining them to be “Christian”—and even if they are shown irrefraggable proof, they don’t care, they simply point out that “in their mind” the do it unto Jesus; when in reality, they do it for self: They are hedonists.  Take all the family and food and special t.v. programs, parades, floats, football games, decorations and traditions away from their “Christian” holy days—and they would not want to celebrate them if all they were about was “Jesus”.  While it is good that they don’t intentionally worship false gods in their “religious” observance of pagan days (following pagan practices but polluting their consciences while incorporating Jesus into those observances), their clinging to these sinful traditions “done unto the Lord” is still an abomination.

[See my brief, Merry Antichrist-mas...? Is Christmas Christian or Pagan...? —Is it Pagan even if Christ is in it...?, 24pp., 2.50 + P&H.]

The Pope’s mouthpiece (gay?) who appeared and spoke before Kenneth Copeland’s audience makes it sound as if the only thing that the Protestant church disagreed with Rome concerning was salvation by faith alone.  Funny, I didn’t hear the Pope or his mouthpiece apologize for the centuries of persecution, torture, burning at the stake, stealing of lands and estates, of hundreds of thousands of Protestants; nor did I hear their offer to pay reparations.  Copelands “Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Glory, Glory, Glory, thank You Father, thank You Father, thank You Father” seems anything but genuine, to me.  It sounds more like a pre-recorded message so that there is no “dead air” (so people don’t actually have opportunity to think their own thoughts concerning what a farce this is... some nice elevator music would have been nice instead, while he was searching for a Bible verse which he seemed to have a bit of trouble finding.  “Creepy” is a word that comes to mind (especially when he is stuck in “Amen” mode—and the expression on his face is that of a pleased egotist mesmerized by the notion of hearing his own voice and being on t.v. and having this limelight in the Pope’s own presence!).  Here Copeland is “blessing” the Pope... that brings into question who is of higher authority; but also violates what John wrote about bidding “God speed”.  The (gay?) Italian emmisary begins his brief sermonette of disinformation around 7:00 of this 7:51 youtube.  Double creepy!

First of all, “salvation by faith alone” was not the only point of disagreement by the Protestant Reformers.  Remember Luther’s 95 Theses...?  If they’d stop counting money and Hail Mary’s and rosary beads they might have time to count doctrinal differences correctly.

Secondly, the Italian emmisary does NOT say that the Catholic church no longer preaches salvation by the Catholic Church—but he says, “we are not protesting the doctrine of salvation by the Catholic Church any more”.  There is a difference, a sly one to those without the ability to think clearly.  He says they now preach you are saved by faith through grace alone.  However, he does not say “faith alone” in WHOM or WHAT? —in Christ or in the Catholic Church?  He really is not clear.

Furthermore, is he now saying that the Roman Catholic church believes in salvation by faith in Christ alone whereas in the past they did not believe that? —and if he is saying that, then is he saying that The Roman Catholic Church was wrong in the past? Is he saying that the Roman Catholic Church was wrong about Biblical Doctrine?  Is he saying that the Pope was wrong and that the Pope is no infallible?  Is he saying that the Protestant Reformers were right and that they were right to leave the Roman Catholic Church and that they were right in all the doctrinal differences and that they were right to expose the Roman Catholic Church of its evils?  I don’t hear anything about the Roman Catholic Church repenting of past sins, or of the present sins, including pedophilia.  Is he saying that the Roman Catholic Church’s official position now now is that there is salvation outside the Roman Catholic Church?  If so, why are they so concerned with all Protestants believing their self-authoritative decree that “The Protest is now over”—and by what right of what authority does he presume to speak for those on the other side?  Why are they so concerned that all Protestants now realize that they are actually “Catholics again”...?

[In truth, the majority of Protestants are not even Protestant; so how can they be “Catholic again” if they were never even Protestant...?  Certainly, one cannot be a “Protestant” if he does not even have a clue what Protestant Doctrine is, if he does not have a clue what the Reformation was, who the Reformers were, or what the Doctrine of the Reformation Was...?  The fact that the majority are clueless is why they are in false denominations that are “PINO—NOIR” (Protestant In Name Only—in darkness) and it is why they do not recognize the difference between darkness and light (and are content to remain in darkness, because their deeds are evil; though they imagine their deeds are “wonderful things” in Christ’s Name—MANY shall hear, “I never knew you”.]

Certainly the Roman Catholic Church and the remnants of the true Protestant Church do NOT believe the same Gospel.  The Pope has said that people can be saved without confessing Christ.  If the RC church claims that “faith” IN WHAT does not matter, then again, why was the Roman Catholic Church / the Pope so concerned about the Protestant church believing that it is now “Catholic again”...?  This is double talk and emotionalism for the brain dead, anti-intellectual, mystical, superstitious drones who are mesmerized by Copeland’s mindlessly repeating the same thing over and over and over and over again... without it meaning anything and without him even meaning it—as if his mere repetition causes it to become something valid.

How can someone "be blessed" by thousands of people parroting “be blessed”...?  It is not even intelligent charlatanry.  They might as well have merely been singing “Happy Birthday” (which still would have caused them to share in his evil deeds).

By what Papal Decree [or is it just a bunch of "Bull"...?] was it declared by fiat that the Protest ended 15 years ago?  What ended it? the Trade Towers coming down?  This is ludicrous?  He does not say what ended the Protestant Protest or offer any proof that it ended, or declare who had the right to speak for all true Protestants that it ended.  His whole argument is begging the question and not one person called him on any of the numerous points that would lay bare his spurious declaration.  This is little other than Pharaoh telling his slaves: “You are no longer outcasts, come back home where you belong and all will be forgiven...!  I demand that you come back home.  Your protest, your freedom is over.  We are all one again.”

It is hard to refute someone when he basically says nothing and assumes that what he said is true and assumes that you will assume it too... and then with a creepy little smile like he was so clever, waits to hear the “ooooohhhhh...!” of all the mindless drones in the audience, as the flickering mental light bulb is miscontrued as a sign of life.  It also shows his tenuous position in that it is so weak that it relies upon the collective ignorance of an audience on life-support, sharing a coma-dream, to substantiate the validity of his argument.  I wonder if like on all “game shows” or pep rallies if there were people there with “cue cards” that said, “OOOOOHHHH....!” for the audience to parrot.  It must really be considered a complement to receive an “OOOOHHHH...!” of feeble consent as testimony to his vapid argument in having convinced those who are so easily blown about by every wind of doctrine.  

Copeland is merely a “tour guide” (and well-to-do, successful “tax collector”) to Hell.  It seems many “spiritual tourists” were attracted by a sign that was plastered over the side of the “bus to Hell”, hiding its true destination, with a fake sign that said “Greyhound, nonstop to Heaven”.  The fools believe whatever the tour guide tells them along the way; because, well, he is the “expert” and they paid him dearly to take them to Heaven; so they just sit back and enjoy the ride and don’t worry if the temperature seems to be rising as the bus hits periodic massive bumps.  “It’s just a tiny air pocket of tribulation that we have hit; it will all settle out once the bus gets airborne... and we are having a little trouble with the air-conditioning at the moment, but believe us, we are working on it”.

And if we are all “Catholic again” why does the Pope even need a (gay?) emmisary or a a charlatan pseudo-Protestant like Copeland to convince the herd of mindless pseudo-protestants in Copeland’s corral that they are Catholic?  Hmmmm...?  Does any human need anyone to convince him that he is human?  Don’t we all continue being human whether we realize it or not?  If all roads lead to Rome (or Heaven, with or without Jesus), what difference does it make whether we know what road we are on or where it is going—if it ends up in Rome (or Heaven) eventually?  If it does NOT matter WHO you believe in and if God will accept you anyway, what difference does it make if Protestants believe that they are Protestant (while not even knowing what Protestant means) or whether they believe that they are Catholic (without actually knowing what Catholic means)...?  This is like a “B-movie”.  Anyone who can’t see through it is spiritually dead (and that is why they are in Copeland’s church... which maybe soon will have its name changed to Kenneth “Pope-land” Ministries.  I am sure Copeland’s ego can handle the name change if he is paid enough.

Again, this was a very weird intro by the Pope.  First of all, it appears as if he has just recovered from brain surgery or lobotomy, the way he was speaking... even if English is not his best language, the few words he spoke were not so difficult that such brain lethargy should have demonstrated itself.  Maybe Satan’s English is not so good.  Then, when the Pope said that he will not speak Italian (though that is what he then speaks), he then comes to life (momentarily, the caffeine seems to have worn off and the NyQuil again taken over) as if he was demon possessed.  When he first begins to speak Italian (which he said that he was not going to speak*1), he no longer spoke slowly and softly, even as a person lost, or suffering from stroke—but like a rabid evangelist or auctioneer.  This indeed was very odd.  Then he slows down again when he attempts “to close the sale”... with the neo-holy water with the emotional mysticism in his declaration that “tears will unite us” and let’s (through prayer) give each other a big “spiritual hug”.*2  Interestingly (but not surprisingly) NO mention whatsoever is made concerning sin or repentance thereof—not on the part of the Protestants, not on the part of the Catholics.  The mood seems to be, “Just get back where you belong and we shall just pretend this never happened”.  No mention whatsoever is made concerning anything that God commanded.  The “Holy Pope” Himself did not even have a Bible handy, to thumb through unfamiliarly as Copeland.  The “Holy Father”—Head of the Christian Church on earth, Christ’s very Vicar, did not see fit on such a momentus ocassion to even quote or read a passage from Holy Writ.  In what seems to me to be very Kierkegaardian manner, it is plainly evident (also in light of the Pope’s statement in other media events, that you don’t need to believe in Jesus to get to Heaven) that all that matters is our very “yearning”.  But of course, this is the “chicken scratch” strewn out under the trap for the unsuspecting birds.  If all that matters is our yearning (and if you don’t even need to believe in Jesus to get to Heaven), again, what is the purpose of the intercontinental reunion of love in getting Protestants to imagine themselves “Catholic again”...?

[*1 Italians think that “the language of love” is Italian, but it indeed is odd that the Pope said he was not going to speak Italian.  Clearly something was lost in the translation.

*2 This, for some reason, reminds me of a scene from “Saving Private Ryan” or any number of other war or murder movies, in which some evil, overpowering villain is telling his outmatched victim, “Don’t struggle, it will all be over soon”.]

We are all Catholic again, “in the universal sense”... uhhh... Catholic means “universal”... so this is just double-talk meant to deceive simple-minded sheep.  The Protest is over because the Devil says it’s over.  Well, remember this, as I have stated in another writing of mine: “Christ said ‘Ye are the salt of the earth’—not paprika and rosemary!  [Salt preserves meat because it kills bacteria.]  You don’t need to ask the Devil permission to obey God!”

I have some news for you.  It may have started as a Protest, but the larger it grew it became the repository of the only position of Biblical truth, the establishment of the true faith, and a way of life; not a mere protest.  Furthermore, it was not merely a “protest” in the idea of carrying a few picket signs and complaining—it was a complete “Romexit”...!  

However, 95% of so-called Protestants don’t know a single thing about the history, biography, or doctrine of the Reformation, so it is really a moot point.  Why does the Pope want these “pseudo-Protestants” to think that they are Catholic when they are spiritually dead anyway?  That indeed is curious.  Maybe the Pope gets paid more for each “like” on his Facebook page...?