—False Prophets Preach that so-called Racism is a Sin, but God Commanded “Come Out From Among Them and Be Ye Separate!” — The Proper Exegesis of “God made all men of one blood....” (Acts 17:26)

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Someone emailed me and wrote:

Hello, Robert, I just heard this broadcast over the radio.


I don’t know if you have the time, but I thought you might like to take this apart, and refute it.

It seems to be a well-written example of the false doctrine that true Christians are contending against these days.

What struck me most was: His explanation of “God made all men of one blood....” (Acts 17:26).

His statement that Simon and Lucius and the Ethiopian eunuch played major roles in the early church.  My goodness... we do not even know how the eunuch obtained a copy of the Isaiah scroll, and we have no record of there being any “Christians” back in Ethiopia to teach him how to live the Christian life.  And Simon and Lucius came from NORTHERNMOST Africa—not the Congo, or Tanzania!  It seems he just assumes that they must have been black, because they came from Africa.  By the way... my SS teacher’s guide for the unit which included the story of the eunuch said that it is reasonable to assume that he was helped by Christians (so called) once he got back to Ethiopia!  Most of the students seemed to understand that there was no “church” back there, and that it would have been highly doubtful that an “Ethiopian” would have been able to read Hebrew (or the Greek translation of the OT).

If... as I suspect... you don’t have the time to do this now... could you please clear up the confusion about Acts 17:26?  I have often heard it claimed that the word “blood” was not in the original manuscripts, but it is NOT italicized, as was the practice of the KJV translators to do when they had to supply a word that was not present, for the sake of (presumed) clarity.  Metaxas uses a translation which uses the word “man” here, not “blood”.  Is it that the “man” should really be “Man”, meaning Christ?  But in His role as Creator, Christ was God, and not “Man”.  So this does not seem to resolve things, either.

Of course, his use of “Jews” and “Gentiles” to establish that the early church was “multi-ethnic” clearly shows this “educated” man’s blindness.  Besides, “multi-ethnic” does NOT mean multi-racial (but it can).  Chinese and Japanese and Koreans are clearly different ethnic groups, but all are of the same RACE!  Thank you.


My reply:

The Antichrist mouthpieces, wolves in sheep’s clothes, goats in lamb’s pajamas, are coming out of the woodwork, falling over one another like lemmings over a cliff, in their eagerness to show themselves a friend of the world (and thus the enemy of God).  This is what most every single “Christian” college is doing too; as if it was an Olympic race to see who can become most like the world, integrate their campuses and staff and faculty and have them all intermarry and destroy themselves to show how much they love Jesus—but they don’t even know Him!  Will Christ even recognize any of them when He returns?  “When the Son of man returns, will He find faith [yet] upon the earth?”  Faith is not a free-floating phenomena; faith exists in God’s people (deposited there by the Holy Spirit).  If faith will be nearly extinct when Christ returns (and God will draw those days short lest no flesh of the elect survive), that means that God’s people will be nearly extinct.  “As in the days of Noah...” people were “eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage”.  There is nothing wrong with that, so the intention is that they were doing so in complete violation of all the moral boundaries that God established.

Here is another link that someone else sent me today:

Russell Moore: White Supremacy Angers Jesus. Does It Anger His Church? - HelloChristian


Other “Christian groups” call on Christians to “call on God for revival”—


—but that revival will not be forthcoming because God does not hear their prayers.  God does not hear the prayers of His people if they harbor unconfessed and unrepented of sin in their hearts; and if they turn their ear from hearing God’s Law, God says that their prayers are an abomination to Him.  How then can there be “revival”...?  The modern notion of “revival” is nothing more than an emotional rollercoaster, a “feel good” experience in which sinful man, FEIGNING repentance (lip-service) exudes emotions, sheds a few tears, and like the natural man beholding himself in a looking glass, goes straightforth, back to his life, forgetting what manner of man he is; forgetting all that is contained in the Word of God.  There is no repentance unless one TURN FROM what God forbade and TURNS TO what God commanded.  There is only pseudo-spiritual delusion.

[For books on true revival, see In The Day of Thy Power, Wallis, The Power of Prayer, Prime; Stories of Great Revivals, Johnson et al; and Historical Collections Relating to Remarkable Periods of the Success of the Gospel / Historical Collections of Accounts of Revival, Gillies; all available from Sacred Truth Ministries.]

God does not hear them because the vast majority of Christians are not willing do to what revival entails and that means “repent” (not merely think nice thoughts about a “sterile repentence”—in name only—and be overcome with a flood of nondescript passion).  Most Christians think that God abolished His Law and that their hearts are pure before Him simply because they have a “good feeling” when they think of God.  God commands obedience.  Those who do not obey are not His sons.  God says so:

“But if ye be without chastisement, whereof all are partakers, then are ye bastards, and not sons.” (Hebrews 12:8)

John wrote that if a man says that he knows God and does not keep His Commandments, that man is a liar—he does not even know God—and the Truth is not in him (I John 2:4).  Can a person be a “Christian” if Christ (“I am the... Truth) and the Holy Spirit (whom Christ called “The Spirit of Truth) is not in him?  If the Holy Spirit is in a person, He will lead the person into the understanding of and obedience ot God’s Word.

Jesus said if you love Me, keep My Commandments; and He said His Commandments were not His Own but those of His Father Who sent Him!  Christ said not one jot or tittle would pass from the Law and that He did not come to destroy the Law.  He said that His sheep know His Voice and follow (obey) Him and the voice of a stranger they will not follow.  Guess what? —the vast majority of those who claim to be “Christians” are not Christ’s sheep (or, at least, they have not yet been regenerated to new life; or they shall be the very least in the Kingdom).  If they were His sheep they would not be following the voice of a stranger when His Own Words in the matter are perfectly clear!  If Christ came down from Heaven today and told “Christians” what God expects them to repent of—they would crucify Him again as if He were a false christ!

In answer to your question, see p.68ff. of my booklet The Creation of Man in Genesis 1 & 2 for a more detailed explanation of “one blood” and other related issues.

However, briefly, God did not make all nations of one blood.  Humanistic, worldly Christians “read into” the Word of God by false “free association” and interpret just about any verse the way they want it to read; to fit into their corrupt anti-intellectual, Covenant-breaking paradigm.  God commanded “everything after its kind”.  Those who believe that all races came from Adam or from Noah’s sons or even as a result of the Tower of Babel (or the laughable, God turning Ham black) are themselves babblers of nonsense and they believe in a form and corrolary of evolution*1 and they demonstrate that they cannot follow the flow of a simple story: God didn’t curse Ham (the Bible says no such thing); nor did God curse any of Ham’s offspring other than his incestuous offspring Canaan;*2 and God confounded language at Babel—not “race” (that confusion—of which God is not the author—came later).  Seriously, what are these Bible “experts” smoking?

[*1 The religion of Big-Bangism teaches that all matter (which just “magically” appeared out of nothingness) was originally one mass glob of nothingness and then for some unexplicable reason, based upon some unexplicable “laws” of chemistry and physics exploded and was propelled outward in all directions (which also came into existence on their own); but that all outward exploded matter that continues to expand in all directions is reaching the limits of its outward expansion and will begin to slow down and then like so many giant cosmic rubber bands stretched to capacity, reverse and eventually implode upon itself.  This is the very same pseudo-religion that is taught in the false doctrine of the Universal Brotherhood of Man heresy: the false doctrine that teaches that all races came from the same parent-source and it is only natural that they marry back into each other.  

Yes, Ginger, Communism is our friend: One Race, One Religion, One Creed.  We are a “Global Society” and you don’t have rights to your own body (unless you want to kill life in it, as long as that life is a baby and not yourself; but you must get permission from the State to kill its property).  The all-benevolant totalitarian government decides all, and then tells everyone else what to do for the good of all.  Just have some more fluoride and it will all make much-more sense.

Neither did all animal life spring from a common parent stock.  That is evolution.  The same evolutionists who claim that all races came from one racial stock (without any evidence—in utter contradiction of all known laws of biology) also believe that man himself evolved from an ape.  “Christians” who believe in the “Universal Brotherhood of Man” heresy are in very bad company.  God said that He separated His people from all other peoples even as He separated clean from unclean animals.  Not by flipping a quarter or drawing names out of a hat—but in the very act of creation in creating them separate and distinct, unrelated.  All of recorded history clearly shows that the races are different; as does biology and medicine and psychology.

*2 See my book, What Was the 'Mark' that God Placed on Cain?]

God forbade mixing—of ANYTHING and even the joining together of anything.  He specifically forbade wearing garments of mixed fabric or yoking an ass and an ox together or cross-breeding our animals or hybridizing our crops.  He is Holy.  Are God’s children less important that cows or cowpeas?  His children are commanded to be holy.  Christ’s bride must be holy.  It is true that this holiness is derived from the death of the sin nature and from Christ raising His own to new life—His Life—and then the Holy Spirit indwelling those who are truly regenerated so that they will obey what God commanded and please Him if they walk in the Spirit rather than follow their own carnal lusts.  However, it is still God’s people (sheep) who are made holy once again (not the dogs or the pigs) and Christ commanded, “Give not that which is holy to the dogs and cast not pearls before swine lest they turn and trample and rend you”.  Christ was not giving advice concerning human relations with canines and porcines.  He wasn’t talking about literal bread or literal pearls.  Christ is the Bread of Life for His people (His wheat; which was also part of every offering to God).  Christ is the Pearl of Great Price for His people (His treasure; Exodus 19:5; Revelation 21:21).

How have these Bible “experts” ever passed a reading-comprehension test to even be given their high school diplomas? let alone higher degrees?  How do they function in the real world if they cannot follow the simple flow of a story?

God doesn’t change.  Didn’t they ever play “Simon Sez” as children?—or maybe they did but just never got the hang of it to figure it out.  God said that He does not change an in Him there is no shadow / shade of turning.  He is Immutable.  Christ also is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  God does not change.  His Word, His Law—Morality—His Plan do not change; they are all an extension of His Mind which is Perfect and True and does not change.  God told us that He chose one people and one people alone.  The fact that sinful humans find that “unfair” is utterly irrelevant.  “Fairness” in terms of God to man is a humanistic myth.  God said that He would never choose any other people—He covenanted with His people!  God is not an adulterer.  He espoused Himself to one people and one people alone (which the Book of Hosea typifies).  Christ has but one bride—the redeemed of His people.  Only one people are God’s children (the pure from Adam through true Israel).  God said that He would never utterly forsake His people; but that if they sinned grossly and without repentance, He would cast them out of the land in Judgment, for a time.  He declared that they, in their dispersion would be called by other names and that they would occupy other lands.  God even told us that imposters would take their place.  He declared that He would one day regather His people and cast out the imposters.  God said that He would make a full end of all the nations whither He had scattered His people but that He would not make a full end of His people.

But the false prophets have God’s enemies and God’s people holding hands and becoming one big happy family (Let ole Satan in too, that poor rascal; the more the merrier; even if he hasn’t repented, maybe we will be a good influence on him)—they have the dogs breeding on top of the table with the Master’s children, and they think it is “wonderful”—and that is why on the Day of Judgment:

“22Many will say to Me in that Day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied [preached] in Thy Name? and in Thy Name have cast out devils [demons*]? and in Thy Name done many wonderful works?’  23And then will I profess unto them, ‘I never knew you: depart from Me, ye that work iniquity’ [anomia, ‘lawlessness’].” (Matthew 7)

[* daimonion, not diabolos.]

Christ is NOT “happy” with the perversion and pollution and destruction of His House or the rape and pollution of His bride—and THAT is why before the Wedding Feast He will undertake a thorough house-cleaning; even as the tiny remnant did when they left and returned from Babylon; even as Ezra and Nehemiah also did when they returned.  Morality does not change.  What God declared to be sin and abominations never changes.  Modern false prophets encourage God’s people to destroy themselves and embrace abominations “to show how much they love Jesus”.  It is blasphemy of the highest order.  They are supposed to be Watchmen on the Wall—and instead of warning of the flock of God of the invading barbarians, they invite the barbarians in and encourage the people to marry their sons and daughters to them.  They are utterly ignorant of the Word of God.  They believe an non-doctrinal, anti-intellectual “Gospel” and all they know are disjointed, misinterpreted “Bible Stories” and they make the Word of God of none effect and join with the world in their rebellion against God and their plan to obliterate God’s true seed from off the earth.  Such shall not go unrewarded.

The passage in Acts 17:26 reads

“Because He made by One [CHRIST], every race of men to dwell on the whole face of the earth....” (Holy Bible in Modern English, 1903)

Christ, the Word of God, was the means by which God created the world.

“In the beginning was the Word... all things were made by Him; and without Him was not any thing made that was made.” (John 1:3)

Scripture interprets Scripture.

However, false prophets invent modern ideas that please the world, the Apostate Church, and sinful self.

If you want to see what God hates, just look and see what the world “loves” (no, not McDonald’s “food”—well, yes, God hates that too; but think a little deeper)...

If you want to see what God loves and commands, just look at what the world “hates”, “denounces as the greatest evil ever”, and demonizes: white people preserving their heritage (and preserving their God-established birth gender).  All other races in our nation are told how “special” they are; they have their own racist universities and charities and they are told to “celebrate” their “wonderful” (underachieving) race and culture in our nations.  But if a white person does so, he somehow is transformed into the Devil himself.  

[Actually, all white people are devils by their very nature, but only those who flaggelate themselves and do adequate racial pennance (which entails marrying someone of another race and committing racial suicide so that no pure, white children are born) and acts of apology, atonement (monetary pennance), and daily expressions of self-hatred are considered “half-redeemed” from their devilry.]

Nonwhite nations are not being flooded with races other than their own and nonwhite nations are not being forced to integrate.  Only the white nations are being inter-racially gang raped—and they are expected to not only smile and say “thank you for such a wonderful experience”, but they are supposed to foot the entire bill for the century-long “party” in which all of Christendom which our ancestors built and passed on to us as a sacred heritage, passes from our race to the destroyers of civilization.  It is only the white nations that are being brainwashed into national and racial suicide because only the white nations are Christendom—God’s people.

The nations of the world are not attacking the tiny illegitimate state of Isra-lie because they are not God’s people; they are imposters—antichrists.  The nations of Christendom are the nations of Christendom because we are God’s people and no other people have ever been His people and no other people ever had a Christendom or a Reformation or Freedom or Morality or Holiness as we once had.  However, that all has been lost—sacrificed to the destructive gods of political correctness, multiculturalism, and gender-perversionism.  Christendom was the bulwark of morality, freedom, and Christianity until we allowed the antichrists to infiltrate Church and State and Education and the Media  and Entertainment allowing them to pervert the truth and then open the floodgates of our nations to every vile abomination that God forbade.  God commanded us to be separate.  When we obeyed this we were blessed.  Once we began to violate His Law with impunity, the cancerous parasite attached itself to the body.  Now, the mental derangement called “political correctness” maintains that disease and parasites have just as much right to your body as you do—in fact, they have even more right to it than you do and it is your DUTY to give in to their invasion and just embrace the tsunami and oblivion.  God’s Word says something altogether different and if the blind shepherds would blow the dust off it (or maybe order a copy in Braille) then maybe they might avert God’s Judgment if He opens their eyes and they actually begin to guard the flock instead of deliver it unto the wolves.

The world hates us.  Christ told us it would hate us.  This is not the “world” that Christ died for.  There are different peoples that are referred to as “the world” and they are not related and they are antithetical to each other.  Even as pronouns in a sentence do not all refer to the same person, so also the words “world”, “all”, “whosoever”, and the illegitimate word “Gentiles” (nations / people), and “stranger” all are generic collective nouns and to whom they refer can only be determined by context.  Christ commanded, “Love not the world...”  This clearly is not the world that God loved.  Christ said that He did not pray for the world, but His own in the world whom the Father gave Him.  James said if a man is friends with the world then he is the enemy of God. 

Again, this is not the world that God “so loved”.

Colonial preacher Joel Hawes hit the nail on the head when he said, “Few people disparage a distinguished ancestry except those who have none of their own.”  This is why white people must cease to exist and be absorbed into the putrid Babylonian (“confusion by mixing”) stew—so that the other races, the destroyers of civilization, can “feel better” about themselves (for the short period that civilization would actually linger on before it disintegrated completely).  Were it not for Colonialism and misguided “benevolence” of Christendom, other peoples would still be living in the dust and bestial savagery.  They still do live in savagery (and the more that we absorb them and the more that they reproduce, the more savage and corrupt Christendom becomes).    Only the vestigial force of our law (and God’s Grace) keeps them at bay.  But the majority of them hate the rigidness of civilization (though irrationally they lust after its benefits) and declare our laws to be “racist” and when the slack in their leash is loosened, they naturally gravitate back to savagery—all their “conversion” and holy rollin’ ‘n howlin’, Jesus lovin’, bunny-hop, pandemonium, chaotic “church” services nothwithstanding.  Parasites are mindless and are not able to rationalize what will happen to them once they feed off the last host to the point of extinction.  The answer, of course, is that they will parasitize each other; as they did before they were introduced to civilization (and allowed to destroy it).  “Church” for them is an emotional release, a cathartic exercise, and a pseudo-spiritual dance hour.  It does not translate into their lives any more than when a chimpanzee is dressed up in clothes is actually able to go to work and develop or run a business.  They hate us because they cannot have what we have, having developed it on their own; so they want to kill us and take what we have and hope that our memory will fade to ease the painful realization that all are not equal.  But when civilization disintegrates, they will have to invent someone else to blame; but, there will not be too much time for that, since all of their existence will have been boiled down into “dog-eat-dog” reality and all their time will be spent running from their own people who will prey upon them with unchecked, relentless savagery.

Some may be shocked at some things that they read.  Yes, when you have been in the darkness too long the light hurts your eyes; yes, when you have been brainwashed, the truth is shocking.  Reality demonstrates these words to be true and that is why we have locks on our doors and hundreds of thousands of police officers, and an army of judges and lawyers, and that is why the media has to hide half of the news and put a slant on the other half.  Crime statistics, welfare statistics, birth-rate statistics (including illegitimate births), illiteracy statistics, unemployment statistics, perversion statistics, government corruption, corruption in education and the church, the so-called “National” Debt and the mass conglomeration of personal debt... all these things can be positively correlated to aliens and antichrists in our midst and our turning from the Law of God upon which our States and nation were founded.  

Those who actually want to know the truth can easily consult Almanacs from before the odious era of so-called Civil Rights and compare those statistics to modern reality.   Compare the older statistics to https://www.amren.com/the-color-of-crime/ — which utilized FBI and nationwide police statistic reports.

Those who want to know the truth can easily read true history books (preferably, those written before 1920—I reprint many of the best) of what life was like in the late 1700s and in the 1800s and early 1900s and learn of the morality, safety, prosperity, high level of education, and true freedom that our people basked in.  “Freedom” now has all but been lost and the majority who think that they are free don’t have a clue about what freedom even is.  The modern lobotomized generation thinks that freedom is the ability to choose between eating at McDonalds or Burger King for dinner and that by becoming morbidly obese they are then given “free money” to stay home and watch t.v. and become even more adiposely challenged.

The vast majority of even the “experts” in government, education, and the media don’t have a clue that we are not supposed to be a “Democracy”—and our Forefathers expressedly told us that they did not give us a democracy! but that were established as a Christian Constitutional Republic.  Any politician, educator, or media person who speaks of the U.S. as being a democracy is either an utter ignoramus or part of the conspiracy itself.
We do not derive our existence from the “Government”—it derives its existence from us!  That is why the treasonous politicians are flooding our nation—and all of Christendom with aliens: Their goal is to dispossess us.  An alien people will have no knowledge of or right to claim the inheritance that our Forefathers left for us their posterity.  Anything is better than the savagery that they lived in among their own people, so they are perfectly content with all the free money that they are given and will vote however they are told to vote by the corrupt politicians who offer them the most money.  Such persons are easily controlled; the mindless masses are used to destabilize functional nations; once they have served their purpose they are easily herded or liquidated.  They can simply be left on their own and they will decimate their own people.  In their mindless hatred, they are gung-ho to turn our nations into the very type of nations from which they fled.  Parasites are mindless.  

The corrupt traitors among us and their antichrist handlers have championed “minority rights” and illegally established it as “law”, by degrees, time and time again; but they don’t care about minorities: They only do it to weaken us.  Now (as I have been writing for 25 years!) once the minority becomes the majority (which occurred a few decades ago, but they are still scared to declare it outright because they have not disarmed the few true Americans left), they will show their two-faced immorality and “minority rights” will cease to exist and it will be Majority Rule once again—and we will not be a protected species but it will be “open season” on us.  It’s open season on the monuments of our forefathers and ancestors.  That means we are next.  Defaming our ancestors, rewriting history, removing monuments, telling us which words we can and cannot use—are all steps toward genocide!  Once we are gone, the new Federal Plantation will be fully operational and everyone will be a slave to the alien government elite. Does this sound alarmist?  Watch this short video:


You reap what you sow.  God commanded us to be separate; when we obeyed we were blessed.

Now the Kingdom of Heaven suffereth violence and the violent attempt to take it by force.

In Ezekiel 7:24 God told His people that because of their sins against Him He would send unto them the very WORST of the heathen and the heathen would possess what had belonged to God’s people.

God said that if we turned from His Ways and learned the ways of the heathen that He would do to us (Judgment) what He would have done to them, if we had been obedient.

God does not sing “Kumbaya” or “We Are The World” and talk about us being one big happy global family.  God talks in terms of “us” and “them”.  If you don’t like that, you will have to take it up to God, along with the rest of the goats.  If you want to be a friend of the world, you are no longer “us”, you are “them”, and you are an enemy of God.  God said that He would make a full end of all other nations (not bring the wolves into the sheepfold), but He would not make a full end of us His people; but chasten us for a time, until it wrought its work to bring us to repentance; and then He would destroy the wicked.

Christendom has degenerated into Babylon.  Babylon means, “confusion by mixing”.

“2Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils [demons], and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.  3For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her.” (Revelation 18)

[Does that sound like one, big happy family?]

Esau, in the Book of Hebrews, is called a “fornicator and profane person”.  What was Esau’s sin? —he married outside the race, to the very enemies of God.  What does the Greek word translated profane person mean? It means “one who crosses a threshold” (out of God’s Family into that of His enemies).

Like when God inundated the lustful Israelites with quail, since we rebelled against God’s Command to be separate, He is now sending a Flood (the Third World); and He is using Satan to achieve it.  I have written for over half a decade (even before the invasion of Germany and Europe began with “rape-fugees”) that you are seeing fulfilled before your very eyes the Dragon / Serpent vomiting forth a Flood (unclean people) to drown the woman and her child.  And some prominent, respected FALSE PROPHETS are mindlessly claiming that the invasion of the Third World is “a wondeful opportunity to evangelize them”, and God is doing it because we have not evangelized them.  What antichrist abominations such false Jeremiah’s spew!  It is happening for the very opposite reason—because God commanded separation and He commanded us not to help the heathen in any way; and because we violated those commands God is sending more of it (you reap what you sow).  God commanded us to hate evil; and because most refused to God is sending more and more evil until they learn to hate it or until it kills them.  NOWHERE does God say that He wants His people to “evangelize” the Flood that the Dragon spews forth.  NOWHERE did God tell the Israelites to go out and “evangelize” the Assyrians and Babylonians when Israel was being invaded.  God sent the enemy as JUDGMENT, not for new play mates.  Christ commanded “give not that which is holy to the dogs, cast not pearls before swine lest they turn and trample and rend you”; yet the false prophets have the Master’s children BREEDING with the dogs and swine and thinking that the Master will be so happy!  Such is the filth spewed by antichrist false prophets.

You are seeing another prophecy being fulfilled before your very eyes, from the Book of Daniel.  This is the Last Kingdom of this earth’s age, the feet of iron mingled with clay of Nebuchadnezzar’s vision and it represents integration.  Christ, despising it, will strike the feet, the feet will crumble, the statue will tumble, and 6,000 years of earth’s history and civilization will come to an end.  All of the heathen will not be gathered into His Arms in one big international “group hug”; but the tares, every plant that God did not plant, and all those things that offend will be rooted out and gathered into bundles and cast into Hell.  The false prophets preach a false christ and another gospel.

Let us return to the main passage in question:

“26And [He] hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation; 27That they should seek the Lord, if haply they might feel after Him, and find Him, though He be not far from every one of us.” (Acts 17)

First of all, no verse of Scripture is an island unto itself.  Furthermore, the New Testament cannot be understood apart from the Old Testament: They are two halves comprising a whole (despite the false doctrine of the modernist liberals who think that the New cancels out the Old).  As St. Augustine revealed: “The New is in the Old contained (or concealed), the Old is in the New explained (or revealed).”  Revelation is progressive and incremental—and it does not “wear out”.  If a prophecy is fulfilled (such as the First Coming of the Christ, the Messiah), it need not be looked for again; though other prophecies (His Second Coming) are yet to be fulfilled.   Christ Himself said,

“17Think not that I am come to destroy the Law, or the Prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil.  18For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the Law, till all be fulfilled.” (Matthew 5)

Note, Christ said that He did not come to destroy the Law, but neither did He come to destroy the Prophets: He came to fulfill them.  Why mention the Prophets in this context? —the Prophets tell WHO God’s people are and WHO it is Christ came to save / redeeem; in addition to telling us all of the requirements that the Messiah had to meet in order to be the Messiah.  The Law of the Kinsman Redeemer / Blood Avenger is only for Israel.  Only an Israelite could do the Redeeming and only an Israelite could be redeemed.

[* See my book, Sacred Truth Expository Commentary on Ruth: The Truth About Ruth—Ruth the Israelite!]

Also, note clearly, this does not mean that once all prophecy has been fulfilled that the Law will pass away.  That is a false inference.  It is also recorded that Christ said—

“And it is easier for heaven and earth to pass, than one tittle of the Law to fail.” (Luke 16:17)

Christ said “till heaven and earth pass, one jot or tittle shall in no wise pass from the Law (He also goes on to say that those who break the very least of God’s Commandments and teach others that they may do so will be the very least in the Kingdom—if they even are converted and are allowed entrance: for John also tells us that he who says that he knows God and keeps not His Commandments is a liar and the Truth is not in him).  Christ did not say, “once heaven and earth pass away, the Law will pass away too”.  Christians (pastors and Bible “experts” especially) really need to take classes in logic and read Dr. Gordon Clark’s books, as well as my commentaries to see the proper interpretation; not a spurious, disjointed, anti-intellectual modernist interpretation.  

“It is easier for heaven and earth to pass than one jot or tittle of the Law to fail” and “till heaven and earth pass one jot or tittle shall in no wise pass from the Law” are indefinite compound statements.  The two individual parts are not what is indefinite, but their relation.  The indefinite is that even if heaven and earth should pass (it being EASIER), Christ does not say that the Law would pass.  What Christ says is that the permanence of God’s Law is MORE CERTAIN than the permanence of the heavens and earth.

Again, anyone who thinks that God’s Law will pass away does not understand God or Morality.  Without the Law no one can know what God expects of us, and therefore, no one can obey and there is no test of obedience.  If there is no Law there can be no King.  There can be no King if there are no subjects; there are no subjects without Law.  Just because in the (Eternal) Kingdom all will obey does not mean that there will be no Law; the very notion that all will obey presupposes that there will be Law.  We are also told that in the (Eternal) Kingdom none will say “Know ye the Lord”—not because there will be no Lord, but because all will already know Him.  Likewise the Law.  Christ also said:

“Heaven and earth shall pass away: but My Words shall not pass away.” (Matthew 24:25; Mark 13:31; Luke 21:33)

What were Christ’s Words...? —the Scriptures: which He quoted extensively, and taught.  When the New Testament refers to “the Scriptures” it refers to the Old Testament, which is what the New teaches—the Old with greater Light.  Neither shall end.

“23...the Word of God, which liveth and abideth for ever. .... 23... the Word of the Lord endureth for ever.” (I Peter 1:23)

“...the Word* of our God shall stand for ever.” (Isaiah 40:8)

[* #1697 daw-bawr.]

God’s Law is His Word—

“Be ye mindful always of His Covenant; the Word* which He commanded to a thousand generations.**” (I Chronicles 16:15)

“He hath remembered His Covenant for ever, the Word* which He commanded to a thousand generations.**” (Psalm 105:8)

[* #1697 daw-bawr.

** Just in case you did not realize it, it has only been about 184 generations since Adam... still think His Law was abolished...?]

Furthermore, “men” are not the subject of “one blood” of Acts 17:26.  God is the subject.  Like the humanists that the universal-salvation multi-culturalists are, they sweep God and Christ into the corner and focus on man! —and therefore they come to the wrong conclusions most every time!  

[In fact, they would come closer to being able to hit the truth if they put various answers on a dart board, blindfolded themselves, and threw a dart to determine the proper Biblical interpretation!]

The focus of Acts 17:26 is not man’s “dwelling on the earth”; the focus is God through Christ creating.
Scripture also tells us,

“When the Most High divided to the nations their inheritance, when He separated the sons of Adam, He set the bounds of the people according to the number of the children of Israel.” (Deuteronomy 32:8)

They conveniently forget that verse (and hundreds of others; as if the verses in the Old Testament have “expiration dates” and all “went bad”)—even though the New Testament quotes the Old Testament thousands of times and the Word of God shall abide forever and God does not change.

God SET THE BOUNDS—BOUNDARIES—of the nations; even as He set the boundaries of the coastlines and the oceans are not to encroach on a regular basis farther than He determined (though He also ordained rebellion against those boundaries in times of Judgment).

It is wicked false prophets (like those who twist the Word of God to conform to modern polluted notions of the world, as if God is supposed to “keep up” and “change with the times”) of whom Psalm 2 speaks: such people thinking that they can cast off God’s Sovereignty and moral boundaries—all the while deludedly thinking that they are “serving Him” even doing “wonderful works” in His Name.

Also, the above passage in Deuteronomy refers to the sons of ADAM—Adamkind.  Those who don’t realize the significance of that, look up Hebrew word #119 in Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance.  God forbade His people to co-mingle with alien peoples for any reason (and marrying aliens was a one-way ticket out of the family or out of this life, if those who so sinned refused to break off those relationships and separate themselves).  God forever forbade His people to seek the peace or prosperity of those who are not His people.  

“Come out from among them and be ye separate and touch not the unclean thing [people*] and ye shall be My sons and daughters [indeed]”, God commanded.  

[* “Things” are not the topic—people are; in both this passage in II Corinthians 6 as well as the passage it quotes in Isaiah 52.]

Christ referred to His people as salt (which was also a key ingredient in every single sacrifice).  Salt is not a mere flavoring; it is a preservative; and it is needed by every cell in the body for proper functioning on a chemical level, as well as electrolysis on a bio-chemical level.  Salt, in order to remain salt, has to be separate, segregated; otherwise, it absorbs whatever is in the environment and becomes polluted.  The King James Version (Matthew 5:13) refers to the salt having lost his “savour”, but that is a false rendering.  The Greek word means insipid—more literally, moronic.  Salt is sharp.  Mixing with pollutants dulls its nature and renders it powerless—mindless.  Christ said, it is henceforth good for nothing but to be cast in the street and TRODDEN UNDER FOOT.  That is what is happening to Christendom because it is no longer separate as God commanded; the majority in Christendom today are not God’s people, but a mixed multitude, Babylon.  Christ will not be fooled by the “bait and switch” at the Wedding Feast.

Rev. Alfred Marshall in his Interlinear Greek-English New Testament: The Nestle Greek Text with a New Literal English Translation (1958) shows that the word “blood” is not in the Greek text, that is, according to the Nestle Greek manuscripts.*  

[* For an excellent discussion (which may be boring to some, but is fascinating to me, especially with Dr. Clark as the “expert tour guide”) on how these manuscripts were compiled from literally thousands of copies of the Greek New Testament manuscripts, see Logical Criticisms of Textual Criticism, Dr. Gordon H. Clark, Ph.D. (philosopher, theologian, linguist, apologist, logician extraordinaire) 60pp., 5.00 + P&H; also contained as an appendix in First and Second Thessalonians, Clark 175pp., 12.00 + P&H.]

Scripture interprets Scripture (for those who forget the basic rules).

“The heaven, even the heavens, are the LORD’S: but the earth hath He given to the children of [adam-]men.” (Psalm 115:16)

Acts 17:26 most probably is referring to Deuteronomy 32:8 and Psalm 115:16, both of which employ the Hebrew word for Adam-man / Adamkind.  While Hebrew has 4 or more words for “man” (adam, iysh, enôsh, gehbehr) Greek has just one (anthropos).  Thus, for clearer insight into what a New Testament passage means, the Old must be consulted to see which word the Hebrew uses.  Even if the word “blood” exists in the original Greek in Acts 17:26, the verse is not talking about every last type of people on earth but only the specific peoples that are germane to the discussion.  God clearly said that Christ would redeem His people, the elect from Adam through Israel.  Scripture clearly tells us that no one seeks God unless the Father draws him; and Scripture clearly tells us that God reveals Himself only to His people.  The “all nations of men” in Acts 17:26 is referring to God’s people—

“At the same time, saith the LORD, will I be the God of all the families of Israel, and they shall be My people.” (Jeremiah 31:1)

Again, this is the diaspora—the people of God, the fulfillment of Scripture, the fulfillment of Hosea’s “not My people” being forgiven and again being declared, “My people”—the restoration of the prodigal:

“51And this spake he not of himself: but being high priest that year, he prophesied that Jesus should die for that nation; 52And not for that nation only, but that also He should gather together in one the children of God that were scattered abroad.” (John 11)

“9But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should show forth the praises of Him Who hath called you out of darkness into His Marvellous Light: 10Which in time past were not a people, but are now the people of God: which had not obtained mercy, but now have obtained mercy.” (I Peter 2)

This began its fulfillment at Pentecost where “devout Jews [Judeans]” from all nations (whither God had scattered His people) heard the Gospel in their own “mother-tongue” with which they were raised in dispersion.  The New Covenant is a sub-covenant within the Old Covenant, and as Hebrews 8:8ff. (quoting Jeremiah 31:31ff.) shows that the New (Christic) Covenant is made solely with the same people as the Old Covenant).

[Also see my S.T.E.C. on Jeremiah 31.]

Concerning the Ethiopian eunuch: Eunuchs were often those who were taken captive of other nations; this Ethiopian eunuch was a Hebrew; why else would a slave be reading the Hebrew Scriptures?  If the Scriptures were a Greek copy of Isaiah, the question remains the same—and the Greeks descended from the Hebrews even as the Greek language derived from the Hebrew.  Furthermore, “to the Jew [Judean] first and also to the Greek” refers to the Israelites of the House of Judah in the land of Israel and the Israelites of the dispersion who lived in all the Greek city-states that dotted the coastline of the entire Mediterranean.

Also, the Greek word pas, “all, any” rarely means “every last one” (unless context clearly demonstrates that universal meaning); rather, it usually means “all of the specific group being spoken about”; and that “limited, specific all” is defined by previous Scripture and / or immediate context.  “Guess how many pennies I have in my pocket I and will give you all the pennies.” —not all the pennies in the world; can you not follow a conversation or logial thought?  I will not give you all the pennies in the world but I will give you all the ones in my pocket that we are discussing. Likewise, God expects His children to put on their little spiritual thinking caps and remember what He told us in previous verses all the way back to the beginning—because He does not change, lie, forget, make mistakes, break His Promises, get confused, or have “new” or “better” ideas.

Caesar taxed the whole world—the whole world over which he ruled; not the entire earth.

Cyrus conquered all nations—not every nation on earth, but every nation against whom he went in battle he was victorious.

When you scatter wheat, when harvest comes, you regather the wheat; not the tares, thistles, brambles, stubble, or vermin in the field.

In one parable of the fishes (following the parable of the tares), every kind was drawn in the net—the GOOD were kept and the bad (putrid) were cast into the furnace.  What “kind” were “bad” and cast into the furnace...? —those species that are unclean.

God never said that He would gather the whole world (though indeed, He shall judge the whole world); but He said that He would regather whom He scattered.  God said that He would make a full end of all the nations whither He would scatter Israel, but not make a full end of His people whom He had scattered among them.  His people, after they were scattered became “gentilized” among those other nations or “Hellenized” within those Greek colonies and city-states.  Even though the majority of the diaspora kept themselves segregated and did not mix, the Israelites of the diaspora became known by different names and adopted different languages.  That is what Pentecost is about: “devout Judeans”—of the diaspora, raised in many different nations, raised speaking different languages, who were drawn by God to come to Jerusalem at Pentecost for the Feast and they would then hear the Gospel—the good news of God redeeming His people—and they would hear it by miracle in their own language because God gave the Apostles the ability to speak languages that they had never known or studied.

[See my books, Uncovering the Mysteries of Your Hidden Inheritance and God’s Chosen People: Who Is?  Who Isn't? —and Why.  See also my Apologetic Exposition series, to understand the so-called “Gentiles”, “strangers”, and the diaspora.]

Those who are spewing antichrist lies, telling their polluted flocks to pollute themselves even more “to show how much they love Jesus”—God will judge, many of them without mercy.  God’s Family is HOLY.

All modern false doctrine is based upon the lie that God changed (and therefore, is untrustworthy) and that God must conform to modern man’s notions.

They claim, though they never dare vocalize it in precise words (and that is part of the problem; those who never formulate their thoughts and commit them to paper and refine them don’t have a clue what they actually claim to believe—and such cannot be faith), that—

God used to be a racist.  But He changed.  He is a much-nicer guy now that He is on His meds and took anger management classes and multi-cultural sensitivity training seminars.  Jesus was a racist too.  But He also changed now that His Father is not such a bad influence on Him.  God had commanded His people to be separate.  But God admitted that His Law was a bad idea and abolished it.  Now all anyone has to do is “love”.  There are no rules.  Just make it up.  “Love” however you want to “love”; express yourself however you want to express yourself.  You can’t go wrong with “love”.  There are no boundaries with “love”... love, love love.  God Himself has progressed even as man has progressed.  God must keep up with the times. He’s not the same as that antiquated, vengeful God of the Old Testament.  That book is just a bad experience we should try to forget.

Of course this is BLASPHEMY.  Though most (but not all) would disagree with the words being so blatant, this is what they actually believe and they don’t even realize that they actually believe this because they have never thought logically or carried their presuppositions to their ultimate conclusions to see where they lead—right to Antichrist.

Fools who spout the modern multi-cultural “gospel” do not know God (and these are the two-last stops on the train to perdition: first stop, multiculturalism; last stop, genderbenderism; they are two toxic peas in a pod and they both have exactly followed the very same pathology and game plan: anathema, avoidance, tolerance, legislative protection, legislative preference, acceptance, celebration, militancy).  God is Immutable.  He cannot change.  He is Holy.  He is Perfect.  He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  He does not compromise and become like us; He commanded us to be holy as He is Holy.  That standard of holiness cannot change.  Christ said that He did not come to abolish the Law and not one jot or tittle would pass from the Law (the Law was never for salvation: It is God’s “House Rules” that He expects His children to obey*).

[* Understand, in the Bible, the terms “unbelief” and “disobedience” are often used interchangeably.  True faith produces works; true love produces obedience.  Works do not contribute to faith, they are the by-product of it.  Faith without works is dead.  Faith without works is not faith: it is delusion or superstition.  True faith is a gift of God to the elect by the Holy Spirit whereby they understand and believe the facts of God’s Word unto salvation—which true faith and regeneration result in the life that God ordained, which demonstrates itself through obedience to what God commanded.  “Whatsoever is not of faith is sin.”  Faith is not something that each person “makes up” that “feels good” to him—but is the knowledge and understanding of God’s Decrees, recorded in His Word.  Faith that does not produce obedience (the “good works” that we were before ordained that we should walk in them) is not faith; it is some humanistic notion; but it is not faith.  Faith is the dynamic reality of God in us, causing us to conform to the facts—the Doctrine in the Word of God.  Christianity without Doctrine is humanism.  “Walk in the Spirit and ye shall not fulfill the lusts of the flesh.”  What are the lusts of the flesh? —the violation of everything that God commanded.  “If ye abide keep My Commandments ye shall abide in My Love even as I have kept My Father’s Commandments and abide in His Love.  Christ had no commandments of His own; He told us His Commandments, Words, Will was to do that of the Father.  Christ was tempted in all points as we are yet without sin.  Sin is the violation of the Law.  Understand cause and effect: A child does not become his father’s son by obeying his father’s rules; a child is his father’s offspring by the will of the father in procreation.  A child establishes himself as an honorable son through obedience.  Christ said that His sheep know His Voice and follow (obey) Him.  God does not give an impotent faith.  Those whose “faith” doesn’t produce the result for which God gave the faith (obedience) are devoid of true faith; they have merely some belief or notions in their own mind, but it is not faith.  God defines faith and love; not man.  The faith and love that God imparts to the elect of His people is dynamic and specific according to His Decrees.  Love is not some nebulous “feeling”.  Love is obedience / self-sacrifice.  Jesus said “If ye love Me keep My Commandments”.  Those who don’t keep God’s Commandments (but instead make up excuses why God does not need to be obeyed, beliving the lie of the Serpent) don’t even know God.  Those who don’t obey God have never been regenerated.  See my book, What’s Keeping God From Delivering America, Britain, and Europe From Destruction?]

Those who spew such one-world, multi-cultural notions follow a false christ and prophecy “Thus saith the Lord”—when the Lord has NOT said; and thus they indoctrinate the flock with antichrist lies.  The same false prophets will be spewing gender-confusion next (most already are); it is the next stage of the same disease.  The world is not getting better through multi-culturalism—CHRISTENDOM IS DYING.  The world is not attacking the bandit State of Isra-lie... the Jews / Israelis control all governments and are the ones subverting Christendom; and they openly admit it and brag about it.

Again, watch this short video:


God will soon destroy the false prophets.  Judgment begins with the House of God—and they shall be cast out.... and the theological degree that they got in the Devil’s box of Cracker Jacks will be exposed as being a fraud when they hear, “I never knew you!”

These pseudo-intellectuals have a form of godiness but deny the Power thereof; are ever learning but never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.  The majority of the pages of their Bibles are like those virgin unopened pages in some books that were never properly trimmed at the factory and have never seen the light of day; while the passages taken out of context that constitute their hobby horses have so worn through they simply ripped the page out and rewrote it from their carnal memory and they simply “make it up” as they go—and incur God’s CURSE for having added to and detracted from His Word and Law (and even prophecy, if they change the identity of the villains to that of God’s children, thus also incurring God’ Wrath for calling evil “good” and good “evil”).

Cyrene was a Greek colony—as were nearly all the communities of the entire Mediterranean.  The original Greeks (not the modern people called by that name) were descendents of the Biblical Israelites (who are not one and the same as the modern Israelis / Jews); even as the Greek language derived from the Hebrew.  The Romans were in turn descended from the Greeks, even as the Roman / Latin language derived from the Greek.  Simon of Cyrene, who was ordered to help Christ carry His cross, was an Israelite of the diaspora living in the Greek colony of Cyrene.  His name Simon is a Greek name of Hebrew origin.  His two sons had Greek names: Rufus and Alexander.  Rufus (or more properly, HRoo-phos) actually means, “ruddy” —an odd name for a Nubian, indeed!

The false prophets preach antichrist doctrine, like good little communists, tearing down all the boundaries that God erected—and having the gallish blasphemy to declare that Jesus is the one who tore them down!  They don’t know Jesus and on the Day of Judgment, He will declare that He does not know them.

COMMUNISM teaches one race, on religion, one creed (and presumably, the new communism teaches “one gender fits all”).  God commands separation and forbids doing any good to those who are not God’s people, and this includes evangelization.  Scripture even says that if our own people reject the message of Christ that we are not to even bid them “God Speed” (any casual salutation of well-wishing or blessing: “have a nice day”, “take care”, —even “Good-bye”, which is a contraction of the Old English, “God be wi ye”).  If we do wish any of our kinsmen who reject the Doctrine of Christ, God says that we are partakers (accomplices!) in their evil deeds!

The Second Great Commission changed the SCOPE (worldwide) not the “target” (God’s people).

The First Great Commision was under Christ’s direct supervision, the disciples with their “training wheels” on; the Second was what they had been trained for; their real mission—to true Israel scattered throughout the world; “gentilized” Israel (to begin the regathering through Christ of those whom God had scattered and promised to regather).

Only those of God’s people who remain separate from alien peoples are God’s people indeed (those who do not defect and join the enemy).  God forbade hybridization of livestock and crops.  Are His children worth less than cows and cowpeas?  God forbade wearing garments of mixed fabric and forbade yoking an ass to an ox.  These are lessons to us.  They are lessons of difference, separation, holiness, obedience.  It matters not if we see or appreciate the meaning or the lesson—even as toddlers don’t appreciate or understand the meaning of the rules of their parents, so also humans are ignorant concerning the value and purpose of God’s Law.  “Father knows best” was an old saying before effeminate men allowed feminist women to take over the home and society, but the saying is true of our Heavenly Father even more (and He does not acquiesce to a haughty, rebellious bride).

“The Law of the Lord is Perfect.”  “The Word of the Lord endureth forever.”

Scripture is to be interpreted in light of what God intended at the time that He wrote it (and He never changes—and He doesn’t change His Mind*), not how modern corrupt minds want it to mean; forcing God to conform to the wicked modern world.

[* See my book, Does God Repent? — Can God Change His Mind?]

“It is a fearful thing to fall into the Hands of the Living God.”

Christ will say to the angels when He returns:

“Bring those who would not that I rule over them and slay them before Me.”

Those who reject the Doctrine of the Word of God reject Christ and reject God.  They invent their own false religion of humanism and spuriously call it “Christianity”.

God preserved Noah in the ark because Noah was righteous and because he was perfect in his generations (pure in his genealogies).

God forbade hybrids.  Hybrids are Satan’s attempt to supplant God’s perfect creation—and the attempt to supplant aliens as if they were God’s children... even as if the babies were switched in the nursery.  Will God coddle and cuddle and coo His enemy’s child thrust into the cradle trying to pass it off as God’s baby?  Those who think that He would don’t know God.  They don’t understand Holiness, Trueness, Righteousness, Immutability, Perfection, Sovereignty, Morality, Purity.  To those who are defiled all things are defiled, even their consciences.

When Christ forgave Zacchaeus, Scripture records:

“9And Jesus said unto him, ‘This day is salvation come to this house, forsomuch as he also is a son of Abraham.  10For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost’.” (Luke 19)

The angel announced after Christ’s conception,

“Call His Name Jesus [Yehoshua] for He shall save HIS PEOPLE from their sins”.

Christ Himself said,


“Go only unto the lost sheep of the House of Israel.”

“...as the Father sent Me so send I you.”

“Give not that which is holy to the dogs neither cast ye your pearls before swine...”

“It is not proper to take the children’s Bread and give it to the dogs.”*

[* In this passage, the Greek word is koonarion and literally means, “puppies”.  In this case this Syrophenician woman’s daughter is to whom Christ was referring.  The woman herself was a Syrophenician by nation (geo-politically, nor racially; that is, solely based upon where she was living), but she was a Greek woman, an Israelite of the diaspora, and that is why she knew the Word of God and had faith.  The mixed daughter was the one for whom she asked a blessing of Christ, to have the child delivered of a demon.  The child was mixed.  We don’t know the reason that this woman had a mongrel child; the reason is a side issue (maybe she was raped, maybe she had been sold as a slave and her master had his way with her).  Regardless, the issue was the lesson.  Dogs (including puppies) are not and never will be the Master’s children.  Christ is the Bread of Life sent down from Heaven  for the Master’s children; not the dogs.  The dogs, if they mind their place, may have the overflow of blessing (merely living on the outskirts of the nation of God’s peoples—realizing that have no rights, but it is still better to live on the outskirts of civilization than among the savages).]

The Old Testament prophesied that God would save HIS PEOPLE.  Humanism rejects God and His Decrees and those who preach the world-friendly, watered down, one-world, multi-racial, gender-bending heretical swill preach another gospel—a spurious gospel: an antichrist gospel.  No amount of sinful men’s well-wishing or avarice can undo God’s Decrees or His Covenants which He commanded to a thousand generations! (currently from Adam until now it has only been about 184 generations).

God promised to preserve a remnant, not merely of any people, not a ragamuffin rag-tag motley crew of whatever dregs of society that He could scrape together—He promised to preserve a remnant of HIS PEOPLE.

That is why there is the push to destroy the White race (no one is trying to destroy Blacks, or Hispanics, Asians, Orientals, Arabs, or Jews)—and we who would preserve our own lives, and preserve what God commanded us to preserve... we who would preserve our heritage, the nations that our ancestors built, and our faith and race that God commanded us to preserve... we are made out to be the evil ones! the “hateful ones” and the “dangerous ones” (despite the fact that 95% of rapes and murders are committed by nonwhites).

The lying enemy deceitfully lumps all kinds of people together.  If you are white and proud of your heritage and if you think that since your ancestors founded this nation and therefore believe that your people have more right to it than anyone else—or even if you claim limply to merely have rights “equal” to those of the invaders, then you are labeled a “white supremist” and a “hater”.  Unless you grovel in shame for the alleged deeds of your ancestors from centuries ago, you are a racist.  Nevermind that the so-called American Indians (who are by no means “Native” Americans), north, central, and south, predated upon smaller, weaker tribes of their own people (and other peoples) and enslaved, tortured and killed and even ate them, even as Africans historically have done the same for millennia, even as have most other nonwhite peoples, predating on their own people and foreign peoples—all those facts are irrelevant.  Even though it was Jews, Turks, Arabs, and Blacks themselves who dominated the slave trade for millennia, even though Jews were the slave traders and ship owners and even ship captains, even though the U.S. purchased less than 1% of the world black slave market, even though less than 3% of Southerners owned slaves, even though they treated their slaves well, even though most whites in the U.S. today do not have ancestors who owned slaves and even though most blacks in the U.S. today do not have ancestors who were slaves in the U.S. during the time of slavery—all whites are guilty.  That is the Imperial Decree.  

Yet all the other nations who don’t want white Christians moving there, who want to preserve the sovereignty of their own nations, they are not called “black supremists”, “yellow supremists”, “Jewish supremists” “brown supremists”, “mocha supremists”, or “red supremists”.  Why is that?  Just like that video link offered twice above, the destroyers of civilization have illegitimately established one set of rules for themselves and one set for us.  Because the whites practiced apartheid in South Africa to preserve the nation that their ancestors carved out of the wilderness over four centuries ago, they are eternally considered “evil”.  But when the Jews exercise apartheid in a nation that was only given to them (without any real international authority, against the wishes of the people who were living there) in 1948, well, that is perfectly acceptable and anyone who questions it is a “hater” and “antisemite”.  Now they have built an 8-meter tall, concrete wall with razor wire at the top... and Mexico has a partial wall / fence along portions of its southern border to keep the Guatemalans, Hondurans, Salvadorians, and others out; but for the U.S. to want a wall, we are racist pigs.

See: Google image search: Wall State of Israel


If life is so terrible for Central and South Americans, first of all, the question is WHY? and secondly, WHY DO THEY KEEP REPRODUCING?  Why is it that whites, who have the most to offer the world, the only ones to develop true civilization, are the ones who are not reproducing (and are expected to feel guilty for existing), while all the rest who are the destroyers of civilization reproduce like vermin out of control...? and yet everyone thinks it is our responsibility to absorb them and foot the bill.  The nonwhites entire philosophy is based upon criminal activity as a right: We will reproduce, invade Christendom, force them to pay for all of our expenses, ignore our crimes, and we will steal their entire nation from them.  See:


I am not a white supremist.  I don’t want to rule other peoples; I don’t want black slaves on my plantation  (whether in the fields or as domestics).  I could care less how other peoples live in their own nations.  If we had not foolishly kept other peoples from killing each other or starving to death or dying of disease, they would not now have so overpopulated their own nations that they want to take what we have and they would not now be robbing, raping, and killing us and spreading their diseases—and displacing us, stealing our heritage, our continent, our wealth, and committing genocide against us.  That’s how they show their “appreciation”.   

[It is not a symbiotic relationship, but a parasitic one.  It reminds me of a bumper sticker I saw bravely (or foolhardily) displayed on a car over 4 decades ago, which read, “If we knew then what we know now we’d have picked the cotton ourselves”.  The very notion of reparations for a minuscule percentage of the white population owning a miniscule percentage of blacks 200 years ago is not only absurd, it is a socialistic cash cow for those who do not deserve it; who themselves had been a drain on the U.S. for many trillions of dollars and an incalculable cost in human misery, suffering, and murder.]

Watch that video link again, carefully.  Unconstitutionally, our corrupt politicians give the state of Isra-lie BILLIONS of dollars each and every year, and have done so for DECADES.  How do the anti-christ Israeli’s show their appreciation? spies, espionage, subverting our nation, dragging us into war, harboring criminals, interfering in U.S. politics, and a decade or so ago when the U.S. might have been considering helping, I think it was Iran, in some way, the State of Isra-lie said that if we did they would send missiles against the U.S.—the very missiles that we gave them or bought for them.  With “friends” like that who needs enemies...?

God commanded us to have nothing to do with aliens—and our own Forefathers warned us not to get involved in any international affairs, even with civilized nations of our kinsmen.  God never rescinds His Commands.  Morality does not change.  Evil never becomes good.  Darkness never becomes light.  Immorality never becomes morality.  Tares are never converted into wheat; dogs are never converted into sheep.  Those who think otherwise suffer a profound spiritual psychosis and are in rebellion against God, and despite thinking that they are “good Christians”, if their philosophy (in the areas of race, gender, epistimology, and origins) are that of the world, they are friends of the world and the enemies of God.  Because we have sinned against God in the recognition of “gray” areas and the development of “fuzzy morality”, which eventually resulted in the notion of morality itself being scrapped entirely, we are now reaping what we sowed—death.

If God’s people truly want to be delivered it will require 100% obedience—without which there is no repentance—and that includes separation and stopping all interaction with aliens and putting out those who are mixed; and likewise outlawing perversion, outlawing immorality.  It requires protecting and compensating and avenging the victims, not the criminals (or the corrupt State).  All political corruption must end.  The people need to stop all the evil that goes on right under their own noses, which they fund by sheepishly paying whatever extortion their corrupt renegade public servants demand of them, and jump through every hoop and passively allow themselves to be herded into smaller and smaller areas (all leading to the slaughter house).  

God commanded “No other gods”.  God will not deliver His people when our land is polluted with pagan temples and when His people routinely hold hands with other religions to collectively pray to some generic God.  As I have long written, why should God deliver us from that which we are willing to tolerate.  Tolerance is “choice”.  Tolerance of sin and evil is choosing evil over God; and therefore, it is choosing the consequences—and therefore, why should God deliver us from that which we have freely chosen?  You reap what you sow.  If you want to reap strawberries don’t plant poison ivy.  If you plant poison ivy, then be happy and rejoice in your suffering, since it is what you chose and refuse to repent of.

God commanded that the Sabbath—THE Seventh Day (not any day that man may choose*) be observed as HOLY... throughout all our generations forever; and it is actually one of the signs of the Covenant and one of the signs that we are His people!  False prophets refer to “legalism” in those who stress the need to obey God and keep the Sabbath.  Legalism is what the pharisees were guilty of—ADDING TO the Law of God.  Observing the Sabbath (and every other Commandment that God gave) is not “legalism” but being LAWFUL, being OBEDIENT.  God commanded us to HALLOW the Sabbath and keep it HOLY, by not seeking our own pleasure, not working, not playing, not buying, selling, or trading, not travelling or sightseeing—but resting and respecting that day and Him and also worshipping Him especially on that day.  It is not optional.  God will not be delivering any time soon because the majority of “Christians” refuse to obey Him—thinking that they don’t have to and that God doesn’t care!  Why then is Christendom BEING DESTROYED after 2 millennia?  Therefore, God will continue to “cull His herd” and allow the wicked to “fill up the measure of God’s Wrath” to the point that the only ones of God’s people left alive are those who are repenting.

[* No passage in the New Testament supports the change from Sabbath to Sunday.  See my Ten Commandments for Youth.  Those “Christians” who think this is a “non-issue” are humanists who think that they are more important than God Himself.  Do you remember what Christ said about not one jot or tittle?  It matters not what the toddler or the slave thinks of his father’s / master’s rules.  God is Holy.  God is Supreme.  If you have no desire or intention to actually obey God / Christ Jesus, stop calling Him “Lord” and stop calling yourself a “Christian”.  Obedienec is not “pick and choose”; that is doing what self wants.]

All that God commanded has never changed.  God did not change His Holy Standard to accomodate the “feelings” (or immoral urges) of His sinful people thousands of years from the time that He gave His Law, in order to conform His Holiness to sinful notions of the modern world.  Those who refuse to obey Him will meet with Judgment now, and then when Christ returns.  What part of “God” and “Lord” don’t “Christians” understand?  As John writes, they do not know Him and the Truth is not in them.

Obedience is not doing what you want to, but what you were commanded to do.  The vast majority of Christians, if they go to church or even attempt to pretend to worship God, sing songs about God or Jesus being their “Lord”—but He is not their Lord; and they don’t even have a clue what the word actually means (and if they do know what it means, then they are liars, even as John said; I John 2:4).  Lord means MASTER.  Christians don’t obey what God commanded.  He is not their Lord.  They are their own lord; their god is their belly; their gods are their lusts; their gods are their fears; their god is the State before whom they cower (even though Scripture says “we ought to obey God rather than men”).  God does not hear the prayers of those who are in sin (ignorant or wilful); and therefore, He does not accept their worship or receive their prayers as long as they continue in unrepentant sin and that’s why we are under JUDGMENT and Christendom is about to FALL and all that will exist is BARBARISM.

The “Christian” peoples of Christendom bow down to hundreds of thousands of unjust laws of their renegade, treasonous, corrupt politicians, which laws they have burdened us with to rob, oppress, and control us—but the same “Christians” won’t obey a simple code of Laws that God gave us that fits in the palm of your hand and which were all given for our good.

When you cut through the foundational joists of your house and carve out large pieces that you don’t like, the building will eventually collapse.  A trickle in a dam or dyke, if ignored, will grow larger as its integrity erodes until it one day bursts forth in destruction.  Rejecting one Biblical doctrine in favor of humanism will only lead to discarding others, and eventually discarding them all.  That is why the majority of formerly Christian society is secular today (the immoral erosion of alien peoples to which Christendom has been subjected year after year, for the past century).  It all started with the mind pollution of evolution—that we all evolved from monkeys; that we all are the same; that God did not create Adamkind in His Own Image as the pinnacle of His creation; that we don’t need to obey the boundaries that our Creator and Heavenly Father and Redeemer established; that God does not exist or if He does He is a doting Benign Grandfather who impotently smiles at whatever we do; which is the notion of God that the majority of “Christians” have (a false god they have created in their minds).  But the bottom line is that most “Christians” do not even believe God exists; if they believed the God of the Bible they would fear and obey Him.  However, they believe He will never judge anyone and thus they do not believe in the God of the Bible; they are idolators who worship the false image in their mind.  

Scripture informs us that God is Creator and that He owns all.  Scripture also informs us that above and beyond owning us as Creator / Controller / Owner / Master:

“19What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?  20For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s.” (I Corinthians 6)

But as Scripture says, “even a child is known by his doings” not merely his sayings.  What a person truly believes is demonstrated by how he lives in practice; not merely the lipservice he offers in theory.

Who then is the god of those who obey their corrupt, renegade public servants, but who do not obey the God Who created and owns the universe and Who sent His Son to die for and REDEEM (“buy back”) the elect of His people (who had sold themselves to sin and made a Covenant with Death and an Agreement with Hell; Isaiah 28:18)...?

Their god is the false government, their fears, their lusts, their own pet ideas, their own will to which they sacrifice everything.  Your God is the one whom you obey.

God commanded no other gods.

No Scripture tells us to obey any law that is violation of the Law of God and no Scripture informs us that we must obey our servants or our kinsman-neighbor (or alien) who thinks that he can force his will on us.

“Know ye not, that to whom ye yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants ye are to whom ye obey.” (Romans 6:16)

“We ought to obey God rather than men.” (Acts 5:29)

—especially when those godless, pagan, perverse men (and women) are not the authority, but are our public servants who have violated their oaths of office, committed treason and sedition to overthrow the true government of the United States (the true people—not imported aliens and innumerable crosses) and who now masquerade as the master and consider us (their true masters) to be their slaves on their plantations, who exist solely to serve and obey them.  

“You reap what you sow.”  

“The curse causeless shall not come.”  

“Be sure your sin will find you out.”

The U.S. Constitution and the Common Law upon which it was founded and according to which it is to be interpreted guarantee and preserve the God-given, inalienable rights of the true people of the U.S. (not imported aliens).  Any “law” that corrupt politicians pass that violates the Constitutional protection of those rights is invalid, is no law (it is a treasonous myth)—no one needs to obey it and no police or court needs to enforce it.  If the police or courts do enforce unconstitutional laws then they are accomplices in conspiracy, sedition, and High Treason against the true government of the United States—the lawful, legitimate people.  No action arises out of fraud and there is no statute of limitations on fraud.  Illegals are illegals—including all those illegally given citizenship and their descendents to all generations.  Our Forefathers never intended and would have never allowed the nation that they labored and died for to be given to the savages.

If Satan can utterly mongrelize the bride of Christ, Christ has no bride to which to return.  If Satan can utterly mongrelize God’s remnant so that no remnant exists, Satan will have proved that God can fail and if God can fail in any area He can fail in other areas and therefore, He is not the God of the Bible as He has expressed Himself to be; and Satan will then renew his hopes that he can eventually defeat God altogether.

We are the bargaining chips.  Christ commanded, “Occupy till I come!” (Luke 19:13).  In English that can be construed as a military command; though in the Greek the intention seems to be “occupy yourselves” or “busy yourselves”.  With what?, one may ask.  “As the Father sent Me so send I you”; “Wist ye not that I must be about My Father’s Business?”  Furthermore, the context of “occupy till I come” is not within any parable of war, but one of the Master going away on extended business and entrusting the running of the estate to His trusted servants.  However, this does not mean that elements of war will not encroach into the parable: for they do.  Christ informed us of a similar parable in which the Master went away on extended business, and sent servants, then His Son, to collect the rent, and the wicked tennants murdered them—a war of retribution is the expressed outcome.  Christ said, “Marvel not if the world hate you”; “A man’s foes shall be of his own household”; and

“2They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service.  3And these things will they do unto you, because they have not known the Father, nor Me.” (John 16)

The job of the remnant is to survive an alien, antichrist world that hates them and wants to exterminate them and take all their property.  However, the meek (those obedient to God) shall inherit the earth (which they can’t do if they are raptured away; and they can’t “occupy yourselves till I come” if they are raptured away)—but the remnant shall not be moved; God will draw those final days of vengeance short,* otherwise, no flesh of the elect shall survive.  It is the wicked who shall be taken in Judgment.**

[* According to my study of Bible Chronology (see my A Coordinated, Chronological Table of the Patriarchs, if my dates are correct, the year 2024 will be the 6,000 year / 120th Jubilee from Creation (120 being a special number, as well as 6,000); if my dates are correct.  If the final days of vengeance, the “Great Tribulation”, the Time of Jacob’s Trouble, when God shakes heaven and earth, is 7 years long (which no Scripture says), then it begun, it seems in 2017, which was the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation and the 100th Anniversary (no coincidence) of the Jewish Bolshevik Revolution in Russia which commenced the extermination of between 66 and 180 million Europeans.  See: The Human Cost of Soviet Communism; The Secret Holocaust; and The Last Days of the Romanovs—100th Anniversary Edition (all of which I print).

** See my book The Futurist and Rapture Conspiracy.]

Christ did not say “make friends with the invading enemy and marry your daughters to them”.  He commanded quite the opposite: “Give not that which is Holy [Christ] to the dogs”; “it is not meet to take the children’s Bread [Christ] and give it to the puppies”.  Paul [taught directly by Christ] reiterated the command of God through Isaiah: “Come out from among them and be ye separate and touch [join] not the unclean thing [people] and [only then] shall ye be My sons and daughters [indeed]”.

IF God has some Plan for those who are not His people—they will not be a recipient of that Plan if they are involved in attempting to destroy God’s people!  If the dogs wish to remain in the Master’s House, their place is in subjection, under the Table—not seated at the Table as equals; not breeding with the children on top of the Table, not biting the children or urinating and defecating on or under the Table or anywhere in the House.  If they want the overflow of blessing then they need to be on the outskirts and under the Table where God ordained for them to be, or they will not receive overflow... if they attempt to steal for themselves the cup of blessing and inheritance that God ordained for HIS CHILDREN... then they shall receive the Punishment / Judgment that they deserve along with all the false prophets and evil shepherds who, like the Serpent, are telling God’s simple-minded, sinfully inclined children, “yea, hath the Lord said? ... no, ye shall not surely die”.

“I am Yahweh and I change not, therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed.”

“Come out from among them and be ye separate.”

“Be holy as I am Holy.”

“Be ye doers of the Word, not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.”

“Whatever is not of faith is sin.”

Faith is not a subjective feeling or idea—it is the Holy Spirit revealed understanding of and dynamic obedience to the Doctrine of the Word of God.  True Christianity is Doctrine.  True Christians reflect the Holiness of their Father due to the Agency of the Holy Spirit Who indwells them... IF He indwells them, if they have truly been regenerated.  A branch on the True Vine / Christ will bear CHRIST’s Fruit, not the world’s notion of what that fruit should be 2,000 - 4,000 years posterior to the unchanging Law that God commanded throughout all our generations forever—unto a THOUSAND generations.