—Filosophy of False Flag Frenzy

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Someone emailed in response to an email forward concerning the recent events in France.


"I see now the false flag purpose.
 I am not certain that it necessarily has to be a false flag, though, as these people are legitimately in a religious war with the west and we are letting them in by thousands. What else is the logical end result? A conspiracy is not necessary as it is simply what will happen given all reasonable input."
I replied:

While the situation would happen inevitably, the purpose of the false flag is to speed it up, desensitize, prepare all Europe for the same, just like here in the US, instead of outlawing muslims, arabs, and africans, (and all other aliens committing crime in a daily basis, which in reality is far more damaging, costly, and deadly year after year than any "terrorist attack") they took rights from everyone.


Also, false flags are a "pre-emptive" media propaganda strike, causing a terrorist attack but having the media report DISINFORMATION stating the very opposite to the truth as the reason for the attack, making up some hare-braned story that only fools will believe, and saying that the only solution to the problem is to make the problem worse.


If we just invited in more and more muslims, they would not hate us so much and we would be so much safer. 


WRONG: IF we DEPORTED ALL ALIENS, regardless of how many generations of them were born in the US (no action can arise out of fraud; they came illegally and they were let in illegally and "naturalized" illegally, and so every single anchor baby and all born to them regardless of how many generations are not and never will be lawful US citizens... a fraud is VOID AB INITIO, from its very beginning, and therefore, all that transpires from the beginning to any time in the future is VOID)... if we deported all alien peoples back to their country of origin and left them alone to destroy their own nations instead of ours... THEN we would be much safer.


same M.O. was done in the public schools... dumb down everyone, instead of realizing a certain element was uneducatable under the current myth of equality, which nobel science winner Watson (I think) pointed out and had his career ruined for not seeing the king's invisible suit of clothes.

The goal is not to actually eductate the masses, but indoctrinate them, ruin their minds so they cannot think for themselves, and even if they can't remember 95% of what they were taught, the 5% they do remember is counter-culture, antichrist propaganda and not being able to think logically, they will never be able to come to the knowledge of the truth, they have created the perfect drone slave labor class and lobotomized 3 or 4 generations... in addition to wasting hundreds of billions of dollars in "education"... and further crippled the economy and turned American citizens into dogs as they have learned the way of the heathen, been raped by them, had their minds polluted by them, and taught intermixing with them is natural; despite having neighborhoods free of the aliens, for the most part, they were forced to rub shoulders with them in the schools... and young children are impressionable, especially if parents stupid enough to put their kids in public schools were not "deprogramming them" at home after school and teaching them the truth, and teaching them not to believe anything that they are taught contrary to what the Bible teaches and what they are taught at home, and if they hear contradictory teaching, learn what they are taught so they can answer correctly on the test, but keep your mouth shut and don't talk about not believing it, and talk to us at home about it... and don't be friends with anyone not like yourself... of course nearly 0% of parents who put their kids in the public schools ever did this, so the enemy has stolen the minds of 3 or 4 generations.  God said if we forgot His Law He would forget our children.  First plank of the communist manifesto: the state educates the children.  The pilgrims and puritans set up schools in the US, from the one-room school house (which was often the church building itself) to the universities like harvard, all for the purpose of teaching children, then adults to be able to read and think so that they could understand the Word of God... and only by that would they make good citizens.  Then, the socialists took over, threw the Bible out, and in its place now teaches every known perversion, and any new ones that are thought up.

It is the matrix.  It is all illusion.  It is all propaganda.  Its only purpose is to destroy Christian civilization / freedom, destroy our race and culture, enslave everyone, and steal all the wealth for themselves.

"have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness BUT REBUKE THEM." 
"He who is a friend of the world is the enemy of God."

you reap what you sow.... or even sow (as in a female pig)... if you don't like your farm being overrun with pigs... STOP RAISING PIGS and raise sheep.

Inviting in the african and arab and mexican "refugees" is preparing for World War III, which quite possibly will not be nation against nation, but a so-called "Civil War" within each nation of Christendom, against the "invited guest" and infiltrators and their progeny (the enemy that is among you shall become the head and you the tail) against the true populace of Christendom.

Our heritage has gone to the dogs; Detroit, Deerborn, Marseilles, and many other places are now nearly entire muslim.  It is an abomination and a stench that reaches to heaven.  2,500 mosques we have allowed in this nation, along with an equal amount of synagogues, and pagan temples of all other false religions, to all alien gods.  We are reaping what we have sown and God is using the sin we embraced as the very weapon that will destroy us until we repent before Him.  "Not one jot or tittle shall pass from the Law"... that really is not hard to understand, but the average Christian can't see through the fog of 150 years of theological brainwashing.  The solution: learn the jots and tittles and repent.  God only has about 613 laws in all, and they are all for our good; many are even common sense that people obey without realizing it.  Sinful, corrupt, wicked politicians, on the other hand, pass 100,000 laws a year, the majority to oppress, rob, pervert, destroy, and enslave us.  God's Law fits in the palm of your hand.  Man's law takes up about 27 feet of shelfspace of super-fine print and you need to hire "professional liars" to tell you what it means. 

Yet for some inexplicable, illogical reason, Christians think that God's Law is oppressive and too much to remember.  Instead, they think we have to obey man over God.  Instead, they are under profound delusion thinking that aliens and corrupt, renegade, illegitimate politicians and such are our rulers and we must obey them, when in reality those who are legitimate are our servants and the bulk of them are alien usurpors.  NONE of them are true authority and NONE of them need to be obeyed and ALL of them are guilty of High Treason.

“We find it intolerable that one
Constitutional Right should have to be
surrendered in order to assert another.”
(Simons vs. U.S. 390, US 398 (1968)

“All laws  [rules & practices] which are repugnant
to the Constitution are null and void.”
(Marbury vs. Madison, 5 U.S. 137, 180)

“There can be no sanction or penalty imposed
upon one because of his exercise of his
Constitutional rights.” (Sherar vs. Cullen, 481
F. 2d 946)

“No one is bound to obey an unconstitutional
law, and no courts are bound to enforce it.”
(Sixteenth American Jurisprudence, 2nd Ed.,
Section 177)

“All human laws which contradict His Laws
[Bible] , we are bound by conscience to disobey.”
[George Mason (1725-1792); one of the major
framers of the U.S. Constitution, member of
the Constitutional Convention 1776, Federal
Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia
1787, author of  the Declaration of Rights (after
which most States drew their respective State

“By virtue of his profession, he  [a judge] is
presumed to know the Constitutional Rights
of citizens, as well as written statutes. He is
prohibited from making any decision or
applying any rule against any party when that
ruling is unconstitutional. When there is a
question or any conflict between the two, the
Constitution prevails.”  (Marbury, Supra)
“An unconstitutional act is not a law; it confers
no rights; it imposes no duties; it affords no
protection; it creates no office; it is in legal
contemplation, as inoperative as though it had
never been passed.” (Norton vs. Shelby County,
U.S. p. 442)

Major Robert H. Williams (1897-1993), U.S. Army Air Corps, Military Intelligence, in his Ultimate World Order (1957), 74pp., 6.00 + P&H points out that the Roman Empire fell due to absorbing a plethora of alien peoples in its gross perverse-need for conquest.

Later, after the Roman Empire had begun its decline due to mass immorality, it was the Goths and Vandals
who again descended and conquered this mongrelized nation (made up of at least 20 different racial strains,
predominately African and Mediterranean) whose evil degeneracy they despised.

(See p. 21 of The Ultimate World Order by Robert H. Williams (c. 1940; Major, Military Intelligence USAR and Captain AUS), which quotes from a lecture given to Oxford University in the 1870’s by Dr. Charles Kingsley.)

the plan is to destroy Christendom by absorbing aliens and perversion... and corrupt politicians are the ones orchestrating it with the antichrist billionaires of the world and Tel Aviv, and all such US politicians are guilty of High Treason, Sedition, War Crimes, and Crimes against Humanity, and the attempted overthrow of the TRUE Government of the United States--the TRUE people whose GOD-GIVEN rights are secured to them by the US and State Constitutions, the Articles of the Confederacy and the Declaration of Independence.  All politicians took an oath to preserve the Constitution, when they do anything to change it they are guilty of High Treason.