—Government Health Care / Welfare / Insurance / Financing is COMMUNISM (Revised)

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Someone emailed me this news story:

“Medicare for All” and Other Radical Programs Will Crash



I agree, and here are my comments:

Government health care / welfare is COMMUNISM.

People already addicted to insurance, welfare, and other communist programs; those raised knowing nothing else, will resist and reject such a blatant declaration.  Because it strikes at their true sense of security; without which, they feel vulnerable and unsafe (and it is amazing that civilization on earth existed for over 5,000 years without any of these things).  That is part of the pathology of the terminal illness of Christendom—that is the natural (and intended) response created by the socialist programs of an evil government.  It is what an evil government wants: It wants its slaves to think that communism is their friend (or not even know what communism is).  It wants its slaves to consider rejection of socialist programs to be “blasphemy” against the State, blasphemy against the (deluded) “rights” of the individual slaves.  The corrupt government wants all people dependent on IT instead of on God, instead of being dependent upon themselves (obeying God and being responsible), instead of being dependent upon their kinsmen-neighbors (being a TRUE, godly community), employing the Puritan Work Ethic and the Law of the Harvest (you reap what you sow).
Insurance is communism and a ponzi scheme, and therefore, theft.  It is impossible for everyone to have everything they need paid out in insurance claims.  Many will be turned away empty (those stories, which are not uncommon, don’t make the headlines*).  Aliens, those on welfare, and government employees get everything paid for.  Those who get what they want in an insurance payout don’t think or care about those left in the cold.  Insurance is not some magic box in which you put $100 and magically $10,000 appears.  A 20-minute helicopter ride to the hospital in my area costs $40,000.  Really?  You can go to Gatlinburg, Tennessee to the tourist area and get a 5-minute chopper ride for $80.  “Insurance” pays for the hospital medivac chopper ride—if you have insurance that covers it.  But again, how can insurance pay for such extortion?  I imagine the U.S. government charges to the taxpayers whatever amount insurance companies “write off”.  It is theft.  It is forcing those who live responsibly and take care of their body to pay for those who don’t; or it is forcing everyone to pay for other peoples’ accidents.  If your neighbors don’t want to be a part of that program (and under the U.S. Constitution, we have the freedom to contract or not contract) but you vote to force them to be a part of any program (like insurance), that is communism, that is theft, that is defrauding your neighbor, that is forcing your neighbor to be responsible for you.

[* I know of at least 3 people who live near me (and I know there are probably a thousand others in this very town of 3,000 people).  They work on projects they want to, but then claim “disability”.  Sure, they may have a disability and they may have an ache or pain (I have half a dozen, but put in 90+ hour weeks and have for 30 years), but they are not truly disabled.  One said he needed 2 knee replacements.  The current welfare he is on said that 2 velcro strap on braces were all he needed.  Finally, the saviour obama health care kicked in, he got the knee operations, and 5 years back welfare and took the family on a vacation on a cruise to the islands and bought himself a new car.  Another got 5 years back welfare and bought himself a new t-bird.  None of them work.  2 of them probably never have in their lives (but do all the yard work and auto repair on their own vehicles) and yet have their own house or trailer; and they all have riding mowers for the 20 feet of lawn they have.  WHO paid for that lump sum payment of $75,000 and WHO pays for all their health care and their monthly welfare checks and food stamps?  HALF of the people in the U.S. live like this and the politicians live high on the hog and dispense taxpayer money all around the world as if it were confetti.  That is why we are $21+ TRILLION dollars in debt.

In a previous Rumination, when the debt was $20 TRILLION, I did the calculations and the math and $20 TRILLION in $1 Eisenhower coins (which were popular in the 70s) would reach to the moon in not just 1 stack, but in 100 stacks.  $1 TRILLION more, I imagine now that makes 5 more stacks.  Those coins, in order to have any real value, are supposed to be SILVER (which they are not; corrupt politicians continued to rob our currency of all real precious metal, to enrich themselves and hide their fraud).  Tell me, do you think that there is enough silver on planet earth to make that many coins to REACH TO THE MOON in 105 stacks?  If those 105 stacks of coins were 99.9% silver (as the Constitution requires them to be), then with silver today at $15.35 / oz. would constitute “only” 6.84 stacks to the moon.  While that is significantly less, do you think that even that much silver exists on earth?  REMEMBER, on the face of the globe, the 29,029 foot high Mount Everest (which currently grows far slower than the “National” debt) is barely a pimple.  It is 238,900 miles from the earth to the moon.  Earth’s diameter is 7,900 (rounded off) miles.  30.24 planet earths could fit in between the earth and the moon.  Again, do you think there is enough silver and gold on earth to reach that far in 105 stacks (thus, 3175.20 planet earths could fit in between earth and the distance to the moon 105 times).  Add in all the copper, bronze, nickle, platinum, titanium, etc.  It still is not enough.  Remember, this is just the pseudo-National Debt of the U.S., all the other nations are in similar debt.

Oh, by the way, gold has dropped about $1000 in value in the past several months, which “infers” that the dollar is getting stronger.  However, the precious metal market is controlled and manipulated (like everything else) and ARTIFICIALLY kept afloat.  The ONLY way that gold could TRULY drop $1,000 in value is if the Federal Reserve BURNED $10 TRILLION paper dollars and did not print anything to replace it.  Actually, the real price of gold should be $5,000-$10,000 an ounce.  However, if they let the market be natural, and not manipulate it, it would cause a global crash once everyone realized that their money was worthless—like in the Weimar Republic of Germany during WWI when the Deutsche Mark became worthless overnight and a wheelbarrow of money was required to pay normal bills; and you can find photos on the internet of some people wall-papering the inside of their house with their paper Marks or burning them as fuel in their furnace to keep warm.  Hard to believe...? —consider that: In 1914, at the beginning of WWII, $1 was equal to DM 4.20. As the war progressed, toward the end the Mark dropped like an anvil dropped from an airplane, by November 1923 $1 was equal to DM 4.2 trillion.  See:


P.S. I just reprinted this very good booklet, this is probably why he was murdered: The Currency Conflict (1876) President James Garfield (murdered*) 34pp., 3.50 + P&H.  Garfield shows how paper money will destroy a nation.

* See: Destiny of the Republic: A Tale of Madness, Medicine and the Murder of a President, Candice Millard, 432pp., pb., 17.00 + P&H (doctors murdered President Garfield).]

Further, the corrupt government then illegally (that is, unconstitutionally) brings in (or allows to enter illegally) 50 million+ aliens, puts them on a tax-payer funded breeding program (to reproduce, having litter after litter without thought of how they will provide for them, or raise them) and gives them full health care, free food, cells phones, housing, utilities, entitlement, turns a blind eye to their crimes and passes more laws to restrict lawful citizens, and raises taxes to pay for it all—and all that MASSIVE DEBT is saddled on top of the politicians’ other forms of TREASON in bankrupting and destroying our nation.  While a large percentage of aliens live off welfare programs, others take jobs that true Americans should have (and some double dip, having jobs and finding loopholes to also receive welfare of some type; and some mainstream media news shows have revealed sometimes an alien will live in a trailer in which 14 other aliens also claim to live, and he forwards their monthly welfare checks on to them back home in Mexico or wherever they live).  

Politicians have NO right giving American jobs to aliens (or to foreign nations for any reason) or declaring those aliens to be “Americans” or giving them ANY “rights”.  All of this is unconstitutional and treason and intended to replace us, so it is also “soft genocide”.  The politicians then, to top it off, illegally over-tax and ver-regulate all U.S. business and industry, to the point that many manufacturers move their plants outside the U.S.  The corrupt politicians then allow cheap (price and quality) goods to be imported from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, Mexico, etc.  Overtaxed Americans purchase the cheap goods, sacrificing quality for immediate gratification in their price range.  U.S wholesalers and retailers can’t compete with the low prices of the cheap imported goods, so they go out of business or carry the cheap goods.  American manufacturers cannot compete with such prices, so they go out of business, or ship their factories outside the U.S.  The wealth of our nation is shipped overseas to our enemies and our landfills are overflowing with the cheap foreign-made goods that are made to break down after a short while.  Few products are repaired any more as it is cheaper just to buy new.  Warranties on foreign made products are almost nonexistent (and worthless) and thus U.S. retailers now offer “extended warranty” (insurance) deals on each product, in which the consumer has to SPEND MORE MONEY; which circumvents the purpose of buying a less-expensive product.   Millions of Third World aliens are allowed to enter, to take what remaining jobs exist (with nonwhites being preferred in hiring, often due to government “incentives” to hire so-called “minorities”) while the rest live off welfare and further burden the nation.

The corrupt politicians then get our people to fight amongst ourselves because most have been brainwashed in the government schools, with minds damaged by socialist thinking.  Most of our people actually embrace socialism without even realizing it.  Many who have some “disability” (which is most often a figment of their imagination) think that “free everything” is their God-given, Constitutional “right” (though it is nowhere so recoreded in either document) and that other people should pay for everything they want.  People with injuries, aches and pains, debility, etc. have existed for thousands of years—it was only recently due to socialism that people who had such began to think of themselves as “special” and demand life to be given to them on a silver platter.  Real people with disabilities WORK HARDER and WORK THROUGH THE PAIN, they don’t make excuses and rob everyone else just because a corrupt government has unconstitutionally given them that option.  It actually violates the core principles of the godless “government”, the vast majority believing in evolution.  The Welfare State flies in the face of contradiction with the foundational tennets of Evolution: Natural Selection / Survival of the fittest.  They ignore the blatant contradiction because their purpose is not one of altruism (to help the poor disabled)—but to destroy the nation by burdening it with debt and by assuring that a worthless class of people are able to reproduce to further weaken the nation to the point that it falls under full-blown communism.  At that time (no honor among thieves) the worthless welfarites will be given the option: work for the state or be shot / starve to death.  

[The concept of “free” really doesn’t register in a mind that has been intellectually and morally lobotomized from childhood in the government propaganda factories (schools).  Those who are brainwashed of course clash with those who are not brainwashed (or those who are only semi-brainwashed) and who understand truth of history, social science, the Bible, and simple mathematics.  Nothing is free.  Someone has to pay for it.  The Bible says that you reap what you sow.  The poor are required to work.  Those with a debility don’t get a free pass.  Working a full week is not a mere 40 hours.  Rarely has anyone who has risen to greatness worked a mere 40-hour work week.  Someone who works merely 40 hours does not qualify for assistance from the church or fellow kinsmen-believers.  Six days shall a man labor and do all his work (neither should he be assisted if he violates the Sabbath).  Christ said, “are there not twelve hours in the day?”  Do the math.  Furthermore, the average person only needs 8 hours of sleep a night.  That leaves another 4 hours per day in which a person can work so that he can afford the things he would like to have.]

Other nations have socialized medicine because their people have been brainwashed from youth with socialism and those nations are also in debt because socialized medicine and insurance is not a workable business model but a ponzi scheme in which the masses are expected to pay for the health care of the elite.  Currently, aliens, those on welfare, and politicians get free health care and the sky’s the limit.  Again, that is to weaken the nation so that it falls under full-blown communism; once that happens only the politicians will get free health care; or at least, get free health care that provides what is needed: the elite will get an operation and caviar; the masses will be handed a pair of crutches and a crust of bread.

The Millennials in this country are brainwashed from youth and are IRRESPONSIBLE—and are irresponsibly in debt, just like the government.  Why should the people be any different than the government? —corrupt, useless consumers (not producers), irresponsible, and insolvent.  Hypocritically, the irresponsible demand that SOMEONE ELSE to be responsible for them.

[One youtube can be found on the internet of a mainstream news reporting show that exposed an unmarried black woman with 12 or 13 illegitimate children (all from different fathers) who, when she was upset that she was not getting enough welfare money was arrogant in the face of the social worker and brazenly and mindlessly declared, “Who’s going to pay for these children? someone has to be responsible!”

Black Welfare Mother with 15 Kids says Somebody Needs to Pay for all my Children - YouTube

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3anuIAgJmys&feature=youtu.be ]

Health and Health care are NOT God-given, Constitutional rights... not even in communist countries.  That may be in the full-color, glossy “brochure” and on the “billboard” advertisement full of pictures of happy people with smiling faces, but it is not what is says in the fine print.  People in communist countries don’t have rights.  God says you reap what you sow.  If people want to spend their money on tattoos, tobacco (with flavored drops to put in the end of the cigarettes), alcohol, expensive, nutrient-devoid foods, their own house or trailer and a new car, 6 foot long tvs, vacations, and all other sorts of “toys” and gadgets and whatever other immediate “wants” they have, having no concept of responsibility, delaying gratification,* doing without, planning for the future—that is their right.  However, they must work to earn the money to secure that right.  They don’t have the right to live like that, irresponsibly, off taxpayer welfare.  People on welfare should live in a group home.  If they want independence and privacy and to own their own things, let them get a job and work for it.  The only legitimate use of taxpayer money is for services back to those very same taxpayers; not to anyone else for any reason.  People who have the right to live irresponsibly also have the right to have everything they own repossessed and be forced to live in a group poor house, where they should be forced to work or not be fed.  During the golden age of the U.S., people did not retire.  They worked until they were incapacited or died.  Likewise, children were employed doing household and farm chores as soon as they could walk—they weren’t lobotomized by sitting around watching cartoons all day.

[* At the same time, many, if not the majority, of the people on welfare (even multi-generational welfare) are obese and getting bigger and bigger and think that it is everyone elses responsibility to pay more taxes so that their welfare check is raised so that they can buy more stuff to enjoy while the laze around doing nothing.]

Just because such people on welfare choose to live immorally and irresponsibly, making other people pay for their entire livelihood their whole life, instead of their working and saving and investing, does NOT mean that it is someone elses responsibility to pay for their health care, their grocery bill, their electric bill, their rent, their “retirement” (from what, is anyones guess), or anything else.  The Bible says, and the Puritan Work Ethic said if a man will not work he shall not eat (that is, no one should give him food).  There are rare and limited exceptions to this.  Just because you can’t afford everything that you want it is not “oppression”.  If you want more, work more, work harder, get a second job, a third job, learn a new skill, teach yourself a trade; work in your garage or basement after your paying job and invent or build something to sell.  That’s what people did to make America great, and the inverse of that is what is making America worthless.

People do not recognize the difference between needs and luxuries.  I first wrote on this over a quarter century ago.  There are actually VERY FEW “needs” in life, and most people confuse basic needs (that is, things without which a person will or may die) with “wants” or “luxuries”.  Hint: Most anything that Adam and Eve did not have is a luxury.  Most anything that Amish farmers and Dutch Boers of South Africa lived without for centuries, is a luxury.  Luxuries are wonderful and make life easier and more pleasant.  But they are not God-given, Constitutional rights (despite what self-imagined “Constitutional” Anti-President imposters may think).  LIFE is a God-given, Constitutional right, that is, someone can’t just kill you and take your life from you unless you have committed a sin / crime worthy of death.  However, QUALITY of life is NOT a God-given, Constitutional right.  You must earn it.

There are very few needs: BASIC food (beans, rice, potatoes—NOT Captain Crunch cereal, t.v. dinners, candy bars, chips, and ice cream), water, shelter (which includes minimal heat in winter), clothing, and maybe medicine in extreme cases, and weapons (let’s call them “tools”) for self-defense / hunting in some cases.  EVERYTHING ELSE is a LUXURY.  If you have to sell your tv to afford your medicine—that’s the row God gave you to hoe!  If it hurts your body to work—JOIN THE CLUB!  Air conditioning is not a “need”.  People lived for 5,930 years or so without air conditioners (tens, if not hundreds of millions still live without them).  I believe, second to electricity, that the air conditioner is the most important invention on earth.  If I could go back to the 1700s to live and take one thing with, it would be an air conditioner and the required electrical technology to power it.  As much as I love air conditioning (I grew up in North Miami, Florida), I don’t have central air in my house and never have had a house (not even growing up) that had it; and I run the wall unit air conditioner as little as possible when I can bear through the “borderline” seasons, so that I can run it all the time when it is most hot and humid.  Oh, sure, I can afford to run it more, but I try to be a good steward; and I don’t have a money tree in the back yard (I’ve tried to grow them several times, I just don’t have the magic touch); and if I waste money on one thing I won’t have it for another.  Such thinking is not hard-wired into the majority of “Millennials” who have been taught to satiate immediate gratification and buy now and worry about paying later.  For that reason, the majority have a dead-end job and $50,000+ worth of debt.  Many have college debt of $20,000-$100,000 and can’t get a job.

Those who have tragedy hit need to SELL some things that they own to pay for what they actually need.  That’s what I did when I started this ministry 28 years ago.  That is what any RESPONSIBLE person does.  Public assistence is unconstitutional, but it’s purpose should not be to help a person maintain the standard of life he enjoyes—but to sustain life.    

Even people who know better compromise their morals (consciously or subconsciously), when it becomes personal.  I heard an intelligent person, who has for half a century run several patriotic, alternative news sources, who lamented that her friend needs a new heart and cannot afford it unless she sells her house (unless socialist national healthcare is passed).  House or heart.  You can’t have them both.  Without a heart you won’t need a house.  What is there to not understand?  Some things are more expensive than others.  DOWNsize.  You can’t get a smaller heart, but you can move into an apartment; or a smaller house in a less affluent neighborhood.  God gave you one heart.  If you need a second, that’s YOUR responsibility; not the responsibility of the rest of the nation, against their will.  There is no guarantee a heart transplant recipient will even survive.  Why should others finance that risk?  Someone who has a $300,000 - $500,000 house thinks she should not have to sell her house to fund her own heart transplant operation?  What delusion is she under?  “Charity” is for people who don’t have such a house.  It is not the government’s place to pay for the health care of anyone; and it is certainly not their place to unconstitutionally legislate “manditory” socialist insurance.  Insurance causes the price of health care to SKYrocket, because corrupt doctors and hospitals and drug companies obscenely raise the prices because insurance or government (the taxpayers) is paying for it.

If you compromise morality for a little convenience, you lose freedom.  You can’t have your cake and eat it too.  Just because you have no qualms about being a slave to the state, does not mean that you can make that decision for everyone else.

The issue is GREED and thinking that someone else should be responsible for you.  If society had not been integrated with the Third World and then Talmudicized and dechristianized, our society would be godly and cohesive; and like the Amish, if someones barn burns down, if the person was not living in open sin, the community comes together and raises him a new one.  Society has been fragmented so that it cannot stand together and so it relies on the government, which is full of corrupt evil people who implement programs that fail, year after year, decade after decade, and continue to lie to us and say, “Oh, there will be a few hiccups in the beginning, but it will eventually smooth out”. —yeah... it’s called FLAT-LINING: When you’re dead and the heart monitor moves in a nice smooth path from one end of the screen to the other without any bumps or “hiccups”.  

Scripture teaches that even widows, if they had not been faithful in church, as women should be (being obedient to their husbands, helping teach younger women how to be obedient to their husbands that the Word of God be not blasphemed), should receive NO HELP from the church in their time of need.  You reap what you sow.  Let the world take care of its own.  Love not the world.  Don’t ACT LIKE the world.  It is the responsibility first of a person’s immediately family, to provide the needs of their own; then the church (and if they did not have a church or were not faithful—you reap what you sow) and the neighborhood of our own kinsmen (that is why the family and society has been fragmented with aliens, antichrists, and perverts).  Then charities come in when the others cannot meet all the needs.  Govermnet is to be nowhere in the picture.

The church and the Christian community of our KINSMEN was a form of godly, responsible “insurance” in that if you were TRULY obedient to God and in good standing, others would be there for you in your time of need.  The church (as the family and the community—the whole nation) has been corrupted with aliens and false humanistic doctrine and the true Church no longer exists in the community because the community no longer exists (it is now Babylon); therefore, the Church can no longer serve that purpose.  It is the Apostate Church.  The Ichabod Church.  The Babylonian Church.  The State has replaced the corrupt Church, which is good for nothing.  

The majority of people (“Christians” included) fear not having health insurance more than they fear God.  You reap what you sow.  Let your god (the State, the insurance company) take care of you—stop being a hypocrite and worship them!  God doesn’t want your phoney worship; He is not fooled!  The world existed for about 5,800 years without insurance.  Amazing it survived—so you would think by how psychotic most people (“Christians” included) tremble at the thought of having to live without it.  It is a false idol / god in their lives.  They pray to it.  They pay homage to it.  They bow before it in reverence.  They fear life without it.

The purpose of implementing communist policies (like welfare, insurance) in noncommunist countries is to weaken those countries to the point that they fall, so that they will become communist countries (with even worse programs and no recourse) without a shot having been fired.  The dictators will own all the wealth and you will work for them (sort of like now, but even worse)... and THEY will decide what you “need”, if anything (and if you think you need anything that they don’t think that you need, and you persist, then what you need is to be shipped off to Siberia where the fresh mountain air will help you convalesce and come to your senses).

Those who champion for free anything are either fools or socialist subverters.  Those who are championing for national socialist health care, claim that we should have it because other “advanced” nations have it—but they don’t tell us how advanced the national debts are of those other nations, because of socialized medicine—or how many people whose nations have socialized medicine chose to come to the U.S. for their procedures (before our health care has hit rock bottom because of insurance and because of the tens of millions of illegal  aliens swamping our nation; and all the Third World aliens being hired to work in the medical profession so that the medical bureaucrats can make more money and also displace our people by the Third World).  People with damaged minds, brainwashed from youth, think that debt is just an unavoidable natural part of life BUT IT IS NOT.  Greedy, subversive antichrist socialists turning us from the Word of God and turning us from the rule of law of the Constitution that our Founders established has caused debt and all the other evils of modern society: rape, terrorism, murder, government corruption, government abuse, government treason, unethical business practices, alien invasion, race mixing, homoperversion, atheism, evolution, disbelief in the Word of God, etc.  Most people think that all things things are “normal” too”.  But they are NOT “normal” and they did not exist when our nations were truly Christian (and would not have been tolerated).  It is NOT that our nations were not founded as Christian, but that they were subverted and the subverters refuse to discuss the evidence.

Venezuela had been held up as proof (finally they thought that they found some) that communism works; but it was PROPPED up artificially and now is collapsing.  That is communism.  It cannot work with a godless people who only want to consume and not work, because working harder does not benefit the worker himself, but is spread among tens of millions of others; and the others who don’t care to work harder undo any effort that is made by those who do work hard.  That is the Welfare State.  God says if you don’t work you should not eat; and if you steal from someone else to eat because you are too lazy to work, you must become that person’s slave until you pay off your debt to him; and if you refuse to work you are to be put to death.  God’s Word takes all the “fun” out of corruption and crime.

“Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

“Choose you this day.”

“I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you Life and Death, Blessing and Cursing: therefore choose Life, that both thou and thy seed may live.” (Deuteronomy 30:19)

Christ, the Personification of Wisdom declares,

“But he that sinneth against Me wrongeth his own soul: all they that hate Me love death.” (Proverbs 8:36)

Those who reject God’s Law reject God.  God’s Law is the only Source and only unchanging Standard of Morality.  Christ is both the Lawgiver and the Judge; those not covered by the Blood of the Lamb will attempt (in vain) to hide from the Wrath of the Lamb.  Those truly covered in the Blood of the Lamb have not merely had their sins covered—but have died to the old life and have been raised to new life and are filled with the Holy Spirit who will not lead them into sin / violation of the Law of God, but into obedience.  Obedience does not save; it is a by-product of salvation.  Obedience does not make you your Father’s son—you are that by His Will in procreation.  Obedience establishes you as an honorable son whom the Father will bless and cause to inherit of Him.  Those who do not bear Christ’s fruit of new life were never regenerated and are not part of Christ.  

“Why call ye Me, ‘Lord, Lord’ and do not the things I say?”  

“If ye love Me keep My Commandments”.  

“He that saith, ‘I know Him’ [God] and keepeth not His Commandments is a liar [that is, he does not even know God] and the Truth [Christ the Truth, the Holy Spirit of Truth] is not in Him.”

“My sheep know My Voice and follow [obey] Me.”

Christ came not to do His own will, but the Will of the Father and was obedient in all things and without sin—to set the example for us.

“Think NOT that I am come to destroy the Law... I am not come to destroy the Law... not one jot or tittle shall pass from the Law...”

The Law is God’s Moral Code, His “House Rules” for His children.

“But if ye [sin and] be without chastisement, whereof all are partakers, then are ye bastards [illegitimate], and not [God’s] sons.”

“For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.”

“This is a faithful saying, and these things I will that thou affirm constantly, that they which have believed in God might be careful to maintain good works.”

“Good works” is not dancing around tossing daisy petals.  Good works = obedience to the Law of God = bearing fruit = walking in the Spirit.  Love is not a “gushy emotion” (though such can accompany true love).  Love is self-sacrifice / obedience.

[See my books What’s Keeping God From Delivering America, Britain, and Europe from Destruction...? and Ten Commandments for Youth.]