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Renaming High Fructose Corn Syrup - Jon Barron



My brief synopsis of this article, with added thoughts:

Since 58% of Americans believe HFCS is a health risk, it was time for a little smoke and mirrors and a little help from corrupt government agencies whose job is supposedly to guard people’s health and well-being, but who really don’t care about people’s health, but about control and money—and keeping a steady flow of business for the pharmaceutical industry and the AMA.  The Corn Refiner’s Association petitioned the FDA to put HFCS in a “witness relocation program” under the pseudo-identity of “corn sugar”.

[Maybe the nations prostitutes will petition the CDC to stop calling them STDs and rename them “FBWs” (Fringe Benefits of Whoredom”), since the label STDs might be cutting into their profit margin.]

The industry spokes-whores claim that the name change is merely so people are not confused thinking that HFCS has more calories and is sweeter than cane or other common sugars, and that using the simple name “corn sugar” clears up the confusion in the minds of consumers.

However, the truth is that a study published in 2004 by researchers from the Pennington Biomedical Research Center of Louisiana State University, the increase of the consumption of HFCS in the U.S. from 1970-1990

“...has a temporal relation to the epidemic of obesity, and the over-consumption of HFCS in calorically sweetened beverages may play a role in the epidemic of obesity.”

In response the manufacturers undertook a propaganda campaign, started a website and funded numerous “studies” to disprove the notions that HFCS were unhealthy.  Jon Barron writes that CBS News reported,

“Of the six studies CBS News looked at on the association's website that ‘Confirm High Fructose Corn Syrup [is] No Different From Sugar,’ three were sponsored by groups that stand to profit from research that promotes HFCS.  Two were never published, so their funding sources are unclear.  And one was sponsored by a Dutch foundation that represents the interests of the sugar industry.”

Despite propaganda passed off as science and professional information from a variety of sources, that claim that HFCS is the same as other sugars and does not lead to weight gain, Barron reports that

“studies early last year at Princeton University found that rats gained considerably more weight when they consumed high fructose corn syrup compared to rats who ate basic table sugar, although both group had the same total caloric intake.  In fact, the rats eating the HFCS gained 48 percent more weight than those consuming an equivalent amount of regular table sugar, plus, they had a far higher incidence of metabolic syndrome.”

As Sir Thomas Huxely once expressed, “A beautiful theory smashed by an ugly little fact!”

Barron also reports:

“the chemical bonds in HFCS are broken and rearranged in the manufacturing process (something that doesn’t happen in the refining of sugar) is a sure sign that the product is not natural.”

It needs also to be noted that most all sugars are acidic and cancer feeds off acidic sugars and thrives in an acidic environment.  Too much refined (all the minerals and nutrients stripped from it) sugar is in our food and they are empty calories and whether white cane sugar or HFCS, the practice of sweetening all food and drinks leads to disease and obesity (and I believe the fact that about 60% of Americans are obese should be a clue—it was not like that in 1970).  I’ve read other reports that say that one sugar soda a day, if you don’t burn those extra calories, will cause you to gain 15 pounds a year.  Barron says there is a teaspoon of sugar in fruit punch drinks and sugar sodas and if you drink a few a day and don’t burn off the calories you can gain a few extra pounds a week.  Sugars now comprise 50% more of the daily calories that Americans consume, than they did in 1970.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) reports that the average American consumes between 150 to 170 pounds of refined sugars each year—which is DOUBLE the amount that Canadians consume.


My comments on this article and other related matters:

These should be the new marketing slogans:

“A poison by any other name still tastes as sweet.”

“Corn sugar, the other ‘natural’ white poison.”

The way things are going with the degeneration and perversion of society, soon it will be advertised “human, the other white meat” (until it is recognized as a “racist” advertisement).

HFCS does not signal the brain to inform the body that it is satisfied, so those who don’t pay attention just keep eating and eating like a drunken mosquito until it pops.

The FDA says Acean Spray cannot say that cranberries are healthy, but it allows food manufacturers to load their food full of disease-causing sugars (refined and nutrient denuded—and in the case of HFCS, it is also GMO).  The FDA also allows food manufacturers to lave food with artificial colors, preservatives, texturizers, yeast (leading to candida albicans epidemics which are misdiagnosed by doctors about 85% of the time) and even heavy metals (“aluminum, the ‘lite’ heavy-metal) and ingredients found in rat poison and anti-freeze and anti-perspirant (which is just as poisonous under the arm, where aortas are under the tender skin and can absorb what is saturated under the arm in that soft skin) such as aluminum and propylene glycol.  They also allow food manufacturers to add neurotoxins to just about everything, like MSG (and its evil stepsisters, disodium inosinate and disodium guanylate) and Nutrasweet, etc.  These things destroy the liver and the brain, as does HFCS, which is toxic.

Dr. John Bergman has some great info.  This youtube is well-worth watching, as are any others in the sidebar at this youtube link


The visual aids he offers often do not stay on the screen long enough, but you can pause them.  One of his visual aids reads:

“Here is a list of ingredients that ALWAYS contain MSG.  These ingredients OFTEN contain MSG or create MSG during processing:

Monosodium glutamate / MSG:

Hydrolyzed Protein                     Flavors and Flavoring
Glutamic Acid                               Seasonings
Monopotassium Glutamate        Natural Flavors
Textured Protein                                   and Flavorings
Yeast Extract                                 Natural Pork Flavoring
Autolyzed Yeast                           Natural Chicken Flavoring
Yeast Food                                     Soy Sauce
Yeast Nutrient                               Soy Protein Isolate
Calcium Caseinate                        Bouillon
Gelatin                                            Stock
Anything Protein Fortified          Broth
Barley Malt Ion                             Citric Acid
Natural Beef Flavoring                Powdered Milk
Protease                                         Anything Enzyme Fortified
Corn Starch                                   Malt Extract
Malt Flavoring                              Barly Malt
Whey Protein                                Carrageenan
Maltodextrin                                 Pectin

The FDA will send stormtroopers with automatic or semi-automatic weapons against peaceful farmers selling raw milk (which the people of earth drank for around 5,950 years, and which over half the world still drinks), while vaccinating people full of monkey pus and mercury and contaminating the drinking water with fluoride and chlorine (two of the most-deadly chemicals) while calling the safe, natural water purifier ozone “deadly”.

The best way to screw anything up and turn prosperity and health into oppression and death—let the politicians (bribed by Big Business) decide every issue of your life.