—IDIOTS in the Polls and TRAITORS in the "government"

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Mindless socialists.

Americans complain that unemployment benefits were not extended and minimum wage not raised.

Unemployment benefits and Insurance and minimum wage... don't recall reading about that in the Scriptures.

The problem is not unemployment benefits. People need to pull their face out of the pig trough and THINK.

The PROBLEM is the corrupt, criminal, treasonous, renegade government servants ROBBING the people of their hard-earned money and spending it on themselves and giving it to our enemies.

The PROBLEM is immoral husbands and equally immoral wives who do not obey the Scriptures. NOWHERE in the Bible does God authorize women with the power or right to take a man's children and then force the man to live on a tiny portion of his paycheck while they each live in separate houses or apartments, wasting 50% of income on doubly-unneccessary housing and utilities. The PROBLEM is wives who have assumed the God-ordained role of husband and husbands who have assumed the God-ordained role of wives.

The PROBLEM is the corrupt, criminal, treasonous, renegade government servants IMPORTING pagan 3rd world peoples to create a welfare state to continue to vote in more traitors and waste TRILLIONS of taxpayer dollars (and debt dollars) and The PROBLEM is the corrupt, criminal, treasonous, renegade government servants then destroying US industry and TREASONOUS industry relocating overseas and TREASONOUS public servants who then allow inferior foreign-made goods to even enter the U.S.

The PROBLEM is unscrupulous so-called Americans feeding themselves at the pig trough of so-called Government benefits rather than supporting themselves and their families. If corrupt Government did not steal so much money (and devalue the money itself through counterfeiting and stealing all the real metal that once was in coin and in Ft. Knox) then the average person could live off his own savings if ever he was unable to find suitable work. The PROBLEM is the buy now-pay later mentality that teaches irresponsibility and materialism, and then irrational whining when the bills are due and he cannot pay... the PROBLEM is instant gratification in finance as well as in fornication and adultery... the PROBLEM is Americans are DRUNK ON LEISURE, AMUSEMENT, SPORTS, and RECREATION instead of people having PRODUCTIVE trades and hobbies that they work on AFTER NORMAL BUSINESS HOURS to BETTER THEMSELVES instead of watching tv and movies and sports. The PROBLEM is Americans are LAZY and IMMORAL. The PROBLEM is Americans are IRRATIONAL and refuse to work if they think a job is BENEATH them or if it does not pay what they THINK they are worth or the amount they need each month to merely BREAK EVEN since they IMMORALLY live beyond their means.

INSTEAD of whining that the CORRUPT government does not give back 10% of what it steals from the hard-working (the few that are left) American taxpayers, why don't American taxpayers SOLVE THE PROBLEM by locking up EVERY PUBLIC SERVANT WHO HAS COMMITTED TREASON, ROBBED THE PEOPLE, and ENRICHED HIMSELF... seize all their assets and put them (and all family members and everyone in business who took government subsidies and bailouts) to work on the rock pile for the rest of their lives; expel all 3rd world foreigners... and then repent of our sins before God and return to the way GOD said to do things, the way our nation was founded upon the PURITAN WORK ETHIC and THEN you will see a prosperity people never could imagine.

Stop looking for handouts and EARN something. DO something. WORK. EDUCATE yourself. DEVELOP a TRADE and HOME INDUSTRY and stop sitting on your BUTT watching tv waiting for some FREE LUNCH to magically drop out of the sky. THERE IS NO FREE LUNCH. SOMEONE has to pay for it. IF YOU do not pay for it, then YOU ARE ROBBING SOMEONE ELSE. Government taxation and insurance is a MASSIVE PONZIE SCHEME and the average IMMORAL American does not care, as long as HE GETS HIS CHECK before the PYRAMID is bankrupt and everyone else who paid into it is left in the cold to starve to death. STOP PLAYING RUSSIAN ROULETTE via the government, and the FRAUDULENT economy, and insurance and health care and welfare and unemployment. If you look to the government as your GOD who is supposed to supply your every need... then STOP COMPLAINING when YOUR GOD TURNS ON YOU. You reap what you sow.

Thomas Jeffeson said NO government is better than BAD (or corrupt) government. The solution. OUTLAW GOVERNMENT and arrest all existing politicians who are ALL corrupt and seize all their assets and ALL THEIR OFFSHORE ACCOUNTS.

The ONLY TRUE and LEGITIMATE government is WE THE PEOPLE--and not all the imported foreign refuse. WE, the descendents and heirs of the founders of this nation and those who elected them to found our nation and the descendents of this nation who left Europe and set out into the unknown to carve out this nation from the wilderness. As someone once said, OUR FOUNDING FATHERS DID NOT DIE TO SECURE YOUR RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT. WE are the government. THEY are the seditionists and terrorists. If the true people do not stand up now, THERE WILL BE NO OTHER TIME TO STAND UP.... the US will degenerate into the NEW SOVIET GULAG (for those who are not outright executed). It is no fairy tale or science fiction. The intelligentsia and aristocracy of Russia did not think it was possible (and Russia had more private arms in the hands of citizens than any other nation in Europe)... and 180 MILLION white Christians were HOLOCAUSTED and it is never even mentioned in our history books. Well, ROUND 2 is coming up. Are you just going to lay down? Christ said OCCUPY TILL I COME. THAT IS A COMMAND. He DID NOT say, "become friends with the world, be tolerant of evil and perversion and all false gods and just let them kill you if I don't come back in time... oops, sorry." The job of the remnant IS TO SURVIVE. STAND FAST therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ has made you free and BECOME NOT AGAIN ENTANGLED with the YOKE OF BONDAGE.

STOP letting CORRUPT, TREASONOUS, RENEGADE, FOREIGNERS and TRAITORS in the SO-CALLED government rob and persecute the people and build up arms and armies to eventually be used on the US cities to murder and terrorize and rob them as they have done so to foreign countries since World War I when we had NO BUSINESS in ANY of these wars.


see also TREASON... the people need to DEMAND SEDITION TRIALS.