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someone emailed me this (actually, someone who himself is Jewish, yet recognizes the truth, who has read more of my books than 95% of those who claim to believe and care about the truth)... my reply is at the end of the email.

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Hello, Robert,
    This morning our daily Bible reading "just happened" to include Numbers 21:21-31.  These verses deal with the background to Israel's acquisition of the lands in which the trans-Jordanian tribes eventually settled.  It is fairly easy to understand.  Sihon, king of the Amorites, had taken these lands from the Moabites, and then Israel took these same lands from him.  The expulsion of the racial Moabites simply did not result in the name of the country being changed....just as the expulsion of the Cherokees from Cherokee County, North Carolina, did not result in the county being renamed "Anglo Saxon County"!
    Why is this significant?
    Well, about an hour earlier, I had been listening to David Jeremiah's exposition of Ruth on the radio.  He said that Ruth's being accepted as a "proselyte Jew" was against the law, but that "grace triumphed over law", and thus Ruth was accepted.  Of course David Jeremiah has never read your book / commentary on the entire book of Ruth.
He then went on to read the names of the other women in Christ's genealogy who were, supposedly, non-Israelites (and neither has he read your book showing Rahab was not a Canaanite, or your commentary on Genesis showing Tamar was not a Canaanite).
     He sounded SOOOOO convincing!  He is an excellent speaker, and is quite forceful in his delivery.  
Yet I find it hard to understand why the "scholars" have not seen through this!  The history in Numbers 21 is quite clear.  If what David Jeremiah said was true, then why do we find no other examples of "Jews" (sic) "evangelizing"
the heathen nations?  Why would Ezra and Nehemiah, some 600 or 700 years later, have been so "legalistic", and so
devoid of "grace", in their enforcement of these "rigid" laws?  And why would Naomi have told both of her daughters-in-law
to go back to Moab, if indeed they could have been absorbed into Israel?  (That is, if one assumes--falsely!--that these women were racial Moabitesses!  What a horrible thing to say!  Why did Naomi not want them to become "proselyte Jews"? (if there is such a thing in terms of the modern misconception of that term).  Why would Naomi want Ruth and Orpah to resume the practice of soul-damning idol worship? (which you point out in your book).  Of course, David Jeremiah said that Orpah did just that...and went to Hell!  If "absorption" into Israel had been open to those cursed by God, such as racial Moabites (rather than the reality of Ruth and Orpah being Israelites born and raised in the land of Moab, whither their parents had fled to escape famine), then wouldn't Naomi share in the guilt for telling Orpah to go back to heathenism rather than "witnessing" to her?)
      I do understand the issues involved here.  But I AM puzzled as to why almost no one (other than those few like you, in our times) has ever thought about the inherent contradictions of the "usual" understanding!


Mmy comments:

HOW ASININE.   I GUESS THE NEW HOMO-FRIENDLY ENVIRONMENT IS "GRACE TRIUMPHING OVER LAW" TOO...?  And the invasion of Christendom by savages; and the more-then equal footing of all religions to the detriment of Christianity... how wonderful that we are not even bound by the restrictive boundaries of what is considered "the Gospel", now either... what "freedom"...!  What "triumph"...!  Yes, for the anti-christ, which appears to be whose agenda David Jeremiah preaches, blaspheming the Word of God.

email that thought to him.

"Scholars" and most ministers (who are not scholars either) don't see through it because they have swallowed the lie that God's Law is bad, but somehow man's evil law is good... and since they are in blindness and they reject the reality that we are Israel, then... to not allow the breakdown of racial barriers would EXCLUDE anglo-saxons from Christ (due to blindness and false theology claiming that we are descended from other than God's very Israel)... and then due to the modern perverse notion of fairness (and subconscious neuroticism of survivor guilt), they think it would not be fair if God chose us an no one else; hence the destruction of Christendom... suicide.

THERE's your problem... you are quoting from Numbers; you are hung up on the Old Testament; that old covenant was abolished.

--see...? I too know how to load the "silver bullet" into my "Bible revolver" which (to a fool) shoots down all truth.

FURTHERMORE... Ezra and Nehemiah were not perfect; that was the mindset in those days... God overlooked their racism for the overall good.  Jesus was a little racist Himself, he had to be to appeal to his own people or they would have rejected him... he was just pretending to be a racist to show them all just how silly racism is.

--see how perverse and predictable their lies are? (just like politicians; so transparent--yet the majority of "good people" say and do nothing; which shows they are not really good)... and those who have been brainwashed from youth, whose minds have been saturated with false doctrine like a French duck leg is saturated and preserved in confit (duck fat)... it seems natural to them because they interpret reality based upon their skewed notion of reality: to the pure all things are pure; but to the defiled, all things are defiled--even their conscience.  This verse does not mean that via denial of reality all things are pure or impure, for that would violate call not that which is good evil, etc.  This verse means, those who are of God accept the truth of God's word even if it goes against current perverse humanistic notions to the contrary; and those who are not of God, swallow every bit of vile refuse passed off as truth, without even grimacing as they swallow the filth.  Those raised eating dog crap think it tastes pretty good; and if you give them something wholesome and real to eat, they would probably spit it out thinking it was vile (like someone raised from infancy as a vegetarian reacting to eating a hamburger or a piece of steak... they would react violently as if you had just fed them human flesh!).

yes, my book on Ruth clearly shows Ruth was not a Moabite, with research and detail that casual Bible readers or casual Bible "students" like David Jeremiah will never know because they don't really want to know the truth, because they are making quite a comfortable living off their modernist, watered down version of Christianity full of paganism and error.  Sadly, they don't even understand the concept of truth or logic, and therefore, eagerly swallow the most-absurd notions which contradict God's Eternal decrees, simply because it is what the masses want to hear.  As I mention in my new book on the 10 Commandments/entire law of God—

"Homer Lea (1876-1912), American author (Day of the Saxon and Valor of Ignorance), military
and geo-political strategist, adventurer, and philosopher who overcame profound disability, wrote (borrowing
and altering, concepts of a phrase from Shakespeare’s "The Merchant of Venice")—

“The Judgements of men are formed, not from facts as they are, but as they wish them to be. They root
through tons of good wheat to find three pieces of chaff, if the chaff lends weight to their belief and
argument. It is not that they want others to know the truth, but to have them believe as they do. Beyond
this they do not care. The conceit of man ordinarily forms his criterion of truth.”

[Chaff is the dead, inedible outer layer or shell of each kernal of wheat. It is useless as far as food for the human body. You could compare it to a peanut shell. All the good stuff is inside (the wheat or the peanut). The shell, hull, or chaff is basically wood.]"

 They are "preachers for hire" and they like their hire.. so they continue to "scratch the ears" of those who hold their purse strings... if they preached the truth, book deals would end; current books would go out of print; tv and radio programs would be cancelled; big doaners would drop them.  They are Balaam... and they don't even realize they are preaching the same message that will destroy God's people: mix it up, intermarry, grace triumphs over law!  No, God's Grace is not lawless.  Christ Himself will triumph over them when He declares, "depart from Me ye that work iniquity, I never knew you".
This Greek word translated iniquity is "anomos" literally, "no law"; thus, in this verse, "lawlessness"... where is the "triumph grace over law" in Christ's final denunciation?  Sadly, Someone named "David Jeremiah" is a disgrace to both David and Jeremiah.  What a shame, to have such an audience and use the platform to preach as the blind leading the blind... and to preach an Antichrist message that is destroying Christendom... (clearly evident in that last email in which you said he was preaching that since Christendom has not taken the message to the Third world--which is a lie, to the extent we have we have suffered corruption and pollution and we have been paganized rather than they being Christianized--which is the result of violating Christ's command, "give NOT that which is holy to the dogs and cast NOT pearls before swine, lest they turn and rend you."  But Anti-David Anti-Jeremiah claims, from what you told me, that God is now bringing the Third World to Christendom to "be evangelized" WHICH IS NOT WHY THE DRAGON OPENS HIS MOUTH AND SPEWS OUT THE FLOOD...! and God does not respond by "evangelizing" the flood, but opening the earth to receive it DESTROYING THE FLOOD!  God deliver such BLIND GUIDES from themselves and deliver all those foolish enough to follow them; open their eyes and have them follow TRUE Bible teachers and embrace the TRUTH not blasphemous and self-destructive lies.

Yes forceful delivery + dogmatic error is all that they can rely upon when their theology is naked and their soul spiritually bankrupt (which "theology" [which in reality is HUMANISM] they "make up" to please their own seared conscience, which they pad thick with their best-seller book deals, radio syndication, like a teenager stuffing toilet paper into his pants so he doesn't feel his father's spanking that much; etc.); when they have no truth to sell, a "HARD" sell technique is required (a con-artist scam, FRAUD)... also some people are fooled by a speaker's own self-confidence or eloquence of delivery, and so most people don't even listen to the words*... much like poor Eve with the Serpent in the garden.

[* like people who sing hymns or popular Christian songs even though the theology is in error, because the songs are so "pretty" they think the theology does not matter—WHO then are they singing the songs too?  Certainly not God; therefore, they sing them to themselves, to please self, and therefore they are guilty of idolatry: through worshipping self.  If they are worshipping God, then it is tantamount to offering a pig on the altar--albeit, a pig with lipstick and a pretty dress.]

Most Bible "experts" completely ignore inherent contradictions because they are utterly illogical, do not know how to think (and DON'T WANT to know; because their current irrational, unbiblical way of thinking is quite profitable), and because they are not led by the Spirit of Truth, but lean unto their own (carnal) understanding and (humanistic) ways that "seem right" (to those devoid of the Spirit of Truth) and thus they "serve up death" from the Word of God, in just a bit more refined fashion than Jim Jones did.  Surely they will suffer the greater damnation (condemnation).