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First of all, the Jews are not homogeneous; they have clearly absorbed blood of every nation they have been in.  To say that they have greater similarity to each other (regardless of whichever nation they live in) than to the pure peoples of those nations, is NOT the same thing as saying they are homogeneous.  If you pour 1/2 gallon of vinegar into a jug, and then add another 1/2 gallon of dozen other things (vodka, milk, grape juice, beer, orange juice, sewer water, sauerkraut juice, etc.)--and make several different variations of this mixture, always using around 1/2 gallon of vinegar, but with many different variations of the 12 extra ingredients, clearly, all of these foul combinations will bear closer relation to each other, than to a pure bottle or jug of of milk, beer, vodka, orange juice etc.,--BUT THIS IS NOT the same thing as the Jews being homogeneous; which is entirely dishonest as well as overly flattering. 


The Jews are not a "race" in the PURE sense of the word, because they are NOT homogeneous; they are heterogeneous. 


Purity is absolute.  There are no degrees of it.  Something is or is not.  Something cannot be "really unique."  Unique, by definition, cannot be modified by an adjective, even as a circle cannot be "almost round" because if not 100% round, it is not a circle.  These are deviations of the mind which cause confusion.  The mind in areas of right and wrong has been purposely trained (brainwashed) to think in terms of degrees when people should think in such areas as absolutes.  Thus modernism teaches there are no moral absolutes.  The same heresy has defiled the blood of the nation when people apply this false philosophy to race and their own bloodlines: their families, churches, communities, and nations.


However, the Jews have retained enough of their original Khazarian roots (stemming from their earlier Edomite / Canaanite roots) in order for them to still have a sense of cohesiveness and quasi-unity.  And that unity itself is only maintained by a sense of paranoia or real opposition by the host nations they invade; without an "outside enemy" (real or imagined) to constantly cause them to "circle the wagons" and rally together, they would turn on each other and devour one another. 


The fact is, Jews have not merely adopted German, Swedish, Arab, French, English, Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, and other names, they have actually intermarried with those peoples of the nations they have invaded—and that destroyed any homogeneity they ever had (if, indeed, they ever did, which they did not).  However, they have retained enough of the original strain that makes them what they are to hold them together; even as concrete is comprised of cement, stone, and sand, there must be enough cement to hold it all together or it will crumble and fall apart.  By saying the Jews are not a race (in the PURE sense of the word) is not saying they do not have commonly shared, identifiable traits.  What it is saying is that they are not homogeneous and therefore not a pure race; but a hybrid.


To claim that if the Jews are not a race (in the impure sense of the word, not the pure sense) that destroys their cohesiveness is not only invalid, but untrue.  The Masons are not a race; nor Skull and Bones, the Illuminati, or other fraternities or secret societies; but would anyone claim they have no cohesiveness and that they even take a vow not to reveal their secrets and to even lie under oath in court to protect one another?  Good grief.  There is even a common bond between pick-up truck owners; they recognize, in most cases, another "working man" and even not knowing the person, the tiniest spark of a common bond is present.  This of course is even greater displayed by sports fanatics who will paint themselves and watch a football game with their naked skin exposed in a blizzard, and rally together (even as far as violence) with other people they probably would not normally like—against some "outsider" if he cheers for the "other team" within "their territory." 


Clearly, to claim that if the Jews are not a race then their cohesiveness is destroyed, is nonsense.

By comparison, it is not claimed that concrete has no cement in it; but it is claimed that there are various other ingredients in concrete and therefore it is not and it cannot be pure cement.  This can be taken to a molecular level in which purity is understood in reality: there are no degrees to purity.  It is absolute; either something is pure or it is not; even as a woman cannot be "a little pregnant" or "really pregnant;" she is or she isn't. 


Sodium is a 100% isolate of the element sodium.  Nothing else.  Chlorine is a 100% isolate of the element Chlorine; nothing else.  Sodium Chloride is a molecular combination of Sodium and Chlorine; it is not pure Sodium and it is not pure Chlorine.  However, people may refer to it as "pure salt" if it does not have any other additional elements or molecules of other chemicals in it (and even then, this misuse of the word "pure" is misleading, being some shifting notion in the mind of the person who declares it to be so; because even on labels of cannisters of "pure salt" you will see a notice of "other ingredients" (even if only, "silica added for free flowing"). 


Similarly, the descendent of a negro and a white is a mulatto; by some arbitrary "vote" of a court or other inane quasi-intellectual body playing God, decided what percentage of negro blood would be accepted in order for that person to again be called a "white."  No amount is acceptable, because if you were able to go back in time and remove that one negro ancestor, the chronological chain and genetic tree has been broken and any and all future "would be" descendents will never have come into existence (from the first mulatto down to the 1/8th negro decided by a foolish court which declared the person to again be white).  The very notion embraces evolution: not that God created each class of life distinct, but that they "evolved."  And the modern communist notion (one race, one religion, one creed) is Antichrist philosophy and the resurrection of end time Babylon (which means "confusion by mixing) which is aimed at the utter mongrelization of the bride of Christ so that He has no one to which to return.


The "universal brotherhood of man" hoax is Antichrist philosophy and is evolution—and thus, most Christians believe in evolution (whether they realize it or not) and violate God's Commands. 


The ultimate "logic" of this subtle evolution being: Since all races came from a common source it is only natural that they then blend back together again—which even on a mechanistic level is about as inane as declaring, "since civilization progressed from the jungle and lawlessness and chaos, it is only natural for all civilization to revert thereto—and that all progress and order should not merely be abandoned, but reversed."  The Netherlands' dikes should return the polders to the sea and all productive farmland, orchards, industry, and towns should be restored to wetlands.


This Antichrist proclamation that all should intermarry since all races originally came from the same source (which is not to be found in God's Word) mirrors the theory of the expansion of the universe and its ultimate retraction—but overlooks one tiny little detail: the result is utter collapse and destruction of all life.


This is in violation of all known Scripture, in which God commands His people:

Subdue the earth and have dominion...

Come out from among them and be ye separate... be holy for I the Lord your God am Holy...

Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ has made you free and become not again entangled with the yoke of bondage...

Give not your daughters to the other peoples of the land nor take to your sons their daughters...

Thou shalt make no treaties with them....

Thou shalt not set above thee a ruler that is not of thy brethren...

Occupy till I come...


Those who pooh-pooh the idea of race, like Esau, despise their inheritance and in turn, as Esau, will themselves be despised of God.


Those who denounce racial purity as evil are themselves evil and immoral.  Those who desire to maintain the purity of their own heritage, their family are NOT the "haters."  The haters are those who are jealous who, beause they themselves cannot ever have what others have, therefore decree and demand that those others cease to exist.  This is murder... genocide.  As J. Hawes noted: "Few people disparage a distinguished ancestry except those who have none of their own."  Those who force their way into another's country and family and demand they be a part of it, are racial terrorists.


This is racial suicide.  One might as well say, "Well, there's just a 'little bit' of cyanide in this kool-aid, it's fine to drink."  What is the solution?  Vigilence.  Keeping strict geneaologies and cutting off the diseased branches (that is, recognizing that they are no longer part of the family tree when they have hybridized themselves) to preserve the life of the tree.  They are then free to go off and try to set roots elsewhere; but they are no longer part of the rootstock or the tree itself.  Those offspring of those who have crossed the racial rubicon should not even be referred to as the "black sheep" of the family; for they are not family.  This is what God Himself actually commands in His Word.  Christians who are "friends with the world" are the enemies of God and deny God's Word (and most do not even know what God's Word says and believe such lies of the Serpent through false shepherds who prophecy but in opposition to God, claiming vast sections of God's Word—God's Very Will and Mind—are archaic, obsolete, abolished, on the scrap heap: mere relics of a more barbarous time and back when God was intolerant and racist.


[God never abolished His Law.  THAT is the lie that keeps God's people in ignorant sin: a vicious cycle to break out from.  If God's people think they are not in sin, thinking the Law abolished, there is not to keep them from continuing in sin, and nothing to cause them to realize the need to repent (God's Holy Spirit having departed from them, since they have departed from God) and thus God CANNOT hear (grant) their prayers and WILL NOT deliver us until we REPENT.  But if the average Christian thinks there is nothing for which he needs to repent, he is forever doomed to continue in sin.  IGNORANCE is a choice and therefore, sin is a choice.  God COMMANDS us in His Word to STUDY HIS WORD AND LAW DAILY—and if Christians were obeying this Law, as the noble Bereans, double-checking what their "shepherds" were teaching, they would see what they are being taught are lies and not what the Word of God says.  See my book, What's Keeping God From Delivering America, Britain, and Europe From Destruction...?  God is Holy, Sovereign, and Immutable.  He CANNOT change, neither can His Word or Law which are extensions of His Will and Mind.  Any person claiming to be a Christian who thinks God's Law was abolished needs to read the above short book; or he CHOOSES to continue in ignorance and sin; and thus it is no longer truly a matter of ignorance, but wilfullness.  Understand, the Law was NEVER for salvation.  The Law could NEVER save; it was NEVER intended to.  The Law is the MORAL CODE and HOUSE RULES God demands His children follow.  Salvation alone comes through Christ and His work on the cross.  His self-sacrifice was BECAUSE of our violation of the Law, but the Law is not done away with just because the penalty was paid for us.  We are not free to continue to "rack up debt" simply because someone paid our debt.  Our relation to the Law is to obey (even as commanded from the start) in NEWNESS of life and appreciation for the unpayable debt we were freed from.  Those who return like the pig to wallow in the mire, or like a dog to his own vomit, "crucify anew the Lord of Glory" and show that the Holy Spirit is not in them to lead them to do what is right... the "good works" (keeping of the Law) unto which we were called.  Works do not save; they are proof of, a by-product of salvation.  Where no fruit is evident, the Holy Spirit is not resident.  Ye shall know them by their fruit.  If you love Me, keep My Commandments.  Not one jot or tiddle shall pass from the Law until ALL be fulfilled (and even after that not one jot or tittle will fail).  Christ was tempted in all areas as we are, YET WITHOUT SIN.  Why?  if the law was to be abolished, what need was there for Christ to "set the example" to show us how we are to live...?  In the end times, the remnant who survive will be ONLY those who have the Testimony of Christ Jesus and keep the Law of God.  The Law does not save.  It shows we are obedient children.  It establishes not our entrance to the Kingdom (which membership is paid for by Christ), but establishes our placement or rank in the Kingdom.  But if someone who thinks he is a Christian does not live as God commanded, it is quite possible there never was any conversion.  Not all who call unto Me, Lord, Lord, shall enter the Kingdom, but those who do the Will of My Father which is in Heaven.  If we sin wilfully after we have come to the knowledge of the truth, there is no more blood for sacrifice.  If the Law was done away with, it would be impossible to sin.  If one sins wilfully (without repentance) this is proof the blood of Christ's sacrifice was never applied to that person and that person is without Christ's Redemption.  This is a serious matter.  How can one "examine oneself whether he be in the faith"...? —by looking into God's Word to see if it is mirrored in each of our lives.  If 90% of the mirror has been "cut out" by modernist preachers, what kind of reflection can anyone possibly see...?]

In animal husbandry, ignorant people refer to Nubian goats as a pure breed.  This is hogwash.  Nubian goats came from African and Indian goats crossed with English and Swiss goats.  Anyone who refers to them as a purebreed, shows his ignorance.  A more accurate term would be a "manufactured hybrid-purebreed" which is oxymoronic, but more honest than calling them a purebreed.  They are only considered a purebreed because they have "recognizable traits" but NOT because they are pure, because they are not.  Similarly, is a Mule or a Hinny a Horse? no.  It is a donkey? no.  The horse is a race; the donkey is a race; the mule is not a race; it is a hybrid "race" (or polluted "sub-race"); it still has recognizable traits of each; but it is not either.  Does this mean that Mules in a field would not feel kinship for each other? or circle together if a mountain lion appeared?  Of course not.  Further, a mule has more relation to a horse or a donkey than it does to a camel; but the mule is not a horse or a donkey.  Is the Mule a purebreed.  No.  It is a bastard/hybrid/crossbreed.  However, those who found a use for the mongrel animal and have found a combination they like, will dishonestly call it a purebreed; when it is not; it is a specific hybrid.



The very misnomer and false claim of "Antisemitism" likewise proves the Jews are indeed a race; for the smear accusation against their detractors is not "Anti-judaism" (Judaism being their religion; which has nothing to do with the religion of the true Israelites of the Bible—it is Baal and other pagan Canaanite religion hybridized with Biblical Hebrewism).  The Jews do not cry out "Antijudaism" but Antisemitism (as they falsely claim to be Semitic, their alleged race).  Therefore, whenever the Jews cry, "Antisemitism" they are admitting to being a race (though not a pure or primary race, but a recognizable, definable hybrid; complete with a plethora of species-specific genetic diseases).

[The Jews are not even Semites; they are descended from Canaan (the product of Ham's incest with his mother) who then married into the bloodline of Cain.  The Jews are not Semitic, but Canaanite (Hamitic-Cainites).  To see the Scriptural evidence for this, see my What Was the Mark That God Placed On Cain...?  See also my, Uncovering the Mysteries of Your Hidden Inheritance, to see who the true Biblical Israelite are.]


Further, the "jews" themselves claim to be a race, a yellow race. Professor Leonard J. Fein (a political scientist who spoke at the Reform Rabbis’ meeting at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) disclosed,

"We are not white symbolically, we are not white literally... we should not permit ourselves to be lumped together with white America, for that is not where we belong." (Jewish Post & Opinion, June 28, 1968)


While many of the modern "jews" in the U.S. are "pastey"—they are not white. They are pastey because they have purposely intermarried with whites to try to camouflage their oriental heritage (which also contains a significant infusion of negroid and arab blood).  Further, the Jewish-owned media, for over a half-century, has systematically replaced caucasians in movies, television, and commercial advertisement, with noncaucasians.  At first it was subtle, with light-colored mixed blooded people; whereas, now it is blatant, with outright foreigners.  It is now blatant in fulfillment of prophecy in which the enemy among us would become the head and we the tail, as we surrendered our Christian society to the mongrel hordes in violation of God's Law.  It is fulfillment of the prophecy in which, in time, Esau (whose descendents were Edomite Canaanites) would throw off the yoke of his brother Jacob (father of true Israel, the nations of Christedom, who have ever been the custodians of God's Word and are God's true Israel people in dispersion and blindness, whom God is calling once again to Himself through the oppressive yoke of bondage which has resulted from our having grown complacent in the blessing we once had, having taken it for granted, and like Esau, sold our inheritance and given it to the enemy; also in fulfillment of Christ's parable: Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.

Also, while the below news article is posted at Lasha Darkmoon's website, she/he/it did not write it.  I would question anything written by this person, since the header at the top of the website shows the person to clearly be some New Age Lesbian.

I could not find an email address or contact area at Duke's site; if anyone has it, feel free to forward this above article to him.

I should point out that the person in the article of the link below is referred to as a top "Israeli" scientist and an "Israeli Jew"; however, he is the rare case of an "Israeli Jew" not being an Israeli Jew (whatever either of those terms even mean).  The below report describes the scientist as "The son of an Italian man and Iranian woman who met in Israel."  I don't see how that makes him an Israeli or a Jew (unless his Italian father was actually a Jew).
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