—Jezebel, Joram (King of Judah), Jeconiah, Joseph, and Jesus [and Athaliah and Mary]

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[This was from April 17, 2018, so the reference to the radio program will be about 14 months older than the date this is posted.]

Someone emailed and asked:

Hello, Robert, Dr David Jeremiah is broadcasting his Revelation series.  I am anxious to hear what he has to say about 12:15 through 12:17.  He began chapter 12 today, and will probably reach those last few verses within the next two or three days.

In reviewing the history of Israel, he mentioned that Satan was always trying to prevent the fulfillment of the prophecy that he would be defeated by the seed of the woman.  He at one point called Athaliah the “daughter of Ahab and Jezebel.”  I know that there is much question about this, and some have said that there is no mention of who her mother was, and that it had to be an Israelite woman (albeit an evil one), or else the seed would have been corrupted.

As I reflected on this,  I found myself returning to an old question, which is this:

Isn’t it the genealogy of MARY, given in Luke 3, that cannot be compromised?
Mary and Joseph had the same ancestors from Adam through David, but then there is a split.  Mary’s line ran through one of David’s little known son, Nathan.  That of Joseph, her husband, was, of course, through Solomon in Matthew.

BUT... given that Jesus had no human DNA through his (step) father’s side, why does contamination of Joseph’s line mean anything, so far as His purity was concerned?  Yes, it is important that Tamar and Rahab and Ruth be proven to be pure Israelites, and you in your S.T.E. Commentary on Ruth have proven this.  But why does it matter if those born AFTER David were not pure?

The only answer that I can think of is that God would not have entrusted the welfare of Jesus to be placed in the hands of someone who had even the slightest mixture of non-Israelite DNA.  But the Bible does not speak of any such thing, does it?  I cannot figure this one out.

P.S.  As I recall (this is not a new series on Revelation from DJ), he believes that “the earth helping the woman” has to do with some divine intervention to destroy armies that are about to invade “the Jewish state”.  (Although he constantly misidentifies the Biblical Israelites as “Jews”, he does say that the woman in 12:1 is neither the church nor the Virgin Mary, but, rather, Israel.)

One more interesting tidbit: He said that the “Christian Scientists” claim that the woman is Mary Baker Eddy (their founder) and that the child to which she gives birth is the Christian Science Church!


My reply:

Though Jesus’ Bloodline was not affected by Joseph’s line through the male descendants, had Joseph descended from even one Canaanite it would have been an abomination for Jesus to call an enemy of God, to call a mongrel “daddy”—and to be under his authority.

Furthermore, though Christ descended from David’s son Nathan, through the direct male line, and not from Solomon (and thus, Christ did not descend from Rehoboam through Zerubbabel in direct male line), this does not meant that Mary’s line did not include female descendants from anyone from Solomon to Zerubbabel and beyond.  God’s curse on Jeconiah (Jeremiah 22:30) and possibly others clearly stipulated “for no man of his seed shall prosper, sitting upon the throne of David, and ruling any more in Judah”.  Since Israel was a closed society (no aliens [except pure kinsmen from other lands] could move in, at least before the captivity) and it was a close-knit society.  The tribes, for the most part, intermarried among themselves—and marrying aliens was a proven method of being expelled from the land of Israel.  After only 12 generations each person has 8,190 ancestors.  After 24 generations each person has 33,554,430 ancestors.  Of course, in a close-knit society many of these ancestors will be the same person, many times; since marriages are closer.  It was 41 generation from Mary to Nathan.  After 41 generations, Mary (or anyone) had 4,398,046,511,104 ancestors (and many more back to Noah, then Adam).  With that many ancestors in that tiny geographic area, it is almost certain that Mary descended from many of the descendents from Solomon, Rehoboam, and even possibly Jeconiah—but all through female descendants.  This does not violate anything concerning God’s prohibitions and curses.  However, had even one of those ancestors been a Canaanite (or Moabite), then all the kings who descended from that Canaanite ancestor, and Christ Himself would have been rendered illegitimate.  That is why Satan worked so hard to pollute the bloodlines of God’s people.  The Kinsman Redeemer could only redeem legitimate kinsmen; not aliens; not mongrels.  Aliens and mongrels had nothing to “redeem”—they were rejected and thrust out, by God’s Command, to all generations.

Thus, the issue goes far beyond Jesus’ bloodlines from David.  All of the kings of Judah who descended from Athaliah would have been mongrels and enemies of God and God would have violated His Own Law in which He forbade Israel to allow to be set over them as ruler any man who was not a pure kinsman; and God would have violated His Own Law in recognizing as lawful kings (and referring to David as their father) many of Judah’s godliest kings: Joash, Amaziah, Azariah, Jotham, Hezekiah, Manasseh (after his repentance), Josiah, and even Zerubbabel—who was a type of Christ...!  All these godly kings, had they had any tainted blood, would have been ineligible for the Throne of Israel and would have violated God’s Own Laws of separation and putting away alien wives and all children by them, which was commanded even at the return under Zerubbabel and the High Priest Jeshua (another type of Christ) and also later when Ezra returned and when Nehemiah returned.  God Himself would have violated His Own Law by not only accepting them, but by speaking so well of them and blessing them, hearkening unto their prayers, etc.  Those who don’t understand morality or law and who don’t understand God’s Nature and that the veracity of His Word is inextricably connected to His Nature of being True, Immutable, Holy, Faithful—who have no problem with a “changing God”, don’t see anything wrong with this.  Their minds have been polluted by corrupt society and do not understand Truth.

Nothing in the Word of God says that Athaliah was Jezebel’s daughter.  Indeed, Athaliah was as evil as Jezebel; but that was because of her wicked father Ahab, who had enough evil of his own to go around.  Ahab had 70 sons! and most-probably an equal amount or more of daughters.  Clearly he had more than one wife.

II Kings 9:22 informs us that the King of the Northern Confederation of the House of Israel Joram (Jehoram) was the son of Ahab and Jezebel (who was a Zidonian-Canaanite princess).  This can be confusing.  Athaliah herself was married to a different Joram (Jehoram) who was King of the Southern Confederation of the House of Judah.  However, nothing in Scripture tells us that Athaliah was Jezebel’s daughter and to believe so is an insult to God because it calls His Very Nature and His Faithfulness to His own Law and Covenants into question.  How sad that the majority of “Christians” believe the very worst (and that which violates God’s Holiness, Faithfulness, Trueness, and Immutability), as a knee-jerk reaction, and insult their Creator, Lord, and Covenant-Keeping God by falsely assuming that He is immoral and unfaithful and ill-concerned with the truth and His Own Reputation, even as sinful man himself is.  But God is not a man—much less a sinful, fallen, corrupt, damaged man who acts upon convenience and sinful passions, rather than upon Law and Principle according to His Very Nature, and His Very Promises.  All false theology has at its root a false conception of God's Nature and has humanism on the "throne" of the indivual's heart / mind, which is NOT in conformity with or submission to the Mind of God.  All false theology has at its root a false conception of God’s Nature and has humanism (“self”) on the “throne” of the indivual’s heart / mind (which is idolatry), which heart / mind is NOT in conformity with or submission to the Mind of God—because the carnal mind is at enmity with God and cannot be in submission to God.

God promised an heir to David—a pure heir.  God did not make that promise to any mongrel offspring in violation of God’s commands of separation.  God does not forget His Own Standard of Holiness.  It is His Nature.  He cannot be otherwise, other than Perfect, True, Faithful, Holy, Immutable.  One of the primary problems that sinful Christians have (which corrupts most everything that they believe about the Word of God) is that they think of God in terms of their own weak, sinful selves and impute unto God the characteristics of a weak, sinful human and assume that God is of such character and acts as sinful man does.  Thus, they reject Theology that God revealed unto them as Truth which they were to believe and by which they were to live, and instead they impute humanism unto God and expect God to conform to man.  This is Antichrist.

I give the genealogies of Joseph and Mary in my S.T.E.C. on Zechariah and in S.T.E.C. on James 2 / Rahab.

To pollute Joseph’s line would certainly pollute Mary’s line somewhere—as surely two such prominent family lines intermarried with the other many times across the centuries; the women from Joseph’s line marrying into the men of Mary’s line.  God commands purity of His children, to preserve His Image.  It is not about us, but about Him. Again, that is the primary sin / error of most “Christians”.  They are humanists (Armenians), not Christians, and their eyes are on themselves and think God revolves around man.  Both man and woman had to be pure in their generations or the offspring (to all generations forever), in God’s Eyes, were bastards.  Thus, God tells us in Hebrews, if a man violates God’s Law and is not chastened by God, then that is a sure sign that the person is a bastard, and not one of God’s sons.  That should be a sobering wake-up call to anyone who thinks he is a Christian.  If it does not shatter his world, then he is spiritually dead.