—Kansas City shooter was former FBI informant... was this mind control...?

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This has mind control all over it... first of all he was an FBI informant... secondly, it seems clear they deployed him (a la Charles Bronson in Telephon or the classic but borning Manchurian Candidate, and modern spin offs of it I believe with Denzel Washington which was much more interesting). This was clearly to punish free speech... as the below articles try to make a link between this and the award-winning historian David Irving (who is himself part Jewish) who spoke 3 whole weeks ago in Kansas City, offering scholarly proof concerning fraudulent history.

Is it also coincidental (I sent out an email last week concerning David Cole, who is Jewish, who in 1989 or so was also speaking out against the fraudlent version of history and the jewish organization JDL put out an assassination bounty on his head for $20,000 and he faked his own death and went into hiding, but was recently outed under his new name David Stein, and that he had infiltrated the political-religious right and was rather successful and made quite a good living in corrupting that segment of politics.

Similarly, Frazier Glenn Miller resurfaced as Frasier Glenn Cross. Is that a coincidence? Like von Braun (?) who shot a security guard at the Holocaust Museum in DC a few years ago...

This has mind control all over it. Really... Miller was an FBI informant (probably an infiltrator from the get go); those trying to destroy our freedom WANT essentially harmless nut cases like this guy, to hold up as a monumental threat (while ignoring the factual threat of Zionism, Islam, La Raza, etc.). The media, and movies, tv series, etc., continually hold the skinheads up as som great danger in the US, though there are only about 1,200 skinheads nationwide (and prob. 5% are government plants), and most of the time they are probably drunk, sleeping on a mattress in their mother's basement. HOWEVER, there are 100,000 violent, nonwhite gang members in Los Angeles county alone--and nonwhite gangs number in the millions and commit real crimes every single day (not even counting the "knockout game"), but they never are reported only the news, but one crazy white guy kills a few Jews and it is national headlines.

While what he did is reprehensible, clearly it was mind control. Think about it. If he, or von Braun a few years ago, wanted to actually do something... why target "innocent" nobodies...? von Braun shot a security guard. Miller allegedly shot 3 people of no great standing. If either of them wanted to fight what they see as evil, why did either of them not actually plan something that would be effective? to take out the top leaders, to strike at the head of the beast...? The fact that they did not shows they were either not that intelligent (and that cannot describe von Braun; and it is doubtful Miller is a moron) or more likely that it was some form of mind control, —

McVey himself claimed he had participated in an Army intelligence mind control program and they put a chip in his brain.... as I reported 20 years ago; after the OKC bombing,

It is also very interesting to note that after McVeigh was arrested, Dr. Louis Jolyon “Jolly” West (1924-1999; born in Brooklyn, N.Y, to a Ukrainian immigrant father Albert Jerome West and a Jewish piano teacher, Anna Rosenberg), head of Neuro-Psychological Institute, UCLA, was called in as an expert. Dr. West was the intelligence community’s premier expert in mind control, having led experiments at UCLA—some of them on children (as well as one terribly botched “experiment” in which he overdosed a bull elephant on LSD at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Oklahoma City!).


Mind control is a very commonly used method in warfare and politics, that most people are completely ignorant about; thinking it is only "science fiction." Half of what passes for science fiction is current technology that has not been released to the public. J. Edgar Hoover said, “The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.”

Again, as with all of these "incidents"... Qui bono...? They faked a school shooting and now the media ignores the fact there were never any autopsies or dead bodies... right around the time of legislation to take away our only way of defending ourselves from the corrupt, illegitimate, renegade government's program of importing and breeding criminals, and from corrupt government itself. Since their fake events did not achieve what they wanted... they invented a real one... but a senseless one... and with a shotgun... not a handgun or a so-called "assault rifle."

If a person so filled with hate as von Braun or Miller were going to give up their life, facing possible death penalty (the killing of us common people every single day by the hundreds across our nation is not worthy of the death penalty, but it is a real possibility in these "events").... you would think if they were going to commit some crime that would change their life forever, even end it in a shoot out or the death penalty, don't you think they would do something that would really put a dent in the evil they oppose...? not shoot a pee-on or two?... a security guard...? and no disguise, no escape route; they planned on being caught or shot. That does not follow the M.O. of someone truly in the "role" they were assigned to play.

Qui bono...? who benefits...? look at the facts, not the hype, the pictures, the violin strings, the spin doctors and hallmark moments meant to tug at your heart... every single person that is murdered across the U.S., across Europe, in south africa, etc., had a real life and a real story, and they are stepped over by the government and the media as mindless goats or chickens step over their own that have died... I imagine the media will be full of stories of the lives of those who died... all to distract from the real issue... why would relatively intelligent people (the current a former FBI informant)... give up their lives by an act that did relatively nothing? "Allegedly" Miller and his former group decades ago had plans to assassinate Morris Dees of the Southern Poverty Law Center... if von Braun or Miller, having merely gotten tired of living, decided to end their live by violence, why would they not choose a high profile target, instead of a nobody coming out of a mall...? and why would Miller ask "are you Jewish" and then yell "Heil Hitler"...? it all smacks of mind control... too neat, too tidy... too mindless. Just some ideas.


Also, I received this in an email:

On the shooting deaths of three Jews in Kansas City yesterday by alleged "white supremacist" Frazer Glenn Cross, here is the real skinny on  Cross, who just so happens to be a federal rat, was in all likelihood at the time of these shootings in the federal witness protection program.        

The following revelations are made by attorney Kirk Lyons who defended the accused in the Ft. Smith sedition trial in Ft. Smith Arkansas in 1988 where Glenn Miller(alias Cross) testified against the defendants as a federal witness.        

This missive was sent to me by my good friend Louis Beam, one of the defendants at Ft. Smith.        

All of the defendants in that trial were subsequently acquitted despite Miller's lies and false witness.         


Posted by Kirk David Lyons

I know this creep Frazier Glenn Miller - from my bad old days as a defender of liberty by defending the undefendable.        

As a klan leader in North Carolina in the 1980's Miller was caught being serviced by a black male hooker (named "Peaches") in the back of a car in Raleigh, North Carolina.      

[Does this sound like the behaviour of a bonafide "white supremist" leader...?  It is also reported, but unconfirmed, that one of his wives was a Mexican and he has several children with her.  note mine.  RAB]  

 The police let him go without arresting him but turned photos & info over to the FBI - then the feds came a calling and turned him into a confidential informant/agent provocateur. He was used by them to issue a "declaration of war" to deliberately cause a violent armed uprising among his fellow White Patriot Party members, so that when his former friends were put on trial for sedition (1987-1988 in Fort Smith Arkansas nicknamed Order Trial federal Roadshow #3) - the feds would have an armed uprising to throw at the jury - and all 15 defendants of this infamous, illegal, unconstitutional trial would have been found guilty (as my client Louis R. Beam, who before being captured was on the FBIs 10 most wanted list, assured me - "Kirk, I've done many things in my life, but I didn't do this!").        

Then Miller showed up at the Sedition Trial as a prosecution witness to testify against all the defendants so he could get a good deal on his sentence (since the armed uprising was thwarted by the courageous efforts of two very good men and he was accused of receiving $200,000 of stolen money, I think, from the "Order").        

His testimony was destroyed on cross examination. After a 2-month trial the jury acquitted all 15 defendants in a stinging rebuke to the feds 8 million dollar prosecution. Miller went to prison - but the feds were not done with him. In Shelby North Carolina two of his former associates were on trial for 1st degree murder in the execution style slaying & firebombing of several men in a homosexual bookstore. Miller was prepared to testify that these two men had confessed the crime to him while they were on the run with him with the entire arsenal of the NC unorganized militia and issuing the "declaration of war."        

Knowing something wasn't right these two men rescinded the declaration on their own initiative - thus ruining Miller's get out of jail free card with the feds. What was worse Miller was actually the mastermind behind the slaying.        

Apparently some years before Miller had been secretly filmed by mob photographers, frolicking naked in the North Carolina woods with two, also naked, young men. The ultimate recipient of the photos happened to be a mobster that happened to own the Shelby Bookstore. He was blackmailing Miller and Miller was making payments to keep him quiet. Miller lied to the feds about how much "Order" money he got because the last payment was intended for his "friends" at the Shelby Bookstore. But instead of making a payoff, he made it a hit.  Since he went to the feds first - it was easy for him to finger the crime on his two associates - and the feds were willing to go along with him.        

Miller testified at the Shelby Bookstore Murder trial and the legal team, I was very proud to be a part of, destroyed his credibility - you see he didn't have an airtight alibi for when the hit happened.  The Shelby County DA had put my client on trial first, because he believed he had the weaker case. Get conviction he thought then try defendant number two. Instead, the jury acquitted my client, and as a result the other man was never brought to trial.        

But it gets better - Miller went into federal witness protection after he got out of prison.        

I don't know his circumstances, but he might well have still been in witness protection when these recent shootings occurred.        

But don't take my word for this - if I know this much, then I'm sure your good friends at the Southern Poverty Law Center have the proof of what I say and the documents to prove it.        

They're already touting him as some murderous right wing extremist -  no - he belongs to them - he has been federal/SPLC community     property at least since 1986.





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