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here is an email from someone who has ordered the Amla fruit powder/vitamin c and organic non-gmo sunflower lecithin liquid (which is hard to call a liquid, its as thick as molasses in january) from me, and who ordered one of those inexpensive sonic jewelry cleaners off Amazon as a result of a previous email I sent out on this (if you missed that email, let me know and I will look for it and resend).  While I have not had time to study or try it myself, it seems that the supersonic vibrations of the jewelry cleaner (which runs for 4 minutes, and you then stir it and turn it on, for a total of 30 min.) cause the vitamin c to break down to a finer molecular level similar to nano-technology.  The Lecithin, I imagine, keeps it in suspension, preventing the smaller molecules from reforming into larger ones when refrigerated?  I am just guessing at this.  Since this liposomal (fat-bodied, I am guessing is what this means, held in a lipid suspension, the lecithin) vitamin C is absorbed on a far greater scale by the body, instead of the majority being eliminated by the body in urine (which is why the urine turns bright yellow when you take a lot of vitamin c, because of the greater amount of acid being dumped).  Therefore, using this liposomal c, your don't need to take as much because the little you take is almost entirely absorbed by the body, instead of 85% or so being eliminated in the urine.

The person who sent me this email and the below formula that she found works best has done all the research and leg work.  She has contacted numerous people of various web sites of people selling vitamin c crystals to make this liposomal c.  She has gotten varying reports, one saying only the c crystals will work and dried fruit powders like amla will not.  She thinks possibly he says this because he wants to sell more product.  I surmise that since amla and camu camu (or rose hip) powders are not pure dissolving, but are the whole fruit, starch, fiber, etc., that maybe 100% of the fruit powder will not be nanno-fied.  If this is true, then the simple remedy would be to soak the amla/camu/rose hip powder (the first 2 being far more powerful than c crystals) in warm water, and then strain through a cloth filter and then only use that pure liquid to make the liposomal c.  (and don't throw the left over filtered amla/camu/rose hip "mud" away that was in the filter, it will still have c and vitamin properties, so don't waste it, just eat it straight and chug some water, or add to yogurt, jelly, a smoothie, etc.).  However, she has said she is getting perfect results using the straight amla powder.

regardless, thought I would share this with any who are interested in health and their life.

What is the importance of C? among fighting flu and virus and cancer, see the amazing below story.

Too many people trust doctors... they think of them as gods with their best interest at heart; but they no more have the best interest of their patients at heart than do lawyers, and lawyers take an oath that they will be loyal to the COURT first and to the client second.  Similarly, even doctors with consciences (the few there be) have their loyalty to the AMA.  They can only recommend procedures and products the AMA approves, even if the AMA product will cost $100,000 and the patient will probably die--and even when the alternative natural product may only cost $10 and the patient will live... that is the fraud of modern medicine.  And who taught that to me...? my father who was a medical doctor and a psychiatrist who opted out of the fraud of both of those controlled industries and was a dedicated Christian counsellor for 40 years in his own counselling clinic in which his sole prescription was the WORD OF GOD.  Most problems result from sin, guilt of sin, and God's Judgment for sin; help a person get his relationship with God right, and if he is truly in submission to God, the problems generally disappear.  This is not to say that there are not actual cases of mental problems (but if Christ can deliver a demon possessed man and raise the dead, then delivering someone from an organic mental illness is no problem--the issue is faith, and like the woman before the unjust judge, and like Jacob clinging to Christ/the angel of the Lord, declaring, "I cannot let thee go except Thou bless me!")  This is not to say that there may not be some cases of mental/emotional illness due to toxins, heavy metals, pesticides, vaccines, chemical imbalance, or even organic hereditary factors that may not be helped with a little administration of vitamins, minerals, or even in some cases medication, and that herbal organ cleanses, chlorella, and MSM/sulfer, and legitimate EDTA chelation products that will remove these heavy metals and toxins from the body.  However, if a man's heart is not right with God, then God may see to it that every single method of relief will fail, even as the woman who had an issue of blood for 11 years and had spent all her substance paying doctors who only made the problem worse... once she met Christ and truly believed, she was delivered.

There are a plethora of reports like these below and it is VERY VERY TRAGIC AND SAD that the average intelligent person, including most "Christians" who claim to believe God (but whose true faith is shown by their actions)... first turn to doctors... and this is why communist OBAMACARE is being FORCED on the nation... (and I WILL NOT SUBMIT)... because the majority, the masses (the majority are on welfare, illegals, or government employees who all get free health care--and thus none of them should be allowed to vote since they have a conflict of interests and they have no right to force other people to pay for their benefits, which they themselves don't have to pay for)... because of this misplaced eternal faith in the almighty doctors, everyone thinks they need health care insurance or they could not sleep at night... if anything would happen what would they do...? clearly their faith is not in God and clearly they have guilty consciences for not living as they should or they would not have such fear or guilt.  our nation was once the most prosperous nation on earth and for over 200 years of our history people existed quite well without insurance... because health care was affordable... doctors charged normal fees that people could afford; but now they charge $200/hour for the 10 minutes they see you, and often refer you to other specialists who charge you the same, then they give you an expensive prescription which rarely cures the problem (which they don't want) but only controls it for as long as you take it so you are hooked for life taking their drug... or the tell you that you need some operation that will cost $100,000.  And because people believe these lies, and allow tyrants to tell them they have no choice over their own bodies, which is the most sacred of rights, they live in fear and think they need pharaoh to take care of them (so don't cry when you realize you are slaves) and God... well, He is never in their thoughts... He is relegated to near-non-existence, a mere cultural myth.... lip service.

I am Yahweh that healeth thee.  Look to me and believe, He urges us.  Those who don't believe won't look.  Those who believe won't stop looking until they are healed.  Faith often has a testing period (otherwise, everyone would believe).  True faith does not give up and will not seek "alternatives" or "second opinions" or "other gods."  You reap what you sow.

However, Scripture also clearly reveals that God requires us to be responsible for what we can do.  One cannot violate God's dietary laws, eat only cake and ice cream, never exercise, smoke, abuse alcohol, do drugs, take harmful pharmaceuticals for a "quick easy fix" in the attempt to circumvent the law of the harvest (you reap what you sow)... and expect to receive God's blessing.  Obedience and repentance entail turning from what is wrong and doing what is right. ... God may require a testing period to see if our faith is real, or whether we are merely "giving God a chance" and plan on seeking other gods once it seems to us that God is not answering on our time table.


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I just made liposomal vitamin c with the liquid sunflower lecithin and it turned out great. This is the recipe I used. 1 1/2 cups of distiller water 5 Tbls liquid lecithin and 3 Tbls Amla. I put the Amla in 1/2 cup of the distiller water then set it aside. Then I put the lecithin in 1 cup of the distiller water in a separate container then used a stick blender (you can use a regular blender on low) and mixed it for about 3 minutes. I added the Amla/water mixture (I just stirred it around a bit) to the lecithin/water then blended for about 4 more minutes. It will be quite thick when mixed together. I poured this mixture into the sonic cleaner then set my timer to 30 minutes and turned on the cleaner. Keep cycling it and stirring. Mine took the whole 30 minutes to get the proper consistency. It will go from a creamy consistency to a snotty like consistency. As you stir it you can watch it happen. When you transfer this to your container it should just slide off of the sides.


 See the article at this site about a New Zealand man who was in a coma whom the doctors wanted to unplug.