—Major League Baseball Takes Another Hit: It’s Now Open Season On White People — MLB Pitcher Josh Hader Is the First TROPHY Bagged This Season

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Someone emailed me:

Robert--A pitcher in last night’s All Star game had some of his tweets posted that he made when he was seventeen.  He made some racist remarks seven years ago.  The remarks were posted during the game, so in order to protect his family and friends who were wearing jerseys with his name on them, they were given shirts to cover up his name.  Oh the shame of being related to an insensitive teenager.  

What is amazing is the double standard.   When a Black college football player commits some crime (which happens all the time) the talking heads on TV are quick to point out, “He is just a kid” in his defense.

The pitcher must now attend sensitivity training.  Apparently, being insensitive is the new capitol crime for White people.  I always thought seven years was the Statute of Limitations for even major crimes.  In famous Brinks Robbery in Boston in the 50s, the crooks came within a few days of seven years of being able to keep their millions.  

The reason I bring this up is that it will be only a matter of time before this crime of insensitivity will be applied to Christians.  Forget Muslim rape and stabbings, Christians must not be insensitive.

Theologians have debated what the unpardonable sin is:  I guess now we know—insensitivity!


My comment:

This is obnoxious and odious.

Where's the freedom of speech?

Mexicans can burn the American flag...

Muslims can burn the flag and chant “death to America”...

Blacks have obscene photos wiping their butt with the American flag...

Jewish “comediennes” can say the vilest things about Christ and Christians and hold a bloodied severed head prop that looks like the President of the U.S. ...

Blacks who make MILLIONS of dollars for playing with a ball and MILLIONS more off endorsements, can refuse to stand and they disrespect our flag and national anthem, and claim that they are “oppressed” in this “racist” nation (poor oppressed spoiled whoremongering coke-snorting, millionaires, we feel so-o-o-o-o sorrrrry for you!).

Hillary, after TREASON that resulted in many deaths, can say, “They’re dead what difference does it make?”
Blacks can commit violent crime, cheat or have teachers give them a passing grade so they can be on the sports teams in high school and college so that they can make it to the pros...

—and yet this white athlete has things that he said 7 or 8 years ago brought back up as if they were crimes and he is forced to attend “reprogramming indoctrination”. WHAT'S NEXT...? —hook white people up to a battery charger and give them ECG therapy until their brains are shocked into compliance with the Third-World Christian-hating, anti-white, straight-ophobe State?

THAT is the CRIME.

There is no “freedom of speech” if something that you say (even 7-8 years ago?) is then used TO PUNISH AND RUIN YOU and threaten your job, endorsements, etc.

I WOULD REFUSE indoctrination and I WOULD SUE the baseball league if they tried to break their contract over something sent in a semi-personal communication that violated no law and constituted free speech nearly a decade ago.  Corporations can’t invent their own “standard of morality” and demand that all agree to it or not be hired (or be fired if it is found that they did anything, even years or decades before they signed the contract, that violates this “standard of morality”).  That is discrimination.

No, the “unpardonable sin” in this disgusting world—and in Christendom that has now been hijacked by antichrists and their hordes of savages—is “being a traditional, straight, white, Christian”.

I am not defending this pitcher.  I don’t know a thing about him; and most athletes are immoral.  But he is being persecuted for being white and for speaking freely in private communications.

As you say, any nonwhite who said racist things against whites would not even make the news.  Had this pitcher been involved in revolutionary activity and committed real crimes against straight, white Christian society with Antifa and Black Lives Matter, it would even not be an issue.  He’d get a promotion!

This is persecution.

This is a HATE crime.

This violates his Freedom of Speech and his right to be himself.

The law as established by the Common Law and the U.S. Constitution preserves the rights of a true citizen to do as he pleases, within the bounds of Biblical morality to the point that he does not violate an actual law or actually damage someone—and calling someone a name, no matter how vile someone else may think that the name is, does not qualify for “lawful damage” unless it violated obscenity laws that existed in the Common Law, the Articles of the Confederation, and the U.S. Constitution at the time that it was ratified; and certainly speaking in generalities with politically incorrect speech does not qualify as a “damage” to anyone.  Furthermore, how can a word be “vile slur” when one white person uses it and a “term of endearment” when millions of blacks use it?  That scuttles their own case.  Blacks call each other “nigger”, “monkey”, and “dog”.  Homo-perverts call each other “faggot” when they are not happy.  There cannot be a double-standard.  A double standard is unlawful, violates freedom of speech, equal protection under the law, and constitutes persecution.

This is a violation of his rights and he needs to make a legal issue of it.

This 24-year old pitcher’s name is Josh Hader, and he is collapsing like a cheap lawnchair, apologizing for racist and homophobic comments that he made 7 to 8 years ago.

Dude... STOP APOLOGIZING...!  and get a haircut!  Don’t worry about displeasing psychotic snowflakes and the subverters, perverters, socialist “reshapers” of Christendom, and holier-than-thou criminals and Pharisees.  Scripture says, “Beware when all men speak well of thee” and “He who would be a friend of the world is the enemy of God”.  Worry about offending GOD.  Last time I checked (and I check frequently) “Thou shalt not offend an antichrist minority”, “Thou shalt not use the N-word”, “Thou shalt not offend a homo-pervert”  WERE NOT in the 10 Commandments (which are 10 categories of Law under which the entire Law of God is organized) and they are NOWHERE to be found in the Law of God or in the Common Law, the Articles of the Confederation, or the U.S. Constitution.  While it would be good to be more guarded in private communications with people whom you OBVIOUSLY CANNOT TRUST, the more important thing is to deal with REAL sin and get your heart right with GOD—and don’t worry about perverse destroyers of Christendom “who think that they are god”.  Stand up for what is RIGHT and DO NOT CAVE IN!  



He was PULLED from playing in the game because of tweets that he sent around 2011 and 2012.

I would like to see ALL of the OTHER players from that game (the majority of whom I would guess are nonwhite) and see their RAP SHEETS of crimes they were convicted for and even crimes for which they are currently being prosecuted.... and DREDGE out their past history for all their crimes that were “sealed” and “expunged” from the time before the corrupt injustice system considered them to be “adults”.  What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.  Interview all people who have come into contact with the other players and see if they have ever said anything racist about white people or against Christians.  Find out if they are whoremongers, adulterers, if they get drunk, use recreational or performance-enhancing drugs, commit assault and battery, etc. (are all those things on the “okay-list” of the Baseball League?).  WHY DOESN’T the BASEBALL LEAGUE DO THAT?  WHO invented the baseball league and the game of baseball, by the way...?— blacks, latinos, jews, muslims, and homoperverts?

This type of persecution for this “offense” would be like going to war against Vladimir Putin because yesterday someone caught him on film trimming his toenails with a .50 cent pair of toenail clippers that he shoplifted from a Jewish pawn shop when he was 8 years old!  That would have been a real crime, but not prosecutable in 2018 and certainly not with Draconian penalties.

Charles Barclay, black basketball player, who, if I remember the tv news from decades ago periodically was arrested or had lawsuits filed against him for assault (while off the court), was on a news segment in which he admitted that he commonly uses the N-word in his conversations, and he said quite bluntly something to the effect that “NO ONE is going to tell me what words I can or cannot use”.

This HADER PERSECUTION is obnoxious and ONE MORE STEP TOWARD WHITE GENOCIDE!  I am surprised they have not called him “Josh HATER”.

ALL WHITE BASEBALL FANS NEED TO BOYCOTT MLB, FLOOD THEIR MAILBOX AND EMAIL INBOX WITH PROTESTS and inform them until they apologize to HADER AND ALL WHITE PEOPLE and pay monetary damages to Hader for pulling him from the game and for violation of his person and rights in forcing him to participate in communist indoctrination and “reprogramming” that you will no longer watch or care about watching Baseball or patronizing its advertisers.

By the way, Racism is not a crime.  The word did not even exist until a few decades ago (and when the word did come into use it was not considered a “dirty word” and certainly not a crime).  The Word of God (the Standard for Faith and Life) nowhere condemns it—rather, the opposite: aliens and criminals and perverts are not fêted and are not spoken well of in the Bible, and that is why the Bible is under attack and all modern denominations are laying down with the Harlot, Apostate Church committing fornication with all the kings of the earth and adopting pagan humanism to water down the Word of God to inefficacy.  Furthermore, racism cannot be a crime if only white people can be guilty of it.  Hate Crimes cannot exist if only white people can be guilty of them.  Such perverted thinking and pseudo-laws are the real forms of racism, hate crimes, and “persecution” and “oppression”—and they ARE leading toward White, Christian genocide!